aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 04


“Come back here and fuck me!”

“I just did!” I lay flat on my back, worn out for the moment.

“I don’t CARE about DID. Fuck me MORE! NOW!”

I knew I was technically in charge. But when a woman’s screaming at you like that, it’s hard to say no. And Tina had been an absolute nymphomaniac for our entire relationship.

At twenty-three, Tina’s body was in its most perfect condition I’d ever seen. Her legs were long and lean. Her petite torso was slender and tight in all the best places, with rippled abs to show off how much she worked out. She’d redone her silicon tits to be bigger and even more fabulous. And her face had bloomed into the gorgeous face of an adult woman, calling the attention of everyone around her, male or female.

But right now, I was the only one around her, and she definitely had my attention. Tina shut her legs back together and slipped off the couch to the rug, and crawled past the coffee table until she was between my legs, still oozing my cum out of her box from the load I’d fired into her not 30 seconds ago. But despite having two orgasms of her own, she was far from done. And so, with her talented mouth working my poor cock over, she began to coax new life into my balls.

I couldn’t recharge quite as fast as when I was a teenager, so it took a bit more prodding and the casual wrapping of her tits around my shaft before she was satisfied with its hardness. I settled into the couch cushions to get myself more comfortable, and then Tina was straddling my weary body, facing away and sinking herself back down onto me, my dick entering her with a squishing noise.

Ten minutes later, with my hands gripping her boobs and Tina screaming her fifth orgasm at the ceiling, I finally erupted up and into Tina’s spasming pussy, coating her with a second helping of my white lava.

When we were done, Tina started dragging me upstairs to take a shower. “Come on, lazybones. Or we’re going to be late.”

I glanced over at the dress Tina was planning to wear to my family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner, hung up on my coat rack. My father was going to be ogling my girlfriend all night… again.


In the time since high school, Tina had always been a special friend. Now, many years after our first fuck, and after many years of being “just friends”, Tina had finally achieved “girlfriend” status.

Even after such a long time of fucking each other’s lights out, we never tired of each other’s body. And also, she helped fill that emotional void in me, offering up her companionship and energy every day. She was loving and affectionate out in public, places Pei-Hua couldn’t go. She was such a regular fixture in my life that I felt comfortable just hanging out with her in a non-sexual way, and at last I even brought her home for family events.

My mom had been constantly pressing me about girlfriend prospects and had begun her innuendoes regarding me getting married. Being an only child means you’re the ONLY one a mother can fuss over.

And while I did truly love Pei-Hua, there was no way my family could accept me having a serious relationship with my servant girl.

Tina was a logical choice. She was smart, educated, and came from a well-to-do Taiwanese family that had my parents’ respect. We were quite happy together, and although I didn’t feel like I was in love, I very much cared about her. And understanding the customs, Tina managed to tone down the physical affection when with my family. She got along well with my mother, flirted with my father, and instinctively understood the culture and her role in it.

And more importantly for me, Tina was not a jealous lover. She fully understood my playboy lifestyle and random hookups, as well as my intimate interludes with Pei-Hua.

Many a night would go by with one or the other woman masturbating while discreetly watching me pleasure the other, and we all engaged in a few more threesomes, much to my delight. However, both ladies seemed more interested in titillating me than having any true lust for each other. Still, the two women had developed a comfortable friendship like the one between my mother and Mrs. Peng.

Throw in my well-paying job for my father’s company and the comfortable house, and I had the perfect existence, well on track to following in my father’s footsteps.

My father’s company was rapidly approaching our fiscal year-end. And as expected from previous experience, the final two weeks became a roller coaster of extreme highs matched by extreme lows, with stress and paperwork and fun with my ladies sprinkled throughout.

The extreme lows were all work-related. Even though I already knew my job- security was set as I was working for my father, I still had Asian expectations and pride to maximize profits and give a good showing. Besides, my father repeatedly bitched about me learning nothing useful and spending so much money on an MBA was a waste of time.

The extreme highs came from Pei-Hua, Tina… and Jessica.

