All Thanks to Sandy Pt. 02


(Author’s note: Thanks a lot for your views and ratings for part 1. They have inspired me to continue the series. The story kicks off exactly after part 1 ended so I would advise you to read that first. The themes remain the same. Once again, if you like this part as well, do drop a good rating and comment so I know the series is worth continuing. Enjoy!)

Ch. 1 – Eyes on the road

“Have a nice day, you two! Thanks for dropping me, V!” Tina waved excitedly as she got off from the back seat.

I waved back and turned towards my co-passenger in the front seat as Tina drifted out of sight. Sandy had a big smile on her face that revealed her thoughts were anything but innocent. Or maybe that was just my imagination.

I turned my gaze towards the road and started to drive. Tina had offered to sit at the back when we left home today morning since her client’s office came first. Sandy and I were heading to her office for our meeting with her boss. After all that happened last night, I had managed to avoid any awkward meeting WITH sandy while getting ready in the morning. But for the first time since Sandy sent me out of her room, we were alone in an enclosed space again. She was wearing the same classy outfit from yesterday – a grey blazer over a white shirt and a formal grey skirt that ended above her knees. I was wearing a white shirt, black tie and black pants, dressed as formally as I could for the meeting.

“Well… Now that we’re alone…” Sandy cooed as she seemed to relax more in her seat, “…why don’t you tell me what happened last night between you and Tina after you left my room with that excited dick of yours?”

She wasn’t wasting any time at all and I didn’t see any big reason to avoid her question. I didn’t think anything could happen while we were in the car.

As always, little did I know.

“Well… It was fucked up,” I replied, but I wasn’t as embarrassed as I thought I would be. “My boner didn’t subside. She woke up as I was slipping into bed.”

“I didn’t think it was going to that easily,” Sandy smiled as she seemed to slide a little lower down the seat. “After all, you had just given me the best orgasm I have ever had.”

Hearing Sandy say that turned me on. I was surprised she found it that good. But her expressions and body language as she spoke about it seemed to reveal her excitement of simply thinking about it again. I decided to continue my detailed narration.

“She saw me totally turned on…and decided to… help me out with it,” I uttered cautiously as I stole a look to see Sandy’s reaction.

“That’s so hot,” Sandy whispered back.

I could see her clearly spread her legs a little. Her skirt rose up as she placed one hand on the soft mocha skin of her toned thigh. The other hand was spreading apart the blazer. I had enough impetus to go on.

“She started rubbing my crotch but I…was a little too turned on… I think,” I paused before continuing. “I turned her around forcefully wanting to fuck her immediately.”

“Oh fuck! you horny fucker,” Sandy exclaimed in delight as she let her hand between her legs. “Keep going.”

Sandy spread her legs wider and was clearly touching her underwear at the centre as she moaned. She let her other hand inside her white shirt from below after loosening a few buttons for easy access. I kept stealing glances at her while somehow staying focused on the road at the same time.

“I pulled down her shorts emphatically wanting to fuck her from behind,” I continued abandoning all caution. “I was rock hard.”

“Oh yes!” Sandy was now moaning.

The strong smell of her wet pussy filled the car as I realised she had inserted her hand inside her underwear. As her other hand moved inside her shirt to fondle her breast, my own bulge started getting bigger.

“I pulled down my own shorts to reveal my huge erect dick,” I continued amidst loud moans from Sandy who was clearly imagining my dick. “I adjusted her into the doggy style position before entering her from behind…very roughly.”

“Oh fuck!! You animal!” Sandy was now moaning loudly as I could hear the sounds of her wetness. She was fingering herself excitedly with her legs spread completely wide.

“I rammed her from behind with my eyes closed..” I kept glancing at Sandy as I rushed excitedly. “…ignoring her screams, pounding her hard from behind.”

“Fuck! Fuck!” Sandy was now screaming with every moan.

She suddenly paused and turned towards me.

“Closed eyes? Tell me…who were you thinking of when you were fucking her? Tell me!”

“I was…” I paused and decided to go ahead with the truth. “…thinking of you, Sandy. I was imagining fucking you from behind… rough.”

“Ohhh fuck!!” Sandy screamed, her fingering going into hyperdrive. “You were fucking your wife…whike thinking of me. FUCK! This is so turning on… I’m so close!…how you… inagined fucking me!”

Barely making sense, Sandy was fingering her wet cunt deep with two fingers now as her other hand pulled and played with her erect nipples inside her shirt. balgat escort I knew exactly what to say to take her over the edge.

