Sex Island Ch. 01: The Companion


As Samuel reflected back on his successful job interview, he had a feeling that his interviewer had been smirking a lot. Having completed a course in geology from one of the top colleges of the country, Samuel had been a much sought-after graduate for mining firms.

The company he had interviewed with, Rockwell had been highly recommended by his seniors from college. Samuel had heard a lot of rumours about the perks on the job from his seniors but many of the stories sounded simply too fantastical to be true.

Within 3 months, Samuel received his offer letter. He was required to join work at a remote mine in Indonesia located on its own abandoned tropical island. As the work required constant supervision, Samuel would be required to stay on location for 6 months at a time at the company colony. Only young single men were sent to work in the remote location owing to its remote nature.

But the pay promised was great and the company would setup the engineers in luxurious beachside villas at their own cost. The work itself being largely run-on machines just needed regular supervision of the engineers. All in all, Samuel felt it was a well-deserved paid tropical vacation. Little did he know that even his wildest dreams were about to come true.

The flight itself had been quite eventful. In a small two-seater plane, Samuel had had just the pilot for company. When Samuel had revealed to the pilot that he was single and would miss the chance of experiencing the nightlife of big cities in such a remote place, the pilot had let out a loud snort.

“Well Samuel,” the pilot remarked, “you guys on the island sure as hell don’t miss out on anything. Don’t act so innocent. We all know what you guys get up to on the island.”

Flummoxed Samuel let the matter rest.

As his charter plane landed on the island, Samuel could spy a neat set of beachside villas with attached pools set next to the airfield. Right next to the airfield, stood the administrator’s office.

As he entered, Samuel was greeted by Harry the admin head for the facility. Harry, Samuel noted was a 30ísh possibly Scandinavian blonde guy. Outfitted in a jeans and casual shirt with a well-tanned skin, Harry looked slightly out of place for the position of an admin head on the island.

Sensing his confusion, Harry said, “Relax dude! You are in the right place. No one on the island is above 40. They only send the young ones here to manage the show. All the old geezers are relaxing in the Sydney office. And you are too smartly dressed for the weather. Here we have a dress code of jeans and shirt while at work. Post work you can even find them walking around naked on the beach. Your choice entirely.”

Slightly unnerved Samuel shook Harry’s hand as they entered the cool confines of the building.

“Well to start with, we do have all your admin forms complete. We just need to settle a few formalities and checks. We have set you up in one of the latest bungalows. Even though you are a fresh graduate, being a technical expert, you have joined at the second highest grade and will have your own exclusive bungalow. Be ready for some jealous colleagues,” Harry remarked with a wink.

“Next we need you to complete the medical examination,” said Harry.

“But I have already sent a medical exam beforehand,” objected Samuel.

“Yes of course, these are just a few extra tests. Things tend to get a bit wild on the island. Can’t take risks,” remarked Harry leading Samuel to a neat medical room adjacent to his office.

The name on the door mentioned Dr Jae Chong. Possibly from East Asia, Samuel thought. His guess was correct as Samuel was greeted by a muscular youthful Asian guy wearing a doctor’s jacket.

“JC here is the most useful guy on the island. He is in charge on ensuring that we all have a clean slate and no knock-ups against our name. Eh, JC!” remarked Harry with a nudge and a wink aimed at the doctor.

“Hi Samuel, we just need to complete a few tests. Do you have any history of any sexually transmitted diseases?” asked the doctor.

“Not that I am aware of, Doctor,” replied the shocked Samuel.

“Well nothing to worry about then. Let us run a few quick tests. Better safe than sorry! Why don’t you take off your pants while I get these tests ready?”

Feeling slightly bashful Samuel looked back at the grinning face of Harry who was still in the room.

“Dude, you need to relax. We are all bros here,” said Harry.

Turning back Samuel started unzipping his jeans and slid them off to reveal his bright red underwear. Stripping that down as well before the grinning faces of Harry and JC, Samuel revealed his well shaved dick to the assemblage. Samuel had been lucky to be born relatively well endowed.

“Well! Well! Well! You are one lucky dude,” remarked the doctor. “What size do you have, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“A full 9 inches,” said Samuel with slightly more confidence now to the awestruck doctor.

“Harry, have you started recruiting pornstars now!” said JC to Harry with a wink.

“We Kartal escort surely do deserve a performance at the next party.”

