Dani’s New Life – Chap 3


Dani’s New Life Ch. 03 by Lauries Husband © (If you haven’t already, please read Dani’s New Life – Part 1 and Part 2. This will make much more sense if you do…) *If she had noticed the food at all, Dani would have remarked on the excellent lunch she shared with her new colleagues. Alan had brought her to Locke-Ober’s, a landmark restaurant and gathering place for Boston’s finest. From the days of Prohibition, the place had been famous for it’s long bar and the silver covered platters and pulleys that offered their ‘free lunch’ to the drinking patrons. Seated at a round table in a far corner, Dani ate and drank without tasting – her attention was focused completely on her dining companions and the energy they brought to the table with their witty conversation and pointed observations about their new company and the marketing launch for the new product line.No mention had been made of Dani’s exposure the night before when she bared herself fully and completely to her luncheon companion’s inquisitive eyes from the little balcony of Alan’s hotel room. No one said a word about the way she looked at them, staring into their eyes, as Alan brutally fucked her from behind while they observed it all from the hot-tub deck.The blonde, beautiful, and extremely successful lawyer sat between Paul and James Duncan. At just over six feet tall and just under 200 pounds, they looked like they could be twins. Dusty light brown hair, worn just a little to long, topped their boyishly handsome faces. The brothers spoke in the easy cadence of the West Coast, hinting at the ‘surfer’ background they both shared. They were, in fact, born two years apart. As the oldest, Paul took great delight in teasing his younger brother, and Dani was taking it all in from both directions. Next to Paul, seated to her right, was Anthony (call me Tony) Renaldi. The ex-Marine seemed even larger and more imposing than Dani’s first glimpse of him sitting in the hot tub. His classic Italian features made his sky-blue eyes more than attractive as Dani sat listening to the soft rhythms of his compelling voice.On Jimmy’s right sat Alan’s only female manager. Sasha Lawrence, born outside of Moscow and raised in the heart of Paris, had come to Alan’s attention when he was creating a product launch nearly four years ago. She was the creative director of the small company and worked extremely closely with Alan in the months preceding the new product introduction. She was no less immune to Alan’s seductive influence than Dani had been only a night ago. Leaving her job and divorcing her husband to follow him, Sasha found a new world of opportunities and possibilities, both personal and professional. She sat at the lunch table, drop-dead gorgeous in a beige tailored suit that contrasted perfectly with her deep tan complexion and brought out the beautiful highlights in the sexy, short feathered haircut that framed her beautiful face.Alan sat to Sasha’s right and then between him and James, the younger of the two brothers, sat the fifth manager on the team. Chul Jeung Park (a nod of the head and a soft “CJ…please”) was the quietest of the five managers, but at the same time, Dani sensed a strength in him that might rival Alan’s. Mostly, throughout the meal, he seemed slightly amused by his companions’ ramblings…when he wasn’t staring at the newest member of the group. The third time that Dani’s eyes caught his, and he held her gaze until she looked away, the dam seemed to burst inside her. Surrounded by these beautiful people…knowing that they had seen her at her most intimate and private moment…and of course, the very presence of her mentor and Master. Her sweet little pussy started to quiver and moisten and the electric light show started on the back of her eyelids. Only the strictest self-control let her get through it…almost unnoticed.”Daniella,” Alan’s soft, firm voice sliced through the ambient noise around their table, “is everything alright, dear?” She looked up into his eyes – the smile behind them told her he knew that she had just climaxed silently.”Yes…of course, Alan.” All eyes were now directed towards her with extreme interest. All of them were quite familiar with the little nuances of Alan’s voice. “Why do you ask?” Color flushed across Dani’s cheeks and neck as she realized her mistake. “God,” she thought to herself, “I haven’t asked a question that stupid since first year Law School.”The timbre of Alan’s voice changed completely as he sat straight up in his chair. His eyes burned into hers and Dani felt like the deer caught in the headlights. “Give me your panties, Daniella.” He snapped his fingers as he held his hand out towards her.Not obeying him never crossed the upper middle-class suburban wife’s mind. She started to back her chair away from the table, excusing herself to go the ladies’ room. “Sit down, slut. No one told you to get up.” Alan’s voice was as cold as his ice-blue eyes.Her skin was burning as she realized she had absolutely no control over her situation…and she loved it! Her breathing was fast and shallow and her cunt was getting hot and wet. Dani sat there, looking like she was dying of embarrassment as the rest of her colleagues hunched closer around