Greg was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, making sure he looked okay and his clothes were at least neat. Hopefully, they wouldn’t be on that much longer. A smile lit up his face as he thought about Ashelin sitting on the couch in my living room and how he got to be in this position.

He was at the ice cream shop when this woman walked in with a couple of her friends. She was wearing the uniform of a local all-girls private school and at first all Greg could look at were her legs and thighs wrapped in those white stockings. They kept looking at each other, and after a while, she walked over to the table where he was sitting. She introduced herself as Ashelin and told him that she was 18 and a senior at the Della Parsons School for Young Women. He invited her to sit down and told her his name was Greg. As she talked, he noticed that the top button of her blouse was undone and he could see her cleavage. Trying not to be too obvious, he looked up into her blue eyes. After talking for a while, they made a date and she gave him her phone number.

The night they were supposed to meet, she decided to change the plans and to meet at his apartment. Greg said okay and gave her his address. He got dressed and waited for her to arrive. When the doorbell rang, he nearly jumped off the couch to answer it. Greg opened the door and was surprised by what he saw. Ashelin was standing in the doorway in her school uniform. She was wearing a thin white blouse, through which he could see her bra, a navy blue pleated skirt that came down to a little above her knees, white stockings, and black dress boots. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was simply combed straight, but somehow it added to her beauty. Her blue eyes twinkled as she smiled and kissed Greg on his cheek. He moved aside to let her in and looked down to watch her ass while she walked towards the couch. He closed the door behind him with a smile.

Ashelin and Greg talked for a while and had a couple of drinks before the conversation starting getting a little suggestive. She then told him very bluntly what she wanted to do, so he told her to sit back and relax while he went to the bathroom. He checked himself one final time, took a deep breath, and went back into the living room.

Ashelin ankara escort was sitting there with her legs crossed and a smirk on her face. “You okay?” she asked in a playful tone.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Greg replied. He sat down next to her and she leaned over to say something to him. As she did, he put up a hand to stop her. “Shhhh, don’t say anything baby. Tonight it’s all about you. I am going to do things to you that are going to blow your mind. I don’t want you to do any work, just lay back and let me please you.” She looked a little shocked at what he had to say, but Greg then leaned in a kissed her. Her pink lips were soft as they pressed against his. He could feel her breathing pick up as his tongue slipped into her mouth. Greg could taste the sweetness of her breath. He took his hand and started stroking her hair. Greg’s head started spinning and he could feel the blood rushing down to fill his stiffening rod. They shared that kiss for a couple of minutes before Greg decided to change the pace. He pulled his lips away from Ashelin and saw the redness of her cheeks. He stood up and, with her hand in his, pulled her up with him. Her turned her around to face the couch and stood behind her. Greg reached around her and slowly undid the top button of her blouse. He slowly ran his hand over her breasts, feeling her smooth skin and then the lace of her bra. He undid the rest of the buttons while kissing on her neck. Greg saw Ashelin’s chest heaving from her heavy breathing.

He slowly pulled off her shirt, and let it drop to the ground. He then knelt behind her and ran his hands up her legs and thighs. He took her shoes off and then slowly rolled down her stockings. He felt the goose bumps rising on the skin of her legs as he slid off the stockings. He then stuck out his tongue and, starting at her ankles, licked up the back of her legs. Ashelin let out a low moan as Greg reached the top of her thigh and licked the area where her ass and thighs met. Greg lifted up her skirt and began sliding down the black thong that she was wearing. Ashelin stepped out of it as Greg parted her cheeks and ran his tongue around her anus. Ashelin started wiggling her ass against his face as he pushed his tongue in more, the tip kızılay escort of it going into her hole. Greg reached around with one hand and slid a finger into her pussy, parting her shaved lips. He used his finger to start playing with her clit. Ashelin’s moaning became louder as his finger started rubbing her clit faster and faster. Greg then took his other hand slowly slid two of his fingers in her wet pussy. With Greg tonguing her ass and fingering her pussy, Ashelin started going crazy. Waves of pleasure washed over her as she started orgasming. Greg felt her warm cum dripping down his wrist. When Ashelin’s shudders started fading, he stood up.