Jessica büyükçekmece escort was one of Tina’s best friends from high school, although she went to a different school than Tina and I. Jessica had been growing up into her own woman during her college years and got into a big fight with her parents about independence and living in America instead of Taiwan. So instead of moving back home after graduation, she got an apartment with Tina close by to my new house back in our hometown.

Jessica also knew all about my relationship with Tina, and the two of them would talk endlessly until Jessica was fully envious of Tina and her rich, charming, and sexually masterful boyfriend (that’s me).

The phone call from Tina woke me up on a Saturday morning… waaay too early on a Saturday morning. I cursed her out for a minute, but she waited me out and then promised me she would make it up to me. She gave me an hour to make myself presentable, and she ordered me to drink a lot of water before she arrived.

I showered and cleaned up. Pei-Hua, as usual, was already up and got me fed. We shared a tender kiss and looked at each other for a moment with that glowing look in each other’s eyes, the kind of look borne out of many years of unconditional love. I was comfortable with our relationship, and wouldn’t want to change a thing about it. She then returned to her household duties.

So I nonchalantly settled into the sofa and started channel-surfing. Tina did not exactly have a reputation for ever arriving on time.

A full 45 minutes after her so-called deadline, Tina finally arrived at my door with her friend in tow. They greeted Pei-Hua, then came in to flirt with me while Pei- Hua brought us tea.

I was reminded again of how Tina and Jessica looked so similar. They both had identically streaked hair, although with slightly different styling. Both had pretty faces and surgeon-perfect bodies: full tits, slender waists and small, tight asses. If you weren’t looking closely one might even get the two of them confused. I still thought Tina was the more beautiful girl, but Jessica wasn’t outclassed by much.

We chatted and dropped sexual innuendoes for several minutes. After Tina’s comment about drinking water, I knew I was going to get laid. My only question was whether Jessica would be watching or joining in. Then Tina finally made her intentions clear. “So, where’s our DVD?”

I knew exactly which one Tina was talking about, and exactly where it was. Back when I’d first gotten to college, Tina seduced me while we watched a video of her and her best friend Jessica exploring the Sapphic side of their relationship. Pei- Hua and I had even fucked several times watching that DVD together. But Tina had never asked for it before today. And I didn’t know whether Jessica knew I had a copy or not.

“It’s up in my room,” I informed her.

“So what are we waiting for?” Jessica interjected, smiling at me with a sparkle in her eye.

Our trio went upstairs, and the moment we entered in Jessica had me sitting on the bed while she began to undo my shorts. Tina went around the entertainment center and I told her where to find the disc.

Jessica got me undressed before the video started playing, and she paused to first scrutinize my erection bobbing in her face. I watched her eyes examine me with lust flaming from her gaze, and then I groaned happily when she extended a long tongue out and licked the shaft from base all the way up to crown. There was really nothing better for a man than witnessing a brand new woman become acquainted with your body. That thrill of the unknown female did wonders for my brain.

And then Tina got the DVD working, and gestured to Jessica so they could stand beside the TV, and my vision was doubled. The figures on the big-screen differed only slightly from the real-thing before me. The two women were now more fully developed, with more defined curves that truly displayed them as women instead of young girls.

But then the Tina on the screen leaned in and plunged her tongue into screen- Jessica’s mouth, and my heart nearly stopped when the real, live women mirrored the action in front of me.

I couldn’t help but stroke myself idly while Tina and Jessica undressed each other along with the video. Then Tina stepped behind Jessica’s naked body to profile Jessica to me, rubbing hands across round tits and a flat stomach to direct my attention. I nearly got whiplash looking back and forth between screen- Jessica’s naked bosom and the real thing, automatically noting the heavier curvature and slight sag in real-Jessica’s adult larger breasts.

The two girls then turned to each other and kissed with seductive familiarity, and as their hands roamed freely, purposefully, I automatically noted how accustomed they were to each other’s body. Tina must have had a lot more experience doing this with Jessica than with Pei-Hua. The end result was a show beyond my wildest fatih escort dreams, and I merely got out of the way when the two hot vixens began to roll around my bed, moaning up a storm until they were both sweaty and panting.

Finally, after much stroking and fingering and suckling, we came to the point on the video where screen-Jessica began to eat out her friend. Tina sat up next to me on the bed, leaning against the headboard, her legs splayed out to the side while she rubbed her own swollen, large clit that was packed full of pleasure nerves.

