A First Time for Everything


When boiled right down to it, it really was just one of those typical girl meets boy type of tales, sort of. I was a freshman in college with clouds of thoughts floating in my head about world peace, end to starvation, cure for cancer, and of course recycling. I spent the summer picking up litter around the outskirts of my father’s country club thinking I was changing the world one cigarette butt at a time. It’s amazing what a few years of drunken stupors will do to the “save the world” mentality.

I met Matt inevitably since we were in the same residency complex which held the only dining hall that served edible food. He was one of those captains of the football team type of guys. You know, he was the tall good looking type with a million dollar smile. I was in lust the moment Robin pointed him out with her baby carrot stick. Unfortunately he was oblivious of us or half the room as he made his way to a crowded table of sweaty jocks straight from the gym. There were girls with barely anything on just draping themselves on him while Robin and I admired in silence from afar.

Now Robin wasn’t my room-mate but instead I was graciously flung into the supporting role in my room-mate Jillian’s melodrama. To try to describe Jillian and to put her in an organized stereotypical box, tagged and labeled alphabetically, would be quite a feat therefore I will try to describe her actions instead.

Our first meeting was moving on day. I had carried, more like dragged my over-loaded suit case up three flights of stairs through the hot August day, bitching and moaning at each step to only find that my room already occupied.

Using the key I picked up at the Bursar’s office I opened my home for the next nine months of my life. The ancient door swayed open heavily to reveal Jillian on her knees, hair tossed back with her bright green eyes wide opened giving some guy a blow job. It was not that I hadn’t seen blow-job in progress before, slumber party 1991: Becky Lehman’s father porno collection, it was that I had never had the act performed right in front of me.

He had his head back with mouth agape and his hands firmly around her head using her mouth as he thrusted his hips in a frantic manner. I could see that they were both completely clothed except for his jeans that were amassed around his ankles and the slit of his boxers were wet and stretched opened. Her fingers were running up and around his swollen balls as though she was egging him to blow his wad into her mouth. I could smell the sex in the air, but even knowing that he was moaning aloud I couldn’t hear a thing past my own heart beat. Her breasts were bouncing as she braced herself, wrapping one arm around his ass. She was staring at me now with a glint in her eyes that had a profound effect on me. I could see how wet his dick was, truly glistening from her saliva. It’s amazing how much detail that can be absorbed in mere seconds. Pulse pounding and against my own will power I felt my nipples push hard against my padded bra. I shook myself free from the moment and to my surprise I didn’t drop my bags and bolt out of there. Instead I tilted my head to one side and pursed my lips in a quandary and calmly took two steps in. There was nothing really needed to be said for it obvious there weren’t any indications that either of them were eager to stop. I slid my suit case with my foot just far enough in so I could close the door. Panicked, nervous, excited and frightened I tried to calmly stroll the busy hallway and down the over heated stairs.

I kissed my mother on the cheek getting the last of my possessions from the “Soccer Mom” white mini-van and hugged my father fair well. I wondered if they thought my awkwardness was due to it being my first time away from home. I didn’t make any notions that it was the frozen image of my new room-mate with a mouth full of cock burned into my brain.

“I wouldn’t want you guys to be driving in the dark. It’s no problem at all. I’ll just wait for the elevator to free up to move the bigger things. I love both of you so much and going to miss everything.” I said as sincerely as I was jumping for joy inside.

I stood smiling as they drove off with my mother in tears and my father day-dreaming about sitting around the living room in his boxers. Once I saw the tail lights of the van disappear around the corner I grabbed a few light bags and turned to make my trip again. This time around I made sure my trip back up the stairs was slow and cumbersome. As I labored over each step, not by the weight of my bags but the weight of the thought lurking through my mind, I ran short speeches in my head on how I was going to address the situation. After all couples do stuff like that all time. Not necessarily in from of perfect strangers, but they still did, right? Room 3C with the huge white dry eraser board hung on the outside had its door slightly ajar and I sighed in relief in my approach.

