A Night In The Car

A Night In The Car
Based on a true story.

Once Me and My Ex wanted to meet secretly to enjoy each other. So we thought of possible ways how to do that. I came to the idea of taking my stepfathers car and drive somewhere hidden, after I picked her up. Said and done. We chose a saturday night to it. I had to be the first one to leave the house, so she just waited for me to start leaving. Until that time we texted.

When my parents and sisters and brother finally slept, I slowly and silently started to leave my bed. Putting on more than my pyjama and my socks would have been too loud cuz my room is underneath the roof and my parents sleep under me. Once I was in the hall, there was the first challenge. The stairs to the first floor are wooden and some of the steps like to be loud. So I left them out, stretching myself to the utmost, afraid somebody could wake up every moment. Like That I crawled my way down, and finally reached the carpet on the first floor. Luckily the stairs to the ground floor are made of stone, so i could go down a bit faster, out of sight of my parents bedroom door. I went to the living room to put on my shoes. After that, i walked step by step to the front door. I took the keys in one hand, to prevent them from ringing. With both hands full this way, I turned the key, paying minute attention that the lock doesn’t make a sound.

Once I had opened the door, I pulled out the keys as silent as possible and the pushed them in from the other side to pull pack the lock from the outside so the door makes no sound falling in the lock. After felt hours of slowly closing the door i finally pulled out the key and went to the car, watching out if anybody was outside. I opened the car and sat inside. I turned of the lights and started the engine. The fear made my heart pump louder than the engine. I slowly went backwards out of the driveway. When I was a hundred meters away of my house i turned on the lights and got a bit of chill. I texted: “On my way ;* <3". A "Yeai ;* <3" came back. She was to bring a blanket, tough it was summer, as she was able to leave her house easier, we took this possible plus of comfort. When I reached the meeting point I texted: "Here", "OK, on my way ;*" came back. After she entered the car and closed the door we shared a long and passionate kiss. Then I drove to place I found suitable. The backside of a primary school. The moment we got there, we shared another kiss and I started to convert the cars backseat and the trunk to a bedlike place using the blanket she brought. We put on our mobile-phone-lighters to create a smooth light and layed us next to each other. Starting to kiss. We touched, from the face, down to the breast, down to the best parts of us. She was wet as hell, and I was hard as a stone. The car went hotter and hotter, causing the water to pearl down the windows. Piece by piece we released our bodys, touched more and more skin. Came closer and closer. Then I rolled on top of her, she spread her legs. I layed myself down, so I could feel every Inch of her beautifully round D cups, her flat stomach and her curvy tigh. I teased her clit with my penis, going up and down, and slow rounds around it. Meanwhile our kisses went wild. I went from her mouth, to her ear, down to the neck, more far to her nipples, taking the matter into my hands, and finally my kisses went down to her stomach, reaching her clit. I pleased her with my tongue, making her wind and breath hard. She couldn't stand it, pulled me up, took my penis and pushed it into herself. I went in and out slowly but deeply. Getting a bit faster with every drop, staying at like 120 bpm. She got even more wet and started sighing louder and louder. And came. She took a breath, I turned, and she sat on top of me. After a session of kisses and her tit-long blonde hair all over my face she sat pack, pulled me into her and started riding me. I took her tits and told her: nobody is hearing you, you can be loud as you want", and she went loud. But she didn't scream, it was more like a symphony of lust. Slowly reaching for its crescendo. She got faster and faster, pushing her tighs back and forth. What a ride!. And she came again. Fell down on me, for a moment of rest and cuddling. I put my arms around her back and staying inside her, rolled over again. She was close to be over, but wanted more. Wanted all of me inside her. So I gave it to her. I went faster and faster, reaching nearer and nearer to my own crescendo. And goddamn she was also reaching for it again. Our symphonys ran together, louder, faster, deeper and hit the spot at the same time. I flew into her with all the pressure we had put on. We were shivering, loving that moment of release and joy. I fell down on her and we kissed and cuddled again for a few minutes. When my guy went out on his own, I rolled on my back, reaching for the tissues I had prepared. She picked them to clear what I left in her. As it was mine, I thought of myself to be responsible to put in the bin next to the car. Surely we both had put on our clothes again before. She positioned herself back into the passenger seat while i restored the car to its original condition. We kissed and couldn't stop smiling. "Need to repeat" she said. "Hopefully" i said looking into her bright blue eyes with a smile. I drove her home, enjoying a last passionate kiss before she went. As the car smelled like what we just made in it and got a bit wet from the inside, i rolled down the windows on my way back home, making a longer way to be sure the smell and humidity leave the car. The rest of the way was the same backwards from the beginning. "I'm in my bed" i texted. "Very good ;* <3. That was sooo hot with you" "That was you ;P" "Good Night <3" "Good Night ;* <3". I slept like a baby. The next day, my mother asked me, if I have had a good night and I said: "ohh yeah! :D"

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