Boarding School Problems

Boarding School Problems
Sumnima, a young and beautiful Nepalese girl was standing at the doors of what was to be her home for the next couple of months. It was barely her first day, yet her friend had shown her around the grounds already. She knew it was going to be tough living away from home. Was she ready though?

Sumnima herself was always considered among the most attractive girls. Very petite, short and slim, with a cute barely-visible butt, fairly long slender legs, raven-black hair going down to her small perky 32B sized breasts. Her face was considered to be among the smoothest and most innocent ones, her lips plump and sexy, always turned in a beautiful and welcoming smile. Her eyes wide and curious, always looking around and inspecting people, yet retaining the c***dish character she preferred to show off.

She herself was considered an innocent and well-mannered person. She had had a lot of troubles with her father specifically, hence why she’s wary of most people at most times, but her natural c***dish way of life had left her unaware of most people’s cruel intentions. She loved playing the piano, she loved listening to classical music along with some hipster tunes. She enjoyed reading poetry, not to the point of obsession, but as a way to escape some of the world’s ugly characteristics.

She had never had a prior relationship despite her looks. She was in love with this one guy who broke her heart for not wanting to go for just casual sex. She had given him a blowjob, and that’s where her sexual expertise had ended. She was wondering how things would go here.

Looking at her watch, she noticed it’s time to head to classes. Or would more exploring seem like a better idea at first? Maybe she would meet some other students and establish some connections…

Sumnima had always despised Maths. She always felt as if her head would burst at the idea of numbers adding up and multiplying and all. The previous night she had no sleep, seeing as anxiety and amusement from a new place lead her to wondering what her first day will be. She could feel her eyes closing as her brain was pulsing.

-And what’s going on here?! Miss Sumnima!

She opened her eyes in shock as she felt some of her drool on her chin. She had fallen asleep and on her very first day.

-Do you know how bad this could be for your final scores? What’s your excuse. Lack of sleep? Bad habit. Bored of the class? Too bad, you have to take it until the end of the year. So? – The teacher went on rambling, his imposing figure standing intimidatingly in front of her, his eyes tightened in anger. His face was rough, he was at least twice her age as could be seen by his hair going slightly balding. His whole physique indicated that he preferred spending time reading through the books and developing new ways to torture minds through equations, judging by his slight belly and stubbly face.

-I’m… I’m sorry, si-

-Dhurba – He corrected her impatiently.

-I’m sorry… Dhurba… I didn’t mean to show such disrespect, I’m just exhausted from traveling. I only settled here yesterday evening… – Sumnima said, feeling herself getting all worked up by how pressuring this teacher was.

-I don’t want you to get me wrong. It’s perfectly fine to be exhausted. – Saying that he moved in closer and inspected her top to bottom – But we do have a strict code of discipline we need to obey. You will either be punished now, or will get detention. I will allow you to choose only once since this is your first time here.

-I’ll take the punishment now, si-

-Dhurba! – The teacher almost shouted, slamming his hand on the desk hard.

-I-I’m sorry… – she replied in a high pitch, shocked by the pressure on her – I’ll take the punishment now, Dhurba….

-Good girl – he said, pushing his glasses back as he started walking to the white board – Now don’t be shy and come out here.

Sumnima looked at her friend, seeing her face in shock and shaking her head as if screaming “Don’t do this, you moron!” but it was too late. She had to swallow her pride and accept whatever punishment this would be, considering it was her first day and she didn’t want to get too bad a reputation, especially with the teachers. She slowly walked towards the white board, head hanging low, until she reached it. Dhurba roughly grabbed her hands and positioned them against the board, distance as wide as her shoulders.

-Pull back and stretch your arms. – He ordered, grabbing her by the wrists and using a marker to make an outline of her palms and fingers on the white board. – If you move your hands from this position, not only will I finish with the punishment, but I’ll send you to detention.

Shivering and humiliated, Sumnima still stretched out her arms like that, feeling his hand push her back until her arms were almost painfully extended. He then grabbed her thighs and spread them a bit, same level as her shoulder’s width. She looked at him and then at the class, all looking at her in her white t-shirt and checkered skirt, legs and arms spread out the way she was, still covered, but so vulnerable.The teacher grabs Sumnima by her cheeks and moves her head towards his, eyes locking so close to each other:

-What. Did. I. Say. If you move, if you close your eyes, then I’m gonna finish with the punishment and then give you detention.


-No “but”s, Miss Sumnima. – He said, as he turned her back towards the board, holding her head tightly, almost painfully as he raised his arm. *Crack!* the ruler made contact with her butt once again, making her moan out in pain and forcing her to bite her lip.

