Ariana’s Awakening Ch. 2


Ariana awoke with a smile on her face. Today was the day she started her new classes. She and Becky had fooled around again the previous night, but Becky had returned to her own room to sleep. Ariana hopped out of bed, grabbed her things and headed for the shower. As she passed Becky’s room, she gave a little tap on the door.

The bathroom’s at the school were in individual stalls, but all the girls were in one room. When Ariana reached the bathroom, nobody else was there. She didn’t realize she had woken up so early. So she jumped into the farthest stall and turned on the water. She undressed, tested the water, and stepped in. She wet her long hair back away from her face. She reached out to grab her soap and was met by a warm hand. Becky had slipped into the stall and undressed without Ariana hearing a thing.

Becky giggled as she stepped into the shower with Ariana and smothered her neck and breasts with small soft kisses. Ariana’s nipples instantly perked up with the attention. Becky wrapped her arms around Ariana’s waist and rested her hands on Ariana’s full, firm butt. Ariana could only look at Becky and smile. She threw her arms around Becky’s shoulders and drew Becky’s face to hers. They stood there kissing with the warm water spraying around them.

Ariana again reached out to grab her soap. She wet the bar and started to bathe Becky. She started with her neck and worked her way across Becky’s shoulders to her arms. She lifted Becky’s arms and washed each of her armpits, making Becky giggle.

She quickly sucked on each of Becky’s rock hard nipples before washing those too. She worked her way down Becky’s tight, flat stomach. She skipped Becky’s pussy and continued down her thighs, calves, and feet. Ariana stood back up and turned Becky around. She lifted Becky’s hair off her shoulders and kissed the nape of her neck as she washed Becky’s back for her. As she worked her way down Becky’s back, she stopped to massage Becky’s tiny butt. As she did so, Ariana slipped her hand between Becky’s thighs and ran her finger softly along Becky’s slit. She could hear Becky moaning for her touch.

Ariana wasn’t ready to give in yet. She turned Becky around once more, kissed her deeply and handed her the soap. Becky gave Ariana a stunned look. The last thing she wanted to do was get clean now. So Becky took the soap and threw it down. Ariana smiled at this and waited eagerly for what Becky was to do next. Becky dropped to her knees and without warning pushed her hot little tongue into Ariana’s hot little pussy. Ariana nearly fell back with the instant pleasure. Becky held Ariana’s tiny lips open and sucked gently on Ariana’s clit. Ariana had to hold herself up against the wall to keep from falling over. Becky slid her tongue down to Becky’s tight hole and pushed her tongue deep inside it. She wasn’t going to waste her time with teasing.

She fucked Ariana with her tongue for a minute more before replacing her tongue with two of her fingers and working her tongue back up to Ariana’s clit. She fucked Ariana furiously with those two fingers and sucked and licked Ariana’s clit harder than before. Now Ariana had one hand on the back of Becky’s head and was pushing Becky’s face deeper into her pussy. Her hips started bucking against Becky. She was soon bucking so hard that Becky had to stop licking her and just finger fuck her. Soon Ariana’s breath became shallow and her moans got louder. Becky could feel Ariana’s pussy muscles tightening around her fingers. Ariana’s orgasm was so powerful that Becky could feel Ariana’s sweet juice spurting out. Ariana’s body relaxed as she slid down the wall of the shower. She was exhausted.

Becky had no intention of making Ariana get up and please her too. And she could hear other girls coming down the hallway, so she kissed Ariana quickly, grabbed her things and hopped over into the next stall just as girls poured into the bathroom. ankara escort She had plans to please herself.

Ariana just sat there for a few minutes before finishing her shower. Oddly enough, all she could think of was Chad. She knew that she was developing feelings for Becky, but she wanted to see Chad again and feel his arms around her once more. She hoped that they had some classes together. She hopped out of the shower, quickly dried herself off, and threw on her robe. She yelled a good-bye to Becky and set back off to her room to get dressed.

Once she reached her room, Ariana stripped off her bathrobe and head to the closet. Becky had provided her with some new outfits, on loan of course until Ariana bout her own. She stood naked in front of the mirror holding things up to her. As she stood there, she couldn’t help but notice her body. She had never really looked at it before, but today she found it beautiful. She dropped her clothes onto the bed and ran her hand lightly over her breasts. She loved the way her nipples hardened to the slightest touch. She touched every inch of her body, loving the way it felt. When she reached her pussy, she was especially gentle. She thought to herself that she was going to ask Becky help her shave off her pubic hair. She loved the way Becky’s pussy looked with just that little trimmed patch of pubic hair above Beck’s pouty pussy lips. Ariana glanced over at the clock and was surprised to see how late it was getting.

