A Nun’s Story Pt. 16


***NOTE — this chapter contains some pain that is more extreme and the non-consent/reluctance is hardcore*********

Claire was enjoying the chance for a long drive out of the city. And it was good to spend time with Sister Lucy. The other nun was in her mid-thirties, plain looking and easy to talk with. She had a strong sense of humour. But Claire already knew that she was very different from Sister Lucy, even if they both were members of the inner circle.

Lucy had a reputation as being very serious and straight-laced when it came to her duties as a nun. She had entered her training straight from high school. There was never any doubt that she would commit herself to service and she had impressed all her peers with her solemn service and obedience.

It had not been long after entering the Order that the then boss, Mother Isabelle, had made the decision to recruit Lucy to the inner circle. The young nun had been as shocked as anyone to learn about the ancient tradition of her Order. Like most nuns, she’d been plagued by her own unclean thoughts. She had kept them secret but the chance to confront her lust while submitting to the wishes of Mother Isabelle was too good to pass up.

The Mother had guessed correctly — Lucy was willing to do anything and everything that would help her Order and strengthen its good works. In fact, Sister Lucy was the perfect candidate for the inner circle. She was almost traditional – seeing fucking for Jesus as part of the job and no more. It was a win for the Order to have a new member who would agree to use her body but posed no risk of becoming boy crazy or distracted by constant lust.

By all accounts, however, Sister Lucy had fully embraced the Gift. The other nuns were aware of her reputation for being enthusiastic, and talented, when it came to sexual pleasure. Even Claire had heard the stories about Sister Lucy being a screamer who accepted all manner of sexual assignments. There were tales that she especially enjoyed sexual perversion. No-one doubted the rumour that she was a favourite of the Monsignor.

“I heard that you did very well with your recent mission,” Sister Lucy asked brightly once the two had settled in for their long drive.

“Yes, I was told that our goal was realised,” said Sister Claire, trying to be humble. “It was an honour to help the priest get approval for the church renovations.”

Sister Lucy knew few of the details apart from the focus of the mission being the wife of the police chief. But she guessed that her companion had fucked the priest. The straight-laced Lucy knew that other nuns took advantage from time to time. She was not the sort to judge.

“We give thanks for the Gift,” Lucy said firmly. “Its always been vital to the work of our Order.”

“What about you, Sister? Did you have a big assignment when you were introduced to the Gift?”

Sister Lucy had spent much longer as a member of the inner circle. She did not like to talk about her own exploits — though she allowed herself a little pride at her frequent success in sharing the Gift. And there was one special assignment she always liked to recall.

“My second assignment was memorable. It was in another city. Local police officers were trying to blackmail some young women in our care.”

“That sounds dangerous.”

“They were quote foolish,” replied Lucy with a sly grin. “Only too willing to succumb to temptation. I convinced them to use me completely and openly. They filmed themselves performing anal sex with me. And inserting some of their equipment into me.”

Sister Claire was all ears. Her experience with Paola had awaked her to the thrills that such perversion could bring.

“Was it horrible? I mean, Sister, it sounds like a great sacrifice for the Gift?”

“There is nothing horrible about the Gift,” said Lucy with a soft smile. “They covered me in their semen. And they enjoyed themselves urinating on me. While I was handcuffed.”

It did not escape Claire’s that Sister Lucy was enjoying the memory of those perversions. Claire wondered what else the older nun had experienced – but dared not ask. Her companion guessed at the reason for the silence.

“Remember, Sister, all of our desires and our passions come from the same place as the Gift itself. Some find it repugnant. But you must have some experience by now.”

“A little… on my last assignment. That woman…”

Claire didn’t bother trying to explain about Sister Mercy. She wondered if Lucy would know about that. There seemed to be no secrets within the inner circle. But Claire, even with her submissive bent, still wasn’t sure how she felt about being pissed on by a sex partner.

“Then you know that its all part of the same wonder. The intimacy of the Gift,” explained Sister Lucy with a distant grin. “Nothing is degrading when we share things so intimate. The stream of hot piss is a joy when the other person is so eager. Especially a man who is overcome by the Gift.”