Jillian whose birth certificate name was plainly Jill added the extra letters to provide an air of bursa escort sophistication, she commented to me while we unpacked our belongings. I was just happy she brought the VCR and refrigerator. She was definitely taller than me, by three inches or so with auburn hair and curves that would make the roads in Tennessee jealous. Not only that, she probably had the biggest set of breasts I had ever seen on a girl my age up to that point. It wasn’t long before she was just referred to as JUGS by the guys on campus and a few professors too.

“I know what you were thinking when you walked in here, what a slut, right?” she asked almost rhetorically as she tossed into the empty drawer her bras and panties clumped together.

“No I wasn’t. I’m sure you’ll miss your boyfriend…” I tried to continue in an understanding tone.

“Hell no, he’s not my boyfriend! He’s the RA on our floor, Mr. Hall monitor himself.” She chuckled.

I made the observation at the time and thought it somewhat peculiar that the two of them were together. Even I could not see all of Jillian I could however, see all of him and well it can be said he was somewhat lacking in the looks department. He was tall and gangly with mossy brown hair and a huge nose, huge set of canines and skin that reminded of my grandmother’s. He was so thin that his bones seem to protrude out as if he wore his skeleton on the outside, thus he was dubbed “Bones”.

“Listen you are going to thank me in the long run.” Jillian stated with her hands on her hips and eyebrows raised.

I had to admit at the time I thought it was the grossest possible thing she could have done, but eventually it did pay off two months later when “Bones” caught us with a bottle of Citron Absolut in our “no alcohol” room. I still think it was gross and the images still haunt me some nights when I can’t sleep.

The first few weeks went on with nothing quite exciting besides the torrid stories Jillian would tell me and all the other girls of our floor. We painted each other’s nails and put on our mud masks listening in awe. I couldn’t believe that someone my age had done all the things that she talked about. It terrified and intrigued me all at once.

One afternoon Bones was playing Ultimate Frisbee outside with the guys and hollered at Jillian as we crossed the Quad. We had all intentions of ignoring him when like a dog chasing a cat tied to a pole, I lurched back tight and taught in seeing Matt running across the field in one of those thin nylon shorts. I was gasping. It took no time at all for Jillian to link the two events together and started to turn the gears in her mind. We sat on the bench watching the rest of the game and I pretended to finish my reading of the Symposium.

I stared relentlessness but there was nothing that I could do about any of it. Every time I was able to tear my eyes away I would be drawn back, utterly captivated. It was as if I was in one of those dazes that felt like a warm blanket from the dryer, sweet, soothing, and oh so difficult to emerge from. That was until the moment he raced passed me catching the whizzing Frisbee behind his back only a foot away. He stopped to smile that amazing smile in my direction and I was stunned. I could have sat there for the remainder of the day watching his body glide across the ground. I even thought I saw a droplet of sweat falling from his eyebrows, glistening, yes glistening.

“All right Heather we get it. We all get it, now can we take a moment from your case study of Mr. America and go?” Jillian rolled her eyes to the back of her head sighing in the direction of Robin who had mysteriously appeared from no where.

“Hey…. Yeah… Robin…. when did you…umm get here?” I asked still befuddled and searching for words in between my blinks of distraction.

“Uhh like ten minutes ago.” She snapped. “It’s time for apple sauce.” Robin said walking towards the dining hall.

She had been on an apple sauce and carrot sticks kick for the past month stating she couldn’t possible eat anything else from the place. Some how she had spotted one of the food service workers pouring the smashed fruit from one of the plastic containers one day and deemed the food to be sanitized enough to eat. I never asked her about the baby carrots though. I personally just avoided the thing they called “Lime Light Chicken” with a greenish tinge and orange glow about it.

After taking my time selecting and taking chances on what was laid out before me and scrapping the skin off the vanilla pudding I went to search for the girls. When I came into the dining hall I spotting Jillian sitting by Bones and I choked on thick air. I thought I would have to find other seating arrangements that evening, but low and behold Robin was just on the other side of the table flipping her gorgeous blonde locks back. She always did it to draw attention to her graceful swan like neck. Puzzled and surprised that either of them would pay that much attention to Bones I forced myself in their bursa escort bayan direction. There was an open seat besides Robin so I maneuvered myself there. Sliding into the seats I gave a wondering look in Jillian’s direction.

