Subject: Young Ballers 20 Young Ballers 20 This series started almost 4 years ago. I can’t tell you howoften I come back to it and jerk off to it myself. It’s the expression of whatI fantasize about the most. I wish I could snap my fingers and bring everychapter to 1080p video with flawless bodies cast in every role. Thank you for being great readers and routinely sending yourthanks and own fantasies to inspire me. Life is pretty busy. Though greatfantasies fill my mind and cock often, I don’t have as much of a chance to writeas I used to. I do this weekend though. I’m also exceptionally horny, so whynot put it into words. I love this series the most because each chapter standsalone more or less. Those are myfavorite other series, the ones I don’t have to keep track of events, can juststroke and enjoy the moment. As I close this one out, I’d like to thank Dale10(Too many stories to cite) and Sneetch Graphsmuse42 (Watching the Boys) forinspiring me to write this wonderful smut. As always, if this is illegal for you to read, please don’t.This is only fantasy and should never be attempted in any way. Just grease upyour pervy cock and stroke and be happy for technology and Nifty. Nifty is amazing, so please donate to them to keep this siteup and going. *** Jason let his hands drift acrosshis young sweaty chest. His pecs and smooth abs glistened from thick layers ofsweat. Warmup, a game, and now a slow heated fuck ensured that every inch ofhim was slick, flavored with the funk of a 20 year old quarterback. His torsowas open to the intensely warm dorm room, the heat on full blast on the chillyNovember Saturday afternoon. Jason’s grey sweats were stretched down and pulledunder his smooth oversized balls and the fat seven inches currently working itsway in and out of a sexy little black fifth grader. The littleboys log ebony legs floated in the air, spread wide giving Jason full access tothe tiny hole. The 10 year old lay back on Jason’s dorm bed, his body limp andspread out, his deep chocolate body sunk into the soft white sheets Jason’s momhad bought him. Stefan was a fifth grader at an elementary school down the hillfrom the university. His lanky body flew up and down the basketball courts andaround the school playground, but on Saturdays it was stripped naked and throwninto a bed to be used by Granite Valley State’s starting quarterback. Stefan’shead coach dad made sure of it. Granite Valley wasn’t a top school,but they had dreams. Stefan’s dad had dreams, and recruited Jason and a fewothers heavily. Jason had a taste for little nigga boys, and his coach gladlywhored out his sons. Jason had started with his coach’s oldest and worked hisway down the four boys. Stefan was Jason’s favorite, but only because the boy’sfour year old little brother needed a month between fuckings. Jasonlooked down at little Stefan, admired his plump lips and nose, those brown eyesthat were now closed as he endured the large jock cock sliding in and out ofhis 10 year old hole. Jason reached down and ran his fingers over the boy’slips and down his slender chest. He brought the finger up to his mouth andsavored the taste of funky black boy who’s balls hadn’t even dropped yet. Helooked down at his tiny little cock and balls that would one day be animpressive 9 inches of slender black cock. Today it was tiny and flopped backand forth as he was fucked by the white jock stud. Jason fucked slow, long steadystrokes deep into the little boy. He felt every inch of nigga boy hole dragalong his cock, the tiny little stone of prostate run along the head of hiscock. He heard the subtle moans of pleasure and mercy slip from Stefan’s lips. Jason, smiling and filled withadrenalin, had thrown open his dorm room door to find Stefan sitting on his bed.Coach always came through. The quarterback had come straight from the game, int-shirt and sweats, and horny as fuck from the sizeable win over a ranked team.He shoved his cock in the mouth and down the throat of little Stefan. The boycoughed and gagged as the jock raped his throat, sweat flying everywhere. The20 year old grabbed the boy’s head, covered in soft curly hair, and fucked hiscock in hard until he fed the boy a large load of jock cum. The boy’s lipstingled from the pounding the jock pedophile gave him. Years prior, it was a win thathelped Jason give in to his most secret desires. A state championship