Amy , I Were Like Cousins


Amy & I Were Like Cousins

We were not cousins, but it’s like we were. Our mothers were best friends in high school. Our fathers were great friends. Her father was a rancher in Northern Oklahoma. Mine was from rural America and enjoyed hanging around farms and ranches.

Our families saw each other once or twice a year. I felt comfortable around Amy and her sisters. We could talk just about anything. Amy was the oldest.

Amy saw something in me. In junior high school I had bad glasses, a bad personality, was shy and no self-confidence.

Towards the end of our visits she would always say “You are so good looking. I’m sure you have no trouble with the girls.” Stuff like that. I just kind of mumbled.

However, things got interesting one summer.

One Saturday my dad and I followed Amy and her dad to the town nearest their ranch. While our dads messed around with ranch stuff we sat and talked.

She moved the topic to clothes. She told me she tried on a body suit. She said “I had to take off all my clothes to get it on.”

That got my attention. My eyes got wide and I jerked my head forward a bit. Enough to be noticed. She gave me a little smile. My cock got hard.

Amy was nice looking. She was on the Homecoming Queen court for her high school. Amy stood 5′ 8″ with straight shoulder length dark brown hair parted in the middle. Living on ranch staying slim was not a problem. She sported a 36B cup.

Meanwhile, as I got older things improved. I got contact lenses and some self-confidence. Amy was attending nursing school. We cross paths around Christmas that year at my grandparents’ farm house. We were alone as they were preparing to leave.

I asked her “Have you tried on any body suits lately?”

I caught her off guard. She jerked her head back a bit and after a moment she scrunched her face like she was saying “You wise guy.”

She said “No, but I will let you know.”

From that time onward every time we met I would ask her “Have your tried on any body suits lately?”

Her reply was “No, but I will let you know.”

It was our inside joke.

When I turned eighteen things got a whole lot better.

Amy had just finished her Masters’ degree in Nursing. She had a job at a hospital in my hometown. The job started Monday, June 28th. but the lease on her apartment did not begin until July 1st. Amy did not know anyone in town, so she would stay with us until her apartment became available.

Coincidentally, my sister was attending a two-week band camp during that time. The timing could not have been better.

My sister and dad left Friday June 25 for band camp. Amy came to our home that same Friday. She arrived at 7:45 PM. Her family was known for being late.

While unloading her stuff we passed in the front yard. “Have you tried on any body suits lately?”

“We’ll talk about that later.”

What an interesting change in response.

Mom, Amy and I had dinner and talked. Before we knew it, the time was 10:00 PM.

They headed off to bed. Amy was tired from driving. Mom went to bed about that time anyway. I stayed up to watch “The Tonight Show”.

Amy was staying in my sister’s room, across the hall from my folk’s room, next to mine.

Once Carson was over it was 11:30, it was too late to go out. I headed off to bed.

The next thing I know I’m having a dream where my cock is compressed and the top is wet.

As I came to Amy had her right hand wrapped around the base and was licking the crown of my cock. My body jerked a little bit as a reflex. Amy kept licking.

It did not take long for me to become fully awake, I put my right hand behind her head and push it down to my cock’s base. Once there she bobbed her head up and down.

“Amy, Mom is across the hall. She sleeps like a log but let’s go to the basement.”


The basement had old lounge furniture from my dad’s office. We would find something suitable for our tryst.

We tiptoed to and went down the basement stairs.

Amy was wearing a short sleeved 2 button light blue cotton nightgown with a dark blue floral pattern. The nightgown was knee length. The buttons were unbuttoned. I was in short sleeved pajamas and shorts.

“That was the most wonderful, extraordinary wake up I have ever received.”

“Thank you.”

“Your creativity is outstanding. As much as I would like to go all the way the risk is too great. With your nurses training and my eagerness to learn we can have many heavenly experiences.”

“You’re right. The risk is not worth it. I guarantee my Masters’ in Nursing will not disappoint.”

“But first I would love to see your body.”

“Like wise” she replied.

We stripped simultaneously. My cock grew.

Looking at her trim build I said “What a body. You look lovely.”

“Thanks. You too.”

My cock continued to grow.

We embraced. Our tongues met and probed each other’s mouth.