“I imagined clutching your hair…” I went for the killer blow. “…turning your head upwards forcefully, as I ram your brains out from behind till you scream my name.”

“OH V! FUCK ME! YESSSSSS!” Sandy’s climactic screams filled the whole car as she arched her back and lifted her legs in excitement.

She slowed down her passionate fingering as she came to a stop. I could see some wetness on the car seat as she regained her senses and turned towards me.

“What the fuck was that!?” She spoke excitedly. “YOU are a magician with words. I have never cum so hard just by listening to a story. Even the other day on the phone… You have a fucking gift, V.”

I felt as if the president of the country had just congratulated me for winning a Nobel prize. I was on cloud nine. After years of thinking I sucked at sex, here was a hottie telling me my words were enough to satisfy her.

“Oh well… I don’t know,” I turned my head shyly towards the road. “Maybe it’s just you.”

Sandy looked down along my seated body and noticed the huge bulge in my pants. For the second time within 12 hours, I had gotten a hard-on by simply helping Sandy climax. Sandy unbuckled her seat belt and moved towards my seat. Her hand deftly slid over my thigh, feeling the fabric of my formal pants as her palm made its way excruciatingly slowly towards the centre.

“It’s honestly time again, sexy boy,” She whispered in my ear. “Do you want it?”

After a full night of sleeping over my previous denial, I didn’t even give myself time to think of a logical argument, like the fact that we were in a moving car. I wanted this.

“Yes, I do,” I replied firmly and looked at her.

“Good boy,” cooed Sandy as her hand rubbed my bulge from the outside of my pants. “Your honesty will be rewarded.”

Sandy softly kissed my ear as her hand rubbed along the length of my bulge from the outside. The slim fit nature of the pants and the belt I was wearing weren’t helping at all as my bulge was crying out for room having more than filled the tight space it was being allowed.

“Poor junior… is getting… strangled,” Sandy moaned in my ear between timely bites and kisses. “Let’s release him from his prison.”

As her tongue played with my ear lobe, Sandy used both her hands to expertly unbuckle my belt in one precise move. As she unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them halfway, my erect cock pushed furiously to push open the rest of the zipper. Sandy grabbed the thick Shaft in her hand as it flipped out.

“Oh my! You are so fucking hard,” Sandy remarked in elation as she bit my ear passionately.

I turned my head to kiss her but she moved away avoiding it.

“Uh-huh, not so fast, V” she mocked. “Eyes on the road. You focus on driving. Leave the rest to me.”

Sandy tilted my head straight. I gave in to her, looking ahead and trying hard to focus on driving. We were going to enter the parking lot of her office.

Sandy started rubbing my whole length from top to bottom with both hands sensing how eager I already was. She discarded all attempts to take it slow as her hands worked in unison to massage my erection from the tip to base in quick succession. As I started moaning loudly, Sandy matched my excitement by planting passionate kisses below my ear.

“Oh fuck! Aaah!” I tried hard to keep my eyes on the road as we turned into the parking lot.

I drove past the security gate in a hurry as I could feel my climax approaching. I started screaming as the tip of my rock-hard cock started spurting pre-cum.

“Yes baby!” Sandy spoke between excited bites across my neck. “Cum for me! Cum in my mouth!”

Before I could make sense of her last phrase, Sandy bent her head swiftly in one quick motion to completely take in my thick cock inside her mouth deep. With her hand placed firmly on the base, she expertly sucked all along the length of my cock twice dragging her tongue all across the shaft.

“Aaaaaaahhhh FUCK!” I closed my eyes and stopped the car as my hands clutched her hair in excitement.

I felt the tip of my shivering cock shoot a huge load of semen in her mouth as she continued bobbing her head, enjoying all of it. After a few repeated spurts, I started to calm down. Sandy lowered the speed of her sucking, but retained a tight hold around my cock with her lips while licking every bit of cum with her tongue.

I had barely calmed down as we heard hurried footsteps approach the vehicle from behind. Sandy quickly lifted her head and wiped her mouth as I buttoned my pants. There was a loud knock on my side of the window as the entry gate security guard glared at us.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, man!?” The elderly man screamed as I opened the window. “You literally sped past the gate and drifted into the lot before stopping abruptly in the middle of nowhere. Is this a robbery!? Should I call the police!?”

