Affirmation River Pt. 2


Nick and I went down to the river and went in the water until it was about half way up our chests. It was such a beautiful scene as the sun began to set, with nothing but trees surrounding us and the shallow river slowly moving through it all. It was like our own, private, little paradise. I could still smell his musk with every breath and loved it. But no matter how much I liked it, that annoying voice reappeared, rearing its ugly head and getting stronger by the second, saying that I had done something wrong.“God, I’ve been waiting to do that with you since we first met,” said Nick.“Me, too,” I replied with some hesitation.Nick gave me a cock eye and then a splash. “I thought you said you weren’t into guys!”I was busted. The only thing I could do was to come clean. “Yeah, I know… I lied—I’m not sure why.”“I get it. I’m not exactly out and proud—at work, at least. I wasn’t too sure about you, either; I did have my suspicions, though.”“Really? Is that so?” I asked, splashing him back.“Well, there was that one time when we pissed next to each other and you stared at my dick the whole time,” he replied with a smile.“You saw that, huh?”“Yep.”“I thought I was being pretty crafty.”“Nope.”“So, what made you decide to come over to my tent?” Nick then asked after a short pause.“Well, putting your dick right in front of my face helped…” I replied, “but, I guess it ultimately came down to hearing that whole ‘You can’t blame a guy for trying’ thing that made me go for it—it was a tough call but that was kinda the last straw.”“You were supposed to hear that,” he said with a wink. “I thought that maybe I was wrong after sticking my ass out at you all day with no response. It was kind of a last ditch effort.”“Oh, believe me, there was definitely a response! I got completely hard at one point.”“I wish I had seen it,” Nick chuckled.“Are you kidding? I’m amazed you didn’t—I’ve been fighting boners all day! I’ve done everything I can to keep from getting caught with one in front of all of you more than once. I mean, between looking at your cute ass and Ford swinging that huge cock around…”“Yeah, It is pretty big.”We both laughed and I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what Nick’s experiences with them had been. I figured it didn’t really matter or was any of my business, so I brought the conversation back to us. “Like I said, looking at that hot ass of yours was the most difficult—not that I didn’t like it.”“Glad you did! I actually felt a little embarrassed after going into my tent.”“Why is that?”“Why? Here I was, showing off my bare ass all day to a straight dude.”I just shook my head with a grin, and it took me a few moments to respond. I looked off to all of our gorgeous surroundings, thought about everything that Nick and I had just shared together, and decided that it would be best to simply lay all my cards on the table—or water in this case.“Don’t feel bad, that should’ve been more than enough of a signal. It’s just that I don’t have a lot of experience,” I said, attempting to open up a vein with someone I barely knew yet felt completely comfortable with. “I’ve only been with one other guy before, and it wasn’t that long ago. It was actually on the way moving here.”Nick looked at me like he didn’t quite believe me and then gave me some rather surprised looks as I went into detail about my experience in that blazing hot hotel room.“Wow! That’s a pretty crazy first time,” Nick replied when I had finished with my story.“I guess it was when I think about it. Either way, I’ve felt a little weird and conflicted since then.”“I think that’s pretty normal—speaking for myself, at least,” Nick consoled me. “My first time messed with me, that’s for sure.”“Really?”“Oh, definitely…”There was another pause between us and Nick picked up that I wanted—no, needed—to hear the story of someone else going through what I was at the time.“All right, I’ll try and keep this as brief as possible.”Nick then went on without Haramidere escort bayan barely taking a breath and told me about his own experiences:“I guess I should start by saying that was I was pretty straight in high school. I didn’t date much, but I did date a couple of girls. Although, I’ve been ‘Bi-curious’ and questioned my sexuality as long as I can remember. When I think about back then I always think about a line from Futurama: ‘Do you ya ever wonder if you only date girls cuz you spose ta.’ —well, that was me.“My folks were really religious, so when we finally got the internet at our house they kept a very close eye on what me and my older sister looked at—checking out porn of any kind would have meant serious trouble.“But when I got to college, and having unlimited internet access without my parents checking everything I looked at, I naturally started surfing for porn—the thing was: I didn’t find it very exciting. Especially regular vaginal penetration stuff. I liked anal a little, but what really got me going was cum-porn. I wasn’t into the any of the humiliation stuff but I did love when they had like six guys cum in a glass and she would drink it all down—I had know idea why. At one point after watching and re-watching this one particular scene where this chick took multiple, really big, thick loads on her face and in her mouth, I began to question if it didn’t have anything to do with the girl but was more about loving the site of the guy’s cocks squirting out all that jizz. I wondered what it would be like to be her and what it would taste like.