Daughter by the Pool

For Women

I had previously submitted this story but it was deleted because it was too short.   In my original version, I made it sound like it all happened in one afternoon but it actually took about two weeks.   I have also put in some things that I left out in the original.I was working from home because my car was in the shop.  My daughter, Jess, was at a friend’s house all night so didn’t know I was home.  I heard her come home and it sounded like some friends were with her so I didn’t say anything and kept working in my upstairs office.  My desk was by a window overlooking our backyard pool.  I heard what sounded like people moving patio furniture so I looked out the window and saw four girls out by our pool.   I recognized one of them as Sally, a friend of my daughter.   It was Sally’s house the Jess stayed at the night before.The others I did not recognize.   One of them had on a thong and was extremely hot looking with long tan legs and a beautiful ass that was fully exposed due to her tiny thong.   She had on a pair of sexy high heals which made her legs look even better.   Her hair was light brown and came down to her mid back. She seemed to be Escort Göztepe topless, but I couldn’t tell for sure because of her long hair and the fact that her back was to me. I started to get a hard on and it was a little embarrassing because I was sure they were all teenagers. I kept going back to my computer to try to get some work done but every couple of minutes I would look back outside to see what the girls were doing. The other three girls had removed their tops and were lying in lounge chairs by the pool. The mystery girl always had her back to me or was out of sight.  The topless girls looked very sexy lying there topless but I was enthralled by the mystery girl.    After about 30 minutes I began to wonder why I hadn’t seen my daughter. I wanted to go looking for her to make sure everything was alright but I couldn’t leave the window in hopes of seeing the front of the mystery girl.   Then she must have said something to the other girls because all of a sudden she bent over and removed her thong as the other girls also removed their bottoms. My cock was rock hard looking at her beautiful ass when Caddebostan escort she turned around and I realized that the mystery girl was my daughter.   I started to feel guilty that I was so turned on by my own daughter.   I started to get a little soft when I noticed that Jess had a smoothly shaved pussy and was also pierced had what looked like a little bell hanging from one of her pussy lips.   I was correct in thinking that she was topless and now I noticed that her nipples were also pierced. This gave me my hard on back and I could no longer even think about work.As I watched my daughter and her friends sunbathing in the nude, I kept thinking how wrong watching them was but how incredibly turned on I was.   Finally any guilt I was feeling went away and I took off my pants and began stroking my cock.   The girls went in the pool to cool off.   When they came out they started drying each other off.   I thought I saw them playing with each other’s pussies but thought I must be wrong until Sally got one her knees and put her face in Jess’s pussy.   This put me over the edge and I shot my load all over. Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan   I don’t know why but the two girls I didn’t know suddenly looked up at the window and I thought I was caught.   I tried to sit back so I couldn’t be seen but soon the three girls got dressed and left.   Jess sat back down and continued to sunbathe still totally nude.I cleaned up my mess and took a shower and went back to work. I did manage to get some work done even though I took frequent breaks to look at my daughter’s nude body.   My wife got home and fixed dinner and called me down to eat.   Jess was dressed in a very short skirt and loose fitting top and those same high heals.   I felt my cock starting to get hard but controlled myself.   My daughter helped my wife serve dinner and took every opportunity to bend over to show me her bare ass.   I couldn’t tell if she had on a very skimpy thong or had on no panties at all.   She also bent over to poor me something to drink and give me a good view at her braless tits. I was sure that my daughter was trying to turn me on and that she probably knew that I had been watching her and her friends earlier in the day.I went to bed around 11 P.M. and my wife came in shortly after.   She asked if I had seen the girls.   I didn’t know what she might have known or guessed so I played dumb and asked her what she meant.   She told me that Jess had called her and asked if she could bring some friends over and use the pool.

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