“Some men don’t know Kartal escort about the Gift. They just juse our bodies,” said Claire, thinking of the town mayor from her own mission.

“It was my duty,” explained Sister Lucy. “It gave me the material that meant I could force them to leave our girls in peace. The Gift is powerful.”

“You’re right, Sister — the Gift is powerful. I’ve seen myself what good can come from sharing sexual pleasure.”

“And we are rewarded when sharing the Gift. Our own sexual pleasure can only help us to embrace the Gift more fully.” Here, Sister Lucy paused for effect. “But that pleasure is never more important than our duty.”

Sister Claire fell into a brief silence. She sensed that Lucy was delivering a message. And she could not argue with that message. But Claire knew she would continue to struggle with her own desires.

“I only want to make the Order proud of me,” Claire said earnestly. “And Sister Teresa has warned me to take care never to cross the line.”

“Oh, I am sure you will manage just fine,” said Lucy airily. She knew well enough that many of the other nuns had to fight against the urge to experience the Gift illicitly. “The Order has not had to really punish anyone for a long, long time.”

“Punish?… Sister Teresa said something about that. Do we really punish our sister nuns?”

“Not for a long time. But I have seen it. The privilege of the Gift is an ancient honour. And we guard it with ancient rituals.”

“You mean… when a nun is punished?”

“When we punish a miscreacnt, it is done in the old-fashioned way. Savage, in fact.” Lucy paused to overtake another vehicle. “But rare. The last time was not long after I took my vows to the Order. I think some of our sisters should be reminded.”

“Will you tell me, Sister?”

Lucy had been briefed about Sister Claire’s naughtiness. The younger nun needed to be brought back to the path. That did not require her being frightened. On the other hand, Mother Mary had high hopes for this one. And Lucy was determined that other members of their secret society should obey the rules. They had a long drive ahead. The details were still fresh in her mind.


Sister Rosa was an attractive woman. In her mid-twenties, she had lovely olive skin and short, dark hair. Her dark brown eyes were like deep pools. And they flashed with fire when she was sexually aroused. Which happened far too often despite the warnings her sister nuns had given her.

Rosa had been admitted to the inner circle after several years of good work as a nun. Like others, she’d been a virgin when taking her vows. In time, she had become uncommonly interested in the going-on of married couples — specifically, whether people who thought they were falling out of love might simply need some help in the bedroom.

“But, as a nun, how would you help with that?” asked a friendly priest with whom she had discussed this. “Even if love can be rekindled by physical deeds. You have no experience to share with these couples. What do you know of the intimate acts that take place in the marital bed?”

“Its true, Father,” Rosa had sighed. “And I wish I could experience all of that. To be better able to help people. And to better know the world. I chose to remain a virgin. Could that be the wrong choice?”

The priest did his best to reassure young Sister Rosa. And straight after their meeting he’d informed Mother Sofia — the head of the Order of the Mount. The Mother knew what to do with an obviously horny, curious young nun. Carefully, she raised the topic of virginity with her charge. Then she asked about marriage and people waiting to have sex. And next about marital problems and the “intimacy issues” experienced by some couples. Inevitably, Sister Rosa confessed she felt ill-equipped to help such couples and her wish that somehow she knew more about intimacy.

“Yes, well…” replied the Mother after a brief pause. “There are some things that we nuns cannot help with. Perhaps those things are better left for priests.”

“Yes, Mother, I am sure you’re right. But do you think that priests know about sex?”

“Maybe it is time that you found out for yourself.”

Sister Rosa was shocked — they all were shocked when first confronted with their carnal desires.

“We nuns are not naïve,” said the Mother. “Some people believe that sex was intended to make the world a better place. That it is a part of life.” She waited for the young nun to close her mouth. “Besides, our Order has existed for centuries. You are not the first nun to be curious about what god has given us.”

“But Mother… the sin. What about my eternal soul?”

“I’ll arrange for you to speak with Father Declan,” said the head of the Order, calmly. “He is very learned in these matters.”