Ariana quickly grabbed a short navy skirt and tight white top. She glanced at her bra and decided against it. If she wore it then the straps would show underneath the tank top. She decided against nylons and when she put on her panties she could see lines so she decided against them too. She threw her hair up into a ponytail, which made her neck look very inviting. She put on a little bit of makeup, slipped on her sandals and set out for her first class.

Ariana was a little disappointed that Chad was nowhere to be found, definitely not in her class. But she was surprised to see at how many other boys she caught staring at her. Despite her newfound confidence, she was still a little shy. She offered these boys a small smile, but found herself looking away from their stares. She began to get discouraged. At lunchtime she grabbed some food and walked slowly around the cafeteria looking for Becky. When she didn’t find her, she resided to a table by herself.

Shortly after she sat down a pair of hands slid across her waist. As she was about to tell Becky not to do that in public, the hands were removed and Chad sat down next to her. Ariana offered a very surprised smile. She was very glad to see Chad and it brightened her entire day. After a few minutes of talking, Chad excused himself, but not before he made a date with her that night. Ariana eagerly agreed and watched Chad as he ran off to talk to his friends. No sooner had Chad stepped away that Becky slid into the seat where he had been sitting. Ariana told her everything and she and Becky made a date to get her ready right after classes were over for the day.

The rest of the day dragged for Ariana. She hardly heard a word of her teachers lectures. All she could think of was what she and Chad would do. Would he take her to dinner? To a movie? Maybe a little walk in the woods again? Hopefully it would be special, because Ariana was ready to give up her virginity to this blond haired god.

Classes were finally over for the day and Ariana headed straight for Becky’s room. They only had an hour to get her ready. Becky quickly did Ariana’s hair and makeup, similar to the way she did it before the party. They once again scoured Becky’s closet. Ariana stripped as Becky pulled out an outfit. Becky couldn’t help but stare at Ariana’s beautiful body. Ariana had forgotten she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. There was no ankara eve gelen escort time to fool around however, and Ariana promised Becky that she would return later. But the obvious disappointment stayed on Becky’s face as Ariana dressed. this time Becky had dressed Ariana in a sheer blue dress that showed off her long legs and beautiful breasts. And she did look beautiful. Becky was sad to see her go.

Ariana headed off to meet Chad in the front of the dorm. He was waiting patiently outside standing in front of his car, an unbelievable yellow Mustang Cobra convertible with a black top. Of course the top was down. Thank God Becky had swept Ariana’s hair up. Chad gasped as she walked towards him, completely astounded at her beauty. He kissed her quickly and softly on the lips before telling her she looked beautiful and holding the door open for her. On the seat was a perfect long stemmed red rose. Ariana felt like a princess. Chad quickly got behind the wheel and they were off.

Chad did take Ariana out to dinner. They went to a fancy Italian restaurant where the prices weren’t even listed on the menu. It was easy to tell that this charming, sweet, handsome boy was also very well off. The conversation never died. Ariana didn’t know that Chad was so funny. He had her laughing so much she was afraid of eating her meal and spitting it out on him.

After dinner, as she had hoped, they went for another walk down by the lake. This time however, Chad brought a blanket, a CD player, and a bottle of wine. They didn’t walk very far before they came upon the beach. Chad layed out the blanket, put on some music, helped Ariana sit down and poured them each some wine. They talked for a little while longer before Chad drew Ariana close to him and kissed her. She licked the wine off his lips, loving the way they felt against her own. His kisses were a little harder than Becky’s, but she liked that.

He took it slow with her. Ariana was very nervous. Her stomach was filled with butterflies as he undid the zipper of her dress. Her dress slid down to her hips, revealing most of her body. She held her breath in as he gazed over her. He smiled as he pressed his lips into hers once more. He traced his finger lightly around her nipples, and kneaded her full breasts in his hands. She moaned softly at his warm touch. She was longing to feel his tongue on her breasts again. He lay her back on the blanket and lay down beside her. He kissed her neck and sucked on her earlobe. She could feel her pussy getting warmer and she welcomed the dull ache she felt there. He moved quickly down to her breasts and kissed each of her nipples. Ariana didn’t realize it, but she was panting. He licked each of her nipples circling his tongue around the entirety of her breasts.

