Dear Diary – Valentines Day 9th grade

Dear Diary – Valentines Day 9th grade
Hi all: If you have read any of my post you would know that I have been keeping a diary since I was eight years old and I go back and read them often. It is fitting that I came across this entry yesterday seeing it was valentines day (and yes I did have a date yesterday mater of fact 2 of them one for lunch and one for dinner, How much candy can a GURL eat LOL )
Anyway. In 9th grade one of the boys who I serviced often passed me a note asking if he could take me out for Valentines day. My heart fluttered while reading the note WOW a real date. Of course I accepted. He was going to pick me up at 7:00 that evening.
After school I did not stop at the barn in the woods where the boys would wait for me or wait for a teacher to take me to the basement of the school. I hurried home taking a bubble bath and getting ready for my date.
I was so excited waiting for him to pull up. The knock on the door. I smiled as I opened it. He had flowers and a small box of candy (how sweet I felt so much like a girl being pampered)
He kissed my cheek took my hand and spun me around telling me I looked fantastic. I was wearing a black knit sweeter (you could see the outline of my black under wire push up bra under it (had “B” cup falsies) a red short pleated skirt, black stockings, bright red garter-belt, black lace ruffled panties, black heels, had a red bow on the left side in my long black wig, and of course make-up, eye shadow, A strand of pearls around my neck (not real of course) and bright red lipstick with gloss overlay.
We talked for a few moments kissing a few times. He took my hand walked me to the car and open the door for me. (WOW a real date) I felt so good and every once of fem pored out of me. He held my hand as he drove. He said he was taking me to a Valentines party first then to a late dinner. He said it was a couples party both boys and girls.
We pulled up to a large well kept home and he opened my door holding my hand as we entered the house. I could not wait to have the girls see me looking so much better then they were
There were a few guys sitting in the living room I looked around for the girls. He spun me around my skirt flying up as the guys stood. My eyes wide open as he said “this is your party you fucking slut”
The guys circled around me as Dennis pushed me to the floor. Looking up as 6 guys were stroking their cock in front of my face. Dennis was the first to shove his cock in my mouth (not that I did not suck him and a few of the others off many many times before) I pulled away he held my head and started fucking my mouth.
Guys slapping their cocks on my face and head as I sucked Dennis cock, one guy jerked off shooting his load on my face. He pulled out saying he was going to safe his load for my ass. One after the other pushed their cock in my mouth. # of them came shooting their cum down my throat and on my face.
Cum dripping from my lips running down my cheeks Dennis pulled me up. I started to cry as one of the boys pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down the guys laughed pointing to my tiny dick. One of them reached down and grabbed it with 2 of his fingers “is this the was you jerk off slut” he said,
I wanted to leave by Dennis took me by the hand and pulled my upstairs to the bedroom saying “I’m First”. I heard the doorbell he pulled me into the room.
he pushed me onto the bed taking his cock out and pressing it to my lips. I opened my mouth sucking it wanting him to cum so he would leave me alone. He pulled out lifted me up and spin me around pushing me on my to the bed, He lifted my skirt ripped off my panties and rammed his hard cock in me. He fucked me and I did not move never once pushed back as normal just wanted it to be over.
After a few minutes he started to cum pumping it in me As he pulled out I could feel his seamen leak out running down my inner thighs.
NEXT he yelled the 2 remaining guys who did not cum from the BJ’s both came in. They took turns fucking me as I sucked the other..
All 6 accounted for I got off the bed walking to the door to run out when the door opened. Another guy came in pushed me to the bed took his cock out “SUCK IT SLUT’ (The door bell 4 more guys came to the party) All in all I sucked and fucked additional 4 guys.
I laid on the bed for a few moments after they all were gone crying. I cleaned up in the bathroom and walked down the stairs. Dennis and the boy who lived in the house were still there. “Happy Valentines Day Michelle like your gifts” they said. “fuck you” my reply. They laughed. The boy who home it was walked to me (he was the guy that came on my face as I was blowing Dennis). I was near the door. Not so fast Michelle he had his cock in his hand “not finished yet suck this. I went to my knees holding his cock and gave him a long blow job sucking and licking moaning like a girl. slurping slurp sucking him real good. He was moaning also with his head tilted back and eyes closed. I felt his pre-cum and took his cock all the way in my mouth clamping my lips around it as he unloaded.
Licking his cock after I swallowed his whole load kissing it. I stood up “How did you like your Valentines gift sweetie not one girl could suck a cock like that so remember the best blow job you ever had and you will never get another and either will you Dennis”
I ran out of the house and walked home.

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