“I kept surfing and of course it wasn’t long before I came across a site that had gay stuff on it. I wanted to look at some of it so bad but also felt scared at what would happen if I did. The whole ‘last frontier’ thing went through my mind and I decided I might as well.“I figured it would have one of two effects on me: it would turn me off completely or it would turn me on. I hadn’t counted on a third, and that was making my cock erect faster than I had ever experienced before—I mean it went straight up. I was also compelled to touch it, and I came in like, three seconds. I don’t think I had ever been so turned on in my entire life.“Anyway, over the next year I became a gay porn junkie—all could think about was dick. I had no idea at the time that my roommate, Ford, was homosexual, so I kept it on the down-low as best I could. There was more than once he almost busted me—or so I thought.“I also couldn’t stop thinking about how badly I wanted to find out if I would like having sex with men for real or if it was just all in my head. The only problem was that I was too freaked for anybody to know I even might be gay. So, I figured I would go to the web, and pretty quickly found a gay hookup site where I could meet with a stranger and not have to worry about it.“I eventually met a dude online and we started chatting. He was about ten years older then me, but I didn’t care—he was good looking, seemed sane, and had a great dick. We eventually set up a meeting, and I went to his place thinking that I was out of my fucking mind. After lots of drinks and winding up in the sixty-nine position with me on top of him—nothing else mattered. All I could think then was how awesome it was to finally be actually sucking a cock and how much I liked doing it.“He then fucked the hell out of me. We started out doing it doggy and I loved it. He kept pounding and pounding me, and it definitely hurt more than I had anticipated, but I couldn’t believe how good it felt at the same time. He then rolled me over to missionary, began stroking me while he fucked my ass, and I came like nothing I had ever experienced before—I mean I just kept pouring and pouring goo out. It was the longest, most intense orgasm I had ever had. He kept pounding away but couldn’t finish, and I finally made him stop. I felt bad but just couldn’t Escort İkitelli take anymore.“I crashed on his couch and the next day woke up super hung-over and feeling utterly confused and weirded out. I went pretty much straight out the door with barely saying goodbye to the dude and then into complete denial mode when I got home.“I was absolutely freaked out over it, like I had committed some horrible sin. I first threw away all my porn, thinking I just had to get rid of any temptations. I thought that if I stopped watching men having sex I wouldn’t think about it anymore. Not long after, I even went so far as to start dating a girl I knew to try and ‘fix’ me—I figured I just needed some pussy to make myself straight again.“Long story short…or longer—I don’t know—things clearly didn’t work out between us—not too surprising considering why I decided to go out with her in the first place. She was cool, but it wasn’t long before I started getting really bored with the sex we were having. It was like pussy had absolutely no fascination or appeal to me, whatsoever, and even more f’ed up was that I also started having gay wet dreams. Sometimes sleeping right next to her after we had fucked.“It obviously didn’t last too long, and I’ll never forget the night she broke up with me over the phone: I wasn’t bothered in the slightest, and really, she just beat me to the punch. The first thing I did after hanging up was to go online and find some gay porn. I had realized while I was with her just how much I was repressing things, and I simply didn’t care anymore—I just wanted to see some hot man on man sex.“I swear, watching guys fuck again was like slipping into a warm bath. It was a relief, like I felt normal again. I concluded that night that that was just who I am.“I hooked up with next guy I could and all we did was oral. I sucked him until he spilled his load right into my mouth. It tasted so good to me, and I realized that that was what I really wanted—sex with other men and all it included.“I came out to Ford a couple days later, and he was all, ‘Yeah, I know. It’s okay, so am I.’ in typical Ford fashion—apparently, some of those close calls I had of him catching me masturbating were closer than I had thought.“He then told me his story, and I felt even more at peace with everything. We started fooling around and that was more than an eye opener…Well, you’ve seen how big he is. It wasn’t long afterwards that he met Adam. They introduced me to more than a few guys over the years since, and I’ve never looked back.“So, I guess what I’m saying is…don’t worry so much about it. Gay, Bi, whatever. You are who you are.”I listened to everything Nick had to say intently; it helped more than I could have imagined, and I made the decision right then to try my best to shut my brain up, let go of my hang-ups for the time being, and just be open to and enjoy whatever experiences this trip might have to offer.