At the Villa Ch. 18


Sam in Athens.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”

“WE HAVE TO MAKE SWEET, SLOW LOVE and not just fuck.”

Alexia asked as she was dreaming; when Sam was going to make love to her for the first time, or better when he was going to unlock her virginity.

The Three ‘A’s.

Sam dropped the twins at Omonia square so that they could get the feeling of madding Athens—the heat; the smog; the traffic; the chaos and more and more.

‘Call me at about six this evening?’ Sam asked the twins. The taxi drove away towards the Kollonaki area. Just off the centre of the area Sam paid the taxi driver and walked the last few meters to a side door to an exquisite 150 year old apartment which had been restored back to its’ old glory.

It was part of a rather huge building with a dozen or more very spacious apartments, which originally was built in a five story building. The one on the ground floor had its own entrance and it was not attached in any way to the apartment on top. The five floors above the ground floor have their common entrance and stairs; plus, that during recent renovation an elevator was installed.

Next to the block, Sam’s company bought a derelict building that had been in a dangerous state for many years. They cleared the whole area, dug a huge hole in which a four floor car park was build for the residents of both complexes. Parking in Athens was and still is crazy, even though there are many multi floor cars parks, scattered around the city.

Sam entered the ground floor apartment, where he found awaiting him an exquisite scene which looked rather erotic. Candle light bulbs were hanging from different spots, either from the ceiling or fixed on the wall. The light was subdued, rather yellowish and it produced the right romantic feelings. The smell from the few exotic candles, which where fixed to permanently fixed candle holders in well selected places; was not only indispensable but gave that erotic feeling to the atmosphere. It was nothing more than the right place, where one can relax and make love. Sam stood in the middle of what was supposed to be the reception area. He positioned himself in the middle, mesmerized; lost in a dream of being in a place called heaven.

Sam turned around a couple of times on the same spot, lost in thought and in dreams; thinking about that set up which was reproduced in reality from what he had described to Alexia on the telephone.

He could not believe himself as he turned himself again and again, like being on a turntable trying to consume the beauty and that peaceful serene and tranquillity. It felt incredibly heavenly.

He was totally lost for words and shocked, when he heard a door open. The interruption; immediately broke, that heavenly feeling.

‘Do you like it, Sam?’ Sam turned; and coming in from the opened door was this beautiful woman. She walked towards him; shook hands and he gave her a kiss on each cheek. (Not the Dutch way.)

‘I’m Alexia. Please to meet you Sam.’ Sam’s eyes were focused on her beautiful face. He was stunned, trying to absorb her beauty in that heavenly environment.

He became lost for words. He could not utter one word; but he took her in his arms, hugged her and kissed on her lips. Alexia was shocked. Meeting Sam was already a shock. It was their first face to face meeting. She had no idea who Sam was or how he looked like. She was even forewarned; that if she comes face to face with him she should be careful.

She wondered why; as, as he was hugging her, her blood started to boil and the love juices started to flow. She wanted to push him away, but she could not resist doing so. Sam’s potent had already taken over her entire body.

Sam knew that she was lost; she melted in his arms while her sexual feelings became uncontrollable. Therefore, he pulled away from her, just a couple of steps from where he could look at her distressed body.

‘What happened? You are totally … .’ Sam tried to find out some word to justify himself. He knew she was disturbed.

‘I have no idea… sorry… I never been victimized… sorry Sam or using such a bad expression… I mean I had never ever been is such a situation where I let my emotions take over my body; I mean, it was something which I could not control.’ Her face was blushed; her eyes focused on Sam’s face.

Sam was wondering if she had an orgasm, or maybe, it was the decor of the place which she professionally reproduced. Could it be the way she positioned the candles or the way the room looked with the light flowing from different directions; or maybe the beylikdüzü escort exotic smell and the choice of music which made the room so exotic, maybe even too erotic. It was hard to describe; or was it his kiss, which accidently happened to occur lips to lips, rather than lips to cheek. Sam could not get himself an answer as to what had happened to Alexia since the moment his lips touched hers; unless maybe she was still sexually inexperienced.