Ariana gasped as his hand slid down to her leg. Her pussy was becoming drenched as he slowly moved his hand up her thigh to her pussy lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him in to kiss her as hes fingers separated her pussy lips and delved deep into her wetness. He slid his tongue into her mouth as he slid his finger into her pussy. Her hips rocked up against his hand. He smiled at her, looking right into her eyes as he put his thumb to her clit. The feeling was incredible, having him finger fuck her and rub her clit all at once. She felt herself ready to come already. Chad knew it too, and right before she came, he stopped. She was about to ask, but would find out later why he had stopped. Ariana sat up and lifted Chad’s shirt off his broad frame.

She stared at his amazing chest and couldn’t help but bring her tiny lips to it and smother him with kisses. She undid his pants and was surprised to see that he too hadn’t worn any underwear. She was looking at her first penis. And it was unbelievable! At least seven inches and much wider than çankaya escort Becky’s dildo had been. She was a little frightened at the thought of having it inside her. Chad slid his pants off and wrapped her hand tightly around the shaft of his dick. He kept his hand there as he guided her hand up and down in long hard strokes. She stroked faster when she realized how much she was enjoying it.

Stroking Chad’s dick got Ariana more horny than she had ever been. She wanted more than anything to put Chad’s dick into her mouth. So she leaned over and kissed the head of his penis. She did just as Becky had instructed her. She licked slowly down the shaft of his penis and slowly back up. She cupped his balls in her hand and massaged them while she licked. She licked every inch of his rock hard cock before attempting to put it in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of Chad’s throbbing penis and licked at its base. She heard Chad moan very softly. She was surprised to find that Chad’s penis fit nicely in her mouth.

She slowly worked her mouth down Chad’s shaft, running her tongue along it as she went. She could almost deep throat him. She sucked on him slowly, swirling her tongue around as best she could with the little space in her mouth. Chad was pulling at her hair, pushing her to go deeper on his dick each time. After a few minutes, she had the full length of Chad’s dick in her mouth and she could lick his balls when she reached the base of his dick. She was loving the response from Chad. The gentle moans she got when she licked that certain spot. So she sucked a little faster and a little harder and Chad’s hips started rocking into her. Ariana didn’t want Chad to cum in her mouth. Her night had been so perfect that she was ready to give herself to him. With a final kiss to his dicks head, Ariana moved her head back up and kissed Chad’s lips.

Chad once again laid Ariana down on the blanket. Before kneeling between her legs he asked her if she was sure she wanted to have sex. She nodded. She had never been so sure of anything in her life. Chad lay down on top of her and ran his dick around in her pussy to get it wet. She bent her legs up and he stuck his dick into her. It took a few thrusts to get it in because she was so tight. She turned her head to the side so he wouldn’t see the pain he had caused her. Chad took it very slowly. He thrust his dick in and out of her all the way up to his balls. After a few minutes, the pain subsided and Ariana felt the pleasure associated with sex. As he pushed deep inside her, she instinctively lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. She was surprised to feel him able to thrust even deeper into her. Chad took this as a sign and started to push faster.

Ariana found herself moaning, and moaning much more than when she was with Becky. Ariana could feel the pressure she had grown to love building within her pussy. She whispered to Chad that she was going to cum and he thrust a little harder and faster. Her legs lifted a little higher and Chad drew up to his knees and got even farther into her dripping hot pussy. Right as he did this, a wave of pleasure flew through Ariana’s body. Her orgasm was so intense, she knew now why he hadn’t let her cum earlier. She heard herself screaming in pleasure but couldn’t feel herself doing it. Chad pressed his lips to hers to stifle her screams. As her screams were ending, Chad pushed much faster. Ariana assumed this meant he was going to cum. She watched his face intently as his mouth formed an O. He looked so sexy as his face filled with pleasure and his dick shot a huge load of hot cum deep inside Ariana’s throbbing pussy. After he came, Chad just stayed there for a moment, then collapsed on top of Ariana.

Chad kissed Ariana for another minute. The kisses were sweet and passionate. He pulled slowly out of her and lay down next to her. He held her in his arms. They didn’t speak a word. Ariana was happy, she had made the right decision. A decision she knew had changed her life. She was falling for Chad, but was falling even more for sex. She couldn’t wait to get home and tell Becky all about it. And she knew that Becky would be there waiting to fill her every desire. She knew she could get used to all this attention. And she would.

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