The real women followed the script on screen, and Jessica got into position between Tina’s legs to give her some girl-expert loving. With an active tongue and a few fingers, both Jessica’s soon had both Tina’s squirming and moaning up a storm. And amidst the sexual pleasure, real-Tina leaned against my body, her eyes pointed in my direction but unfocused while her roommate tongue- lashed her pussy.

Tina reached out a hand and wrapped it around my erection, then tugged on it in Jessica’s direction. “Go take her.”

I glanced down to see Jessica’s sweaty body knelt on the bed, her ass at just the right height for me to stand behind her. So getting off the bed and moving around, I took a moment to rub my palms against Jessica’s perky ass, so similar to Tina’s toned musculature and yet different. I savored the moment as my erection nudged beneath Jessica’s hips.

She wiggled around, trying to capture me, until I finally placed the mushroom head against her wet folds. And with a firm grip on Jessica’s hips, I leaned in to sink myself into a brand new pussy.

With our positioning, only Tina could still see the TV from her vantage point, but even she wasn’t paying much attention while the three of us fucked in a line. But the audio worked fine, and five ecstatic voices filled the room with the noises of our lovemaking.

Jessica’s clasping tunnel was extremely tight, and I had been quite worked up from the lesbian-loving show put on before me. Jessica and Tina had both had quick orgasms, and now with my hips increasing in speed Jessica had begun to ram her ass back against my thighs in an effort to get me off.

I heard screen-Tina build up towards a new orgasm, and real-Tina was following right behind her. And at the moment I saw Tina’s hips buck up into Jessica’s face with her back arched, I slammed myself forward all the way and pinned Jessica’s light body to my crotch while my cock erupted inside of her.

“Aw, fuuuuck!” Jet after jet flew out to be stopped against the inner walls of Jessica’s honeypot, splattering her insides with my messy cocktail.

When I chugged to a stop and finally pulled myself out, Jessica held her hand tightly over her crotch and crawled across Tina’s body until she was straddling Tina’s face. And then I sighed and watched happily as Tina began to munch our mixed cum from the wet pussy over her face. Jessica, for her part, squeezed her round tits with her left hand while she licked up the spilled jizz that coated her right hand.

At last, Jessica and Tina lay side by side across the bed, kissing and caressing each other’s bodies while I stood beside them, my eyes watching their lips while Jessica’s coy hand tickled between my legs. I knew this morning was far from over and there was a pleasure in particular I knew to expect on the video.

As if on cue, Jessica got to all fours, showing me her perky asscheeks once again while Tina oriented the two of them so I would have a perfect vantage point from my easy chair.

Then Tina leaned into her friend, her black and blonde head partially blocking the view, but I was still able to see a long tongue dip down into Jessica’s asshole. A moan on the TV signaled that the same had happened on video as well.

Tina spent a good couple of minutes tonguing Jessica, and every so often I could see Jessica’s wet hole winking back at me as she clenched and moaned at the appendage rimming her out. And right around the same time screen-Tina pulled away, real-Tina backed off and spread Jessica’s asscheeks wide open, showing off the puckered rosebud, shiny with saliva.

I was rock hard and more than ready. I took my place behind Jessica’s prone body and eased my erection back into her pussy, taking care to coat myself in her honey.

Screen-Tina was already fingering Jessica’s ass, and I pulled back until I could place my cock at Jessica’s nether entrance. And when she felt my hard appendage pressing it’s way inside of her tight sphincter, Jessica pushed her hips back slowly to meet me while I stretched her wider than she’d ever been in her life. And once I got fully seated, my thighs flush against Jessica’s butt-cheeks, I pulled slowly back and drawing a whimper out of Jessica. But then she was screaming more as I thrust my way back and all the way inside of her anal chute.

A fresh set of moans sounded off in the room, mixing with those coming from the TV, an aural delight esenyurt escort of pleasurable sounds while I reamed out Jessica’s asshole. She was repeatedly calling out “Oh, god… oh, god…” I wasn’t sure which god she was praying to, but I kept plugging away in order to make her moan it again. The mantra was repeated on-screen and also by Tina, who had three of Jessica’s fingers embedded inside of her tunnel.