game winfor his small high school let him celebrate in the hotel that night with therest of his team. In the hallway getting ice, he spotted a 6 year old black boycoming back from the pool, his body exposed and glistening. Adrenaline wasstill racing through Jason’s body. His cock filled out even more as it imaginedplowing the plump black but walking in front of him. He pulled the boy into hisroom and tossed him on the bed before the boy couldn’t even understand what washappening. The high school junior cock slid in balls deep, and the boy screamedinto Jason’s hand and the bed spread. Fireworks went off in Jason’s brain as hegave into something he’d though about since junior high. His first load filledsix year old butt after just a minute. His second and third loads took anotherthirty minutes. The little boy was moaning and grinding back by the end. Jasongot lucky he found a little slut. His coach helped him clean it all up andensure the boy didn’t rat out the state champion quarterback. Jason was a well-practicedpedophile now though, using his coach’s sons or the occasional little brotherhis teammates didn’t mind letting him fuck. The stud jock pressed all the wayin and then jabbed a little more. Stefan’s eyes opened wide, his pink lips in abeautiful circle. Jason smiled and dug his cock in deeper, feeling the tightsquishiness that only comes from little boys. His thrusts became quicker, histhick quarterback cock throbbing. He grabbed the boy’s ankles for some leverageand began fucking the little nigga boy butt harder, faster and with urgency tobreed him. “I love your little butt Stefan,such a fucking tight little hole I’m raping,” Jason panted in his face, “yourdaddy ever get his own little taste of this butt he whored out to get me here?” The sweet little 5thgrader shook his head no. Jason laughed. He knew his coach didn’t touch his ownkids. Loser, Jason thought. “Tell me you love it little nigga,tell me what I want to hear,” Jason grunted. The boy whined from deep down inhis 10 year old heart. Stefan brought his slender young fingers down to hislittle immature cock, fiddling with it like he knew Jason liked. “Fuck me Jason. Fuck me with yourbig white cock.” “Molest me. Rape me. I love yourquarterback cock raping me, Jason.” Jason’s tongue slid out and hisgrinned widened. His young muscular body was overjoyed at the little nigga sexpot begging him to fuck him. Jason let go of the boy’s ankles and leaned in hishands wrapping gently around the boy’s throat. His wide muscular hips poundedforward, his balls slapping against little black boy butt. Stefan felt thestud’s breath in his face, clean and hot, like the rest of him. Their eyes met,Jason grinned wide his load slipping up into his cock, Stefan smiled back andthen filled the room with his wild cries. Jason pushed as deeper as he couldand filled the 5th grader with his white boy load. Jason panted and rocked his hipsworking the last drops out. He collapsed on the boy, drained and happy. Heshoved his tongue into the boy’s mouth, kissing him deeply. The boy writhed andfought against the grown man’s weight and tongue. Jason smothered the littleboy with his sweaty body, grinding and slipping against that smooth black skin. Jason reared back. “You’re oneamazing fuck, love that little nigga pussy.” Jason let his lips fall on10-year-old black boy skin, tasting prepubescent funk as his nose drifted toStefan’s smooth armpits. The door to his dorm swing openletting a fresh blast of air infiltrate, cool and not soaked with the smell ofpedo sex. “What the holy fuck, Jason?” the17yo boy said standing in the door. Jason turned from his 10 year oldlover towards the door to see his little brother, Shane, standing there. Hisown number 8 Granite Valley jersey hung from Shane’s slender frame down to thetop of his tight jeans. “Bro, what the fuck are you doingup here. I said I’d meet you guys at the restaurant.” Jason exclaimed trying toprocess how he got caught fucking a little kid. “We decided to come get you so wecould go earlier. Dad’s hungry. That’s a motherfucking little kid you’refucking!” the words all came out as one outraged sound, Shane’s finger pointedat the gasping little black boy’s face. Jason’s stud cock was still firmlyinside the boy’s luscious black butt. Jason tried to get Shane to leave,his naked body trying to press the high school junior out of the