Beautiful Skies Ch. 01


This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, howevernot if it is reproduced on ANY Internet pay site without compensation for me à the writer.



Written by AnonymousGuy and revised by the talented Mariya Lynne.

The trip my mother and I took was absolutely boring! Now on route back home, I pray that this won’t take long wondering if one of my friends will want to do something. Seeing some people walk around, I anxiously mingle as I wait to land even though we’ve just taken off. Stopping me in my trance like state, a stewardess tells me that they’re playing cards and if I’d like to join instead of walking around the plane for fourth time smiling innocently. Shaking the cobwebs out of mind trying to be more alert, I greet the rest of the stewardesses. Noticing some rustling behind blueish curtain as it moves a tad again curious to know what’s doing that. Getting up and pulling the drape to one side, I gasp. Catching a glimpse of a woman kneeling down performing oral sex on a man! Before being able to do anything, someone reaches for the curtain and pulls it across leaving me shocked and in awe. Being told it’s my turn, I feel my cheeks engulfed in what feels like fire as I quickly play a card. Trying to return my attention to the game, my mind wanders back to the curtain against my will. Little did I know it was strip poker, but seeing a few grudgingly agree to change, with a little coaxing from my new friend they switch it for regular poker as some of them put their shoes and stockings on. Thinking it was just their way to be more at ease not realizing a game had just started it being the stripping kind, I shrug it off sitting down in the space that was made for me. Seeing that I’ve given a few glances to the curtain where the lady and the man are all throughout this hand, the one who invited me smiles resting her hand on arm giving me a playful smirk. Feeling goose bumps burst all across the skin on my arm as she touches me, I hear her whisper “Shhhhh” as she pulls me up to my feet, shakily letting myself be guided over to the hanging material, I could feel my heart pounding in chest as it seems it’s trying to break free.

Standing in front of the cloth, she parts it ever so slightly to the side for us peer inside. Seeing the woman now positioned on a nearby counter with her legs up around the man’s forearms with her head tilted backwards seeing her trying to suppress a scream. My new friend blows sexual thoughts into my ear of how round and lovely her exposed breasts are, as I feel her press her body a little into mine making the hairs on my neck stand on end. New feelings that I’ve never experienced before are emerging as what seems like they’re coming out of every one of my pores intoxicating my senses, I stare wide eyed. She takes a stand of hair and places it behind my ear as her soft touch makes me shiver a little. Coping with these sensations she rests her lips next to my ear, having her breath tickle the inside of it whispering sexual things into it now making me more confused than ever before. My eyes lids start lower themselves feeling her warm breath upon my skin making me feel light headed. Urging for me to open my eyes and look at how her breasts shake with each of the man’s thrusts as I feel her hands slide down my back and finally place themselves on my hips. Starting to gyrate my hips in sync with the man’s movements, I can almost feel him now. Being coaxed to look at her breasts sway and observe the emotions she must be having, I can feel her fingers start to slip slowly backwards finally stopping on my backside. Having my eyes completely closed just reveling in these new found confusing emotions, she once again tells me to open them. Doing so but with a blank stare, I can feel that she’s placed her full hands on my butt cheeks now. Feeling her squeeze my flesh causes me to gasp out loud. The pilot stops, slipping his penis out looking at the curtain where we stood and leaves with an angry look on his face. Seeing the woman start to blush furiously, she grabs both sides of her torn blouse covering herself while moving to a private bathroom as her skirt falls back down in place.

Turning to the side seeing the stewardess with a grin asks “How did you like that??” Feeling a little flushed I look down replying “It.. was….. It was.. ok…” in what was barely a whisper.

Slowly turning me around to face her, not being able to look up, still trying to cope with the situation I observe her feet. Feeling her creep closer, her fingers gently grabbing my chin lifting it so she can see my face with my cheeks burning now in shame.

“Is that all you felt??” I could feeling myself turning to putty in her fingers, not wanting to say all the feelings coursing through my veins.

“It felt naughty and…” pausing as Ataşehir Escort I feel her lightly squeeze my chin and bring it forward a little. Once again bringing her mouth next to my ear feeling her breathing sensuously close to my lobe which caused me to shiver once more. “And…” feeling her press into me a little more.

