My Final School Year


My final year at school was spent on my grandfather’s farm. I was an adopted child named Caedon, a good looking city boy that surprisingly looked a lot like Gareth, my non biological dad. Ruth, my mom, was also attractive, but in a masculine way. Mom came from a physically large family. Isaac, mom’s dad, was six-foot-three tall and my uncle Seth, mom’s twenty-eight year old brother, was six-foot-five tall. Seth was the most powerful man I would ever meet. Sadly, Seth was slightly slow as result of a problematic birth, a tragedy that resulted in my grandmother’s death. Grandpa never remarried after she died.Dad had been given an opportunity by the company that employed him, to live abroad for a year. It was an opportunity that could simply not be turned down. My parents were concerned about the upheaval that moving to Europe could cause me academically. Therefore, they asked Isaac to take care of me during the period that they would be away. The school near grandpa’s farm had a very good reputation and they were comfortable with my enrollment there. My father and Isaac had never really hit it off, but kind of got along. As a result, our visits to the farm had been rather infrequent and in fact, we had not visited Isaac’s farm for over three years. A few days before my parents departed, I was bussed off to live with Isaac.Upon my arrival at the bus-stop I was met by the six-foot tall Randy, a farmhand, and my eyes almost popped out of my head as I got off the bus and saw my name board. He was just magnificent and looked like a man on a rodeo advertisement board. He had piercing blue eyes, with short black hair and a neatly cropped beard. Randy was attired in jeans, a plaid shirt, cowboy boots, and a large buckled belt. Randy had broad farm hands and a killer smile, and I was afraid as he introduced himself that my knees would give out from under me. Luckily, they did not. He had been with Isaac for two years and was the foreman on the farm. After retrieving my bag we drove to the farm.Randy explained that apart from himself, Timmy and Dusty also worked for Isaac. They all shared a cottage separated from the main house. My grandfather met us as we drove up to the house. Granddad had short, brush cut grey hair and a neat beard. I would later learn that he and Seth cut the hair on each other’s heads and face, every two weeks. To my distress, I would be included in this ritual twice a month from then on. My long hair was just not manly enough for Isaac. Isaac hugged me and gave me a kiss on my forehead, after we arrived.I remembered the main house rather well and all the rooms were very large. The lounge, dining room, and kitchen, were all in one, and to the one side Isaac had a study of sorts that was separated from the main living area. Upstairs, there were three enormous bedrooms and a communal bathroom. The two spare bedrooms contained two three-quarter beds, as opposed to the huge custom made bed in Isaac’s room. I would soon learn to my dismay that Seth and I would be rooming together. Isaac felt that one always needed a spare room in case of unexpected visitors. The house was devoid of any feminine influence and very Spartan. There was a strong tobacco and masculine odor permeating the entire home.When I arrived in my room I was shown a cupboard that I would use. As Isaac watched me unpack Haramidere escort he let out a sigh and with a look of disdain, mentioned that he would have to take me to the general dealer in town the following day, to buy me proper men’s clothing.After unpacking I met Timmy downstairs. It was four p.m. and Timmy had started preparing our dinner for that evening. Timmy was my height, five-foot-ten tall, but slightly slimmer. He had curly black hair and a face like a cherub. Timmy cooked and kept house for the all the men on the farm. He was nineteen-years-old and had been with grandpa for about a year. Isaac and I sat around chatting for the next hour while Timmy attended to his duties. As Isaac puffed on his cigar and drank his beer, I was told that I would be allowed one beer each day, and two, on Saturdays and Sundays. For a seventeen-year-old, this was like manna from heaven.I sipped water, having elected to keep my beer for the evening meal. At around five Seth arrived home. I heard him bark instructions at two monstrous black dogs outside, before he entered to house. He was wearing a dirty pair of blue dungarees over a t-shirt, which seriously needed a wash. There were two huge sweat patches under his arms and his boots looked like they hadn’t ever seen a lick of polish, in years. As he embraced me his body scent was very strong. He had a ruggedly handsome face like Isaac, but his hair unlike grandpas, was black and covered by a sweat stained baseball cap, which he presently removed. His gut was smaller than Isaac’s, but his large body was much more intimidating.Seth’s always had a slightly confused look on his face. It wasn’t a look of totally stupidity, but you were also in no doubt that he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. His large rough hands were dirty, but totally mesmerizing. At least three of the nails on his hands were completely black, having no doubt been struck in some or other way while he worked. His hands also had scabs and scars all over them. Seth joined Isaac with a beer, but preferred cigarettes to cigars. At five-thirty our food was placed on the table. Timmy left shortly afterward, with the food he had prepared for Randy, Dusty, and himself.The farmhands mostly ate in their own quarters, and only joined us in the main house, on Wednesday evenings and for Sunday lunch. Isaac prepared our breakfast in the main house each morning and Timmy made breakfast for Randy, Dusty, and himself, in their quarters. Timmy always made sandwiches for everyone at lunch time.At around eight-thirty, we all headed off to bed. Seth undressed before getting into bed naked. He was very hairy, with a forest of hair under his arms and around his pubic area. His dark uncut cock was thick and long and he had one oversized ball, which gave his scrotum an unusual appearance because the larger ball hung much lower than the smaller one. My uncut cock looked positively boyish in comparison to Seth’s package. Ten minutes after the lights were turned off; Seth lowered his duvet and started wanking furiously. In the faint moonlight that filtered into the room I could see him milking his impressive monster. Not long after, he shot a waterfall of cum all over his stomach. He then mopped up the mess with a facecloth, before throwing it on the floor between İkitelli escort bayan us.Soon after the show, he was snoring loudly. I quietly retrieved the wet facecloth and sniffed it, before wrapping it