room, butShane could just stare wide-eyed and point at the little black butt leakingwhat he assumed was his brothers cum. “Dude, just go, I’ll explain later.Just don’t tell anyone.” “We are totally talking about thislater, this some fucked up shit.” Shane left, and Jason leaned backagainst the door trying to catch his breath. He looked over at the writhingcute little boy and wish he had time for one more fuck. He rubbed his slimycock on the boy’s face as he texted his coach to come pick his little slut up. Dinner was tense. Jason wassweating the whole time, trying to avoid eye contact with his little brother.His parents asked if anything was wrong, but he said it was only the come downfrom all the adrenaline and excitement. They believed him and chatted on. Shanelooked at his brother and shook his head. Jason begged off of desert and saidhe needed rest. “I’ll come with you big bro, weneed to catch up.” Jason sheepishly agreed, and theirparents were so proud at how close their little boys were. The two were back inJason’s room before 10. The campus raged in an intense party all around them. The two sat across from each otherin Jason’s dorm room, Jason in his bed, Shane in a chair, his long leg drapedover the arm. “Are you a fucking pedophile, bro?”Shane asked quietly. Jason shook his head. “Dude, how long ya been fuckinglittle kids man, that shit’s disgusting.” “Since junior year, can’t help itman, it’s so fucking hot, so fucking beautiful. I’m hard just thinking aboutthem,” Jason confessed. “You sick fuck, who was that kid?”Shane asked. “My coach’s son, and yes he knows.It was the incentive for me to come here. You don’t understand Shane, I needthem so bad, it feels so good.” “You sound like a fucking addict, apedophile addict,” Shane recoiled in horror. “Don’t knock it till you fuck it,”Jason said slyly, his confident jock swagger returning. “Sick fuck!” “You want a taste of it don’t you,”Jason asked. He wondered if his brain was just trying to find a way out of thepredicament or if he really did notice a firmness in his little brother’scrotch earlier and now, a firmness that was growing. “Fuck you asswipe! Wait, were youpervin on my ass when I was a little kid? You sick ass faggot fuck.” Jason admitted he had. He thoughtback to when he was in 8th grade, stroking his young cock whilesniffing Shane’s 11yo underwear. A few times he’d licked Shane’s butt and cockwhen he was deep asleep, but he didn’t admit all that, just that he’d thoughtabout it. “You really are a sick fuck, guess I’mglad you didn’t rape me like you were raping that little black boy,” Shanethought as he got up. Jason swung his laptop around andpulled up a file. His dorm room appeared on screen as a teammate of his sat onthe bed, his 7yo little brother bouncing on his cock. Jason had taken the videofor one of his offensive linemen. The two studs shot an intense kiddie porn theweekend the boy’s parents let him to visit his studly older brother. Gruntsfrom the huge offensive lineman and desperate whines from the 2ndgrader flowed gently from his laptop speakers, and Shane didn’t move. Shane’slook of shock returned as he watched a 21yo buff white boy fuck the hell out ofhis little brother, that tiny pale butt split wide open. “Holy fuck, who’s that?” Shaneasked. “One of my linemen and his littlebrother. Later you’ll get to see him hold his brother down while I rape thekid.” Jason answered truthfully hoping he’d stir even more interest in hislittle brother’s shorts. Shane stared as the scene unfolded,close up views of horny jock cock piercing tiny little Hatay Escort hole. His 17-year-oldhand drifting down to his crotch. Jason smiled as apparently being a sick fuckran in the family. Shane sat back down, rubbing histeen cock while his eyes never left the scene on the laptop. He could see hisbrother on the video now, fucking the boy’s mouth while Jason’s teammatecontinued to fuck the boy’s tiny ass. Shane grabbed his phone and startedtexting. He had planned on more fun later that night, his brother joining wasan unexpected surprise. Someone knocked on the door about10 minutes later. Shane didn’t even flinch, his hand was in his pants watchinghis older brother brutally fuck the upturned butt of a 2nd grader.Shane had waited patiently, admired his brother’s growing lust. Jason opened the door to find theteam’s kicker, Nico standing there with nothing