“Mr. Henry!” batıkent escort Sandy beamed at the man with a charm that would make the devil calm down. “It’s me, Sandy! So sorry for this. We are actually in a hurry and totally forgot about the gate. You can enter our details in my name!”

“Oh it’s miss Sandy!” The man smiled, completely transformed from the dutiful security guard who was just screaming at us. “I didn’t know it was you. Oh well, then please go ahead. I’ll fill the register with your details. I’ll take care of it. You have a nice day, miss.”

As I parked in the designated visitor parking slot, I imagined the kind of control a woman like Sandy had over everyone around her. It was scary… and exciting.

“Are you ready for the meeting…” Sandy teased me as she looked down towards my pants. “…or have you run out of steam already?”

“Don’t worry,” I flirted back. “I’ve got a lot more of where that came from.”

Ch. 2 – Please find attached

We proceeded towards her office and acted professionally for the rest of the morning. I didn’t have much time to think of our adventure as we prepared for the meeting. Sandy’s boss was pretty impressed with our plans and requested me to start work immediately.

“Why don’t you use Sandy’s office?” He suggested. “It’s a nice corner office with a huge window overlooking the city, while it’s enclosed on the other sides to give you privacy as well. You can set yourself up there. I think Sandy is in a few meetings with me. We’ll catch you later. Her secretary will get you settled in.”

Sandy gave me a friendly wave as she left to follow her boss into another meeting room.

“Right this way, sir,” Sandy’s secretary led me to her room.

It was a neat corner office with a nice big table at the centre which had two wheeled office chairs on either side. I set up my laptop and got to work. A few hours in, I found myself missing Sandy. After all that we had done, was I expecting more action? At her workplace? As ridiculous as it sounded, I actually was. I was beggining to embrace my lust for Sandy and the thrill of having fun with her in unpredictable locations. These feelings of excitement soon gave way to frustration as I saw the clock turn 5pm. Maybe Sandy was done with me and this charade was going to end here?

Tina dropped me a message explaining she was back in office and was almost done for the day. I convinced myself not to expect any more action as I was sure I was going to go back home with Tina soon. As I sighed to myself resigned to my latest conclusion the door opened and Sandy entered.

“Looks like someone has been missing me,” Sandy teased in her usual bitchy tone. “You thought we were done for today, huh?”

For the first time, I looked at Sandy with the same passion in my eyes as she did. She walked across the room to stand between me and the chair I just got up from.

“I need to take you into custody for some very horny crimes,” I spoke in a flamboyant way as we embraced between the chair and the large table.

“In that case, please lock me up and punish-”

“Miss Sandy!” The speaker phone on the desk interrupted our act with the voice of the secretary, “Tina is coming in to see you.”

I froze in my embrace with Sandy thinking of being caught red-handed. Sandy quickly made me bend and pushed me towards the table. The large wooden table had a gap big enough for a person to fit into on the side away from the door of the office. The other side of the table facing the door had a thick block of wood. Getting the hint, I quickly sat down and adjusted myself into the void as Sandy took her seat and pulled her chair towards the table.

“Hey Sandy!” I heard the merry voice of Tina echo in the office as the door closed behind her. “Where’s V?”

“Oh he’s working with my staff I think,” Sandy lied.

Under the table I was on all fours looking towards Sandy’s chair. As a few moments passed and I realised there was no way Tina could see under the table from where she was, I relaxed and started to notice my vantage point. Sandy’s cross-folded slim legs were in front of me and I could see her skirt clearly. I had already embraced my craving for her and announced I would punish her, hadn’t I? It was time to give Sandy a taste of her own medicine.

“Did he say anything about when he’s going home?” Tina asked curiously, completely unaware of my presence under the table.

“Well, let me see. I think he said he aaa-” Sandy let out a yelp as I spread her legs apart under the table. “-will be working till late!”

I had crawled closer to Sandy and pushed her well-built legs wide apart to get a close-up view of the bright pink underwear inside her skirt. I smiled to myself as I let my hands run over each leg starting from her shin.

“Oh is that so?” Tina surmised. “Are you… okay?”

Sandy felt her skirt being pushed higher as my hands slid over her soft skin and my fingers caressed her inner thighs.

“Oh! Yes. I just have a. .. ” Sandy tried hard to beşevler escort keep her cool, “…a sore throat… And a cold… So it’s hard to talk… I guess.”

I smiled to myself, hearing Sandy struggle to put a sentence together and decided to turn up the heat. I split her legs wider placing my hands on her inner thighs and buried my face between her legs. Sandy’s attempts to close her legs were completely nullified as I held that position with my hands. I lost myself for a while, smelling her moist pussy through the skin of her underwear.

