Father , Son


At the age of sixteen, Grisham, named after one of his mother’s favourite authors, had a very strong feeling that he was gay. No real affirming opportunities had ever arisen in his life because he was very wary of being exposed. It was, however, totally clear to him that guys rang all his bells. In his penultimate year of school he accepted that he had to bide his time and that when the day finally arrived, he would happily embrace his homosexuality.In one of those strange twists of fate, unbeknownst to Grisham, his life was shortly about to enter another dimension. That adjustment occurred when new neighbours moved into the house next door, in the form of Hank senior and Hank junior. In the week that they moved in, Grisham was away on a summer camp prior to the commencement of his final year at school.During his absence, Grisham’s dad had been sent next door to welcome them with one of his mums ‘famous’ Bundt cakes. Upon his father’s return home thereafter, Grisham’s dad allegedly reported that their new neighbours were real rednecks. Apparently, Hank senior was a mechanic and worked at an auto repair shop in town and Hank junior was at a technical college, following in the same trade as his dad.When Grisham finally returned home after summer camp, his curiosity was sparked by the new development next door. With their neighbour’s garage bordering Grisham’s home, he now regularly saw the two men going in and out of their garage. The reason for this was that as a hobby, the Hanks’ restored old engines. Fortunately, no machining was done in their garage so nobody had to deal with the noise. Hank senior did all that sort of thing at his work during his lunch hour.Grisham was intrigued by the two men as he observed them through his bedroom window. They were both tall and lanky and there was absolutely no mistaking that they were father and son. The two men were good-looking, in a super straight blue-collar manner. Their bib overalls, large boots, and grimy hands, further enhanced their rugged masculinity as Grisham ogled them. More and more, Grisham began to fantasize about them, particularly Hank junior.After a few weeks, Grisham had not verbally engaged them and only exchanged a few friendly waves of the hand, every other day.One Friday afternoon when Grisham and Hank junior arrived home simultaneous from opposite directions, Grisham was elated when Hank lifted his hand in a halt gesture and sauntered over to talk to him.“We’ve never met properly,” Hank said, before introducing himself.“Hi, I’m Grisham,” Grisham answered, before suggesting, “Would you like to come in for a cold drink?”“Sure, just me drop this shit off at home and get into more comfortable clothing,” Hank answered, pointing to his school bag.A few minutes later, Grisham heard a knock at his door. Upon opening the door, Hank was barefoot and wearing a well-worn pair of shorts and a t-shirt.Grisham was practically salivating as he welcomed Hank into his home. Hank was far better looking than he had formerly anticipated, and Hank’s incredibly large hands and feet were totally mesmerizing.“Jeez, you have unbelievably big feet,” Grisham exclaimed.“Yip, they are size sixteen, one size bigger than my dad’s,” Hank said proudly, before resuming, “We’re both six-foot-four-tall, except I’m a half inch taller than my father,” Hank concluded with an air of satisfaction.“Wow,” Grisham answered in awe, as Hank ran his index finger and thumb down both sides of his nose and then after pinching his nostrils briefly, inhaled in a robust manner as if he had just uttered a remarkable statistic. Hank’s mannerisms were totally butch and intoxicating. His body also bobbed and swayed from side to side, as he continuously transferred the weight of his frame from one huge foot to the other, further enhancing his masculinity.“I’m sure you don’t need flippers when you swim,” Grisham then casually added with an impish grin.“Fins, bro. They’re called fins. If you ever do scuba diving and call them flippers, you’ll be making a real cunt of yourself,” Hank said, sniggering with an air of condescension.“Sorry,” Escort Sarıyer Grisham answered, sheepishly.The rest of Hank’s visit was a short one. During his stay, however, Hank informed Grisham that his parents had divorced two years earlier, after which Hank had elected to stay with his dad.Next, after glancing at his watch Hank then went on to say that being behind in his homework, he had better head off home to address his shortcomings in that regard.After Hank left, Grisham was afraid that he was going to have heart failure as his entire body began to tingle with lust. In bed that night, all he could think about was Hank’s strong thick tradesman hands brushing over his head as he was ‘forced’ to suck Hank’s dick.Two days later, Grisham was overjoyed when Hank junior once more knocked at his door in the afternoon. On this visit, however, Grisham was left totally speechless by Hank’s revelations.In a précised form, Hank’s disclosures were as follows:Firstly, when he and his dad were indoors, the two ‘Hank’s’ spent most of their time totally naked. As if this wasn’t titillating enough, father and son also referred to Friday nights as ‘porn night.’ This consisted of them sitting in front of the television watching Hank senior’s substantial porn collection as they ‘milked their lizards’. Hank junior quickly added that there was no interaction between him and his dad, stressing that incest was an aberration that neither guy would indulge in.Secondly, further qualifying this strange scenario he explained that because he was sexually deprived, according to his dad, his father felt responsible for his horny needs. Unlike his dad who was able to visit bars on Saturday evenings to acquire ‘free-range pussy,’ as Hank senior liked to put it, Hank junior would have to wait for over a year before he could legally accompany his dad to the bar. Furthermore, being at a technical college overrun with men, the few girls attending the institution were almost certainly lesbians, in his opinion.With a snigger, Hank junior then finally added, “I also truthfully believe that dad uses Friday nights to charge his batteries for his cavorting on Saturday nights.”Grisham was completely dumbstruck by the ‘intelligence’ update he was receiving. Furthermore, the manly gesticulations augmenting the disclosure he was listening to as Hank kept rearranging his crotch and scratching his armpits, all the while smelling his fingers, almost felt like Grisham had entered some alternative caveman universe. Grisham’s head was spinning as Hank once more looked at his watch.“Oh shit, I’d better be on my way,” Hank then announced.All Grisham could think about as he lay in bed that Friday evening was what it would like to be fly on the wall in the lounge next door, watching those two studs beating their meat.Next door on that same Friday evening, as the Hanks’ watched their porn, a watershed moment occurred in Hank junior’s life. After mentioning to his dad that he had chatted to Grisham again that day, Hank senior let out a jovial snort before he pushed the pause button on the televisions remote.“You do realize that the pretty-boy next door is a fuck-bunny, don’t you boy?” Hank senior then uttered matter-of-factly.“What do you mean, dad,” Hank junior asked, somewhat perplexed.With yet another mirthful guffaw, Hank senior then told his son that in his opinion, their youthful neighbour was a bum-boy.“Huh… how do you know that?” Hank junior asked, now totally flummoxed.“Shit, boy, you’re really not very observant,” and then after yet another snigger, Hank senior resumed. “Every time you and I enter or exit the garage, that little cock-sucker is ogling us through his curtains,” Hank senior concluded with a fatherly countenance.Like an open-mouthed guppy, Hank junior just looked at his dad in a state of total astonishment.Next, after a long swig of his beer Hank senior continued, “Listen, boy, what I’m about to say to you I have never told anyone else. Just hear me out and draw your own conclusions.”Contemplatively, Hank senior now took a long draw Silivri escort bayan on his cigarette.“As you know, I come from a family that were as poor as church mice. We never got sweats, crisps, or soda pops. Only once a year when my grandparents visited us we got to stuff our faces with all that kind of crap.”Next, Hank senior changed course. “In any case, when I was your age, a new family moved in next door to us.”Hank senior now let out another snigger, before reflectively continuing. “Their son was a real mommy’s boy and a year younger than me. He was a plump little arsehole that looked a pork belly pig. What made him special, nevertheless, was that unlike us he had a never-ending supply of sweets and soft drinks all year round. I always watched him enviously, on his back porch, slugging down cold drinks and scoffing sweats.”After yet another sip of beer he again resumed, “Well, that’s when decided that I wanted to partake in his good fortune. One day I jumped over the fence between our houses and approached Miss Piggy on this matter. As I began hinting about the sweets and cold drinks, the arrogant little shit asked me what was in it for him. Convinced about my intuition that he was a bum-boy, I told him that he could suck my knob if I could share his treats. Predictably, the fat little fucker’s eyes lit up like the fourth of July when I said that,” Hank senior concluded with a hearty laugh.“In any case, thereafter we had a good old quid pro quo thing going on,” Hank senior concluded, still chuckling.Shocked and almost speechless, Hank junior haltingly stammered, “Did… did, you also… fuck him?”“Sure I did,” Hank senior confirmed, pragmatically.“But dad…” Hank junior tried to say, before his father interrupted him.If you’re about to use the word, gay, then I’ll give you a bitch-slap. Lots of young men fuck around with one another before they eventually settle down with a girlfriend or a wife. It’s no big deal and doesn’t make you homosexual. Fooling around with another guy when you’re your age is perfectly normal,” Hank senior logically resolved.As Hank senior looked at his sons bewildered face he decided to impart a final bit of fatherly advice he had been working towards. “Hank, apart from free sweets and beverages, I must tell you that Miss Piggy also taught me a few very valuable lessons. Firstly, when it comes to sex, a blowjob is top of the pops. Following on that, fucking butt comes a close second. I am sorry to tell you that fucking pussy actually comes in a distant third.”After another pause, Hank senior now headed for the finishing line. “Before you marry one day, may I suggest that you find a woman that likes sucking knob and also likes to take dick in her arsehole as well, because if you don’t, then you will sadly you’ll have to hire a hooker if you want to savour these delicacies. Therefore, be sure that you make the right choice up front,” Hank senior sternly advised.After another lengthy sip of beer, Hank senior uttered his summation.