A Day at the Gym Ch. 05


I think it is time that I end this relationship sex is one thing and I love forced sex but this relationship is bordering on abuse, but I want her so badly and when she is not with me I miss her and cannot wait until she calls around or calls for me to meet her.

I think I am being abused and I never saw it coming, my partner is very strong her body is firm and as hard as any man I have ever been with and her use of my body is exquisite the mix of pain and pleasure she gives me leaves me craving more each time a lot of time very harsh bordering on abuse but occasionally she is tender hugging and kissing me in all the right places, I don’t know why I am just accepting it if it was a man doing this to me I would have no hesitation but to kick him into touch as well as feeding him his balls on a plate.

There is some power she has over me I don’t know what it is but it is there after a night of tender love making where I made her cum so many times that when she reciprocated my body was convulsing as she repeatedly took me to the very heights of orgasm and then let it subside before taking me to the very edge of another orgasm.

When we got up my body was tired but I wanted to continue where we had left off but Kath told me that we were going shopping and I was not to wear any under clothes she picked bursa escort out my clothes a simple outfit a white shirt that fitted well she tied it in a knot around my waist so very tight that I thought the material was going to rip or I was going to be cut in half. Undoing the top buttons making it puff out then she pinched my nipples hard so they became hard adding to the effect of the shirt then she picked out a white skirt that was almost transparent in sunlight.

I love wearing lacy underwear it is a bit of a fetish with my and I love the feel of new sexy knickers but I also don’t mind if I don’t wear them, but being ordered not to wear anything left me feeling a bit embarrassed especially when the outfit I was to wear was so revealing.

As it was a hot day nether of us needed coats so we set off into Exeter the town was crowded and as I walked down the high street I saw some men and women staring at me we went into one shop and I saw a young woman with her boyfriend he was undressing me with his eyes and she caught his she hit his arm and pulled him off towards the checkout and I knew he was not going to get any off her unless he did some serious grovelling.

we where in the Lingerie department a department store when Kath took me into a changing room once there bursa escort bayan she placed a piece of tape across my mouth keeping her hand over it, with her free hand she pulled up my skirt then with one finger she began to frig me off at first she was slow and I opened up to her then she began to massage my clit with her thumb while pushing two fingers into me I was so close to an orgasm that I didn’t care what was happening to me. Kath then proceeded to finger fuck me with all four fingers stretching me with each thrust I started to cum uncontrollably the power of her assault on my body was one of power over a victim it was rape and I knew I was once again being violated by the power of this woman.

With one hand still over my mouth she ravished my sex I wanted to scream but couldn’t I was in ecstasy with the mixture of pleasure an pain she was forcing me to endure, and the she stopped, she was done with me and pulled out of me as harshly as she began the assault. She just walked out of the dressing room leaving me a dishevelled mess on the floor of the changing room I was on the peak of an orgasm and needed release so I finished myself off by frigging my clit hard until the orgasm washed through me.

I pulled the tape off my mouth and got bursa sınırsız escort up off the floor pulling my skirt down just before an assistant put her head around the door to see if I was all right. My legs were very shaky and my pussy was wet and sore, I found Kath and told her I needed to clean myself, but she did not let me go to the bathroom until we got home and I just obeyed her following her around like a puppy.

As I walked I could smell my sex sent wafting from my pussy and I was sure that others smelt me but although I saw heads turn no one commented and even when we sat down for lunch the pretty young waitress blushed as I moved my legs and a wafted of my sex hit her nostrils.

Kath plied me with drinks telling me if I did not drink she would make me suffer, I was not sure how she could make me suffer any more than I already was but I didn’t dare disobey her and by the time we left the bar my bladder was ready to burst. We were almost at the car when Kath pushed me up against a wall ok you want relief there is a drain squat over it and relive yourself or keep it until we get home I got between the two cars that were either side of the drain in question and pulled up my skirt exposing my sex to the outside world as I let my bladder empty Kath called my name I looked up and then followed her finger as it pointed up to the sky.

On top of a pole that I thought was a lamp standard was a camera and it was pointed straight at where I was squatting, it was to late I was in full flow I could do nothing other than smile and let it flow much to the enjoyment of the person on the other end of the camera I guess.

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