The whole class behind her was standing in silence.

*Crack!* the ruler responded to the touch against her skin, barely covered by the fabric of her skirt as it slapped against her firm round bum.

*Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!* the ruler went on mercilessly, the teacher’s hand tightening around her jaw, making her shriek out as the hits intensified against her butt. *Crack!* it went again after a brief few second pause, *Crack!* once more it goes, striking hard.

-Do you feel sorry?

-Yes, I do! Please, stop! – Sumnima said through tears.

*Crack!!!* the ruler went, as hard as possible against her bum.

-Go back to your seat. Stay after school, coming back to this room. I’ll keep your hand outlines just in case.

All bruised up and hurt, Sumnima walked back towards her chair, barely able to sit down from the aches.

-Look at the board. Right now. – Dhurba said harshly, looking at Sumnima. – Look at it and don’t turn your head. Don’t close your eyes.

Cowardly she looked forward, biting her lip and hearing from the left where the teacher’s desk was a sliding of a plastic, probably the ruler. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain on her butt through her skirt.

Classes were over. She walked slowly, her bruised bottom not allowing much speed, through the corridors of the school, noticing how people were staring at her. Everyone was whispering looking at her. She looked down and started walking faster. Suddenly she received a text:

“Heyyy hope detention will go without probs. i have some stuff to attend so i wont be around the dorms when you come back. Pls behave and dont get into any more trouble. love xx”. She sighed and turned off her phone, standing in front of the room where Dhurba awaited with her detention. She knocked and opened the door. There he was, standing and checking some exam papers. He looked at her and grinned, stood up and went behind her, locking the door. Her hand outlines were still on the white board.

-Welcome, Miss Sumnima. Please, assume position in front of the white board.

-But Dhurab, I…- she started, but quickly got interrupted by him.

-Dhurab in front of the class. You can call me Sir now. Actually you will call me Sir. Assume position.

-Okay… – he looked at her waiting – Okay, Sir… – she said, feeling humiliated. She dropped her bag on a desk and then went towards the white board, spreading her legs shoulder-width and stretching out like she was when he was using the ruler on him. He moved behind her, taking off his tie and his belt as he was walking towards her, smiling. -What are you doing, … Sir…. – she asked frightened, seeing him begin the detention like this.

-Oh, you’ll see, my dear girl, you’ll see – He said as he moved behind her, spreading his tie and twisting it around her neck, tying it into a loose knot and pulling it back a bit, tightening it around Sumnima’s throat. – Sooo… Will you sleep in class again? – he asked, pulling it harder, cutting off her breathing for a good few seconds before loosening it.

Taking a deep breath she quickly replied – No, Sir. I won’t! – shaking from fear in front of him.

-That’s a good girl, now tell me what I should do with you. Should I punish you some more?

-Please, sir, I’m still sore from last time, don’t!

Dhurab looked at her, almost as if he was impressed. He tightened the knot around her neck a bit more, making her gasp for air and moved in closer to her, taking a deep sniff of her perfume.

-So I should reward you instead, should I? – he said, his hand reaching down, under her skirt and moving up her thigh. She shivered and struggled back at that move, but he pulled on the knot even tighter, making her gasp for air. – Now, now. You asked for a reward. Tell Sir how to reward you, Miss Sumnima.

-Please I-I don’t know, please Sir! – she mumbled as she was catching her breath. His hand moved back between her thighs, rubbing against the fabric of her half-laced panties.

-Mmm, someone’s arrived prepared with some sexy clothing under, am I right? – he whispered in her ear. His hand crept up from between her thighs and went under her shirt, moving along her smooth tummy all the way to her breasts. -Why did you disobey me if in the end you’d come begging me to reward you? What reward would you like, Miss Sumnima? His hand loosened around the knot, letting her breathe, listening carefully at her breathing normalizing.

-Please just… I have homework to do and I need to sleep for tomorrow! Please, reward me by letting me go back to my room, Sir! – she whimpered out, shivering from fear.

-How about I reward you with my cock in you instead? – he moaned in her ear, pulling her closer, so close their bodies rubbed and she could feel his boner rubbing against her bottom.

-WHAT?! No! Noooo no no! I’m a virgin as well, please no! Sir, please! – she started pleading, her heart racing with fear.

-Who said anything about your pussy, my dear… – he whispered, pulling her closer and moving his free hand towards his pants, unzipping them and drawing out his dick from under, letting the engorged head rest against her panties-covered butt.

“Shit! What the fuck I can’t stand this! I have to think of something, some way to get the fuck away from this monster!” she thought to herself.

-Wait, Sir!….