the table, not wanting to miss anything.Alan was getting impatient. Nodding at the two brothers surrounding her, he repeated his request. At the same time, both Paul and James moved slightly around and in front of the hot, sexy Corporate Officer and Chief Legal Counsel. Hiding her from the prying eyes of other diners and the wait staff, Paul slipped his hand inside Dani’s jacket and his fingers found her swollen nipple beneath the flimsy lace bra. As he rolled, pinched, and pulled on her still-tender flesh, his brother moved his long, thick fingers through the slit in her skirt. Dani gasped as James moved swiftly over the top of her stocking and found her hot, moist mound. Tracing her nether lips with his fingertip, he pushed the tiny lace triangle of her little thong into her juicy hole and then in one motion, he ripped the expensive designer panties off of the group’s newest plaything.This time, Dani’s gasp was loud enough to alert the surrounding patrons and in fact, she noticed several men’s heads turning towards their table as James withdrew his hand from beneath the long white cloth. Embarrassment and humiliation overwhelmed her as he let the tiny black thong hang from his fingers as he held it out to his boss. Looking around the restaurant, hoping that none of Şerifali Escort the patrons recognized her as Paul’s hand stayed within the confines of her jacket, pulling and twisting the same nipple that Alan had spent the previous night abusing, Dani’s heart stopped in her chest as her eyes locked on to an old familiar face.*****************The first year of Dani’s marriage was definitely not what she had expected, not what she had been waiting for all of her life. As soon as she reappeared at work, as Mrs. Evans, her secret admirers let their thoughts and wishes be known to her – all the time. She hadn’t been hit on like that since her undergraduate days in college.At first, she tried to tell Jimmy, her husband, how her wedding ring seemed to attract the crude behavior that followed her around the office and the courthouse daily. He seemed unconcerned, amused even at her plight. Dani thought it was strange behavior from the man who almost ‘dumped’ her for wearing a hot outfit one night in a new club. “Relax,” he told her, “they know you’re married…they know you’re mine.”The young, beautiful attorney bristled at her husband’s remarks. “Not everyone knows you, Jimmy. And you don’t own me!””Baby…you’re right…I’m sorry.” Jimmy knew he was on thin ice. While he was working the hallways of the county courthouse, passing out his business cards to the newly arrested, Dani was already getting performance bonuses that were more than he was making. “It’s just that I’m so…proud…that you’re my wife. That’s why I want to have a party to celebrate our first anniversary.”Reluctantly, Dani agreed to her husband’s plans, even honoring his request to wear a low-cut cocktail dress that night. Not aware of her own potential or Jimmy’s lack thereof, Dani still wanted to make her marriage work, even if it meant feeding his ego far more than he deserved. She knew it would appear that she was little more than a hot, young trophy wife – and they both knew how far that was from the truth. Still, he was so excited about it…He surprised her that night, introducing her to Tom Miles, his new partner. She was more than surprised. She was furious…how could he make a decision like that without talking about it with her, his wife, first? She understood immediately that he was using the party to reveal his news– knowing she wouldn’t create a scene – instead of telling her like a man. Hurt and angry she disappeared immediately into the kitchen.Before the door swung back, she heard footsteps behind her. She spun around, her eyes glaring in expectation of seeing her husband. Instead, she was face to face with his new associate. He looked…wrong…like he was hiding something. She was immediately wary…and starting to be concerned as she tracked his eyes to her décolletage. “I hope you’re okay with this, Dani…can I call you Dani?” He moved a step closer and her discomfort grew. “Yeah,” he said softly, “me and Jimmy…partners…share everything…fifty-fifty.” He took another step closer, his arm reaching towards her.”Mr. Miles,” her voice turned to ice, “do you know who my father is?” He hesitated, his hand still extended. She saw the hesitation – his recognition. Her voice became as soft, sexy and seductive as she could make it. “Go ahead…touch me, Tommy…can I call you Tommy?” She was mocking him and she was enjoying it. She leaned towards him, knowing her breasts were almost fully exposed to him – and he could do nothing about it. The sudden surge of power through her caused her pussy to get so wet! “Touch me…and we’ll see if my father has something to say about it…okay?” He pulled his hand back and she giggled. “Find a way to end your partnership with Jimmy, Tommy…or Daddy will.”She never told her husband what happened – not even when he came home a week later angry and puzzled. His partner had left before they had signed the final papers…no word, nothing at all. Hearing that, Dani excused herself to the bathroom where she relived the episode at the party and made herself cum again.