but a tiny pair of shorts andsome flip flips covering his beautiful brown body. His arm wrapped around his9yo little brothers shoulders, the slender boy with spiked hair was an evendeeper shade of brown than his brother, delicate features that made him sexyand a favorite among the pedos who played on the team. “Thanks man, I needed this. Yousure you don’t want to come in and share him with my bro and me?” Jason askedas he eye-fucked the 9yo standing in his doorway. The 9-year-old, Lucas, lookedup smiling. The boy understood what was happening and was happy to get to playwith someone else other than his brother. He was the rare little boy who soughtout to be molested. “Nah man, Demetrious invited me tohis room to share those little nigga twins he had with that chick back in highschool. Some sweet five year old black ass, love eating Demetrious’ load fromtheir butts before I get to fuck them.” “Sounds hot man, enjoy, and thanksagain for letting me and my bro use this little whore here,” Jason said as heran his hands through Lucas’ silky black hair. Nico walked down the hallway to hisdate with three hot nigga studs, two who still didn’t know how to read. Jasonescorted little Lucas inside and found Shane still engrossed in the video.Jason leaned down and whispered into Lucas’s young ear, his tongue dancingalong the kid’s earlobe causing the little 9yo to shudder. Lucas nodded andquietly walked over to Shane, stripping as he went. Shane was so hard, his hand wrappedaround his 17yo cock. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from his brothers largecock sliding into the tiny pink hole he saw on the screen. He wanted to berepulsed but the moans of anguish from the boy were making his cock so happy.He felt another hand slide under the waistband of his shorts, and he quicklyturned to see a beautiful brown 9-year-old standing there smiling at him. Shane admired the mop of silkyblack hair, the deep eyes and long eyelashes, and the smooth deep brown thatwas the boy’s body. He looked at the tiny little nipples first, dark littledots he wanted to lick. He had never thought about licking little boy nipplesuntil now, but he desperately wanted to. His eyes drifted down to the hairlesslittle crotch, soft cock laying over a tiny little sack. It would be many yearsbefore those nuts dropped and several more still until he shot his first clearload of cum. Shane wanted him. He wanted him even more when he felt the kidscold tiny hand wrap around his burning cock. The boy squeezed and worked hishand up and down. Shane moaned and looked past the boy at his brother, jerkingoff on his bed. “See, told you the little fuckswere awesome.” “Shut up you sick fuck,” Shaneresponded, not fully comprehending how he was now molesting a little boy. Lucas leaned in and kissed Shane.The older boy’s lips didn’t move, frozen as a part of him still resisted theidea and the act. 9-year-olds can be very persistent, Lucas was no different.He pressed harder and pushed his tongue between the 17-year-old’s lips. Shanewas making out with a 4th grader, his lips began to move and tonguebegan to explore the delicate little mouth that taste of grape koolaid. Jason made his way over and stoodnext to his brother and Lucas. He reached down and guided his little brothershand to Lucas’ firm brown ass. “Feel this soft little ass. It’sbeen fucked over and over again since he was four years old. I once watchedalmost a dozen guys pull a train on this little whore’s ass,” Jason whisperedinto his little brother’s ear. It was all true, Lucas had been used a lot sincebefore he started school. Jason had personally eaten out 10 loads from the boy’sass before fucking his sloppy 4th grade hole last. Lucas pulled back and dove intoShane’s crotch, shoving his head into the dark heat of the boy’s shorts. Jasonlaughed as he saw the small head bouncing around inside those athletic shorts,knowing that his little brother was getting a top tier blow job from a littleboy. “How’s it feel bro, those little9-year-old lips giving you what you need,” Jason taunted, his hands rubbing hisbrothers torso. “Fuck you, yes, so fucking good.” Jason pulled Shane’s shirt offexposing a slender build. Shane ran track, so was lean but not buff like hisbig brother. “Nice, who’s the sick fuck now,Shane? Who is it?” Jason taunted again. “You are, you’re the fuckingpedophile, you’re the one licking