Running a few quick checks poking his testicles with his gloved hands and a blood test, JC said to Harry, “Well he is clean and good to go.”

Zipping up his jeans with a relieved air, Samuel accompanied Harry back to his office.

“Well that then leaves us with the one big thing that I am sure you have been waiting for. Let us get your work wife sorted,” said Harry.

“My what?”

“Dude, don’t act so innocent. Didn’t your seniors tell you? Well, you are in for one hell of a shocker then,” laughed Harry. “I forget that you are just fresh out of college. Well let me explain. The company knows that they have kept a bunch of young horny guys locked up on a remote island for 6 months at a time. So to compensate we get beach side villas and our own personal work wife. Just think of this as a company allotted companion. She will cook, clean and wash up for you and also take care of your other needs. She is your fuck buddy dude, if you still don’t get it.”

Thoroughly red by now Samuel grinned ear to ear at Harry.

“There are some rules though, that you need to know,” said Harry with a mock stern glance. “Here’s the list” said Harry handing him a list of do’s and don’ts from his desk.

“Rule 1: Treat her with respect. She is your work wife not your slut. So strictly no violence. Don’t know if you are into BDSM and stuff but only if the girl agrees.”

“Rule 2: You can request changes only once a month. If you feel horny for some other guy’s girl, just ask and swap for a few days. Most guys don’t mind. We are not a possessive lot!”

“Rule 3: Strictly no fucking at work. If you are into secretary and office porn, just set it up at home or I can even loan the office after hours. Of course, I might also join in then. Can’t mess about when you have the big machines to monitor.”

“Other than these we have no other major things to watch out for. We don’t mind if you don’t use condoms. We test everyone on entry and Dr JC here has the girls fitted out to ensure that there are no knock ups. All in all, we want you to be mentally and physically satiated. Let out those testosterone with some regular action. Most guys here come to work post a morning fuck or a suck. Need relaxed minds operating the big machines. The girls are here to keep your balls empty so no need to shy away!” ended Harry with a wide grin.

Feeling slightly dazed Samuel sat down with his 9 inch cock now fully erect and bulging under his tight jeans. Sensing his agitation, Harry remarked, “Well! I can see that our stud here is raring to go. So, I won’t keep you any longer. Here check out the portfolio of the girl we have allotted to you. Her name’s Mia. She is a 22 year old with a 39 D- 28 -38 body.”

Handing him a folder containing nude shots of a beautiful blonde with massive perky breasts and a tight pussy, Harry continued, “I personally selected her for you as you are our new champ. She is a good cook, though the best meals we have had have been off her naked body. Really tight pussy and massive boobs considering that she is just 22. Her blow jobs are out of the world. I am sure that the other guys will want to borrow her a lot so you will surely get some good trades in return.”

His face now beetroot red and his cock ready to burst at any minute (he had been packing and travelling over the last few weeks now with not even a quiet moment to jerk off), Samuel remarked, “Well anything else that I need to know?”

“Well no Dude, your bungalow number is 16 and the door’s open. We have no security worries here. Just drive a golf cart over to your place. I am sure that Mia has your luggage unpacked and lunch ready. We will see you at work tomorrow then. Happy Fucking!” remarked Harry with a big wide grin.

With his hands slightly sweaty with excitement Samuel set off on the golf cart for his new bungalow. Number 16 was a fairly nice place. A large beach facing villa with a pool in front and large glass windows around the house. Parking the cart Samuel entered his new place wondering whether he should ring the bell. Slightly undecided he stood on the veranda as the door was suddenly opened for him by Mia.

She looked even more stunning in real life than in her photos. Dressed in a tight-fitting French maid’s uniform, Samuel could see Mia’s half exposed breasts straining at the leash of her apron. Her skirt was tiny enough to be an added embellishment to her lacy red panties. She was further wearing black stockings and white gloves, summing up the look of Samuel’s favourite French porn movie. Her invitingly curvaceous lips were done up in a bright red lipstick. A lipstick that would look most apt when marked around his massive cock, Samuel thought.

“Good afternoon Master!”, Mia said in a sensual servile tone. “Would you like to change and take a bath? You must be tired out after your journey. We have already stocked out the wardrobe with fresh clothes as your luggage is yet Kurtköy Escort to reach. Come let me show you the way.”

Saying so she led Samuel by hand inside the house. The house itself Samuel noted was luxuriously furnished with a massive pool facing drawing room decked out with plush modern furniture.