“Weird disease!” Tina continued. “Should I get you something? Maybe a medicine?”

“No thanks. I-I already have…” Sandy stuttered as I let my tongue lick the warm centre of her underwear where her wet cunt was. “…EVERYTHING…I need. So…t-thank y-you.”

Buoyed by hearing Sandy making a fool of herself, I continued licking the centre of the thin cloth with speed and purpose. The underwear was now terribly wet from both the inside and the outside. I moved the damp fabric to one side to reveal her naked wet pussy.

“Okay. You sound really weird,” Tina let the line of questioning go. “How is it? Working with V?”

“Oh, with him? It’s-” Sandy could barely answer as I let my tongue touch her naked cunt and gave a strong purposeful lick all across it. “-AMAZING! He’s very…h-hard…working…and knows exactly…what I…I-I mean… we, as a company, w-want from him.”

I was tripping, trying not to laugh hearing Sandy control moans as I let my tongue inside her pussy and increased the pace of my licking.

“Wow, that’s great.” Tina replied, surprised. “Glad you guys like him. Listen, I’m heading home. I have another early morning call. Can you tell V he can let himself in, in case I sleep early?”

“O-of course!” Sandy managed as she placed her hand on my head encouraging my head movements as I fucked her pussy with my tongue.

“Okay see ya!” Tina turned towards the door before questioning Sandy one last time. “You sure you’re doing okay and don’t need anything for that weird cold thing of yours?”

“Oh y-yes, babe!” Sandy tried hard to control her moans as she felt her cunt get wetter and ready to climax. “I’m good! SO good. Yes!”

“Okay, you sound really weird again.” Tina bid goodbye before closing the door behind her. “Take care, okay?”

The second the door closed shut, I hastened my pussy licking to maximum aggression and Sandy screamed freely.


Sandy clutched my hair tightly and arched her back on the chair as I felt her fluids splatter on my face over the backdrop of her orgasmic screams. I kept my pace up and kept licking her cum as it dripped all over her thighs and my face. After about 10 seconds, Sandy caught her breath and let go of my hair. I pushed her chair back and smiled maniacally like a man who had had his revenge. I stood up as I wiped my mouth and licked the remains with my tongue.

“You’re a fucking mad man,” Sandy finally spoke. “Every orgasm with you has been better than the last. You’re the best!”

I beamed like a trained pet who had been fed a snack by his owner.

“You deserve something special,” Sandy stood up and loosened my tie to remove it completely as she stole a quick glance to confirm my bulge.

“Sit,” Sandy ordered, continuing my pet-owner imaginations to run wild.

I sat on her chair as asked to and saw Sandy walk around me to bend down behind the chair. She grabbed both my hands and twisted them behind my back around the helm of the chair and started tieing them up with my tie.

“And I thought I was going to be the one punishing you,” I teased as Sandy finished tying a strong knot with a grunt and turned the chair around to make me face her.

“That last stunt you pulled was far beyond anything I put you through,” Sandy smiled and approached the speaker phone to a press a button that connected to her secretary. “Listen. Don’t let anyone in. Don’t let calls through either. I’m in a meeting, okay?”

After receiving confirmation from her secretary, Sandy turned her complete attention towards me. She threw her blazer over to the side and started unbuttoning her shirt.

“Ever since I’ve met you… actually even before I met you…I know you’ve been obsessed with one thing about me,” Sandy spoke in a teasing way as I followed her fingers unbuttoning her shirt completely to reveal her pink bra holding her perfectly shaped breasts tightly in place.

My bulge became rock hard in my pants as I watched Sandy throw her shirt to the side and come closer. She placed her lower body between my legs as my lips touched her cleavage. I automatically started kissing and licking the tender area between her boobs as her hands wrapped around my hair. Sandy lifted her leg to rub her knee against my bulge.

“Hmmm…you’re rock hard again,” Sandy guided my head with her hands to make me lick her excited nipple through the skin of her bra. “I love how desperately you lick me…like an animal.”

Sandy continued rubbing my hard-on with her knee as she made me lick every part of her shapely boobs from the outside of her bra before suddenly dropping to her knees. Unlike before, she took her time unbuckling my belt this time. Almost as if in slow-motion, Sandy took a whole minute to remove the belt and unbutton my pants, all while taking in the desperately needy expressions I was giving away.

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