Father Declan was a wise choice. He had already helped the Order to select new members of the secret inner circle. And he was very well-versed in the Kurtköy Escort Gift. Moreover, he would be especially keen to “help” Rosa. It had escaped no-one’s attention that her small breasts were topped by large nipples that often threatened to poke through her religious garb. Not that they took attention away from what was described by some as a “killer arse” — firm and shapely, the kind that a lecherous man might follow all day long.

As it happened, Father Decan was just such a man. He had done many important favours for the Order of the Mount. Which was how he’d managed to be introduced to the inner circle. More to the point, he was quite relaxed about his own sinful lust. In his fifties when he met Sister Rosa, he never missed a chance to share the Gift with younger nuns. His loins were stirring even before Sister Rosa had sat next to him that evening.

“Your Holy Mother is right, my dear. Sin is very complex. And sins of the flesh most of all.”

“But Father, I am confused. I am a nun sworn to devote herself to our Order. I can’t believe that the Mother would accept me succumbing to such temptations.”

“What if I told you they are not temptations. What if we thought of them as a sign that you are meant for something more?”

“Oh no! You think I should quit the Order?”

“Certainly not. What I think is that your Order could benefit from having a nun who is more wordly. And who understands the wonderful Gift that carnal pleasures can bring.”

For all her pent-up desire, Sister Rosa was quite timid in front of the older man. She did not argue when the priest slowly undid the top buttons of her shirt. Nor when he gently slipped a hand inside, under her bra where he found her long, thick nipples. Father Declan’s cock was rock hard as he gently teased the young teats.

“Oh, Father… I don’t understand… what is happening?”

“You are learning a very important lesson, my dear. Forget about sin. Focus only on the pleasure your body was made for.”

Rosa was almost struck dumb by the lovely sensations he was providing. She’d long wondered how it must feel to be touched like that – not by herself but by another person who was filled with the same lust. When the priest kissed her on her mouth, she was almost ashamed to hear herself moaning with thanks.

“Oh, I can’t believe this,” gasped the nun as she let the priest remove her shirt.

When Father Declan had removed her shirt and bra, he leaned in closer to inspect the A-cup breasts and the thick, dark nipples of the panting young woman. The priest knew exactly what was happening. He was totally in control as he closed his lips around the hardened nipples and gently flicked his tongue over them.

Groaning with ecstasy, Sister Rosa felt the reaction of her body. She knew this feeling — it had always served as a warning sign, during illicit self-pleasure, that she should desist before she got out of control. She had denied herself an orgasm so many times. But she could not stop this time, not when he was licking her nipples in the most exquisite way. The priest had told her it was a valuable lesson. She wanted to believe him. She wanted to embrace what he had called the Gift.

Rosa could not even pause to feel shame at the wetness in her vagina. She usually thought of it as proof of her wickedness. But the priest lay her back on the lounge and told her that she was beautiful.

“Right now, you are a gorgeous, beautiful woman. Don’t think like a nun. Just relax and let me teach you something important.”

Sister Rosa still could not believe how good it felt to be touched like this by a skillful, artful man. She could only close her soft, brown eyes as she felt the priest run his hand under her skirt to her sex. There was the briefest hint of protest — following years of self-denial — as he pulled aside her underpants.

“Oh, Father… what?…”

His finger slipped easily into the soaking wet hole. Rosa came almost immediately from the most wonderful penetration.

“Oh, dear god… oh, no…”

But she did nothing to stop him. She let the dirty older man push her brown legs apart as he now inserted two fingers into her sopping cunt. And she cried out freely as she writhed on his lounge. That was the first time that Rosa surrendered totally, cumming hard with a heavenly pleasure she had never imagined and splashing her juices on the priest’s hand. He was thrilled to see such a loss of control – and the stream of cunt juice that oozed over her bottom and pooled on the lounge. Declan knew that only a true virgin could be so surprised by the power of her own climax. But he stopped after a few more orgasms. There was plenty of time to test this young woman’s sexual horizons.

“A very valuable lesson, indeed,” purred Father Declan as he stood in front of Rosa.

Without taking his eyes off the panting, heaving nun he pulled out his erect cock. His was averaged-sized but Rosa would not have cared even if she knew that — Pendik Escort it was the first she’d ever seen. She knew just enough to understand that the priest was pleasuring himself lewdly as he began to stroke himself as he stood over her still heaving body.

