Best of Friends

Big Tits

Rachel was a beautiful woman and totally feminine. She was about 5’6″, slightly overweight but still very shapely. She had a thin waist and her breasts were large and firm. She had fantastic blue eyes, fair, soft skin and stylishly cut reddish brown hair. She possessed grace and charm, a good personality and her beautiful smile showed off her straight white teeth.

She was a college graduate and she held a very responsible position with her company.

The only thing that wasn’t right with Rachel was her social life. She was a divorcee of three years. Her husband was abusive and an inept lover. Sex was strictly about him and with him it was sex, not love making. As long as he got off, he didn’t care one thing about her and her needs. After five years of that and some rough stuff to boot, she had had enough. She sought divorce and got it. She was so glad that they had not had children.

She concentrated on her career but after a year, she began to date a little. Because of her looks and personality she was asked out a lot, but so far had found no one that interested her. There had been Terry. They dated for several months and she thought that maybe there might be something between them. They had necked and there had been some heavy petting. He had fondled her breasts and finger fucked her and she did experience an orgasm once or twice. She even played with him. It was nice, but it wasn’t what she wanted. After a while they drifted apart and when the emotional connection lessened, she had no desire to be physically intimate with him anymore and he faded out of the picture.

She had settled for a pretty much sexless life and she told herself that she really didn’t want it, or need it.

Rachel had two close girlfriends. Sharon and Carla. Carla lived in another state and although they talked on the telephone a few times each month, she rarely saw her. On the other hand Rachel spent a lot of time with Sharon. If it hadn’t been for her when she was going through the hard times with her husband, she often wondered what she would have done. Sometimes she and Sharon would have dinner together and then come back to Sharon’s house and talk late into the night. Sharon’s husband worked out of town and was gone Monday through Thursday every week, so Rachel would often spend the night with Sharon to keep her company and to talk out her troubles. They would share Sharon’s big bed like sisters. She wondered if people would think that was strange if they knew about it. She thought that if anyone had reason to be a lesbian, she did, after what her husband had done to her, but she told herself, no, she certainly wasn’t interested in that. In fact she told herself it was disgusting.

Rachel’s job caused her to travel out of town overnight about every other month. She would usually go alone, but occasionally she would go to seminars where she would have to share a villa with other women. Sometimes they would be women she knew from her own company but at other times they were strangers.

The villa was a little house with three or four bedrooms surrounding a common living room dining area and kitchen. Rachel didn’t mind the villa situation that much because usually each of the bedrooms had a private bath so there was plenty of privacy.

Recently she had to attend one of these seminars and she was assigned to share a villa with two other women that she had never met.

Nina appeared to be about Rachel’s age, perhaps a year or two older. She really was quite attractive Anadolu Yakası Escort with short blonde hair, about 5′ 7″ with a good figure. Her friend was Jessie or Jess as most people called her. Jess was at least 10 years younger than either Rachel or Nina. She was cute, but boyish, with quite short brown hair and an athletic shape. She was a small woman probably 5′ 3″ and around 100 pounds. Rachel made friends easily and it was no different with these two new, temporary roommates.

The first day of the seminar found the three women together in each session. They also had lunch together. They seemed to hit it off very well and Rachel welcomed the company. She hated to attend these seminars and not know anyone. She was very glad to have two roommates, whose company she enjoyed.

At the end of the first day she was pleasantly exhausted. It had been a good day. She had learned some new ideas and she felt that her time had been well spent. She was happy to return to her room where a nice hot shower would be a welcome pleasure.

She really enjoyed the shower. The water was hot and there was plenty of pressure. She felt it massage her body. It beat down on her breasts and made the skin tingle. She noticed that her large pink nipples began to harden and enlarge. She rubbed soap all over her body. As she washed her vagina it started to feel too good so she rinsed real well, turned off the water, came out of the shower and began to dry herself. She looked in the mirror. She thought to herself, I am still very nice looking. She brushed her damp hair, put on her pajamas and robe and came out to the living room.