my body,” Shane moaned. Jason had begun to taste his littlebrothe’rs body. Jason was never too excited about fucking around with teenboys, a conciliation prize when little hole wasn’t available. But somethingabout all those years in high school fantasizing about molesting his littlebrother stuck in his mind and cock, finally the opportunity to touch him. Lucas came out for air, his facewet with sweat and the deep smell of Shane’s cock. He took in deep breaths andsmiled. “You have a nice cock mister,” theboy said in a high pitch with a touch of a Mexican accent. “Tell the little whore to keepsucking you Shane, tell him what you want,” Jason commanded. “Suck my cock kid, please suck it.It felt so amazing.” Shane confessed. The boy giggled and pulled the highschool kid’s shorts off, exposing a slender 6 inches to the room. “Damn bro, when’s the last time youshowered. That cock is ripe.” “Sorry, I didn’t get to shower thismorning. We were running late.” “I like it, smells yummy,” littleLucas commented, dragging his 4th grade tongue up the length of thecock. Lucas loved ripe men, his brother would often go through multiple of daysof football practice without showering then sit on little Lucas’ face. Lucasloved this, begged his brother to never shower. Both studs watched as Lucas lickedup from Shane’s balls, slowly rising up the shaft until the head of his cockwas wrapped up in little boy lips. Lucas then descended, letting his mouth andthen throat swallow up Shane until pubic hair tickled the little boy’s nose. The boy slowly let his little lipsglide up and down Shane’s cock. His tiny hands played with the young man’sballs and stroked the shaft. Jason’s cock was very hard, seeing his little brogive in to pedo sex. Yet, he thought, Shave needed to go all the way, experiencewhat he craved so badly every day. Jason kissed his way down hislittle brother’s young body until his tongue was licking at this brother’s cockand the little boy currently giving him head. “Raise up bud, time to give my browhat he really needs,” Jason said to the boy energetically sucking an olderboy’s cock. Lucas lifted up, precum and spit dripping from his sweet red lips.Jason pulled him and onto his bed, putting the boy on all fours, his roundbrown butt up in the air, the smooth crack and tiny pink hole exposed to theroom, beckoning Shane to rape it. Shane’s cock swayed in the warm airof the room as he looked at the little hole winking at him. “I don’t want to hurt him,” Shaneconfessed. “You won’t. This little fuck hastaken cocks as big as your arm, and a couple of firsts and arms as big as yourstoo. His older brother is an even sicker fuck than I am. Just slide thatbeautiful cock where it belongs, deep in that 9-year-old ass.” Jason said,helping his brother to his feet. Shane held onto his slender cock,pointing it at the brown butt wiggling in front of him. Jason was whisperingdirty, nasty, pedo things in his ear as he pushed the new pedo forward, hiscock closing in on what every man really wants if he’s honest, the tightest, youngesthole he can get. “Fuck me, Mr. Shane, rape my holehard, I want your cock Mr. Shane, give it to me,” the kid begged, reaching backand pulling his butt wide open. The smell of sweet clean boy butt reached bothmen’s noses. Jason bent down and shoved his tongue and wad of spit into thehole, The 20yo stud quarterback made out with 9yo ass for a few seconds, lubingthe boy up for his little brother. “Yum, nothing tastes better thanlittle boy hole,” Jason commented licking his lips and then quickly leaninginto Shane to kiss him. Shane flinched backward, but Jason held his head andforced the kiss onto his little brother. “Mmm, yeah taste that little boy holeon my tongue bro,” Jason mubled as he kissed his brother deeply. Jason continued to kiss his brotheras he shoved the 17-year-old forward, his teen cock easily sliding into a9-year-old used by one adult cock or another pretty much every day. Lucasmoaned and played with his tiny little brown cock. “Oh my fucking GOD,” Shane moanedas he felt tiny hold surround his young cock, “he’s so tight, so warm, hiswhole body is hugging my fucking cock.” “And that’s why I love fuckinglittle boys bud, the younger the better.” Shane began rocking his body, hiscock sliding in and out gently. He met his brother’s eyes. “How young have you fucked bro, Ineed to know,” Shane asked, his