*****************Seated at the next table, Tom Miles turned along with everyone else when they all heard the gasp come from the hot blonde. His eyes barely registered the tiny lace panty moving across the table. Four years later and he thought she was even more beautiful than the last time he saw her. And the anger and embarrassment started to build in him again. By the time she’d turned in his direction, and her eyes locked on to his in horrible recognition, for him it was as though time had never passed.”Nice, Dani,” both of them remembering their last conversation, “still the teasing little bitch, I see.” Miles’ voice was dripping with venom – his anger back full force. His focus was so narrow, he didn’t even notice as Tony Renaldi stood and moved to his side. Dani’s initial shock turned to total self control as memories of that night flooded back. The sublime feeling of empowerment started a slow burn in her moist pussy and she realized how much she craved the pain Paul kept inflicting on her swollen nub. Riding all the sexuality that had possessed her in the last twenty hours, she smiled at Miles as she moved her pouty lips to the tall ex-surfer’s. She kissed him lightly, painting his soft lips with her tongue, staring at the shocked lawyer at the next table. She broke the kiss, but stayed close to Paul, his fingers still twisting and pulling the burning flesh on the tip of her breast. Her voice was an icy wind that blew over the angry man. “I wasn’t a tease then and I’m not one now, Tommy.” She rubbed herself like a cat against the handsome older brother. Then her tone changed and the soft, seductive voice that she had mocked him with four years earlier returned. “You weren’t man enough to take what you wanted then, Tommy…and from what I can see now…nothing’s changed.”Dani turned her face away, giving herself to her new co-worker in a kiss that blistered his lips and electrified the rest of the table. Sputtering in embarrassed fury, Miles started up again. “I don’t suppose Jimmy knows…what a slu…”Before he could complete his rude remarks, Tony Renaldi moved softly against his side, holding Miles’ wrist locked behind his back and finding a nerve cluster by his shoulder. Applying just the slightest pressure, the tall and powerful ex-Marine whispered in the lawyer’s ear. Slowly, the two men backed away from the table and continued down a short hallway and out of sight.Paul helped Dani back into her seat – the entire exchange having taken less than a minute. Şerifali Escort Bayan Her knees were weak and her breathing shallow as she tried to calm herself down…remembering her public image needed to remain professional. Still, that buzz deep in her core was…wonderful.Alan watched with hidden admiration, both proud and amazed at how his newest apprentice took total control of the situation. True, he mused, the man appeared to be an idiot…but still, she worked him over like a master. Once again, he wondered how long it would be before she would start teaching him.Dani looked up shyly, glancing around the table, trying to gauge her new colleagues’ reaction to her display. What she saw in their eyes, across their faces, was unmistakable. Sex, heat and desire poured over her, drowning her in their naked lust. She couldn’t help herself; she turned to her mentor and her eyes flashed in triumph. This time, he let her get away with the impertinence. He acknowledged her victory with a discreet smile and nod for a job well done. By this time, Tony had returned to the table, though Miles was nowhere to be seen.Alan took the tiny black lace garment in his hand and held it close to his face. Dani blushed deep red as he inhaled deeply and then reluctantly let the aromatic breath go. He tossed the moist and crumpled garment to the gallant ex-Marine. “I believe these are now yours, Mr. Renaldi,” Alan smiled warmly across the table. “For your excellent response time and your obvious regard for our little slut’s reputation…””That’s right, Chief,” Tony sat up straight and saluted Alan, “nobody calls our slut a slut but us!” Laughter circled the table, but little electric bolts shot through Dani’s liquid center. She looked at the darkly handsome Italian and wondered if her champion would be the first of the five managers to claim his reward. His ice blue eyes caught hers staring, holding her until she had to look away. He took the scrap of lace and held it close, inhaling her musky scent. Putting them in his pocket, Tony waved his arm expansively across the table. Smiling at his co-workers, he promised to leave them a little bit of her when he was through introducing her ‘to the wonderful world of sales.’Alan announced that it was time to head back to the hotel for the final session of the conference. As much as Dani was taken by the erotic air surrounding Alan’s staff, she was anxious to see them as professionals at work. She knew she could learn a great deal by paying close attention – lessons that would serve her well in the times ahead.As they left the restaurant to walk the few blocks back to the hotel, Tony fell in step with the beautiful, blonde corporate attorney. “I just wanted you to know, Counselor…” his voice was soft yet firm, “I let your friend know that…if I ever found out that your