“Thanks for sharing all that with me,” I said. “It really does make me feel better.”“No problem,” Nick replied. “I hate to think that you might regret but we just did. I enjoyed the hell out of it, and like I said, I’ve been wanting to for a while.”“And like I said, me, too… I’ve actually fantasized about having sex with you multiple times.”“Is that so?” Nick asked as he moved over to me, put his arm around my shoulder, and started to massage my prick. “Do tell.”I instantaneously began getting hard and reached over to play with his stiffening penis before going into detailed description of how I had masturbated to the thought of him fucking my ass.“That’s super hot!” he murmured.“So is this,” I commented, referring to his cock. “I would love to have it up my ass sometime—unless you only bottom?”“I’m probably more of a top, really. It depends on my mood or the guy or sometimes just the situation. I would definitely love to fuck you sometime.”“That’s good to hear.” Çapa escort The feeling of stroking each other off was turning me on more and more by the second, and I kissed him lustfully. “Tell me how you’d do it.”“First, I would start by eating your ass,” Nick breathed into my ear, sending shivers down my spine straight into my dick.He then slowly described everything he would do to my asshole with his tongue, fingers, and cock while we tugged on each other harder and harder. When he got to where he would shoot his hot load inside of me he, I couldn’t take anymore.“Oh, fuck!” I groaned loudly and started to ejaculate with a forceful orgasm.We both watched as my semen took on that sort of cloudy effect it does when it’s underwater and began to drift down stream.“That was unbelievable!” I panted.“Hell yeah, it was!” he exclaimed, letting go of me.“I have got to taste you…now!” I demanded and pulled on his tool aggressively.I led him to the embankment by his cock and sat him down on a small fallen log. I quickly got between his legs, kneeling in the shallow water, and took hold of it. He was so hard that you could have cut glass with the tip of his head.Forget about any drawn-out, sensual, tasting-every-inch, type of blow job. I went right to “I need your cum!!!!” mode and bobbed up and down on his shaft, stroking it violently, and sucking it like a Hoover vacuum—I was on a mission.Mission accomplished! In little more than a minute, every muscle in his body clinched and he began thrusting himself into my mouth as he poured semen into it.I kept going on him to the point where he had to finally make me stop. “I think you’ve probably sucked it dry, dude.”I pulled away, licking my lips after swallowing his delicious load. “Too bad! You have really tasty cum.”We kissed each other deeply, and I shared the taste of his spunk with him.“Thanks!” he replied. “I’m glad you think so.”“I certainly do.”Nick chuckled. “What’da say we get out of the water and go dry off?”“Yeah, we probably should.”We saw Adam and Ford getting out of their tent as we reached the top of the embankment that led down to the river.“What’cha guys up to?” asked Ford.“Not much…just taken a dip,” Nick answered and gave me a wink when they weren’t looking.I wouldn’t have cared all that much if he had told them what we had been really doing, but part of me was also glad that he didn’t.We got ready for a great night of hanging out, and for me in particular, getting to know everyone a little better. The first thing we needed was to get some wood for a fire. It was still too warm for a monster one but we needed something to give us some light.We all put on some shorts and T-shirts and went into the woods, finding a healthy supply of dry, dead stuff laying around just outside of our campsite. Adam again showed himself to be a very selfless person. He went around to each of us holding out his arms and saying that he would take a big pile and get everything started.We put sticks and branches into his arms until he was all but overloaded and made his way back. When we got there, he had already got a small fire going with the rest of us carrying half of what he had.We then gathered around the fire pit, ate some food, and spent the rest of the evening drinking and swapping stories. The more I got to know everybody, the more I liked them. I felt like I was making some real friends.Not long after the sun had completely gone down we were suddenly besieged on all sides of us. Mosquitoes! So many mosquitoes! Luckily, Nick had brought some bug spray. I personally hate putting on mosquito repellent. It usually stinks and makes your skin feel sticky and gross, but the stuff Nick brought was an all-natural kind. It actually smelled pretty good and didn’t irritate your skin at all. Unfortunately, it didn’t work all that great. But it was nice to feel like you hadn’t just committed a war crime on yourself.We dealt with them as best we could and still had a good time. It was pretty late when Adam finally said it was time for him to crash out. Ford agreed, and the two of them got up and made their way to their tent.“I think that’s a good idea,” I said with a yawn.“Heading to your tent, then?” questioned Nick.“Yeah… I think so,” I responded after a short pause.

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