Balance Of Power


The ruddy light in the cold stone room is dim, but it is enough to make out every detail of the cowering figure. He is nude save for a studded leather collar around his neck; slender and fragile, he is on his knees, enduring the wrath of his Mistress. Standing over him in a tight, black and blood-red corset, a tiny black skirt and high leather boots, her eyes snapping and crackling with barely-controlled savagery, her scarlet lips flickering between a sneer and a wicked smile, she resembles a Goddess of vengeance…And fury. “Fucking pitiful,” she snarls, bringing the whip back for another lash. The slave’s back is a mass of torn skin and hot blood, and the sight of his pain and misery only serves to heighten her blood-lust. A little more, and she will cum. She will never permit the slave to touch her, of course, but Ümraniye Escort exercising her power over his worthless flesh is enough to make dark rivers of fire ooze through her body.Another lash of the whip; a gratifying droplet of blood bursts through his abused skin; a hiss of pleasure escapes her lips.The others that remain – and many have fled the savagery of the slave’s beating – stand silently, making no judgment. They, she knows, are creatures of the darkness just as she is. They are hunters, or they are prey. Their approval, their desire, their fear… these things matter less to her than the cowering animal before her. They are nothing more than witnesses to her glory, and her final, incandescent ecstasy…Another lash; a feeble whimper.She snarls at the sound, a bitter anger Ümraniye Escort Bayan robbing her of the dark joy of release. How dare he make a sound? He will pay for his disobedience. She raises the whip high, rage crackling through her body like an electricity, lending her an inhuman strength, and an unholy savagery.”I think he’s had enough,” says a male voice behind her. She turns with a roar, the whip cracking in the still air of this chapel of darkness.”You dare to interrupt my pleasure?” she growls, her eyes pits of blood-red fire. He is standing in the shadows by the door, and even in the darkness she can feel his eyes on her body.”I do,” he replies evenly. “If you haven’t found what you’re looking for by now, you aren’t going to find it before you kill him.” He steps forward, Escort Ümraniye revealing himself to be an average-looking man of middle years, an inch or two taller than she. Handsome, in a rough kind of way, but less than memorable. Her lip curls in disgust. He is nothing special. Just another man.Reaching her, standing well within arm’s reach, he tilts his head to the side and regards with a gentle curiosity. “What are you looking for?”Her expression darkens. He is arrogant, this one. It will be a pleasure to destroy him. “Nothing you could understand,” she says, her tone silk and steel. “Nothing you could comprehend.””Oh, I don’t know,” he replies casually, his gaze meeting hers, his eyes missing nothing. “You’d be surprised at the things I can understand.”The impudence! A surge of rage bursts through her. She does not have space to lash the whip against this wretched creature, so drops the heavy, studded leather hilt and slaps him across the face. Her strong hand connects with his jaw with a sharp crack.In the cold stillness that follows, he is silent; then, a small smile forms at the corners of his mouth.

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