‘Let’s go to the private part; maybe it’s cooler there.’ Sam suggested as he took her by the arm and together they walked away. They entered the sitting room where she sat on one of the sofas. ‘Like a drink?’ Sam asked.

‘Cold water will do.’ She answered. Sam quickly brought a bottle of fizzy water from the fridge which was in the kitchen, and quickly filled two glasses, one for her and another for him. He did not sit on the sofa facing her but rather at an angle, as he realized what exactly had happened.

‘Sorry about that; I was complimenting you on a fine job well done. I had been totally lost when I found myself surrounded with such an exotic decor. From the moment I entered the reception area, I was hooked; I could only say… what… a genius.’ Sam gave her a look as he finished complimenting her.

‘Sorry Sam… I wasn’t expecting to find you there and so early. It was a shock. As soon as I looked at you… and you grabbed me in your arms I was lost; but the worst happened when you kissed me on my lips…’ She murmured.

‘That kiss on your lips wasn’t deliberate but accidental. I had always been cautious, especially when I meet someone who’s not yet known to me; or on a first time; even if it was a blind date.’ Sam tried to repair the damage that was done with some broken phrases.

‘Sam; lets forget what happened and discuss the project. First, thanks for the confidence you had in me when you trusted me with a project which I really enjoyed doing. We only discussed your ideas on the telephone and you faxed me some drawings. I always loved challenges, but this was the most daring.’

‘You done a fantastic job, especially with the budget you had at your disposal. It’s fantastic. Incredible I must say. The feelings in there are heavenly. I had no words and I had been in only one room. I’m wondering about the others.’ Sam so happy could not stop, but he had to look at Alexia and pass her a sweet smile.

The feelings inside her body started to ignite again, although Sam was careful, as he realized what had already happened.

‘So it means that you are satisfied with my work and how I put all those ideas you came with, into practice…’ Alexia cut him off.

‘…Precisely. Although before I pass my final judgement; I prefer to evaluate the final appearance inside the actual rooms, where the massages will be taking place.’

Alexia was very attentive as to what Sam was saying, although sometimes she felt something which was taking her mind away, especially when they came face to face. ‘Please, we better go… because, although I did not come here only to be complimented; but I want to have your comments as you evaluate the whole project and ask any questions; and above all, anything which you had pictured and which I did not perfectly reproduce.’

Sam was again lost for words after they walked round the massage rooms. The attention to detail, even where and how the massage tables were positioned, the colour scheme of the curtains, the cushioned tops where the recipients will lie while being massaged; the bathrobes, the towels; the hidden loudspeakers with that smooth relaxing music flowing out of them… Wasn’t it heavenly? What about the security cameras; which she explained, that unless something happens, all data will be automatically erased within twenty four hours.

In the second massage area it was synthetic leather which she used to cover the hard type mattress. It looked perfect. Sam just lay down on it and it’s precisely what he pictured. When he communicated his plans to Alexia during their telephone conversation, she perfectly understood what he really wanted.

‘So you were not out of budget, in the end?’ Sam asked.

‘Rather under; there are still some left; and if you are satisfied and don’t need anything else, I will ask my accounts department to return what was left over.’ Alexia informed Sam.

‘Sam wanted to hug her again; but he was scared she thinks that he was about to rape her. She looked very vulnerable and scared. He forgot about the extra money, but he was wondering while they visited the second two rooms, which had the same purpose and the same decor.

There were more compliments and more blushes. ‘Have you ever been complimented?’ Sam asked.

‘Yes I had been, quite a few times; but I never done a job where I worked totally on my own, without ever meeting the owner or the architect; sometimes I even had a complimentary designer helping me.’ She stopped… no more words came beyoğlu escort out as she was facing Sam.

‘Well, my company had used you before and I had seen and evaluated your work.’ Sam complimented.

‘And your people were always satisfied; but there were more consultation face to face, which on this project there was none.’ Alexia answered as she tried not to come in direct eye to eye with Sam.

