AwakeningsCh. 26

Double Penetration

We spent the day after Christmas shopping. I wasn’t an avid shopper, but I was with my family. That made it a great day. While Jeanne and the girl’s shopped Paul and I hung out together. We were becoming good friends. The following days were spent sightseeing. Friday it was a tour of the city. We visited the Alamo, took a barge trip on the river and shopped for souvenirs at El Mercado. Saturday we drove into the hill country and had lunch in Bandera. A picturesque town on the Medina River, Bandera claims to be the cowboy capital of the world. Sunday we woke up early and drove to Corpus Christi. We spent the day walking along the Gulf of Mexico beach. Monday was another shopping day. Jeanne and the girls wanted new outfits for the Liberty Hotel’s New Years Eve party. Each evening we had dinner together at a different River Walk restaurant. After dinner Jodie, Tricia and Paul always took off on their own. Jeanne and I didn’t question them about what they were doing, but we were both quite certain it involved horny airmen on passes from the air force base. While we weren’t sure how Paul fit into that scenario, the kids were adults. We had to assume they were taking care of each other. Jeanne and I spent the evenings in our suite, reconnecting. I’d never imagined that reconnecting could be so much fun. Monday, after a late breakfast, Paul and I dropped Jeanne and the girls at a mall. Thursday’s shopping trip had been more than enough for us. We were going to a nearby driving range to hit golf balls. On the way to the driving range Paul said, “Mr. Nolan.” “Yes Paul.” I’d temporarily given up on my attempt to get him to call me Michael. Tricia was adamant about him calling me Mr. Nolan and Paul clearly wanted to please Tricia. “I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the New Years Eve party tomorrow night.” “Why not?” “Ms. Jeanne, Ms. Jodie and Mistress Patricia are all getting dressed up. All I have are Khakis and knit shirts. I don’t want to embarrass them.” “I’m just going to wear a blue blazer and a pair of khakis.” “I don’t have a sports coat of any kind.” “Really?” “When I quit my job so I could be Mistress Patricia’s full time servant she gave my suit and sports coat to the Goodwill. She said I wouldn’t need them anymore.” My ire about Tricia’s callous treatment towards this likeable young man started to rise again. Realizing that it wasn’t a productive reaction, I quelled it and said, “Let’s go get you a sports jacket.” “I don’t have any money.” “Paul, you’re with me. You don’t need any money.” “I don’t think I’ll be able to pay you back.” “You don’t need to pay me back. I want you to be able to attend this New Years Eve party and I want you to feel good about yourself while you’re there. That means we have to get you a jacket, a dress shirt and a tie.” “Thank you sir, I would like to go to the party.” Ninety minutes later we were walking out of a Men’s Wearhouse with a white dress shirt, a tie and a sports jacket that met two key criteria. It fit Paul reasonably well so it didn’t require alteration and it looked good with his khaki slacks. Checking my watch, I saw that it was just after 1:00. Jeanne and the girls wouldn’t be finished shopping for at least two more hours. Paul and I went to the driving range. A little over two hours later my cell phone rang. Paul and I were at a Taco Cabana eating nachos and drinking Dr Pepper. It was Jeanne. “Michael we’re shopped out. Could you pick us up. We’ll be waiting at the same place you dropped us off.” “We’ll be there in five minutes.” Jeanne, Tricia and Jodie were waiting on the sidewalk next to the mall entrance surrounded by shopping bags. I parked. Paul hopped out. While the women were getting into the Escalade, Paul loaded their bags into the back. As soon as he was finished he climbed into the back seat next to Jodie. Paul’s new sports coat was hanging from the hook above the back window. It was covered with a plastic sleeve. Tricia was sitting next to it. As we drove out of the mall parking lot, Tricia pointed at the plastic covered jacket and asked, “What’s Karşıyaka escort this?” I answered her question. “Paul was concerned because he didn’t have a sports coat to wear to the New Years Eve party tomorrow night. We went to a Men’s Wearhouse and picked one up. It looks good on him.” In an icy voice, Tricia said, “Take it back. Paul is my servant. Servants don’t go to big parties.” Turning, Jeanne looked at her oldest daughter and said, “Tricia, the day we arrived Micheal and I asked you to curtail your alternative lifestyle during this vacation. We are here as a family. We both think of Paul as part of our family. So far we’ve included him in all of our activities and we intend to continue doing that for the remainder of this vacation. That includes tomorrow night’s party.” “But mom…” “Tricia, this has been a wonderful vacation. I am not going to finish it as Cinderella’s evil stepmother and you and Jodie are not going to be the evil stepsisters.” Clearly uncomfortable about crossing Tricia, Paul stared out the window. Tricia glared at Jeanne. Giggling, Jodie poked Paul in his side. “You make a cute Cinderella and daddy that makes you his fairy godmother.” Jeanne smiled and said, “Jodie it’s not kind to tease your father.” Chuckling, I said, “Better to be a fairy godmother than an evil stepsister or stepmother.” Still smiling, Jeanne said, “I wholeheartedly agree.” Paul was now smiling