hands now wrapped around Lucas’s brown hips,his 17-year-old stud body slapping against that smooth butt. “You sure you want to know,” Jasonasked, tweaking his bro’s interest as he tweaked his erect nipples. Jason answered by leaning in andlicking his older brother’s neck. Jason laughed and turned his mouth to Shane’sear and whispered the number. Shane paused his fucking as his brother’s single-digitdepravity washed over him. His teen cock throbbed inside the butt of the littleboy moaning and shaking on the bed. Shane started fucking again whenJason began letting the depraved details slip from his young lips. Jason urgedhis little bro on describing how he tongued out the pink hole of the son of asenior running back. He let every detail of the kid’s whining little body dripfrom his tongue. Jason told his brother how he pushed his tongue up the freshlybathed kid’s hole, how he watched as the dad bounced the tiny tot on his fat cockthe tiny hole unwilling to let go of his daddy’s cock, and how he himself tooka turn on the whimpering little tyke. Jason went slow, describing how the tightring of the boy’s butt felt gliding up and down his teenage cock. “It felt justlike the little 4th grader you’re fucking now, but so much tighter,so much hotter, so much more wrong.” Shane fucked hard now, his bodyfalling forward, his pale teen butt riding and falling into the little brownboy. The two rutted on the bed like dogs in heat, huffing and sweating throughdepraved kiddie sex, Shane’s mind opened to a whole new world. Jason beat his own cock and shovedhis face in his little brother’s butt. The kid was right, his brother was ripeas fuck and he loved it. His 20-year-old tongue slid up and down the teen’sbutt. Shane moaned and shivered as his mind tried to process which was morewrong, the incest or the pedophilia. Shane’s fucking sped up. Lucas keptmaking these whining grunting sounds. Shane wanted to hear more of them, hearwhat his teen cock was doing to a little 4th grade butt. He poundedharder, the kid got louder, and the teen smiled. He licked his lips; his olderbrother licked his ass. Jason saw his brother’s young ballsdraw up, knew the explosion that comes the first time you fuck a little boy.Shane grunted and then tensed, still, his cock twitching inside the little boyfilling him with his teen cum. Shane couldn’t move, his body just twitching andshuttering as repeated waves of his first pedophile organism overcame him, overloadedhis brain. Lucas could feel his insides warming, his little 9-year-old cockhard and tender. Shane finally pulled out and fellbackwards into the chair, his cock still hard, covered in the juices from a9-year-old’s butt. Jason leaned in and slid his lips down over Hatay Escort Bayan his littlebrother’s sensitive cock. Shane shivered. Jason savored the taste of cock andass, then quickly thrust his face into Lucas’ butt. Jason’s tongue slid insidethe boy; Lucas grunted and moaned. The 20-year-old stud quarterback tasted hislittle brother’s load slide onto his tongue. He smeared his face in the boy’sass while he stroked his thick cock, getting ready to put on a good show forhis little brother. *** Darnell enjoyed hosting juniorcamps during the preseason. It was the easiest money he made all year asidefrom letting a sock company shove his face on their packaging. The camp wasalso a wonderful opportunity to get to know some hot ass little boys. The campwas open to the community, but his people made sure to recruit and engineerwhat they knew their boss liked. Darnell liked them sweaty, as young as 5, asold as 14, white or Latino, slender, and innocent but corruptible. He stood on the sidelines, shortsand a camp t-shirt, sunglasses and ballcap. His 6’6 body pressed against hisclothes, the angle and curves of his 220 pound black body evident in the silky camp gear. He choseclothes that gave away every line and curve for him and the boys. Think silkywhite shorts showed him which boys wore briefs, which wore boxers, or who had ajock strapped to their underage bodies. The shorts revealed Darnell was goingcommando, and in the right light, you could see the darkness of his cockswaying and waiting. Darnell peered out into the fieldbehind the dark sunglasses. His eyes scan and settle on sexy little boys whilethe staff ran drills. On occasion he’d jog out, his nuts bouncing and sweating,to a specific boy, let