‘That’s what I call; a great designer, who quickly understands the client. Alexia Thanks.’

‘I’m very curious Sam, and I like to know why you visualised this environment just to have a massage parlour; and secondly two massage tables, one high and one directly at floor level?’ Alexia asked curiously. She was too innocent to understand.

‘First of all don’t feel uncomfortable with me. I knew what happened to you when we first met. I never did anything to any woman which she did not desire. The rules are; until now, I always told any woman who came my way, first; don’t try to fall in love with me as you will be heart broken, secondly; I am not the marrying type. So if a woman wants to come to bed with me; fair enough, but she knows the rules.

‘Why are you telling me this?’ Alexia asked.

‘Don’t blush, please. I have a long experience with women. I had many who offered themselves and disappointed themselves because they pretended that they can break me. So, I want to make things clear with you. Have you ever been in love? Just say the truth.’

‘No not really; I was more the outgoing type, visit places, countries, studying and broadening my education… I never really ever thought of settling down. I don’t want to say I never thought about marriage; but, maybe I was too independent… I love independence in a way, but I don’t want to say I never thought. It’s nature’s way. No body can deny that; but I don’t think I’m ready for that commitment, not for a few years to come.’


‘Yes, friends I have, but two of them, two professional females are the closest. Mostly we are always together when we go out especially when possible. All of us have our own professions. I am what I am. Aliki is a doctor and Alexandra is a lawyer. In society we are known as the 3A’s.’

‘So if I invite you to my place or go to a restaurant, I have to invite three.’

‘Precisely Sam; and on Saturday we are free, although we already started to make some kind of plans. But I think my friends would love to meet you; especially Alex.’ Alexia became more comfortable talking to Sam, although he was wondering what she had in mind.

‘Why do you think, especially Alexandra?’ Sam asked.

‘She’s hot; she likes men and she loves to enjoy herself and I’m sure she would be delighted to join you in your bed. She will go crazy if you give her that look.’

‘Emmm, this last statement is very interesting. So if you come to my place around four on Saturday and after I welcome you and serve you a drink, I… can politely ask Alex if she would let me escort her to my bedroom, strip her naked and that includes also myself, and then I will spend an hour or so making love, fucking, or sucking. Am I right?’ Sam tried to be a bit vulgar. He wanted to test Alexia!

‘You hit the nail on the head Sam, but beware; because she shouts and can become very aggressive. I told you, she’s hot and wild especially when…’ Sam was not expecting any such answers from Alexia, especially of what happened earlier.

‘Very interesting, I must say. But; before I ask about Aliki, what about your sexual ego? How do you satisfy or better control?’

‘There was a short period when I started to touch myself, you know; but I had even enjoyed those moments with some friends, you know experimenting. Then automatically I gave it up. Believe me, I’m human. I get desires, feelings, probably like everybody else. Sometimes I even get wet. At certain days of the month or when Alex and Aliki decide talk or discuss nothing else; except hot sex I get feelings too, and even sometimes, I will be obliged to say something too. I know that every now and then they touch each other too; but I was never involved, although they had invited me.’ That’s how she described herself in a nutshell.

‘You seems to be a very good manager; how about Aliki?’ Sam asked.

‘Aliki is also a very hot woman but still a virgin. The last couple of months she was trying to find Mr Right with whom she would make it happen, I mean she wanted to loose her virginity. She decided she wants to become a woman but no man had yet fitted to her desires. It may happen next Saturday, if we finally decide to make it to your place.’ It was rather a queer statement. Somebody deciding for somebody else; well, in Sam’s opinion, not were sex was concerned.

‘So you think that I fit that category.’ Sam queried.

‘Well, maybe. Reason is, she don’t want to be with somebody, who later will tell the whole of Athens. Friends usually do. That was reason one. Then she bizimkent escort started looking for a foreigner, but she also thought its’ not ideal unless he’s living around, and they can have a few encounters together. So she’s still a virgin. Sam I think you fit all.’

‘Is she the marrying type?’ Sam asked.