too. Tricia continued her icy stare. When we arrived back at the hotel Jeanne said, “All that shopping wore me out. Would anyone mind if we had dinner in the hotel dining room tonight?” Jodie said, “I’m tired too. I think that’s an excellent idea.” I nodded. “It’s fine with me.” Tricia continued her silent glare. Clearly fearful about incurring Tricia’s wrath, Paul refrained from making any comment and helped me unload the shopping bags from the back of the Escalade. While we were doing that Jodie grabbed Paul’s new sports coat from the back window of the Escalade and said, “Paul, I’ve got your sports coat. I can’t wait to see you wearing it.” Jodie has never been intimidated by her older sister. Paul smiled at Jodie. Rolling her eyes, Tricia stormed into the hotel. The valet took the Escalade. I picked up Jeanne’s packages. Paul picked up Jodie and Tricia’s. We followed Jeanne and Jodie into the hotel. I noticed that Tricia was already stepping into an elevator. She didn’t bother to hold it for us. While we were waiting for the next elevator I asked Jodie, “What’s up with your sister? Why didn’t she want Paul to attend the party?” Shaking her head, Jodie said, “I don’t know dad. Ever since she got that big promotion at her job she’s been getting weirder and weirder.” Paul said, “I know why she doesn’t want me to go to the party.” Jeanne, Jodie and I looked at him. “She met a guy last Friday night. His name is Steve. He’s in the army. He’s stationed in Dallas. They hooked up Saturday night and last night too. Tonight, after dinner, she’s planning to meet him again.” Jodie said, “That’s true. Paul and I both met him Friday night.” I looked at Paul. “If Tricia’s been going out with this Steve guy for the past several nights, what have you been doing?” “He’s been hanging with me.” Turning to Jodie, I said, “Really?” “Yeah dad, we’re good friends. Paul’s like your friend David.” “Ruth’s husband?” “Yes, mom’s told me about them. I think they’re pretty cool. I wish I could go to Brady’s with mom, Ruth and Abby, but mom has a hangup about partying like that with Tricia and me.” “I agree. I share that same hangup.” “Actually I do too. Picking up guys with your mom would be pretty strange. Anyway, Paul likes to watch. I enjoy his company. We love going to clubs together. He hangs at the bar while I dance with different guys. If I don’t find a guy I like, we go home and hang out. He’s my sister’s boyfriend, so we don’t do anything, but we’re good friends. We like to spend time together.” “Tricia used to let me go to clubs with her so I could watch, but she won’t anymore. She says I crimp bornova escort bayan her style.” There was an undertone of sadness in Paul’s voice. The elevator arrived. As the doors opened, Jodie grabbed Paul’s hand and pulled him into the elevator. “You can hang out with me tonight. I want to go back to The Hard Rock Cafe.” “I do too, but…” Paul hesitated. “It’s kind of expensive. Guys buy you drinks. I have to buy my own.” Quietly, I took out my money clip and peeled off five twenty dollar bills. As I slipped them into Paul’s hand I said, “You have a godfather.” Paul stared at me. I said, “Just have fun.” Jodie started to say something. I cut her off. “Young lady, I’m still your father. You make one fairy godmother crack and you’re grounded.” Laughing, Jodie said, “I won’t daddy. All I’ll say is thank you.” The elevator stopped. Still holding Paul’s hand, Jodie pulled him off the elevator. “Come on, let’s put our packages away and get ready for dinner.” After the elevator doors closed Jeanne put her arms around me and said, “Ever since I first met you I’ve been madly in love with you, but I don’t think my love has ever been as intense as it is at this moment. You really are a wonderful man.” Dinner was quiet. Tricia was still in a snit. Her foul mood cast a pall on our dinner table conversation. As soon as she was finished eating Tricia stood up and excused herself. After she was gone the mood at the table lightened. That bothered me. Regardless of her negative attitude, she was my daughter. A half hour later Jodie and Paul left. They were going to the Hard Rock Cafe. As they walked out of the restaurant they were giggling and teasing each other. Turning to Jeanne, I asked, “Do you think they’ll end up together? They certainly do seem to get along well.” Shaking her head, Jeanne answered. “I think they’ll always be close friends, but Jodie doesn’t get off on domination. I suspect Paul will always want a woman who does.” “Trisha’s certainly not treating him kindly.” “No she isn’t. Michael, I’m worried about her. Right now she doesn’t seem like a very nice person.” “She’s not the girl we raised. I’m also worried about Paul. How much more disrespect and neglect can he tolerate? I think Tricia was serious about not wanting him to go to the New Years Eve party with us.” I wish I knew what to do.” “Me too. We still have another day. Lets see what happens tomorrow night.” “That’s a good idea. Want to go up to the room?” “We could go to a club.” “Not tonight buster. I already have the man of my dreams.” Smiling I said, “If we go up to the room what do you have in mind?” “I was thinking we could work on our oral sex techniques.” “It never hurts to practice.” “That’s what I was taught.” “Let’s go.” At nine the next morning we went down to the hotel coffee shop for breakfast. Paul and Jodie were already there. Tricia was absent. Paul looked tired. I also noticed he was wearing the same