The next thing I knew she showed off her nurses training by playing with my scrotum. Her finger tips drummed the underside of my elvankent escort scrotum. I squirmed. She dropped to her knees and started giving me a blowjob. I fell back into a lounge chair. She barely paused.

Her mouth went forward to the base and back to the crown of my cock. Her right hand jerked me where her mouth was not.

I tightened my gut to keep from cuming. I was on the verge of coming.

“I’m gonna cum.”

She kept at it.

Finally, I came. Five pulsing squirts. She didn’t spill a drop. I went limp.

“That was great! My turn to pleasure you. Sit back and relax.”

“Not so fast. Females have to be warmed up first.”

“Whatever you say, teacher.”

“The 3 basic rules are be gentle, be slow and if I’m groaning don’t stop.”

“First off girls love kissing. Kissing equals romance. Start with the lips and I will direct you onward. Remember be gentle with the neck, boobs and pussy region.”

“Ok. But can I touch your boobs and pussy?”

“Yes, be gentle.”

“Of course.”

We got into the kissing, hot and heavy. Our tongues were at it, probing, twisting and dancing. I slipped my hands down and cupped her boobs. Such a nice soft and firm feel. Then my right hand probed her pussy hair.

My hands latched onto the side of her face.

After intense kissing for a couple of minutes my right hand moved to her left boob.

I rubbed my index finger on her nipple. She groaned. Per instruction I did not stop. After rubbing her nipple several times my index finger started moving in circular motion around her nipple. She groaned. Per instruction I did not stop.

While continuing to entertain her left boob, my head dropped to her right boob and I began to lick. She groaned. My right hand supported her left boob.

The licking evolved into sucking, then circling the nipple with my tongue. She groaned.

While I was entertaining her boobs she would occasionally play with my scrotum or stroke my cock. Then I switched sides. The groaning continued.

After a while my right hand visited her bush again. My fingers played with her bush hair. Then my index finger probed her slit. Gently of course. Her groaning went to a higher level.

She pushed my head down. My left hand eased off her right boob and headed down as well. Kissing her flat stomach all the way down she paused when my tongue reached her belly button. I swirled it with my tongue.

She fell down on the love seat. As she fell, I moved my right hand from her slit. She pushed my head to the top of her slit.

“Lick my slit from bottom to top. Like licking an ice cream cone.”

I followed her instruction.

The first time she groaned, shuttered and put her hands behind my head. I kept at it. Her groans continued.

She moved her right index finger to her clit.

“Have your tongue play with my clit.”

My tongue dabbed at and the licked her clit. Her groans got intense.

“Suck on my clit.”

I did so.


I did so.

After a couple of minutes, she came several times. She pushed my face from her clit.

She said “That was great.”

“Thanks. I have a great teacher.”

Crawled up on the lounge chair and we hugged in silence for several minutes.

After a while I said “I have plans for us tomorrow. Mom will want to take you shopping in the afternoon. She will insist upon cooking dinner. After dinner I will tell mom I want show you around town. We will do some of that. Then we will check into a motel on the west side of town and enjoy each other.”

“Great idea.”

“We will have to return home later.”

“Yeah, I know.”

We put our pajamas on and snuck up stairs. I gave her a deep kiss before she retired to her bedroom.

The next morning, I woke up around 9:15. Being one to lounge in bed I was in no hurry to get up. I heard the door to the garage close, the garage door open and shut.

Seconds later Amy came into my bedroom. She was dressed. Being from a ranch she was used to getting up early.

We chatted a bit. Then she slipped her right hand inside my pajama shorts and began playing with my cock. In no time my cock hardened. We continued chatting as if nothing was happening.

When my cock was perpendicular to my body, she started to suck on it, up and down on my cock with her mouth and right hand.

“Ahhh.” I groaned. She kept at it.

My fists gripped the bedsheets trying not to cum.

I finally came in four spurts. She took it all in.

“Have you had breakfast?”

“Yes, and I will not need lunch.”

I showered, got dressed and began my day.

We were in and out of the house that afternoon. We flashed smiles at each other.

Mom prepared dinner. It was her specialty, stir fry chicken. After dinner chatting wound down at 7:00. Amy got herself ready. We were off by 7:15.

We drove to the university, by the hospitals, downtown and shopping malls. That was about it for my hometown. While I was driving, she was rubbing emek escort my crotch off and on. In return, I did the same and brushed my right hand against her boobs.