Jess and Nina had returned to the room and had apparently also just showered were sitting on the sofa having a glass of wine.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” Nina asked Rachel.

“That would be great,” she answered.

Nina got up quickly and went to the kitchen to get the wine. She poured Rachel a full stem glass full, came back in and handed the glass to Rachel.

Rachel was sitting on the couch opposite the other two women. She sipped her wine and was starting to feel very mellow, when Nina said, “Let me rub your back, people tell me that I’m a good masseur.”

Before Rachel could answer, Nina had moved to her couch and was behind her rubbing her shoulders.

“That feels heavenly,” Rachel cooed

Nina was massaging Rachel’s shoulders and her back down to her waist through her robe.

After she had been doing this for about five minutes she said,” why not go lie on your bed so that I can do this right?”

Rachel felt a little uneasy but Nina really was good masseur and it felt very relaxing.

When Rachel got up to go to her room, she thought she saw Nina give a quick smile to Jess as she got up.

Just go lie down on your tummy and I’ll be right there.

Rachel had just flopped on her bed, when Nina came in behind her. “The first thing we need to do is shed that robe,” she said and immediately took off Rachel’s robe. She then straddled Rachel’s legs and began to really massage her back and shoulders, but in an instant she was massaging Rachel’s buttocks and thighs as well. It felt great, but Rachel was a little concerned over the liberties that Nina was taking with her body. She would take a thigh in both hands and then move up to the cleavage of her butt and massage her buttocks spreading her crack. It was beginning to get Rachel sexually excited and she Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan didn’t know what to do about it.

“Ok time to turn over,” Nina said as she gently turned Rachel on her back.

The wine was definitely taking effect and Rachel felt totally relaxed. “Let me get a sip of wine, before you start on my front,” she said. She propped herself up on one elbow and reached for her glass on the nightstand.

As soon as she flopped back down, Nina went to work. Again she straddled her and began to massage her shoulders, but went immediately to her large breasts and very matter of factly began to fondle and massage them. Rachel was embarrassed, but thought that it was just part of the massage and it did feel good. For the most part she avoided Rachel’s nipples that were very erect even though they hadn’t been touched.

Nina moved to Rachel’s tummy and her hips. She was very discreet and didn’t go near her mound of pleasure. Rachel was getting turned on and almost wished Nina would touch her there, however she knew that it wouldn’t be right so she was glad that she didn’t.

Nina’s next move took Rachel totally by surprise. She quickly unbuttoned her pajama top, opened it and began to massage her bare breasts. Rachel was really getting into this and had resigned herself to let Nina do what she wanted. Now Nina went for her nipples. She kneaded them between her fingers and even gently pulled on them. Rachel let out a little whimper and Nina pulled a little harder

Nina moved to the side of Rachel and began to massage her feet and up her legs. She worked on one leg at a time. She used both hands to move up her leg. Each time that she would reach her thigh, she would massage it intently then gently spread Rachel’s legs a little further apart.

Nina now had Rachel’s legs spread way apart. She was massaging her legs from her feet all the way up. Nina’s fingertips kept brushing Rachel’s vagina and it was driving her crazy. Her pussy was very wet and her clit was engorged. She was embarrassed that she was getting so turned on by another woman. She wondered if her wetness was showing through her pajamas.

“OK, no time to be shy,” said Nina and she grabbed Rachel’s pajama bottoms at the elastic waist band and in one fluid motion pulled them down and off. Rachel was embarrassed, as she lay there totally nude in front of this woman that she hardly knew.

There was hardly time for embarrassment however because before she knew it Nina’s hand was on her mound rubbing it gently back and forth. Very softly her fingers were exploring Rachel’s slit and rubbing around her clit. Rachel was shocked. She didn’t know what to do. She was definitely very turned on and she didn’t want this extreme pleasure to stop. Before she knew it Nina’s fingers were way up inside her. Rachel spread her legs to give her access and began to gyrate her hips in pleasure. Then came a really big surprise.