‘At least; not for some years to come! At the moment she’s trying to go either to England or Switzerland to continue to specialize in her sector.’

‘Interesting; it could be great! Let’s forget Saturday; what am I going to do with you?’ Sam asked. She looked at him with a rather shocked face, but with a slight smile which never ever had escaped from between her lips.

There was no answer. She was expecting something, but she did not want it to happen as she knew she could become uncontrollable. Sam kept looking at her face and he realized that it was changing colours. He knew what she wanted, but he did not know how he was going to handle the situation.

She looked beautiful; scared and vulnerable. She wanted to run even though she knew that Sam would keep his word and would not fuck her; rip her hymen when she managed to protect it for many years.

‘Let’s go!’

‘Go where?’ Alexia shockingly asked.

Sam grabbed her from her hand and followed him from the inner massage room to first massage room. He stopped close to the massage table. Looking in her eyes first, then turned his eyes towards the fittings hanging; the heavenly ambient, until he was behind her, but not too close.

He knew she was under his spell; but he was rather a bit sceptic. Sam had always tried to be the gentleman and always believed in it. No woman ever came crying back; because they had always been advised.

She worried him, but as he looked at her body from behind, he decided she needed a little exercise so he decided that she needed that special pair of hands to satisfy her new feelings. He made the final step until he was too close. His organ was hard as steel pushing against his trousers, tenting. Light flushed engulfing her body as she felt he was too close behind her.

His lips were close to her ear. His tongue licked her earlobe while his left hand moved slowly under her arm and the palm lightly settled just below her breasts. She became rather uncomfortable as both their bodies pressed against each other. Her heart increased in the beating when she felt something hard pressing exactly where she never wanted to be.

No words escaped from either lip, even when she felt the little zipper on the side of her skirt moving downwards. She wondered what was coming next. Then she heard the click of the hook and her skirt went crawling downward around her legs. Sam’s other hand moved slowly upwards under her sleeveless designer blouse; opening one button after another until the third one was opened.

The upper one was untouched while the same hand cupped her right breast and with the thumb he pressed the bare nipple against the hard lining of her half bra. Alexia pushed her ass backwards and pressed it against Sam’s hard cock which felt like really something huge.

She felt shocked; she wasn’t expecting such a reception, but instead of panicking she pushed her head backwards over Sam’s shoulder while he whispered in her ear and his tongue danced around her earlobe.

‘How do you like it sweetie; eemmm; is it hard enough.’ She moaned as he felt her melting in his arms. She pressed her ass harder, trying to get that feeling which she many times had craved for, although she had never been in such a situation, like that day. His other hand moved also upwards, opening the last button of her blouse followed by the cupping of the other breast. With the two thumbs pressing her hard nipples against the lining of the bra, she moaned again and again while her ass moved up and down, massaging Sam’s steel hard prick.

‘Emmm; it seems you really like what you feel; it seems it feels sooo good; emmmm. I’m happy that you like it. Remember…’ Sam continued whispering as he continued to lick her earlobe and role her nipples. ‘… don’t ask for it. You are not ready; but maybe one day, you will, and under the shade of the olive trees, naked and ready to receive my proud hard cock at your convenience, and which, I will slowly insert it little by little into that hot wet waiting portal of love you have there, between those beautiful sexy legs. Somewhere I’m hopefully sure that I will find that thin layer which you had protected for so long. But not today… today I will check it… I will feel inside … and try to sense, if it’s still secured… If accidently is not still there, you still have to wait until you are ready.’ Sam ended his teasing eulogy.

‘Bastard.’ She thought; whilst she was still lost in her sexual dreams. He pressed and rolled her nipples before the last button popped open. Her blouse was drawn backwards as it flowed out of her hands, followed by her bra, which after unlocking the hook it moved forward and also ended on the carpeted floor.

Sam put a hand against her legs, just above the knees. His other hand, he rested it against her chest, below her breasts. With one push backwards of his lower hand her fully naked body ended on his hands, and slowly he laid her face down on the massage table.

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