She did not drink so we bought a bottle of sparkling grape juice to add to the evening ambiance.

By 8:30 we checked into a Holiday Inn on the west side of town.

Prior to parking the car Amy said “Tonight’s lesson in the physical body is the 69 position. Have you heard of it?”

“Yes, but I have no experience. I am eager to learn.”

We entered the room. Someone forgot to turn on the air conditioner. The room temperature was 78 degrees. I turned to thermostat to 66 degrees.

“It will take a while for the room to cool down. Let’s take a shower.”

She replied “Let’s.”

We could not get our clothes off fast enough. We jumped in the shower. I grabbed a bar of soap.

“Allow me.”

Amy grabbed her hair and held it above her head to keep it dry.

I started soaping at her neck. I worked my way down. I spent extra time on her boobs. She squirmed. At her bush I soaped her pubic hair. And probed her clit. She moaned. After washing her legs, I spend extra time on her feet and toes.

Now was her turn. I adjusted the shower head down, pointing it to the middle of my back. That was so she would not get her hair wet.

She started soaping my neck and worked her way down. Amy was gentle on my mid-section, kissing my cock a couple of times.

We rinsed off, jumped out of the shower and dried off. I dried off quickly and finished first. I dried off her legs, licking her slit every few seconds. Amy dried quickly.

“Remember, kissing equals romance.”

That said we immediately began kissing. Long, deep kisses.

After a couple of minutes she took my right hand and led me towards the bed. She placed herself in the middle of the bed, with her legs spread apart and arms a few inches from her side.

“Before we start with our 69 position lesson, I want you to know males cum faster than females.”

“We’ll see about that.”

I mounted the bed, my face at her pussy and my cock dangling above her mouth. I lowered myself onto her. I firmly gripped her butt cheeks with my hands.

I gave her slit a long, slow lick. Then another, not as slow. I kept at it, the next lick faster than the prior.

Meanwhile, Amy was moving her head up and down taking my cock from the crown to all the way in, her right hand working what was not in her mouth.

After a couple of minutes she took my cock out of her mouth and said “I will now show you my clitoris with my finger. This is sweet spot on any woman. Gently lick it. Later gently suck it.”

She did and I did.

Her statement about males cuming faster than females when in the 69 position was becoming reality. The longer we went at it the more I had to tighten my abs to keep from cuming.

Finally, I said “I’m about to cum.”

That did not stop her. She did not slow down. Now I started to grit my teeth along with tightening my abs.

“I’m about to cum.” I came five times. She took it all in. I left her pussy alone while cuming.

“Why did you stop?”

“I didn’t want to endanger your clitoris while thrusting in your mouth.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

I went back at it, sucking a harder as I went along.

She came three times. I rolled off her and we laid in bed for a few minutes.

Then I started the reason I washed her toes and feet thoroughly. Two years earlier I read a book called “The Happy Hooker”. The Happy Hooker described her favorite way to make love. I began by licking her toes and feet. I always wanted to do that, but on clean toes and feet.

While licking, my fingers lightly scratched her inner thighs. She liked that. She squirmed. Moving to her ankles my fingers climbed her inner thighs. She squirmed more.

By the time I got licking above her knees my fingers were caressing her bush and slit. She squirmed even more.

Moving up to her slit I got two long slow licks in, then I started licking her clit. Somewhere in the process she began groaning. I licked her faster. I took her to the edge and slowed down. Once she untensed, I took her to the edge again. Her whole body shuddered. I slowed down.

I moved above her slit.

“How dare you get me to the edge of an orgasm and stop.”

She pushed my head to her clit. I obliged.

I focused on her slit. I licked it faster and faster.

She began to groan. Then I sucked her clit. Gently at first. Then with more suction as time passed.

Finally, she began to cum. She must have come four times.

I moved my tongue up her flat stomach swaying from side to side while my fingers flicked and circled her nipples.

At her right boob my teeth gently grabbed the nipple and I moved my head ever so slightly. She groaned. I let go and did it again and again.

Meanwhile, my right-hand fingers twirled her left boob.

I moved on to sucking her nipple. As time went by I increased the sucking eryaman escort area until I had most of the boob in my mouth. Then my tongue played with her nipple. Her moaning told me she liked that.

