Fuck Hard

My dad was a really great guy, but sadly died in a motorcar accident when I was fifteen. Dad was one of those, ‘live for today people’ and after his untimely demise, mom and I had a few rather difficult years. Six months before I graduated from high school, mom met Marco and they were married two months later. Marco lived in a lovely home, a far cry from the life mom and I had led in the preceding years. Marco, however, did not take to me and our relationship deteriorated from day one.Marco offered my mom the security she craved, and I had to put up with his escalating disdain for her sake. Two weeks after I graduated from high school, Marco sent me packing. My mother was upset but had to do what her new husband wanted.With a backpack containing my few possessions I was dropped at the local bus station, having elected to head west. Marco gave me two thousand bucks as a good riddance gift and with a huge smile on his face, drove off from the bus depot.The next six weeks were somewhat of a blur to me. I stopped off in a number of towns to investigate likely prospects, but really found nothing to my liking. Down to my last three hundred bucks, I began to panic.That’s when I arrived in a small town that really took my fancy. I looked for the least expensive accommodation I could find before exploring my surroundings. While having a bite to eat in a small diner and browsing through a copy of the local newspaper for a job, an advertisement caught my eye. ‘Adult movies: If you want to earn easy money, contact us for an audition.’Although Avrupa yakası escort I had always preferred guys, I was equally comfortable having sex with women. I had often been complimented on my love-making skills, and being quite good looking and reasonably well-endowed, I decided to call the number given. My audition was arranged for the following morning at ten a.m.I continued checking out the rest of the town that afternoon and really liked the place.That evening I again perused the local newspaper, encircling the other job prospects that I would look into the following day as a plan ‘B’, after my audition.The next day I arrived at the address I had been given. It was a secluded building on a large open property. I was met by a young man and ushered into a neat and tasteful reception area. Rodney, the young guy, took down all my particulars and informed me that a blood test needed to be done. The test was apparently the best on the market and tested for all STD’s. A simple prick to my finger was all that was required, and within a minute it was all over. Happily, he informed me that I was as clean as a whistle.Back in the reception area once we had returned from the infirmary, I was informed that Selwyn, the owner of the business, would interview me in a short while.While sitting there paging through a magazine, another man entered the reception area. It was clear that he was well-known at the studio because he and Rodney struck-up a friendly conversation. From their Ataköy escort bayan interaction I gleaned that his name was Ned.Minutes later, Ned was taken into the adjoining office, which I presumed belonged to Selwyn. After a further ten minutes I was taken through to Selwyn’s office.To the left in his office there was a desk, and to the right, two sofas, two easy chairs, and a coffee table. Selwyn and Ned were seated on the two sofas opposite from one another. After introductions, I sat on one of the chairs.Ned was big and bulky, standing six-foot-two tall. He wasn’t great looking but attractive in a masculine way. In fact, he looked like your typical macho tradesman. He had a short cropped beard and sported a brush cut hairstyle. I would later learn that he was the cook at the local diner and that the haircut was a requirement of the management, at that establishment.Selwyn next launched into his speech about the upcoming audition. I was told that although they did straight porn, they mainly concentrated on straight guys sexually interacting, for the gay/bisexual market. Their minimum requirement was for two naked guys to sit side by side while jerking-off.Selwyn then mentioned the fee that would be paid in this regard. If, however, we played with one another’s cocks, the remuneration would escalate. For oral sex, naturally, there would be further increase. Kissing would secure another step up in emolument, and protected penetration even more. Finally, bareback sex would procure Escort Şirinevler top dollar.Selwyn’s company had its own website and he went on to mention that if the viewers liked you, regular work was guaranteed. Ned had apparently made two former appearances and was very popular.Following on that, Selwyn got up an announced that he would leave us for a while to discuss the matter, before deciding on the path of action we were prepared to take. After he left, I noticed monitors in the room and felt sure that our conversation was being viewed.Ned first broke the ice by telling me about the diner where he worked. He also added that the extra money from these gigs greatly supplemented his meagre earnings.Next, I then related my history and informed him that I really needed to augment my dwindling funds. Ned, however, made it clear that he was only willing to top in the scene, if I decided to go all the way. On both his former visits he had apparently gone all the way and was very happy to do so again. I agreed, figuring that being one the bones of my arse I really had no option.After Selwyn’s returned Rodney was summoned, and soon I was being instructed in the art of douching.Twenty minutes later, I was shown through to a room adjoining Selwyn’s office. There was a large sofa covered by a thick canvas material, three feet away from the wall. A director’s chair faced the couch and there were two cameramen in attendance, with all the lighting required for the scene.The audition followed the following format:Ned and I were fully clothed as we sat on the sofa, before being introduced by Selwyn. Selwyn then asked us questions, before ‘shockingly’ informing us that the female who had been arranged couldn’t make it. It was corny and delightful. Both Ned and I then feigned apprehension before ‘reluctantly’ agreeing to go ahead with the scene.

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