around my cock and tugging on my dick. I have no idea why I did this and the excitement of witnessing Seth’s workout, had me shooting my load within a couple of minutes. I cleaned myself up as best I could with the same damp facecloth, before replacing it on the floor.I had to piss soon afterward and very quietly made my way in the dark to the bathroom. En route, I heard muffled sounds emanating from Isaac’s bedroom. I then walked to his door and peeped though the keyhole. I was stunned, when I saw the back of my grandfather’s hairy body pounding into someone. There were two slender legs waving in the air on either side of Isaac’s large body. I watched for ten minutes before returning to my room. Horny again, I again picked up the cum-rag from the floor and started masturbating again. As a shot a second load, I heard someone descending the stairs.The following morning after breakfast, Isaac took me into town as promised. We acquired; two pairs of jeans, a pair of dungarees, four appropriate shirts, suitable boots, a proper belt, and four t-shirts. I also got a tour of the small town and met a few of the locals. Upon our return I finally met Dusty. He was about six-foot-one tall and had a lean lanky body. He was wearing a wife-beater t-shirt and jeans. There was no doubt that his sinewy body was very powerful, but he had a creepy demeanor that made me uncomfortable. It was clear, however, that you did not want to get on his bad side.Dusty’s face was hard and unattractive and he was almost totally bald. His goatee was full, but unkempt. His feet were huge and his large coarse hands, grubby. He was into ink in a big way, but the tattoos on his arms were crude and amateur. As Isaac chatted to him I walked into the house to unpack my new wardrobe, of ‘farm fashion.’ I was shown around the farm by Timmy that afternoon, after lunch.That evening, the same procedure as the previous night was followed and we all retired to bed by eight-thirty. After lights-out, I got a better look at Seth masturbating as a result of a slightly fuller moon. I again used Seth’s cum-rag to pleasure myself after he fell asleep. Once more, I went to look through Isaac’s keyhole. This time, however, Timmy was in a doggy position with grandpa spearing his arse. Both of them sounded like they were in ecstasy, as I watched and I toyed with myself. When they were finishing off I quietly made my way back to my room.When I got on my bed I was startled by sudden light, after Seth turned the bedside light on. He asked me where I had been. I lied saying that I needed to use the bathroom. Smiling, he told me that he had seen me looking through Isaac’s keyhole. As I blushed nervously he sniggered, before telling me that all the men on the farm used Timmy for sex. Seth then asked me if I had enjoyed the show. I shyly nodded.After beckoning me over to his bed, I shakily I stepped over before he placed me on my back. Next, he hovered over me on this elbows and knees, with his legs on either side of my body. I could feel his huge cock nestled between my thighs. Seth then lowered his head and Escort Çapa started kissing me. The hum from his body was almost suffocating and hung over us like a thick blanket. His mouth then forcefully started mugging my face.Seth was a very sloppy kisser and as he vigorously rubbed his dick between my thighs, his oral attack on my mouth escalated. Thankfully, after a few minutes he sat up and shot his load all over my stomach. The wet cum-rag was again used to clean up the mess, before I returned to my bed and fell asleep. The following morning my heart leapt for joy when I heard Seth taking a shower. I followed suit after Seth had finished in the bathroom. It appeared that Sunday was a popular shower day for all the guys, because as we sat down to the lunch everyone looked, and smelt, very respectable. Timmy got a break from cooking on Sundays, because Isaac always prepared Sunday lunch for everyone.The main discussion at lunch was; that as I had two weeks of vacation left before attending my new school an activity schedule needed to be drawn up for me. It was decided that I would work with Seth on Mondays and Thursdays, with Randy on Tuesdays and Fridays, and with Timmy on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings.On Saturday’s and Sunday’s, Seth, Randy, and Dusty, alternated taking care of the basic needs of the animals that had to be cared for. This duty only took twenty minutes in the morning and late afternoon. Other than that, no other work was done on the farm on these two days. Seth and the three farmhands also got two additional days off per month. As the men mostly liked to nap on Sunday afternoons, Timmy elected to show me a secluded dam that was located a small way off from the main house.After arriving, we stripped and swam around for a while. Timmy’s slender body was almost hairless. He had small tufts of hair under each arm and above his cock. He was cut and no more than six inches hard. He was very pretty and I told him so. I mentioned that I knew about him and his sexual interaction with all the guys on the farm. I also confessed my homosexual sexual experiences over the past couple of years. These, as I told him, mainly consisted of mutual masturbation and the occasional bit of oral with another boy. I informed him that I was dying to try anal. Next, Timmy unceremoniously turned onto his stomach and invited me to fuck him. I was in seventh heaven as we made love for an hour.His technique was unbelievable. He pushed out as you inserted your cock, and clenched his hole as you pulled out. The effect was unbelievably stimulating and incredibly sensual. We both came twice before relaxing on our towels and soaking up the sun. While relaxing on our towels Timmy told me Isaac was a great lover and that he also liked Randy, with whom he enjoyed having sex with the most. Although Randy could be a bit rough he was great in bed. Randy apparently had the thickest cock of all the guys excluding Seth. He and Randy were also the only two circumcised guys on the farm. Timmy said he found sex with Seth unpleasant, because he always stank and Seth’s slobbering also got to him.Dusty, however, was his least favourite. Although Dusty had a beautiful uncut cock, he was physically abusive. There was no passion or kissing involved with Dusty, only brutal animalistic sex. Dusty was also ostensibly not into personal hygiene and was only slightly less smelly than Seth.When we returned home later Timmy headed off to his apartment. Isaac and Seth were sitting in the lounge when I returned. Isaac motioned for me to sit next to him and told me he had heard about the action between Seth and me the previous evening.

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