-What, my dear? – he looked at her, wondering what she had in mind.

-Can… Can I at least suck your dick before you continue? – she asked, with a plan in her mind.

Dhurba giggled and then pressed her down against her knees and lowering her head. He turned her around, her back against the white board and her legs spread as she was sat down. He started jerking his dick harder and rubbing it against her soft cheeks. Finally, he started moving it against her lips, her reluctance making him even hornier. He tightened the knot around her neck and made her gasp for air, using the opportunity to shove his dick in between her lips. Just as a moan was about to let loose from his mouth, he realized what he was in for.

-AAAH OW YOU BITCH! – he screamed out after feeling her teeth tighten around his cockhead hard and tight. Her hand immediately went up and against his balls, hitting them hard and quickly. His hands went from the knot towards his balls, covering them and shivering from the pain. However, Sumnima had forgotten about the knot around her neck. As she tried to swiftly move away, the tightness went extreme, choking her along with his hand moving away from her. She started gasping and gagging for air, falling to the ground on the wood, bruising her knees. After a couple more seconds, Dhurba had recovered and was looking at her with the most disgusted and horrifying expression ever.

-You know… I was going to actually offer this be postponed. But the school is empty apart from a few guards here and there. – He grabbed the knot tighter and crawled on top of her lying on her belly on the floor. – I hope you know, I will be really rough now. – His fingers wrapped around her face as he started dry humping her buttcheeks. He was beyond engorged as he did so. His balls were tickling Sumnima’s pussy as his cock was rubbing up and down against her tight cute bum. – Come on, beg me.

-Please PLEASE stop! I BEG YOU! – she screamed out. He immediately shoved his fingers in her mouth and stretched the corners of her lips.

-Not like that. Beg properly and I’ll let you go. – he said, moving back slightly, adjusting his cock against her asshole. – Beg. BEG! BEG ME BITCH OR I WILL FUCK YOUR ASSHOLE!

-Phease Sir Phease! – she started, but as soon as she started slowing down the cockhead started pushing against her tight pucker. His fingers were stretching her lips painfully already. – PHEASE STOP PHEASE I BHEG YOUH! – she tried, but the only response she got was feeling his cock pushing harder against her butt.

-Yeah? What do you want me to do? If not now, tomorrow. – he said, tightening the knot, strangling her as he was forcing his dry cockhead inside her anus.

-Phease I beg you phease – she started breaking down in tears, small rivers of liquid with mascara running down her face. – Phease just… phease just take my ass thomorro’ , phease ! – she struggled with the fingers in her mouth. The cock started pulsing against her ass.

-Oh yeah? And will you let me cum inside your tight butt tomorrow? – he asked, as he started running the half of the cockhead that was inside in and out, in and out. She nodded, trembling.

-We have a deal, then, slut! Tomorrow your tight ass is mine and there’s nothing you can do about it. Detention. Now get the fuck out of my sight – he said, throwing the key close to the door and starting to gather his clothes.

Next day was a long and tedious journey of classes. The feeling of dread had overcome Sumnina already. She was wearing a thong as instructed by the morning e-mail from Dhurba and she was to not eat anything until the night. Along with that request was one to bring Viagra as well. She also had the address to a motel enclosed, one which had received high stars only because it was away from the city.

She was afraid…

During Maths Dhurba looked at her hungrily but pretended the previous day hadn’t happened. She could feel him eyeing her up as she went up to the board to solve several equations “as punishment” though, especially when he wrote a few on the bottom of the board.

After school, she started walking towards the motel. People were eyeing her sexy figure as she was moving towards the slums. Finally she reached the place and entered the room, her bag full of a viagra pack, condoms, anal lube and some vodka she managed to buy to prepare.

Dhurba was there already, in his underwear only, waiting for her.

-Ah there you are. Take out the viagra and put it on the table and then undress to your underwear.

She obliged, putting the lube, condoms and viagra on the table and stripping from her shirt, bra and skirt in front of the old pervert’s eyes. He gladly looked her up and then focused his gaze on the table. He went there and popped two pills of viagra with some water and then proceeded to throw the lube and condoms in the rubbish bin.

-Did I say for you to bring this shit here?

-N-no, sir, but I thought…

-You don’t know how to think. Bend over the bed.

Sumnima, scared and unaware of what was to follow bent over the bed, spreading her legs revealing her butt covered in a mere lacy thong. Dhurba lowered his pants to reveal his cock and moved behind her.