husband heard anything from him…he would probably regret it…a lot.” Dani looked at him again, realizing his strength and his imposing presence was magnified up close. Suddenly, the thought of waiting through the afternoon for him was too much for her to bear. As they walked slightly behind the rest of the group, Dani managed to get close enough to Tony to make her whispers audible. “You were so great back there,” she cooed into his ear, “I can’t wait to thank you, Tony.” To make sure there was no mistaking her intent, the sexy blonde let her hand slide smoothly over the front of his trousers, feeling the heat of his meat so close to her fingers. When she paused for a quick squeeze, his thick shaft jumped against her palm. “I want you to make me your slut, Tony.” The suburban wife and professional just couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her mouth, each one causing another drop of moisture to swell the walls of her hot, needy pussy. Every step they took towards the hotel caused Dani to fall deeper and deeper into the swirling mist of lust that she had been moving in since the night before. She looked up at the tall, handsome man and saw the desire in his eyes…she thought she had him in her hot little hand. Tony looked away from the stunningly hot blonde at his side. “Christ,” he thought to himself, “Alan’s really done it this time!” When that asshole at the restaurant started to cause a scene, it had been so easy to walk him away and return as a hero. He’d watched his good friend Paul keep his hand inside her jacket, moving all over her tits when he’d returned. And then, goddamn it, the smell of her little lace thong…pure sex – and he wanted some real bad. But…Alan had briefed them all on her and he knew she would probably enjoy his next move even more than the sex she was expecting. And he might even score a few points with the boss.Putting his long arm around her waist, the dark-haired man walked her through the rest of the group until they were side by side with the young attorney’s new mentor. “Alan, this one is priceless,” the ex-Marine grinned widely. The handsome, well-dressed man regarded his sales manager with amusement. Waiting until his colleagues were gathered around them, Tony turned Dani around to face the group. “Just like you predicted…” Dani felt her face flush a bright red as she was scrutinized by the group. “She tried to seduce me…” he turned and looked Dani right in her wide-open eyes, “asked me to make her…” His pause just killed the hot blonde – she felt so totally exposed, as naked as when she awoke that morning. Tony grinned again, flashing his bright white smile. “She asked me to make her my slut, boss.” Standing in the bright sunlight in downtown Boston, surrounded by a highly-paid and very successful group of young executives, the young and highly-regarded corporate officer and Chief Counsel, soon to be extremely wealthy and (she admitted to herself) finally divorced, shook and trembled as another climax overtook her hot, hormonal body. Struggling to keep her eyes open, she glanced around furtively, catching their various expressions as she stood, surrounded by Alan and the five managers. Hidden from view, yet in plain sight, Dani felt totally humiliated and yet reeked of unrequited lust and base animal sexual attraction for Alan and each and every one of his gorgeous, sexy staff.”Daniella,” Alan’s distinctive voice was soft but it cut through the ambient noise of the busy surrounding pedestrians, “I believe I’ve already told you…you are the Sales Slut. Seducing any of these fine young people is only a waste of your time and energy. Darling…you already belong to them.” Alan Escort Şerifali spread his arms wide to encompass his five staffers. “Why don’t you show them what I mean, slut.” He drew the four men and one beautiful woman closer together around the stunning young lawyer. His voice grew softer, but it seemed even more powerful. “Open your skirt, Daniella…show them your sex…spread your lips, darling girl…”   Dani was beside herself, drowning in the erotic heat waves emanating from her liquid core. Her eyes looked around quickly, over their heads…she just knew that someone in a nearby window could see her pull her skirt open and then start to touch herself, put her finger into her hot, slick pussy…make herself cum on the street like a common whore. She could hardly breathe, her excitement was suffocating her.At the exact moment that she squeezed her eyes shut and lost herself in the electric climax, Alan turned towards their destination and started walking. The others silently joined him and within seconds, they left their colleague alone on the busy sidewalk.Dani opened her eyes and froze. Strangers surrounded her, licking their lips and making all kinds of comments about the hot little blonde and her naked pussy. It seemed like time stood still as Dani fought another climax brought on by her totally lewd exposure to all these strangers. She felt like she was moving through molasses as she removed her hands from her smooth-shaven mound, let her skirt come back together and start moving to catch up with her colleagues.Amazingly, not one of them, including Alan, said a word to her about it until later on that