Moving further Samuel entered the bedroom. A massive room with gigantic beach facing windows, it appeared as though Samuel had stepped onto the beach itself.

On one end, Samuel noted, was a large bed neatly made out with fresh white linen and facing it was a massive 60 inch TV. The room itself was decked out in erotic art, both photos and paintings, and there was a magazine “Kama Sutra” on the bedside. Neatly laid out on the bed were a complete set of fresh clothes.

Everything was top notch even the clothes brands on offer, Samuel noted, with a Calvin Klein jeans, shirt and even a plane white Calvin Klein underwear neatly laid out on the bed.

“Would you like me to assist master,” Mia asked with a bashful grin.

“Sure, why not,” Samuel responded wondering what she meant.

Throwing him a seductive smile, Mia started undoing his shirt button by button. Her very touch had already made Samuel rock hard and it was difficult now to restrain himself. But it just seemed too rough to take the initiative so he let Mia carry on.

Taking off his sweaty shirt, Mia gave a mock grin as she remarked, “Wow! Is that a six pack. I am one lucky girl. Many guys just let themselves run under. I will surely enjoy working you master!”.

Samuel was after all a gym buff. He had honed a 6 pack set of abs and a well toned muscular frame at the gym in his college.

Mia now bent down and took off Samuel’s shoes and socks. Next came the critical moment as she unhooked his jeans and started pulling down the zipper slowly.

Samuel’s cock by now was at full size and a massive lump could be seen straining at his jeans. Grinning from ear to ear, Mia unzipped his jeans and stripped them off. Slowly teasing her hands around his underwear as Samuel let out a moan of pleasure, she took her sweet time working around the rim of his underwear. Then with a quick jerk she yanked it off releasing Samuel’s massive 9 inch cock smack in front of her pleasantly shocked face.

“OMG! Master, that is a beauty. I have never seen that size before. Would you like me to join you in the shower,” she asked Samuel who was by now standing with his hands on his hips and a massive erect cock grinning ear to ear. Nodding excitedly she turned around nudging him to undress her now.

Excited, Samuel let his hands slip upwards over her curvaceous legs as he started undoing her stockings. Next he turned Mia around and started untying the laces of her tight French apron. As he unloosened the straps, he could see her titties popping out in the mirror in front. Her nipples he noted were firm and erect.

Excitedly Samuel cupped his hands around her massive jugs stroking and pinching her nipples as Mia let out a loud aah of pleasure. Pleasantly surprised, Samuel now pulled off the apron to reveal Mia standing in just her lacy red underwear. Samuel noted that the underwear was by now wet so her juicy pussy must be feeling excited already. With her back towards him and with both of them facing the bathroom mirror, Samuel yanked off her panties to reveal a juicy pink and tight pussy.

OMG, Samuel thought she does look like a pornstar!

As he gazed dazed at her beautiful sexy body, Mia now led him by his hand into the shower in a massive bath tube set inside an even more luxurious bathroom. They both stepped in as Mia now picked up the hand shower and started to bathe him. Moving her soft hands over his smoothly toned chest, she played around with his nipples, moving slowly down towards his massive dick.

Unable to resist any longer, Samuel now took initiative, setting down Mia by the side of the bath with breasts glistening under the shower in front of him. Always a boob fanatic, Samuel now set off licking and sucking on Mia’s massive breasts. Cupping them in his hands, he sucked at first one nipple then the next.

Unable to resist he grabbed harder as Mia let out load moans of pleasure seductively laced with, “Oh Master!”.

As he continued sucking at her tits, Samuel gave Mia a small bite on her right boob letting her to release even louder moans of pleasure. Satisfied Samuel now stepped back thrusting his massive dick in front of Mia’s face. Getting the signal

Mia, grabbed his dick, pulled back the foreskin to reveal the pink glans underneath and set to work. Moving slowly with her lips she first teased him a light caresses running around the tip of his dick. Samuel’s dick was by now oozing massive amounts of pre cum that Mia happily licked off.

Slowly she opened her mouth and took his member inside. Moving forward she swallowed his massive cock. Feeling the insides of her warm mouth Samuel let off loud moans of pleasure as Mia’s tongue caressed and teased his cock. Taking it as deep as she could, Pendik Escort she now caressed and cupped his balls. Slowly releasing his cock, Mia now started sucking and licking his balls exciting Samuel further.

