A High Fever and a Loving Mother


I rarely get sick but when I do, its usually pretty bad. I was still in high school when this took place. I had started to get a fever and it was the middle of the summer, so understandably I was miserable. My lovely mother was quite worried but not to the point where I needed to go the hospital. As the night approached I kept getting worse. My Father and siblings had already gone to bed but my mother stayed by my side bringing me water and changing cold rags to put on my forehead. I was seriously burning up. Like I said before it was summer so I had the fan on put it was still no use. My mother told me to strip and only leave underwear on. So I did. This brought some relief but it was still unbearable.“We really need to get an air conditioner in here,” she said.I mumbled something back and turn over spreading my legs and arms to either Göztepe escort bayan side. This increased the surface area so that I could feel the breeze from the fan. I guess my mother was getting tired herself because she laid beside me as I tried to get some sleep. She must have felt the heat as well because minutes later she got up and began to pull her shirt off. It was a surreal scene. I felt like I was dying but here was my beautiful mother stripping her clothes off beside me. It was quite dark, only the street lights from outside came into my room. However, I could clearly see my mothers tits and nipples as she unfastened her bra and let fall to the ground. She still had her shorts on but seeing her tits was enough to give me a hard on. She turned towards and I pretended to be asleep. She Escort Caddebostan crawled towards me and put her hand on my forehead. Her nipple grazed my shoulder and I couldn’t help but allow my cock to fully erect itself. My mother got up one more time and proceeded into my bathroom where she soaked the rags once again. I could clearly see her tits this time with the bathroom light on. They were gorgeous. They were nice and plump, showing no hint of the abuse her body had taken from raising 5 kids. Once again she made her way back. This time she put one rag on my forehead and another on belly. The palm of her hand grazed my cock and it must have surprised her because she stopped her movements altogether. I could only imagine she was looking at my cock because I still had my eyes closed and Bağdat Caddesi escort there was no way of knowing. “Baby, baby…” I heard her whisper.“huh” I groaned back.“Lets get this undies off so you’re more comfortable.”I didn’t answer because she was already moving her fingers under the elastic band of my underwear. I raised my hips so that she could easily slide them off and she did. My cock felt nice as air from the fan removed some of the heat that was being produced from my balls and cock. “I’m going to put a wet towel on your privates…” she whispered.“Okay,” I whispered back. I was still in pain but now the feeling of my cock and seeing my mother’s naked breasts had eased the pain and weariness. I felt the small wash cloth fall on my cock and balls. It wasn’t big enough to cover its entirety but it sure felt good having something cool down there. Then my mom did something unexpected. She grabbed the wash cloth and my cock all at once and wrapped the wash cloth all the way around my penis. I immediately felt my blood cooling. I guess this was working. “How does that feel?” she asked.“Feels good.” I replied honestly.Slowly I dozed off and slept.

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