“What about you, Father? Should I touch you?”

“Not this time, my dear. Just watch as I share another part of the Gift.”

The dirty priest enjoyed himself wanking in front of the astonished nun. But he was too excited by the sight of her near naked body to make it last. With a guttural sound, he unleashed his own orgasm. Streams of sticky cock juice sprayed over the waiting nun. Line after line of priestly semen covered her olive-coloured skin. Rosa had no idea that a man’s penis could do such a thing. And she was both anxious and excited as Father Declan splattered her small tits and her sweet face — unsure of what to do but instinctively thrilled to have her body used as a target for his climax.


The next day, Sister Rosa was back in her boss’ office. She was feeling thrilled and horrified by what Father Declan had done with her. For Sister Rosa still had no idea that the Mother Superior had been working to a plan.

“What you experienced is what we call the Gift,” explained Mother Sofia. “There is no sin in sharing the Gift. No matter what you have been taught by others.”

“Father Declan says it cannot be sinful if our bodies were made for so much pleasure.”

“Father Declan is right. These pleasures come to us from heaven.” And the Mother paused for effect. “Provided that the Gift is used in the right way.”

Sofia went on to reveal the secret history of the Order — the secret inner sanctum and how it had used the Gift for many centuries. As was common, Sister Rosa found it all hard to believe. But she wanted to believe — especially after her first experience with the dirty old priest.

“The most important thing,” Mother Sofia continued, “Is that the Gift must only be used for the good of our Order. Only to support our important mission. You understand?”

Rosa still did not understand many things. But she already knew that she wanted to be admitted to the inner circle.

“Sin is real — especially gluttony and pride. And we have rules to guard against those. Important rules. If you agree to join our inner circle, never forget that you are bound by those rules.”

Mother Sofia did her best to explain that the Gift was controlled by the Order. The nuns had their sacred mission and it was the inner sanctum that would decide when, and with who, she would share the Gift. Mother Sofia stressed that loyalty to the Order meant never breaking those rules. Though she did not actually go so far as to discuss punishment that would be visited upon a transgressor — it was hardly ever necessary. And Sister Rosa went to her knees and pledged total obedience to the Order and, more to the point, the members of the inner sanctum.

Rosa almost could not wait until she’d seen the doctor and allowed her contraception to take effect. She accepted the wisdom of her sister nuns that bareback fucking was the best way to share the Gift with men. For priests, it could even be argued as a way to reduce their potential sinning. Though most of the nuns knew that was a theological trick. Rosa was relieved, however, that self-pleasure was no longer off limits. She masturbated in a frenzy every night until she could visit Father Declan again.

Rosa was honoured that the wise church man wanted to claim her virginity. He fucked her twice that night — the second time in doggy position so that he could paw at her sensual, shapely bottom as he reamed her tight cunt. And Father Declan reassured Rosa that the wetness leaking from her hole was quite normal — though he himself had never been with a woman who literally dripped as she climaxed. Her thighs were wet with cunt juice by the time he blasted his load into her from behind.

On another night he gave the eager nun her first experience of being face fucked. She had realised that his cock would spurt his precious semen again. And Rosa knew enough of the world to be aware that even some wives did not accept this from their husbands. She tried to contain the thrill she felt at swallowing a big load of the priest’s cock juice.

All this was quite normal for a new member of the inner circle. Including when her sisters made sure that Rosa was shared with other men — priests at first. The next was in his forties with a lovely body. He was better endowed than Father Declan and filled her so much better. It wsn’t long before Rosa was screaming in the throes of heavenly pleasures. The saucy nun had already waxed her pubic hair and the new priest delighted in eating her to countless orgasms — something that Rosa gave thanks for in so many prayers.

This priest was excited to taste her gushing wetness and to have his balls soaked by the flood of cunt juice. And he was experienced enough to recognize a particular talent. It was not long before he taught Rosa how to squirt during her orgasms — the astonished and embarrassed nun readily parting her brown thighs for the priest to lick and finger her bare cunt till she sprayed both him and his bed.

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