“If I were you, I would definitely use the pretty-boy next door. With your limited options at college and also not being old enough to visit bars, Grisham would be a great fuck-bunny for you to practise on. Fuck knows… he is infinitely better looking than the fat little fuck I got to practise on.”With one final snigger, Hank senior then stated, “It’s your call boy. Whether you do or you don’t, it’s your business and has nothing to do with me. Case closed.”When Hank junior lay in bed that night he was totally stunned by what his dad had told him. In all honesty, he did find Grisham very attractive and had even thought that he was actually too pretty to be a guy, but having sex with him… that was simply a little weird. On the other hand, however, the oral and anal advice that his dad had given him was totally intriguing.If there was one thing Hank junior had always respected about his dad, it was the way Hank senior could read people. The more Hank junior now began to think about Grisham, the more he realized that his father was probably correct. The Topkapı escort only obstacle thus left for Hank junior to ponder, was how he would initiate a possible encounter.The following week, when Hank junior and Grisham again arrived home simultaneously, Grisham once more invited Hank in for a cold drink. As usual, Hank first dropped his stuff off at home, before arriving next door barefoot and only wearing his shorts and t-shirt, as usual.Shortly, they moved to back porch after Hank asked if he could smoke on a cigarette, cognisant of the fact that neither Grisham, nor his parents, were smokers. After they did so, Hank’s mind began to work overtime. Although Hank junior had enjoyed sex with two girls at his former school prior to moving in next door, no oral and definitely no anal sex, had ever taken place. Hank began wondering if instead of candy, his remarkable cock might be an inducement for Grisham.“Do you mind if I have a piss on your lawn?” Hank then asked.“No, go for it,” Grisham replied, practically choking with excitement.Hank now moved onto the lawn and with his body at a strategic angle so that Grisham would clearly be able to see his impressive cock, he nonchalantly pushed his shorts down. Hank then let his knob lie across his palm, as if he was a purveyor of priceless artefacts. Hank could clearly see that Grisham was self-consciously fascinated. As much as Grisham frequently averted his eyes, his gaze, nevertheless, constantly returned to the magnificent spraying hose as Hank relieved himself.“Why are you pretending not to look?” Hank impishly inquired. “I don’t mind if you have a good look at my knob.”As Grisham stared awkwardly, there was a mischievous look on Hank’s face as he extravagantly swayed his dick about in a flamboyant fashion.“So, what do you think of my cock?” Hank arrogantly asked as he commenced flicking, and then massaging piss from the hood of his uncut tool, once the flow had ceased.“It’s remarkable … I wish… I also had a foreskin,” Grisham quietly said, battling to articulate his appraisal.“So, that means you’re cut?” Hank asked.“Yeah, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a foreskin,” Grisham enviously replied.“Well, would you like to know what it feels like?” Hank then ebulliently inquired.“Huh, what are you talking about?” Grisham asked, totally confused.Stepping back from the wet patch on the lawn where had just been pissing, Hank now beckoned Grisham to approach him. After he did so gingerly, Hank next told Grisham to push his shorts down.Grisham was reticent to do so, because he had a major boner by this time and was nervous to expose his excitement.Sensing Grisham’s reluctance, Hank said, “Don’t be shy, buddy, it’s okay if you have an erection. As you can see, I’m also busy getting a stiffy.”Encouraged by this, Grisham now lowered his shorts as instructed.“That’s a pretty cock you have,” Hank said with a reassuring laugh.Next, after spitting in his hand, Hank amazingly lubricated the head of Grisham’s penis with his saliva. Following on that, Hank told Grisham to take hold of his own shaft. As Grisham watched, Hank then took hold of the front of his foreskin before sliding the luxurious hood over the head of Grisham’s dick. A tingle of excitement flooded over Grisham as he watched his cock-head disappear into the wet depository.“Now, wrap your fingers around our joined knobs and go for it,” Hank now instructed.Totally overawed, Grisham excitedly commenced tugging, Hank further added to his pleasure by placing his butch hands on Grisham’s shoulders.“So, do you like having a foreskin?” Hank inquired after a few moments.“Fuck, yeah, it’s… fuckin’ awesome,” Grisham breathlessly whimpered.“Well, welcome to the brotherhood of smelly cocks, buddy,” Hank chuckled.“Would you also like to experience what a foreskin tastes like?” Hank asked with a lustful snigger.“Fuck, yeah,” Grisham once more answered.After Grisham had got to his knees, he was overwhelmed by the rich genital bouquet emanating from Hank’s crotch. The aroma was heavenly.“It’s all yours, buddy, go for it,” Hank again uttered.The pungent taste was simply delectable and as his lips and tongue savoured the masculine flavours, Grisham thought he had died and gone to heaven. Once more, Hank’s hands entered the stimulating fray as they now encapsulated Grisham’s head. At this point, Grisham had entered a state of total bliss.

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