Animal House

Animal House
I sat in my den watching porn on my big screen when a pop up appeared. “Horny sluts in your area live on camera”. I clicked on the link and a live sex screen appeared a young girls ass was being penetrated by a dildo and she was saying “Daddy fuck your little girls butt” … her butt filled the screen and her asshole willing accepted more of the shaft until she was fucking taking the full length in her butt hole. Kinky little cunt I thought as stroked my cock.

After she squirted her juices all over the floor she turned around and faced the screen.

“Did you guys like that please send me some tokens” said the young brunette who looked incredibly like my daughter.

I watched as tokens flowed in the bright pink toy in her pussy vibrated as her eyes rolled back. I bought some tokens and used some to watch her cum. My alias appeared as I had typed in to see her go private.

“Sorry I can’t as I am running out of time”

The screen went blank.

I walked down to the kitchen where my wife and her friend were drinking wine and chatting. Both of them
were high maintenance heavily covered in make up, dyed hair, botox treatments, and breast enhancements, etc…

Nothing natural and totally boring in bed. No to blow jobs, anal, cosplay, no sense of adventure. I smiled and said my pleasantries as I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge.

“Where the boys ?” Ali asked. “In town with mates” I replied.

“Ann home ” I asked.

“Yeah! Dad I’m working on my internet business ” she giggled. ” I have had good sales this afternoon.” I noticed she was freshly showered and wearing a long silk bathrobe. Her long brown hair went down to her butt.

“When is the game on dad?” She grabbed a beer and stood near me looking at Ali and Luna. “What are you two doing tonight?

“Where off to the theatre” as they put the empty wine glasses down and walked away. Ann and I looked at each other.

“Yeah right.” We mouthed watching two cougars dressed like 19 year old girls on the prowl.

Ann and I walked off down to watch the game. Ann is 18 6′ tall a beach babe easily mistaken for a woman a lot older.

We watched the first half cheering on our team who despite some mistakes was in front at half time. During the adds our phones beeped and buzzed. Ann was lying on the couch her robe had fallen open and I could see her big full brown breasts her dark stubby nipples. I turned as if I hadn’t seen anything and picked up my phone. Ali sent a pic of them standing with two young waiters drinking cocktails. I turned to see Ann get up the robe belt slid to the floor and the robe was open enough for me to see her clean shaved slit. My cock throbbed. No she is your step daughter.

On the tv the analysts gave their verdict of the first half and what they expected to see in the second half.

The second half was about to start when Ann walked back in her hair in ponytails one on each side wearing her large supporters jersey and a pair of white silk panties. She sat on the couch with her legs tucked up underneath her. Exposing her sexy bottom. What the fuck am I thinking like that. She handed me another beer. We clinked bottles.

“Dad don’t you get jealous when mom goes out with Luna. They come home early in the morning she is obviously fucking around.” She spat.

“Your talking about your mother. I don’t like the theatre. ” I replied nonchalantly. I couldn’t say her mother and I had an arrangement. I had fucked her and Luna for a few years after the boys mother had died. In need of a mother for the boys had chosen to marry Ali. Not a wise decision. My secretary now looked after my sexual needs for a monthly bonus.

“Tell me about you internet business” I asked trying to change the subject. I turned to face her. Finding her reclined on the couch legs spread, jersey up by her hips revealing her silky white thong that was splitting her pussy lips.

“Well I do live sex on the internet for mature men. They pay a lot of money. I made $1000 today.” She smiled. “Your number plate came up on the screen Daddy”

She pulled out a dildo from behind a cushion. “Daddy you want to watch your little girl take this toy in her tight little cunt.” She said in a little girls voice. Her hand pushed her panties down her thighs. She rubbed the head of the dildo up and down her young pussy.

“I wanna see your cock Daddy. Get it out” she eased the toy in her pussy and pumped it in and out. Only taking half the length of the shaft.

“Stroke your cock Daddy”

I watched my little girl fuck herself with the toy as I stroked my cock.

“Daddy did you know Mummy fucks the boys” she laughed. The boys are at University I leave home before they are up. Ali always goes to there rooms to get them up. I now wondered why she took so long. Doubt disappeared as Ann played with her phone and the tv remote. A video appeared of Ali sucking Bens cock in bed then Greg in his bed. Another image appeared of Ali on all fours in the bathroom being skewered by my boys. The next image was Ali being Dped .

“Where did you get these”

“Dad moms a slut fucking boys”

In a rage I got up and moved over to Ann between her spread thighs my cock throbbing as I guided the head to split her wet pussy lips. Thrust in hard and fast I roughly groped her breasts and pulled her legs up by her ears. My rage spurred me on as I rammed my thick long shaft deep in her young slit. She moaned and whispered in my ear.

“Fuck your little girl Daddy. Turn me over and buttfuck your slutty wife’s daughter”

I did just that. I moved back and pushed her to the floor. She had her head on the floor and her butt in the air. I remembered her taking the big dildo in her ass. My cock was big red and throbbing cum dribbled from the tip. My big balls flopped around. Her asshole was gaping open. I pointed the head at the entrance and pushed the fat swollen head in, repositioned my weight , grabbed her love handles and rammed the full 10″ in her butthole.

“Ann fuck Daddy’s big cock” I grunted as my full weight flattened her on the carpet.

“Push your ass up Ann. You want Daddy’s big cock in your ass. Daddy is butt fucking his little anal slut” I grabbed her ponytail pulling her head back.

“Come in my ass Daddy. Buttfuck your little girl”

I pumped my cock in her butt. My balls slapped against her pussy.

“I’m coming ” I moaned as my seed flooded her butt.

I lay on top for a minute recovering from the physical effort. Rolled off and lay on my back.

Ann got up and squatted over my mouth squeezed the cum out of her ass.

” Eat my ass juices Daddy. Lick my pussy” she ordered. She reached out and squeezed my balls , stroked my wet cum covered cock. I licked her cum leaking asshole, then her pussy as she leaned forward to suck my cock hard. She used her panties to wipe my shaft clean. She turned around, straddled my waist, moved back mounting me again. Her hands on my chest firmly pinching my nipples.

“Daddy. Fuck your little girls tight little slit.” She bounced up and down taking me to the hilt in her teenage wet pussy.

It only took a few minutes and I filled my step daughters pussy with cum.

“The boys will be home soon. We should have a threesome!”

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