Greg quickly stripped down to his boxer shorts. He then turned Ashelin around and let her see the erection that had formed in his shorts. Reaching his hands out, he undid the front clasps of her bra. Ashelin’s 36C breasts were the same creamy complexion as her skin, and her pink nipples were hard. He lowered his head and kissed the tops of her breasts. He then lifted one of her breasts up and began licking and sucking her nipple. Ashelin sucked in a breath as his tongue moved around her areola, causing ripples of pleasure to move down her spine. Greg loved the feeling of her warm hard nipples in his mouth, making him eager to be inside Ashelin.

Greg stood up and turned Ashelin around. He then bent her over the couch and lifted the skirt off of her ass. Spreading her legs a bit, her could see her engorged lips from behind. He pulled off his boxers and rubbed his erect cock over her lips, getting some of her cum on his head. Greg then gripped Ashelin’s hip and, using one of his hands, slowly slid his cock into her pussy. Ashelin let out a squeal as Greg’s cock penetrated her tight hole. Greg started moving his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. Greg reached around and grabbed Ashelin’s tits and started tweaking the nipples as he fucked her. He would slide his cock out until just he head was in her, and then ram it back in, making her feel the entire length of his rod. Her juices quickly covered his cock. Ashelin’s ass slapped against his groin and rippled slightly at every impact. Ashelin’s tight lips gripped his cock polatlı escort and he could feel the walls pulsating. Greg cupped her tits starting fucking her harder. Ashelin’s moaning became louder and Greg starting grunting from the pleasure. He felt his balls tightening and his cock got harder. Greg yelled out as he exploded, his cum shooting out of his cock deep into Ashelin’s pussy. His warm seed filled her hole as she climaxed again. Their cum dripped down and out of her pussy, sliding down his cock and balls. Ashelin let out a moan as Greg slowly slid out of her.

Greg then went to sit down on the couch and told Ashelin to straddle him. He pulled her close and started kissing her passionately, her warm breasts pressed against his chest. Greg could feel the warmth of her pussy against his groin. He started kissing her body, moving down her neck and over her chest. Ashelin through her head back, her breasts sticking out more. She reached around and lightly ran her nails up his back. This caused the blood to rush back into Greg’s cock, quickly making him hard again. He lifted Ashelin up slightly and placed her pussy over his rod. She sat down on it, her cum allowing him to slide in with ease. Her skirt draped over their laps as Greg started pumping his hips.

Ashelin’s weight caused Greg’s cock to go deep in her pussy, and as he pumped she could feel his head rubbing up against her G-spot. Greg pulled Ashelin towards him and he started sucking her nipples. Ashelin began squealing in ecstasy. Her hands gripped Greg’s back as he kept pumping, grinding their hips and groins together. Ashelin’s clit was hard, stimulated from the pressure of the grinding. Greg started pumping harder, using their momentum and his hands to lift her up as he did. The slapping of their thighs mixed with the other sounds of pleasure coming from them. Ashelin’s skirt lightly tickled Greg’s legs every time it moved. Their bodies were alive with the feelings and senses that filled them. Greg could smell the sweat and cum that mixed with Ashelin’s perfume. Ashelin could feel Greg’s heartbeat getting faster and their breathing became in sync with the others’. Ashelin’s pussy gripped hard around Greg’s cock. They both let out loud yells of pleasure as they climaxed together. Greg’s hot cum shot out of his cock in streams, filling Ashelin’s pussy. Her entire body trembled as her cum flowed out of her and down Greg’s legs, creating a puddle on the couch. Greg reached up and kissed her deeply. He then leaned back and let her fall against him, their bodies pressed together as their breathing returned to normal.

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