The bedroom door opened and Jess came in. She was as naked as Rachel, but she was wearing a strap-on dildo. Rachel had seen a picture of one once before, but had never seen one in real life. She was somewhat apprehensive by the size of it. It was probably 12″ long and very thick, flesh colored and very realistic looking. Jess had it attached to her pelvic area by a harness of sorts.

“Are you ready to be fucked Rachel?” Nina asked.

Rachel was breathing so hard she really couldn’t speak. She looked pleadingly at Escort Anadolu Yakası Nina and nodded her head. For further confirmation, she spread her legs a little further apart.

She lay there with her cunt wide open and very wet. Her big tits were standing up with the nipples huge and erect. If anybody was ready to be fucked it was Rachel.

Jess approached the bottom of the bed. She climbed up and knelt between Rachel’s open legs. She held the dildo in her hand.

“OK baby here it comes,” Jess said. “I’m going to give it to you slow and gradual. When you want more just moan or say ‘more’ and I’ll push more of it into you.”

Rachel nodded. She couldn’t believe that this was happening to her, but she did not want it to stop.

Nina began again to massage Rachel’s big tits. She rubbed her fingernails over her fully erect nipples. It was sending chills through Rachel.

Jess rubbed the tip of the dildo up and down Rachel’s slit from her anus to her clit. It felt so good. Rachel hoped that she could hold back her climax until she had been fucked by this dildo for a good long time.

Then it happened. Jess plunged the thick head of the dildo into her waiting cunt. She pushed it in about four inches. Rachel thought that she would come right away, but she held on. She was moaning and whimpering. Jess didn’t know if that meant that she wanted more of the dildo right away so she asked her, “Do you want more baby?”

Rachel moaned out a “yes,” and Jess took great pleasure in pushing about another four inches into her. She then began to fuck Rachel vigorously with the eight inches.

Nina was rubbing Rachel’s tits and upper body with lotion and she leaned over and kissed her full on the mouth. Rachel responded as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Rachel was breathing like a freight train. She was so hot and was totally open to anything that these lesbians wanted to do to her.

Nina moved down to Rachel’s cunt to watch the dildo penetrating her. Jess lay down on Rachel as she was fucking her. Jess’ relatively small tits pressed against Rachel’s tits and nipples. It was a very odd feeling to have another woman on top of her, but Rachel wasn’t complaining, she loved every second of it.

Nina took Rachel’s legs and pushed them back. Then she began to rub and penetrate her anus with her fingers as Jess continued to fuck her pussy with the huge dildo.

Rachel knew she couldn’t hold on much longer, the pleasure was intense.

“Can you take anymore baby?” Jess asked.

“I’ll try,” Rachel choked out breathlessly.

At that Nina violently spread Rachel’s legs as far apart as possible and pushed them so far back that her feet were almost touching the bed above her head and Jess drove the entire length of the dildo into her. Rachel began to scream, but it was from pleasure. It did hurt, but it hurt so good.

Jess was only able to fuck her this way for a very short time before Rachel began to climax violently. Her hips started to buck and her moans and cries filled the room.

Nina was helping by pushing her legs back and forth and spreading them as far as she could to maximize her pleasure. Nina had also begun to finger fuck her ass once again.

Jess was fucking her and driving her tongue in an out of her hungry mouth. Jess’ hands were working her breasts squeezing them rather violently. She was squeezing and cutting into her nipples with her fingernails.

Rachel had never had an experience like this before. She climaxed for at least 90 seconds. She was totally exhausted. Jess slowly pulled the massive dildo out of her, and lay down beside her holding and comforting her. Nina lay behind her and did the same.

That night the three of them, now best of friends, slept in each other’s arms and dreamed of what had happened.

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