“Oh Heather have you met Matt? He’s Bone’s ex cell, no rather room mate from last year. He’s a senior.” Jillian said pretty much as a matter of fact.

Matt smiled in my direction and things actually started to fluttered inside of me. I was breathless and wordless, a combination that rarely occurred in my life. He had hazel eyes and long eye lashes that girls would have killed to have. I must have had said something which made him nod his head in agreement. So that was that, our first so called romantic encounter, but back then I considered it serendipitous.

Over the next few months I would see him on campus and have coffee at the MT cup every once in awhile but the chemistry seemed to be only on my side. He kept calling me his favorite buddy and copied my lab notes. I hated being in that situation. I hated that he had the upper hand all the time and I had no say on when I would see him or even talk to him. This truly messed up my once average self esteem. Resulting in me never even considering calling him, just trying to be where he might be. I guess I turned out to be a mild stalker of some kind. He never acted like he minded so much, smiling and waving when he saw me. The frat parties were the worse, the girls were always around and I didn’t even have the nerve to be one of the well glossed girls orbiting around him. A mutual friend of ours told me one day that Matt was the type of guy that every girl wanted to be with and every guy wanted me be. I laughed it off and said something corny like I just saw him as a good friend or something boring like that. And every time he would mention what a good friend I was I’d kicked myself knowing that I had already labeled myself that for him.

On nights alone when Jillian was out on one of her numerous dates I would contemplate the reasons why he wasn’t attracted to me. I never really had difficulties with guys before and it wasn’t that I hadn’t been out with other guys since I got to college, but it just pained me that THE one that I wanted didn’t want me. Standing in front of the mirror nude, I’d studied my body thoroughly. I would trace my shoulders and collar bones feeling the smooth outline of my frame. I circled the tense areolas of my breasts down to my flat stomach and my sensitive hips bones and thighs. Then move to my jaw line and my lips that were small but full, to my slightly upturned nose and high cheek bones. I had the typical Asian eyes, dark and refined cast against ivory skin still tinged with the summer rays. My hair laid rest to the middle of my back which would tickle when I walked around naked. I scanned looking for something, something that might be just off. On one of the evenings when I was staring at myself in disappointment something happened that I couldn’t speak of for years.

“Oh my! Having fun alone I see.” Jillian purred bursting in the room.

I grabbed my terry cloth robe and threw it on quickly. Thank God she was alone and drunk, maybe she’d forget about the whole thing. Shockingly Jillian ran behind me standing so close I could feel her breath on my skin. She looked at me through the mirror, like she had never done before then swallowed a kiss from my neck. It was so erotic to feel her soft and tender lips against me. I quivered in her embrace as my breathing fluctuated. She came to rest her head on my shoulders wrapping her arms around my waist and letting out a sweet purr.

“You’re beautiful and he’s a dumb ass.” She said enveloping me in her kiss. I lost myself to her willingly.

It was desperately sensual the way her tongue slid between my lips. I couldn’t stop her physically even if I wanted to, plus my body responded on its own accord without checking in with my head. Holding onto the collar of my robe, she pulled it behind me leaving it in a puddle on the floor. I felt so vulnerable like that, I used my hands to cover a little bit of myself. I could taste the alcohol on her breath but I still couldn’t resist. So tantalizing. She ran her fingernails along the flat spot just behind my ears sending a shiver through my body that ended right in the core of my being. My stomach was tight, my breathing was tight and I could feel my nipples hardening then pressing up against her when she turned me around in her arms. She had a quiet strength that I always imagined. I loved her aggressive kisses that took what they wanted. I gazed into her eyes searching for something, anything to rationalize what was happening between us, only to find a look of wanton lust. I was fascinated and drawn to her. I had never had anyone desire me like that. Sure boys in high school had looked at me, stared at me but never with such a burning bursa sınırsız escort pull. I kissed her back. This time it was so soft that our lips barely touched yet it was like electricity that bolted through us. I opened my eyes to find hers closed, I wouldn’t have ever thought she would close her eyes in a kiss. She cupped my face with her hands holding me still as our lips mingled together and our hands stated to rove along each other’s bodies. She was so soft I can hardly describe it even now. The warmth of her skin as I peeled off a layer of her clothes at a time proved incredible to the touch. Running my fingers over her arms and shoulders I could see the goose bumps following my trail. I bit my lip holding back. I stepped back to see her body. The curves and her womanly charms drew me in like a moth to a flame. She was simple radiant the way she looked that night. As she unhooked her bra her breasts fell out exposing her large nipples so pink and swollen from arousal. Her breasts were large but firm from youth and moved with a child’s rubber ball like bounce. I loved how they felt when I squeezed as much of it as I could with my hands. They were over flowing and I became lured and tempted to taste them.