evening. And then, it was only Sasha who brought her back to that watershed moment of total humiliation. And the gorgeous Russian woman with the highly erotic French accent merely told her “it’s never good to close your eyes…all the way.”The afternoon session of the Sales Conference gave Dani a tremendous view into the inner workings of high level sales and marketing. Alan was brilliant as he brought the new product and the launch alive for his sales and marketing teams. She watched random eyes in the audience, all locked on her mentor and Master. She found herself excited that such a powerful man was interested in her. And at the same time, that seemed to decide for her that her life, wherever it might lead, would no longer…could no longer…include Jimmy. Wanting to make a positive move forward, Dani wandered off behind the stage and called her personal lawyer on her cell.It took only five minutes to make the basic arrangements and twenty more to cover the little details and her lawyer promised to have papers drawn up for Dani’s review first thing in the morning. With no children and nothing but personal property, it was easy to simplify everything and Dani was being very generous, paying a year’s rent on the apartment and paying the balance “they” owed on his car. When she talked to him on her return, she knew he would sign the papers and just walk away.The soon-to-be-single attorney returned to her spot on the side of the stage as Alan started to wrap up the conference. Having whipped the sales force into a furor with the new product, he then outlined a new marketing campaign based on vertical markets and distributor partners. He quickly announced which area and office teams were going to concentrate on which principle market spaces. Then, quieting all the rustling in the hall, he lowered the lights and started a multi-media presentation to introduce his five ‘new’ managers to their new teams.Dani watched the slideshow mini-biographies along with the rest of the people. Her interest in the material, though, was far different than theirs. They were searching for insights into their new bosses. She was looking for clues about high-stress and exciting situations, already knowing this particular group equates sex with success. By the end of the presentation, Dani was shivering in anticipation of how they might choose to use her that night. When Alan addressed the crowd for the last time, he announced that his staff would be available for the next hour – in the bar – to the delight of everyone in the room. They all walked off-stage to where Dani was waiting and surrounded her in a loose, open circle. Looking around, the Corporate Counsel didn’t see anyone familiar – no one she recognized from work, anyway. Only a few stage-hands and electricians were nearby. Her skin started to vibrate as she stood under their gaze. Her breathing was getting faster and shallower as they all stood there and stared at her with their naked hunger and all the lust that accompanies big money and power.Knowing what she should do, Dani started to slide to her knees, to publicly acknowledge her relationship to Alan and the rest. As she began to move, Alan nodded to CJ, the tall, thin, imposing Korean who was standing closest to her. Wordlessly, he slid one hand under her arm and brought the beautiful blonde back to her feet. He stared at her, his dark glaring eyes boring into hers, pouring his desire into her. Then he nodded his head, just slightly. She found his voice oddly soft, but with a rock-solid core behind it. “That’s not necessary now,” he looked around the backstage area, “we understand you are smart enough to know your situation.”The backhanded compliment was enough to make her flush bright red. Her embarrassment and humiliation were beginning already and she could hardly wait any longer. Strangely, in the last few hours since lunch, she found herself wishing that someone’s fingers were twisting and pulling her super-sensitive nipples – that burning sensation had come to represent her true status towards Alan and the group of managers. In her head she called them the ‘Gang of Five’ and it almost made her giggle. Almost.”My boss is a very tricky man, huh?” The soft question did not require an answer. “Keeping you to himself for an hour while we meet our new people.” He looked over at his boss. “Nicely done, Alan, but I can’t wait a whole hour without something.” Alan nodded almost imperceptibly and the tall, handsome Korean turned back to the trembling blonde. The other four managers started to close around her, but CJ held them off, keeping her partially visible to anyone walking around that side of the back of the stage. Dani scanned the area quickly, again seeing only a few workmen who were not paying any attention to them.His voice was soft, yet forceful enough to carry across the empty area. “My friend Tony is carrying your torn panties in his pocket, isn’t he?” The blue-eyed ex-Marine pulled the torn black lace out of his pocket with a smile and held them over his proud Roman nose. “Got ’em right here, my friend,” he inhaled loudly and deeply, “a little bit of heaven.” CJ smiled as he turned his face back to Dani.

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