“It, it felt weird” I feel her brush her entire body up next to me now, having her press her breasts into my own slightly.

“I think you mean it felt exciting…” feeling when she takes a breath in since she’s so close causing her chest to swell into mine. “Say it, say it felt exciting” she faintly whispers into my ear with her lips brushing the inside of my lobe now.

Having turned into her puppet now, having lost any will to resist, I cave in and say “It felt… exiting…” in low timid voice. Feeling a hand on the other side of my face now, she starts to twirl a strand of hair while slowly moving her hand downwards, stops and starts to trace my other lobe with her other hand barely touching the delicate skin. With all these new sensations I’ve truly become her puppet now, no longer any will of my own as all of my actions are in limbo and thoughts directed by this lovely stewardess just steering them at her every whim.

“I want you to say it like you mean it, like you enjoyed it. NO, like you loved it!” feeling the tips of her fingers ever so slightly start to dance on my skin under the tip of my ear lobe now. Hearing a light suppressed moan, surprised it originated from me, I hear her say, “That’s it, now say it like you mean it!” feeling her press her breasts press into my own a little more.

Pausing to let me get used to this flood of mixed emotions that has stormed through my mind, I start to say “It… I – it… It f…” with her coaxing under my ear having gone to unbelievable depths as I’m trying to say what she beckons me to. Feeling her warm breath again “sssay it, remember how it made you feel seeing her breasts move and giggle. Seeing her face almost scream in ecstacy. How you loved to see her breasts move and shake. How her nipples begged for your touch. Ssssay it…” she cooed to me, feeling her hot breath once more on the inside of my ear lobe. Taking all of my willpower in hand I start the impossible task of pleasing this teasing fiend.

“It… FELT” feeling her right hand drop a little lower grasping more of what feels like my feverishly warm flesh in hand, she squeezes tightly making me push forward into her trying to evade her firm grasp.

Whispering into my ear “Mmmm, yes that’s it babe. Give up, let your emotions out” placing her lips on my inner ear. Almost on the verge of screaming out, yet bringing a flurry of strange emotions preventing me from doing so, I feel myself being consumed by confusion.

Feeling her brush the tip of her firm breasts over my own teasingly, I’m even more overcome with wonderful sensations, yet a strange sexual euphoria engulfs me feeling myself fall prey to this sorceress. Closing me eyes resting my head on her shoulder while she roughly manipulates my behind. Her actions leave me helpless as I’m overwhelmed by emotions making my head swirl in confusion. Feeling her workings on my ear had ceased, I feel her hand ease itself between us down to my jeans. Stopping at my waist, she starts to play with the button of my jeans as her other hand has taken refuge to a even lower part of my behind almost between both cheeks now! Pushing my head against her, flooded and confused with what I was forced to watch and with what is happening now, I let her manipulations go on unchallenged as my body starts shiver. With a growing warmth between my legs now, I let out a little whimper again feeling her breasts slide over my own tender little nubs once more.

Feeling my pants loosen, my eyes fly open, now knowing that she wasn’t toying with the button but in fact trying to open it! Trying to break free, but since she’s blocking the way I came in, the only other way out of this small room would be through the curtains which I dart through without a second thought. Franticly going through the curtains I look around at this is even smaller room seeing a counter and a sink with the bathroom door on the oposing side along with two small benches on either side after that with a cabin door at the end. Seeing that I was trapped hearing a familiar voice coming from bedind saying. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you feel bad. You looked like you could of used some help…” Feeling her breasts press into my back quickly once again, taking in a deep breath as the confusion overwhelms me once again as I go stiff trying to sort things out.

Frozen with fear or confusion feeling her hands placeing themselves on my hips once more, she places her mouth against my ear as before and whispers “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle…” as I feel the rest of body press up against mine making me melt in her arms. Tilting my head Ataşehir Escort Bayan backwards I notice that she’s taller than me by a good 5-6 inches as my head rests on her upper chest. Hearing her whisper out to me “That’s it baby, let yourself go” with her hands moving towards my front. Feeling her gently tug my zipper down, I take in a deep breath. She cooes to me “Shhhhh, I’m here. Nothing will go wrong, I’ll make you feel better” feeling the front of my pants has fully parted open. Feeling her bend down she places a hand at the front of the elastic of my panties as her other hand slides to the back holding the hem of my panties and jeans slidding both of them half way down my thigh.