Each time I would run my hands over her awoken nipples she would let out a moan with a delicious smile. Her lips were painted crimson red with dark kohl eye shadow that made her look so seductive. I don’t recall when we found ourselves completely naked giggling in her bed. Shyness stunned me. I pulled the crisp white sheets over our bodies against her protest. We kept giggling in the dark. Touching each other and comparing our bodies I found that I loved the difference between us. She was softer everywhere than me, the feel of her round thighs, the way her ample breasts would lay against each other when she would rest on her side. The roundness of her hips curved to lead to the spot between her thighs. My fingers tickled her there with light and soft caresses that barely ignited her senses. I couldn’t stop rolling her large pink nipples between my fingers, pinching and squeezing them with my fingernails. I knew the sensation she was feeling for they were the same as mine when her hands would deliberately drag over my breasts.

She kept whispering that it was all right, that everything was all right. We laughed at my clumsiness as I lost my way around her body not knowing what I should do next. She kissed me passionately and I couldn’t see anything but sparks against a blurry background. Her hands pulled my small hips closer to hers as she started to grind her body against me. I felt her nether hairs rubbing and ticking my lower belly. I paused, hesitant and cautious of her subtle movements. She smiled and adjusted for our height difference throwing her leg over with one of mine squeezed between hers. I couldn’t believe how I wet I had become. I told myself it was because my body was just responding to the physical touch, but I know how it was much more than that. I could feel her pussy on top of my thigh pushing against me, her hard aroused clit at the epicenter. I started saying something, whispering unknown words in her ears. I felt my own needs starting to grow. I mimicked her movements grinding my hips into her, feeling my body pulse in our gyrations. Her kisses were tremendous, her hands were magical and our bodies moved together like waves pulsing and vibrating as one unit.

I had reached a plateau of pleasure, not knowing if I was coming or going when her hand slipped between our two flat stomachs to my soaked pussy. She sent me over the brink with her masterfully talented hands. It was a mere touch from her finger tip on my engorged clit that sent me. My cunt lips were swollen and puffy, opened and inviting her fingers into me. The heel of her palm pressed against my clit as she slipped two fingers into my eager hole. When the first quakes came I sucked hard on her lower lip my body tensing and locking stiff. The walls of my pussy closed tightly almost squeezing her fingers out completely. Spasming they clamped over and over on her partially inserted fingers.

“Let it out Heather… just let it out.” She whispered.

I cried out my pleasure, sucking in heavy breaths with each heave of my chest. These were complete body shaking moans, no more like grunts that came from the pit of my stomach. The lights went out in my head as the waves came crashing over me sending warm wet shudders all over. Mmmm.. it was all so delicious and sweet but as intense as anything I could have imagined. Jillian responded with her own echoes cued from my orgasm. I was so excited just watching her reflex I was unable to move. Her body was moving and shaking against me almost thrashing her hips erratically against my leg keeping her clit as the focus. Shed grabbed my head in her hands and kissed me hard sucking my breath. Her body eased and our lips parted. She hummed as the intensity of her cum subsided. Her lips parted and she let go of the breath she had held onto the entire time. Her eyes opened and focused on me kissing my forehead lightly. I cast my eyes down, becoming aware of my bare nakedness and the flow between my legs. I buried my head into her chest as her fingers caressed my back. I kissed her chest falling asleep in her arms wondering what would come of this tomorrow.

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