shirt he’d had on at dinner the previous night. Assuming it was because we were nearing the end of our vacation and he was running out of clothes, I ignored it. Trisha never showed for breakfast. Since neither Paul nor Jodie appeared to be concerned I assumed she was safe. I suspected she was still with her soldier. Jeanne later confirmed that suspicion. After breakfast she’d asked Jodie. Tired from all of our sightseeing, Jeanne and I spent the day in our room reading. At 5:30 we started getting ready. The New Years Eve party was scheduled to begin with cocktails at 7:00. We’d agreed to meet Jodie, Paul and Tricia at our reserved table at 7:30. Jeanne and I showered together. Of course the shower stimulated both of us so after our shower we spent the next half hour orally pleasuring each other. Don’t misunderstand me. Both of us still loved to fuck, but our experiences over the past several months had sharpened our mutual enjoyment of oral gratification. Interestingly, both of us had a preference for giving rather than receiving. It was an easy issue to resolve, We took turns. Jeanne was Escort üçyol good, really good. After cuckold boot camp I was fairly adept too. We had fun. After our playtime was over Jeanne put on her makeup while I shaved. There was a small table, chair and mirror in our suite’s bedroom. The bathroom door was open. I could see Jeanne in the bathroom mirror. As I watched her apply her eyeshadow I imagined that she was doing it in preparation for a date with another man. Three months earlier that prospect would have been devastating. Today it excited me. I quickly finished shaving, rinsed my face and stepped into the bedroom. We were both naked. Jeanne was applying mascara to her eye lashes. Leaning against the bathroom door frame, I watched. I noticed that I was erect again. Jeanne saw me in her makeup mirror. “Aren’t you supposed to be getting dressed.” “I have plenty of time. Right now I’m enjoying watching you.” Jeanne turned. My erection immediately caught her attention. “Oh my, what got into you?” “I was imagining that you were getting ready for a date with another man.” “And that got you excited?” “Very.” Smiling, Jeanne said, “You’re attitude has certainly changed.” “I had that same thought.” Jeanne moved her free hand to her own sex. As she rubbed her cleft, she said, “Just thinking about that makes me wet. Do you want me to take care of that erection?” “No, I’ll enjoy the edge it gives me tonight. I’ll be looking forward to coming back up here after midnight.” “Me too.” “Besides you’ve told me that giving a blow job always messes up a girl’s makeup.” Giggling, Jeanne said, “It does.” “I would love to go down on you while you’re finishing your makeup.” “I’d also enjoy that, but I think it might be a little too distracting. We’re running out of time.” “Yes we are. Finish your makeup. I’ll get dressed.” As I picked up my boxers Jeanne asked, “Would you do that for me if I really was getting ready for a date with another man? You know, go down on me while I was putting on my makeup.” I considered Jeanne’s question. After a moment I answered, “Yeah I think I would. No, I know I would.” Grinning, Jeanne said, “I can’t wait for you to come home.” “I’m looking forward to it too.” After she finished applying her makeup Jeanne stood up, walked over to her dresser and took out a black lace garter belt and a pair of black nylon stockings. As she fastened the garter belt to her waist, I said, “You wear stockings a lot now, don’t you.” I do. They make me feel sexy. Is that alright?” “Yes, I love seeing you in stockings.” Jeanne smiled at me and then she sat down on the edge of the bed. I picked up my trousers and shirt and put them on, but I continued watching her. As Jeanne rolled her stockings up her legs I once again imagined that she was getting ready for a date with another man, only this time it was a specific man. I said, “Remember Jerry, the guy you met at The Goldenrod?” “Of course I do. Why?” “Right now I’m imagining that you’re getting ready for a date with him.” “Why him?” “Because you enjoyed him so much. Knowing that you’re having fun excites me.” “Doesn’t it make you jealous?” “Not anymore.” “That’s good, because it shouldn’t make you jealous. Michael, I think you’re ready to come home.” “Jeanne, I may be ready, but I’m not sure you’re ready to have me come home.” “Of course I am.” “Think about it Jeanne. You have a new group of friends, Abby, Mark and Bobby. They’re introducing you to a whole new life. If I come home right now I’ll just be an impediment to that new life.” “No Michael, never.” “Jeanne, we started this. Now we have to let it play out.” I walked over to the bed, pulled Jeanne to her feet and hugged her. Jeanne said, “Michael I miss you so much.” “I miss you too Jeanne and in a month or two months or maybe six months you’ll say that again and then I will know it’s time for me to come home. In the meantime you have to fully experience life as a free spirited libertine. I fear that doing anything less than that could result in the eventual destruction of our marriage.” “But you’re a free spirit now too. We could do this together.” “Jeanne, we’re both still growing. We started at different places. Abby and Mel helped me catch up to you, but we’re still not in the same place. I don’t think you’ve figured out exactly what your new life really means for you and I’m not sure about mine either.

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