Her face next to mine now, she rubs her cheek over my own whipsering “Good girl, I’ll make you feel better….”With both her hands directly over my skin, she takes my entire butt cheeks in hand and squeezing a tad hearing her let out a appreciative groan. Feeling a finger slide into my folds gently take in a large breath hearing her whisper to me “Shhhhh, this will be our little secret”.

Turning my head towards her to tell her to please stop this, I feel her lips attack my own. As she slips her finger all the way into my vagina I moan into her mouth loudly. Her tongue scurrying all the way in muffling my sound, I feel her start to move it around as her finger is surely coated in my moistness. With this new sensation I stop my screams my body starting to react on it’s own to her manipulations. Her other hand on my backside I feel her pull me up by that piece of flesh as her hand rises a few inches out forcing me to the tip of my toes, then she squeezing it bringing it down towards again empaling me onto her waiting finger. Feeling the exquisite sensation of pain mixed in with that of lust makes me moan into her lips. As her lips parting from mine, seeing her smile broadly saying “I told you I’d make you feel better”.

My hips responding to her on their own now as they grind themelves into her body more than ever before. Unable to keep silent any longer whispering “oh… oh god….. oh god… Don’t stop…” as my eyes begin to roll back in my eye sockets lost in lust and passion. Hearing her say “That’s it baby, let me make you feel better” she once again squeezes my ass cheek in her hand roughly. An orgasm surges through me with a force never experienced before she holds on tightly to me continuing on with her stimulations. Feeling my cheeks and forhead start to burn from lust and carnal passion, my body responding entirely to her without my thoughts as she starts to nuzzle my neck. She snakes a hand between us as she whispers to me “Such a good little girl”.

Those words were more hurtful than daggers, but no longering caring as the lust was all consuming I awaited eagerly for her touch. With my hips rushing to meet her fingers she slid her hand downwards, feeling the beads of sweat flow down my brow as she continues having my body respond to her actions even faster now. Feeling her head start to move downwards, knowing she’s found my weakness, she starts to nibble on my ear lobe ever so lightly. With my hips thrusting themselves towards her finger, anticipating her movements, my legs spread obscenely open to give her better access. My body reacting on it’s own volition, she traced my anus which I’ve never ever let anyone do, but it sends a new train of stimulus crashing through me, making me moan even louder and start to buck my hips. Feeling another wave of pleasure coming up, I start to shake my head from side to side on her chest as she says “I told you I’d make you feel better”.

As another orgasm builds up inside of me I hear a door opening with a creaking sound letting light flood into the room. Hearing the gasp and a giggle from behind me, I try to cover myself up as I try to move away. Feeling her forearm hold me towards her with her grip tightenning around me, I let out a little squeal of pain and humiliation getting caught naked with another woman AND she’s having sex with me! Struggling a little but soon realizing that my attempt is futile as she has me by my erogenous parts. With my struggle over, she moves her hands back in place stimulating me in front of this new comer, while I’m still naked!

The hand on my crotch in front keeps up with the stimulation as her other hand goes back to tracing the outline of my anus for goodness sake, my hips start to move involuntarily ever so slowly to her movements. Feeling my skin completely slick now from all my sweating, wanted or unwanted I’m not too sure at the moment as this is all happening to fast to think about it, noticing the amazing intensity in the heat my body is giving off which is much more than any workout I’ve ever done!

Letting another whimper go and I try to lift my arms to cover myself but realize the’re not moving! My arms frozen stiff, I look at the lady exiting the bathroom smile and approach. The sensations Escort Ataşehir flowing through me as I hear her ask “Were you the one looking at me just now?”

Unable to speak, my body continues to tremble and shake under such attention, seeing her reach out and gently grab my chin. Her other hand running through my thick pubic air sending jolts coursing through my spine as my legs spread even further feeling as more vulnerable than ever before.