Then with a surprising vigour she started rapidly sucking and blowing on his cock. Samuel had after all been without a jerk off for the last 2 weeks and the sucking was amazing. Harry had been correct, Mia could give an excellent blow job. She knew the perfect strokes and could even take him deep throat to a level that left Samuel amazed.

As his pleasure heightened and he let out louder aah’s of pleasure Mia could sense that he was about to release his load. Moving even faster to heighten his pleasure, she now gave him more rapid strokes all the while cupping his balls. With a massive moan of satisfaction, Samuel let off a stream of cum that Mia happily took in her warm mouth.

Having abstained for so long, Samuel filled Mia’s mouth with cum. Grinning with pleasure Mia, swallowed every drop while licking his penis dry of any further cum. Tired, satisfied, happy and his dick now flaccid Samuel sat down in the bath.

Young and virile, this was however just the round one. As Mia started soaping him again with the hand shower, Samuel decided to explore her cunt with his fingers.

He let his fingers rub first outside her pussy as Mia sighed excitedly. Then slowly he entered Mia’s tight pussy thrusting deeper and deeper inside. Experiencing an orgasm, Mia was by now moaning loudly. Samuel by now had three of his fingers inside her pussy and was moving them around with a wicked grin on his face.

The hand shower now discarded by the side Mia had clutched Samuel with her hands and with her head rolled back was moaning away gloriously. Within just these few minutes Samuel noted his dick was now rock hard again ready for round two.

Turning Mia around Samuel now set her up to fuck her doggystyle, his favourite position. Her pussy was wet and oozing juices as Samuel’s own dick was now raring to go. First he rubbed his dick against her pussy’s wet lips, slowly probing the opening. And then with one big thrust he was inside her as Mia let out a scream of pleasure.

Setting up a tempo now, Samuel grabbed Mia’s big boobs with his hands and set about fucking her fast and hard. Her beautiful round ass slapped against his legs with each stroke with a loud bang making the banging feel literal. Putting his hours spent at the gym to good use, Samuel now lifted Mia up in the air and started fucking her in slow deliberate moves.

Pushing his 9 inch cock deep inside her wet pussy, he continued like this for a few more strokes before turning a delighted Mia upside down in a vertical 69 position. Her pussy was now oozing with juices as Samuel gave it a big smooch. At the other end Mia was taking in the full length of his cock in her mouth while squeezing his balls.

Expert as she was at giving blow jobs, Mia realized that Samuel was not just any other ordinary guy. With her expert tongue twisting, any other guy would have blown off his second load by now but Samuel was still rock hard and just getting started.

And Samuel was no novice either. Locating Mia’s G-spot under the lips of pussy, Samuel was now deftly licking it with his tongue making Mia let out loud OOH’s of ecstasy. While Samuel had only come once till now, Mia was well into her third orgasm.

How lucky she was, Mia thought, not to have been sent off to Bangkok to suck the sad cocks of fat and bald tourists. Here she was, the companion to a muscular youthful Greek God who was sending her into the n’th levels of ecstasy.

Determined to pay back this wild ride of pleasure in kind, she urged him to set her back down and pushed Samuel back into the pool. With his body now covered in soapy water, Samuel could still see his massive cock rising a few inches above.

Grabbing his cock, Mia now started riding him cowgirl style, deftly changing the pace of the strokes from fast to deep and slow to heighten his excitement. Samuel was not done yet though.

Washed and thoroughly soaped with all the action, he now switched on the shower to wash himself and Mia up. Then he led Mia out into the big bedroom with the massive beach facing glass façade. The sun was about to set on the horizon and the room was bathed in the mellow shades of sunset.

Taking Mia to the bed, Samuel wondered whether he needed to close the shades for some privacy but the setting looked just too beautiful so he started off as is.

Laying Mia by his side, Samuel now started intensely fucking her from the side. His dick was by now oozing more pre cum as he lifted her up and started intensely banging her pussy with rapid inward strokes. Mia was now again screaming with pleasure.

Her loud moans were enough to echo through the entire house and the neighbourhood perhaps, while Samuel let out intense short grunts as he ploughed on. The intensity was now even beyond Samuel’s capacity to hold on as his balls started curling and his brain flooded with endorphins ready for ejaculation. And then with one massive grunt, he pushed deep into Mia, as his cock ejaculated a massive load of cum in Mia’s pussy. He could feel that he was letting off a massive load as his cock kept shooting for a good 5 seconds.

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