-This will be fun, Slut! – he said. *CRACK*

Dhurba spread his legs and positioned himself between hers. Her whimpering was getting him harder and harder. He bent above her and whispered in her ear:

-You will feel it. And it will hurt. I want you to cry. I won’t stop, baby. I’ll fuck your ass till you pass out from pain, wait for you to wake up and continue. – he whispered with a lust filled voice, lowering her thong and revealing her tiny butt’s hole. He grabbed her by the shoulders with one hand, other one on his dick and started positioning it. His dick was already hard as stone. She cried out, a final swan’s song, as he spat on his cockhead and spread it against her pucker, starting to shove it in.

-OOOH AWWWW NO PLEASE – she screamed but for nothing, his dick starting to enter her virgin tight round butt, cheeks pushed by her thong. His stiffness was merciless.

His cockhead was barely halfway in when she burst in tears, clenching her body as he was pushing, making him grab her by her hair and forcing her straight.

-Ask me to fuck your asshole.

-PLEASE DH-DHURBA *sob sob* PLEASE DON’T – he slapped her face.

-Ask. Nicely. Ask me to **** your cute young butt.


-Good girl – he said, slowly starting to push his rock hard fat dick inside, almost tearing her apart as the cockhead got engulfed and he let go of it with his hand, positioning himself and letting his hands rest at both sides of her head.

Sumnima’s crying filled the room as he started slowly pushing up and down against her ass, barely fitting any in this teen slut’s bum yet pushing it in, his fingers reaching into her mouth and stretching it as he got comfortable.

-Good little slut. Such a nice ass you have and we have such a long night to experiment – he whispered, slowly fitting in half of his dick, her butt bleeding from the pressure and intense friction already. – Take my dick and love it- he said and held his breath before shoving some more in, much harder and deeper, almost to the base forcing it in. Her cries of pain made him ecstatic.

His fingers tightened on her mouth, spreading her lips in almost a grip as he started pulling out a few centimeters before pushing in again. He slowly put it back in. Then out. The blood from her butt helped lube it up. Her crying made him almost reach the point.

-Cry babe. Cry all you want. You are mine for the night and this is just *shove* the *shove* start! – he whispered with in her ear and proceeded to fuck her asshole deep but slow.

Panting and screaming filled the room as he took his time to stretch and bleed her anus, the pain almost making her bend if not for Dhurba pushing her down.

-Yes, yes, yes, take it, TAKE IT SLUT, TAKE MY DICK, FUCK I’M GONNA CUM! – he screamed in her ear and as a grand finale shoved it deep inside her ass, cumming hard against it and stretching her lips painfully as a small stream of blood was on his leg from his. After moaning out for a good almost minute he lay ontop of her. Smiling, he asked her if she’s ready for more.

Dhurba slapped her face once more. And then again. Finally he threw her on the ground, laying right above her with his dick covered in small smears of blood dangling in front of her face.

-Lick it and thank me.

Sumnima obliged through tears, licking his smelly dick, almost gagging as she felt the blood from her own asshole touch her lips.

-Good little girl. Tell me, should I **** your teen butt some more?

-Please no *she whimpered* please stop!

-oh but this is just the start!- Dhurba said almost passionately as he turned her around and laid her on the ground and got on top of her, prone bone, one hand around her neck, other getting his still erect dick positioned.

-Please, please, I beg you hh please hh – her whimpers came as he positioned the cockhead against her butt.

-No, dear, you will suffer and take it. – he said shoving two fingers in her mouth.

-Mhhh! mmmmmgh! MMMMMG! – She screamed muffled as the dick renewed its punishment on her butt. The stretching was unbearable. The pain – intolerable. His pleasure was evident as he started forcing himself inside her butt again and again.

He started shoving his fingers deeper in her throat, making her gag and tighten, his breathing heavy as he choked her with his other hand. She had never felt such surreal pain.

-Yess you little slut. Take my cock. Take it deep, teach you a lesson, you teenage slut! Feel it about to fill you again? You like that, you slut? – Dhurba frantically whispered as he pounded her harder and deeper, her bleeding butt full of his cum already stretching around. His fingers shoving again and again, fucking her throat as he choked and violated her.

He sped up, causing her to start screaming with all her voice in pain, his dick plummeting relentlessly in and out of her tight butt.

-Yes yes YES TAKE MY CUM IN YOUR ASS YOU YOUNG SLUT- he screamed out, releasing his k**s inside her. Her cries kept him so erect as he was cumming. Finally after a good 20 seconds he let her butt release the dick in it. Dhurba walked away after a few mins and took out the ruler from his backpack:

-Tell me, slut, more anal or spanking?

Note: This is an old CHYOA style story I wrote which will be edited and continued! Tell me what you think and what more you’d enjoy!

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