My eyes are half way closed as my head sways to the right. Feeling her take command of the situation, she tugs my chin towards her making my eyes flash open.

“What’s the matter, haven’t you ever seen someone giving a blowjob before?” as she raises my chin making me look directly into her eyes as I felt another orgasm run through me making my knees buckle. Passing her entire hand through my thick pubic hairs, I see her smirk back as they’re controlling my body as easily as a painter would master a paintbrush.

Unable to keep my voice down any longer, I start to moan lightly hearing from behind me “Yes, that’s it baby. Let us make you feel better!”

Feeling yet another wave of pleasure coming forth inside of me I start to double over in pure ecstacy as her fingers slide unobstructed in and out of me, with the finger in back start to slide in my anus!

Letting out the beginings of a loud moan, I feel lips rush forth and clamp down on mine to muffle the noises, as the woman whom I don’t know at all has to keep the noise level bareable as she french kisses me! Feeling fuller than I’ve ever been with any previous boyfriends, I moan loudly into this stranger’s mouth as her tongue darts in and massages my own as lust courses through me.

On unsteady feet, I grab the woman in front of me by the shoulders trying to pull myself higher to ease these unexpected, yet wonderful intruders inside of me. Having all of these new breath taking sensations rush through me like flowing rapids in the wild where lust, pleasure and pain collide, feeling a hand swiftly start to take out my T-shirt from their confines as she’s dancing with her hand in my pubic hairs making my heart jump. Not caring what else could happen I keep my eyes closed as this woman pushes her tongue even deeper into my mouth making me feel that she’s trying to touch my racing heart through this opening. Feeling her quickly flip up the loosen garment in order to get to the buckle of my bra, she makes haste with the clasp undoing it in a hurry.

I gasp when I feel that the finger has unwittingly entered to its full potential in my anus, she starts pistoning her two fingers in and out of my hungry slit in sinc with the other one in my other hole. Such feelings going through me as which I’ve never experienced in my limited sexual explorations feeling my body shake from every fiber of my being.

Feeling the mouth uncovering my own letting me room to breath as I gasp letting my body girrate on it’s own as my mind is filled with thoughts of joy, love, lust and a tender pain. Clenching my eyes shut tightly just riding these waves of pleasure, I feel my arms being lifted from the confines of my shirt. With the light cabin air sweep over my skin, I feel tides of tiny goose bumps invading my smooth skin.

As the fingers continue on keeping with their motions maintaining my state of arousal, hands slide over my little breasts cupping them as fingers find and take hold of my swollen nipples. Trying to thrash about but held firm in place between both of them, the fingers start to roll my sensitive nipples between them. The first sound I let go, much to my surprise as she took hold of the tender flesh, was a fait moan coming from deep within me.

Feeling my anus empty as the finger once there is now bringing my head back so my mouth can be met by another pair of lips I feel myself shiver once more. As soon as our lips collide, no longer being able to resist, I immediately open and greedily accept her moist tongue anxiously into my mouth. Feeling the softness of her full lips dance over mine brought chills through me once more as we kiss as two passionate lovers would.

While my attention was being diverted, the lady manipulating my breasts took the liberty to tie my hands securily with whatever she could find onto an above pipe crossing the room. Right after our kiss was broken off with them stopping their actions on me, wanting to lower my hands and continue the stimulation on my needy nipples but found that I couldn’t made me long for her hands to place themselves back.

My heart jumped a beat feeling a finger trace my nipples tauntingly. Looking forward seeing that she was still there looking at me prepared to say “Shhhhhhh, we’re here and we’ll take real good care of you”.

Unsure of what was about to happen I started to feel really uneasy but that was quickly taken away as she wraps her nimble fingers around my nipple flesh once more. Feeling her roll them between her soft, warm fingers sends a jolt of lust through my spine. My body shaking more and more from the stimulations I’m receiving I could feel the fingers inside me start to penetrate me even further now as the lady behind me increases her speed as well.

Feeling beads of sweat start to roll off my brow in abundance and

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