I finally pressed my chest against Jessica’s sweaty back, my hands seizing Jessica’s firm tits and using them to slam her light body back into my hips.

And just when I felt myself speeding up along the final stretch to my orgasm, Jessica moaned loudly and clamped her ass-muscles around me, her entire body vibrating upon my shaft as she climaxed. At that sensation, I could feel my pecker ready itself to explode.

Tina got us started by shaking against the bed, shrieking her climax at the top of her lungs. Jessica, mid-orgasm, lifted her head up and screamed out as well, and then I was yelling too as the three of us joined in a chorus of ecstasy and blasted wads of cum in every direction. I felt the wetness of Jessica’s nectar splashing against my thighs while I plugged her ass fully of my own sticky juices. And when Jessica flopped over to her side, her drenched face belied the fluids Tina had blown out as well.

And when we were finally done, I collapsed across Tina’s sweat-soaked body, kissing her powerfully and enjoying the heaven my girlfriend had brought me.

When we finally broke for air, Tina flashed her radiant smile at me. Her eyes glittered, her teeth shone, and she was an angel in my eyes. Here was my girlfriend, always caring and affectionate. There was no jealousy, and in fact she brought me delectable treasures to devour. She pleased my parents, she pleased me, and she even got along with Pei-Hua. Perhaps if I did marry Tina, my life would be happy forever.

I would take care of her and provide her with the comfortable lifestyle she deserved. We would share a house, where she would be pampered as the lady of the estate as well as being rather convenient for our lovemaking. And in a few years we would pop out a kid or two, go to PTA meetings and mingle with the other young families.

Things did eventually turn out great. But of course things weren’t going to be that simple.


Tina was surprised, but elated when I actually uttered the “M” word. After I showed I was at least willing to discuss marriage, our lives fell into a beautiful harmony. She began to open up to me like never before, baring her soul and letting me really get to know the innocent girl beneath her flashy exterior. She began spending more and more time with me, and Pei-Hua quickly become one of her closest friends as well. Tina even stopping seeing other guys, even though I would have let her. And she freely allowed me my own hookups when we went out to nightclubs and such. Those were just sexual releases for variety’s sake. She knew in the end I would still be HER boyfriend. Emotionally, the two of us grew more in a year than we had in our entire lives before.

So one evening, as the sun set over the ocean at our favorite restaurant, I got down on one knee and proposed. The playa was settling down (sort of). Tina was delighted and of course said “yes”.

Pei-Hua was the first person we told when we returned back to my house, and she congratulated us with warm hugs for the both of us. And like any girl, she immediately wanted to check out the fat diamond I’d put on Tina’s finger. For some reason, I wanted to watch Pei-Hua’s reaction carefully. After all, I still had a love for her, albeit a different love than what I felt for Tina. And Pei-Hua would always be my first.

Pei-Hua’s smile was genuine, her face betraying no shock. Perhaps she had been expecting it to happen eventually, especially with how much time I’d been spending with Tina lately. But I knew Pei-Hua deep down into her soul, more through observation than anything else. And I could see a wistful longing in the back of Pei-Hua’s eyes, no matter how hard she tried to cover it.

Tina took me upstairs that night and made love to me with as much passion and aggression as she’d ever done before in our lives. I went to sleep a happy and fully satisfied man, and Tina promised me she would do her best to make every night as blissful as that night had been.

In the morning, Tina left early, wanting to go to her place to call her parents, tell Jessica the news, and generally jump up and down like a little girl all day in excitement. She had so much to plan for her dream wedding.

I was still in bed, just sitting upright and reclining against the cushions while pondering the big step I had made and how it might change the rest of my life. I wasn’t worried about becoming monogamous or anything. I had my father as an example to that. But this would mean I was stuck with Tina as well. Before, she had been a fucktoy, and then a girlfriend. If I got bored or things didn’t go right, I could always break up with her like I did so many other flings scattered across my past. Even now, Tina was a fiancé, and theoretically I could still break the engagement. But once we were married, there was no such thing as divorce. That was how my family and culture operated.

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