After a few minutes my mouth switched boobs and my left hand massaged her right boob.

My next move was to spread my legs and put my knees a few inches below her boobs. I proceeded to put my cock between her boobs and move it back and forth, nipple to nipple. The big grin on her face told me this had never happened before.

Then my hands pushed her boobs to my cock and I titty fucked her B cup breasts as best I could.

I climbed the headboard and dropped my cock into her mouth. She sucked and rubbed it with great enthusiasm. I came once real good and dribbled out what was left of my cum.

I rolled to her side, off the bed and poured the sparkling grape juice into two glasses to celebrate our passionate session.

“Ya know we have to head back to my folks place.”

“Yeah, I know.”

We got hurriedly dressed and got back to my house on the other side of town.

Her folks were showing up Thursday morning July 1st with the rest of her stuff to move into her apartment. That gave us the rest of the week to enjoy each other from afar.

That started with smiles in the hall way. Then I made a grab for her bush. She gave me her “You wise guy” look. The next time we passed she grabbed my cock. I countered with running my fingers from the top of her back to bottom to check if she was wearing a bra, which earned me another “You wise guy” look. This going back and forth kept us entertained until moving day.

Fortunately for me I worked moving day. That night her folks ate with us in the dining room at home. The dining room table seated six. Our folks were at either end. Amy and I were in the middle. During dinner we played footsie.

We had a private moment before she left for her apartment.

“I am sure you need furniture rearranged in your apartment tomorrow evening. What time do I stop by?”

“You must be psychic. I need furniture rearranged. See you tomorrow evening at 7:00.”

Later that night my parents told me “We are going to pick your sister up from band camp. We leave Saturday. You go with us.”

“Why do I have to go?”

“They have a big Independence Day concert Saturday night. You sister wants all of us to see her perform.”

My sister could care less if I was there. Plus, that meant no action with Amy over the holiday weekend. No matter what I said I was going with them to pick my sister up from band camp.

I made it to her place at 7:00 PM sharp. I was wearing a dark blue cotton knit shirt and white athletic shorts.

She opened the door in a knee length light blue bath robe.


“Come on in.”

As soon as I pushed the door to close the robe slid off her naked body.

“Ahhh, you look great.” I got very hard.

“Thank you.”

She leaned forward to kiss me.

While kissing she grabbed my athletic shorts and underwear and pulled them down. She almost bruised my erect cock yanking them down.

I kicked off my tennis shoes.

After kissing for 15 seconds she pulled my shirt over my head.

“As a nursing professional nutrition is part of my training. In the kitchen I have some foods which enhance the sexual experience.”

We made our way to her kitchen.

Laid out on her kitchen table were cut up strawberries, Maraschino cherries cut in half and a can of Reddi-Wip whipped cream.

“These are the most important food groups for sexual activity: strawberries, cherries and whipped cream. I am a health care professional. I know these things.”

“We will engage in a two-step process. A third step may be necessary. You begin the process by applying a strawberry piece to each breast as you see fit.”

I grabbed two strawberry pieces. I smeared each one around the 1 1/2 inch in diameter areola of each breast, placing the strawberry piece on top of the respective nipple.


My tongue slurped the strawberry off her right breast. I chewed and swallowed it. Then I licked and sucked her right breast until the strawberry flavor was gone. She squirmed and giggled. A combination of pleasure and laughs.


I did the same with her left breast. She did the same.

“Now you get to participate in the process.”

She took a strawberry half and smeared it all over my cock. She ate the strawberry and proceeded to suck my cock until the flavor was gone. It tickled a bit. I almost came.

“Next, we move to Maraschino cherries.”

I grabbed 2 cherry halves. I smeared and squeezed them with great vigor around the areola and nipple of each breast. For aesthetic purposes I placed the cherry halves on each nipple. They fit better than the strawberry pieces. My tongue flicked and I ate the cherry on Susan’s right nipple. Next, I sucked her nipple and areola until the cherry flavor was gone. I did the same with her left breast. The cherry flavor was stronger than the strawberry flavor. She squirmed and giggled more than when I sucked the strawberry juice.

She took a cherry half and smeared it over my entire cock. Susan got into sucking the cherry juice off my cock like I did from her breasts. It tickled more than the strawberry. I had to tighten my abs and grab two fists full of her long brown hair to prevent cuming.

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