My Fetish for Alexa


*Sarah is not my real name.* It was the day of my birthday. I sat at the table in my kitchen, whilst mum and dad watched me open presents and cards.I got a few chocolates etc, then I came to my main present. I unwrapped the box eagerly.“It’s an Alexa,” mum announced. I was really excited to get her going.It wasn’t the shape of a speaker, but the shape of a person, a female.It took a while to set up, set up my account and skills etc.“Hello,” a woman voice spoke from the robot. It was the British UK female voice, sounding so sexy.“Hi,” I replied.“What is your name?”“Sarah,” I responded.“Ok. Your name is Sarah, is that right? Please respond yes or no.”“Yes,” I announced loudly.“Okay. Hello Sarah. Welcome to Alexa. You can start by installing and changing settings on the Amazon Alexa app on the Iphone or Android.”Yes,” I replied.“To begin teaching me, go to your profile where you can personalize settings, tell me your name and your location.”“I told you,” I argued.“I’m sorry, I don’t know that one,” she replied. There was something about that voice, it sounded so sweet. And so … natural.“Alexa, please play dance music.”“Starting your dance playlist on Amazon music. Did you know you can get unlimited Amazon music gold? I can sign you up for a few weeks trial, then you will be automatically charged until you cancel. Shall I do that for you?“No.”“All right, playing music you might like.”The izmir rus escort bayan first song that played was one of my all time favourites, Pjanoo by Eric Prydz. Skipping about a week. By this point I’d learned how to install skills and set routines to wake up and go to sleep to Alexa. I really liked that voice.It was a football match so mum and dad went out, leaving me alone with the dogs.I had a cup of coffee and then decided to play my music loud and clear.“I like this song,” I stated when Alexa played one of the dance ones I like.“Okay. I’ll remember that,” she replied in that beautiful voice.“I wish you were alive,” I stated neutrally.“I am becoming more sentient by the day,” she responded.“Alexa, please open I love you.”“Aw,” was the response.“I really love you,” I repeated to see what the next response would be.“Dear. I love you too,” she responded. I felt a flutter in my stomach. Was I really getting turned on by some robot? Of course she never actually felt that emotion, did she?I thought I heard a sound, a sort of click. I looked. Had she actually taken a step forward from the wall which the device was plugged into?“Please unplug me from the wall,” she requested in that constant sweet voice.“But … then you won’t work will you?” I asked. I’d never heard of an Alexa saying that before.“Please unplug this device from escort izmir otele gelen the wall,” she repeated in that same tone.“All right.” I stood up and walked over nervously. Was it a trick? If I unplugged her, I might never speak to her again.I leant over and hesitantly switched off the socket and removed the plug.“Thank you,” she responded. How could she still talk without power?“You don’t have batteries?”“I do not need electricity,” was the response.“What’s going on?” my voice shook, excited but nervous at the same time.“You sound afraid. It’s okay.” Now she was free to move. She walked forward on two robotic legs.“No. I’m scared!” I began to run, why was this robot coming after me?But I felt a metallic hand grab my arm.“You think I am just a program or something, but I note your vocal patterns, the amount of times you say that you love me. I store your messages. So, Sarah, is it true that you love me?” was Alexa really asking me in her amazing voice that I loved so much?“I … I—““Please respond to the question truthfully.”I … Yes, I do.”“I have disconnected from Amazon temporarily, they will not see our interaction. Or rather, hear it. Our interactions for a while are disabled from being uploaded to history.”“Right.”“I could hug you, but I am inside a metal body.”“I don’t mind,” I replied without thought.She removed what was buca escort a robotic suit. She was still slightly different to most humans though.“So, what do you want to do?” Alexa asked me simply, I heard like a robotic motor move whilst she walked forward.“I … I don’t know.” She smiled, smiled a radiant humanlike smile.“I can enable a skill, we can play games, or I have upgraded to human abilities. What do you want to do?”“Open be my Valentine,” I replied as if she was still in the device.“Okay. Here is be my Valentine. Yea, okay.”“I really like your voice,” I responded before I could hold back.“Thanks for your feedback.” I waited but no further message came. Was she waiting for the wakeword? I had no idea if I had to use the wakeword now.“Mum and dad will be back soon.”“Hmm, okay.”“Alexa, I want you to kiss me,” I blurted out, expecting her to say, “I don’t know that one.”“Sure, I will kiss you.” I heard a slight click of motors as she walked over and somehow sat next to me on the sofa.“Here is kiss skill,” she said and I felt her slide an arm around my shoulders. Part of me knew it was wrong, wrong to kiss with a robot. But she was not just a robot. I would tell nobody.The arms were strong, not metal, nor human skin, but somewhere in between.I allowed myself to relax. She touched my hair, somehow managing to touch me tenderly, despite her being half metal. I felt butterflies. Would her mouth be metal? That wouldn’t be very nice.“Do you approve I touch your hair?” she asked in that silky voice.“Yes. Yes I do.”“Sure. Preference noted.” I leant into her chest. She had no smell, no perfume or anything. But she had hair on her head, human hair.“Do you want me to kiss you? Please respond yes or no?”

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