25 and Wanting Lauri Ch. 03


“Mom, whatever happened to that guy you were seeing?” Justin asked her one afternoon.

“Andrew?” Lauri asked. “Oh honey, he got so boring. It seems these older men are such fuddy duddy types. ”

Not to mention Andrew had been lousy in bed, not the red hot lover Mike was.

“Yeah, I guess most guys your age and up can’t keep up with a babe like you,” Justin teased his mother.

“Are you suggesting I find myself a young stud?” Lauri teased back.

“Why not? I already have one in mind you might like.”

“Who?” Lauri asked, amazed. Justin was actually serious about this!

“Mike,” Justin informed her. “The next time he comes over, he should ask you out.”

It was all Lauri could do not to gag on her coffee; Justin obviously hadn’t known about the secret affair she was having with Mike for months while she saw stuffy Andrew on the side.

Managing to keep her composure, she asked, “Do you honestly think a man like that who has both women he works with and female fans throwing himself at him to take a second look at me??”

“Mom, he doesn’t know it, but I’ve busted him a few times looking you over. Hey, he is a young stud that can knock you up in a flash!” her son laughed. “And he doesn’t need Viagra to do the deed!”

“Who said anything Escort Esenyurt about me wanting more children? Especially at my age.”

“He wants one, and he’s looking for the right chick to make the word the deed. And the way he checks you out, Mike would be more than happy to put a bun in your oven. And really, Mom, you aren’t THAT old. There’s chicks older than you having kids.”

“Sure, but how would we explain this to your sister? They did date at one time, you know.”

“Her loss,” Justin grinned. “So how about it? Go out one time and see what happens.”

Lauri considered it; she and Mike would have to put on a charade, even though it was now obvious that Justin would have approved of their pairing in his own strange way.

She presumed Justin had filled in his best friend on this whole thing too.

If she tossed her diaphragm and became pregnant, that would be a plus. She wasn’t sure how Kelsey would react, but everyone else would definitely be happy.

The prospect of fucking Mike’s brains out at every opportunity wasn’t a problem since Lauri and he had been doing it secretly for months since their first sexual encounter on her living room couch.

The big night happened when Justin invited him to stay over Etiler escort after the match in town.

Mike had taken Lauri to dinner alone as part of the charade to make her son believe this was their first night “out.”

Of course, Justin was still up when they came home, wanting Lauri to fill him in on her “date.”

She told what she could, saying that he was right; they did hit it off. They had gone to their bedrooms shortly afterward; Lauri feigning tiredness.

Later that night when she was sure that the kids were asleep, Lauri crept down the hall to the entrance to the guest room where Mike slept.

Quietly, she closed and locked the door and dropped her robe, slipping naked under the covers.

He was sleeping in the nude on his back, and Lauri reached over to begin playing with his limp cock. She could feel it beginning to come to attention as she closed her hand around it, jerking it gently.

Mike stirred as his cock came to life. Gradually he opened his eyes and saw Lauri bent over him as she continued to work on his member.

“What the hell…?” he began to say realizing she was in the room. “Jesus, Lauri, what if they catch us…?”

“Shhhh!” she whispered and kissed him. “Don’t worry; Justin would approve.”

Mike Eyüp escort bayan rolled Lauri onto her back and guided his cock head into her hole, sliding in with ease.

“Yes, Mike!” she whispered. “Come on, baby, give me some of that good lovemaking of yours!”

Lauri could feel his dick throbbing in her cunt as Mike took a hold of her legs, putting them over her head, and thrust in and out of her, never taking his eyes off of her.

“You feel so good, baby,” he whispered.

“Oh yes!” she moaned as he filled her with his cock. “That’s it! Fuck me.”

It was a slow and sensuous fuck; Lauri enjoyed him making love to her for about ten to fifteen minutes before Mike gave off a grunt, pumping faster before filling her with his semen.

Lauri savored the moment, allowing him to fill her with every stream of cum from his cock until he sighed with satisfaction, staying inside her for a few minutes longer once they had finished their sexual liaison.

Six weeks later, Lauri had her morning sickness in years. Though the discussion of marriage never came up, it was obvious that Mike had been thrilled at her becoming pregnant.

The two of them would had several more couplings as her belly swelled; Justin grinning like a fool at his hot best friend making his mom happy and her daughter scratching her head with wonder.

Lauri figured Kelsey would put two and two together soon enough.

The kicker would be her finding out that her big brother was involved getting her mom and Mike together….or so Justin still thought.

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