his hand drop to the shoulder of a star-struck kid, andgive him a pointer. Darnell placed his face near the nape of the kid’s neck,instructions flowing over Darnell’s thick lips as he breathed in the scent of asweaty boy. He resisted his deep desire to lean in and run his tongue along thedamp smooth tasty neck. The giant wide receiver ended each interaction with”got it?” The kid would always respond with a smiling “Got it Mr. Darnell.” Thegrown man would slap their sexy little boy booty and the kid would feel likethe luckiest boy alive. Darnell would jog back with a thicker pedo cock dancingbehind his white shorts. It was only 11am but Darnell hadalready scoped out more than a few boys he’d love to shove his tongue deep intheir butts. So far he’d only copped a feel, his large black hand swatting andbriefly squeezing firm little boy butt. A 12-year-old Latino boy was drawingmost of his attention, his juicy preteen but, adorable face, and muskyintoxicating smell made Darnell glad to be alive. A staffer had whispered intoDarnell’s ears that the boy’s dad was there and watching. This never deterredDarnell. Some dads liked to watch their boys be molested. Darnell had proventhis more than 3 dozen times over the years. Darnell liked putting on a showfor dads. By lunch the July heat had everyinch of Darnell’s firm body clinging do his clothing, dark areas of intensityspread out from his pits and down his back to the crack of his ass. The tightcurly hair on his head glistened with the salty sweet funk of a sexy black man. The kids ate sandwiches whilesitting in the shade, cooling off with mouths filled with mushed bread and lipsstained with fruit punch. Their young bodies wild with energy and greased withsweat and suntan lotion applied my worried mothers and a few horny dads. Darnell was in the locker room,surrounded by the discarded pants and socks of young boys. He leaned himselfagainst a bench and braced himself against the cold lockers. His other handslowly stroked his thick 7.5 inches while a 10 year old tongue traced the edgesof his hairy hole. The 5th grader, Bradley, was blonde haired andblue eyed, a perfectly smooth body and beautifully round cheeks that were flushwith a deep red hue from running all morning and sucking an adult’s butt. “Fuck yeah Bradley, munch on thatnasty nigga butt,” Darnell moaned as he milked his cock for more slimy pedoprecum. Both of the boy’s small white handswere pressed into the muscles of the adult butt, sinking in and pulling out toopen the sweaty trench for his 10-year-old mouth and nose, the boy’s eyes wideas he took in the deeply funky taste and impressive view. The boy’s lean palebody exposed to the room, his shorts sat around his ankles. His shirt wastossed to the side. His 5th grade cock was firm and dangling. Darnell felt the boy’s tiny tonguepushing into his hole. The kid was an expert butt licker. He had met the kid ayear before, his father eagerly offering the then 3rd grader up toDarnell. The boy had been eating adult butt for years according to the father.Darnell could confirm the kid ate ass like a starving cat getting his firsttaste of milk. But that wasn’t theextent of the kid’s skills. “Get your fucking hand in theirBradley,” Darnell moaned, his thick cock throbbing and dripping down onto coldconcrete. Bradley’s fruit punch stained lipsgrinned as he tickled the man’s butt with his tongue. He pulled his arm up intothe man’s ass, rutting around and getting his hand wet with his own spit andthe sweat that was pouring off the huge black receiver. Darnell felt the kid’s fingers pokeat his butt hole. Sweat and 10-year-old spit would never be enough lube to makethis easy, but Darnell loved that. It made his pedo cock twitch. He pushed outexposing the inner rings of his butt to the kid below him. Bradley’s tinyfingers slid into the red hot folds of adult butt. Bradley was so happy. Hisdad never let him do this, only his older brother, but he was away at college.He loved shoving his hand up people’s butts. Darnell let go of his bouncingthick cock as four of the kids fingers slid inside him. The thumb slid in nextand Darnell cried out, adjusting the position of his muscular ass trying tofind comfort. He felt every little movement of the kid’s hand, dry and hurting. “Spit on it kid, get some of that10-year-old drool up on ur hand u little bitch,” Darnell begged. Bradley hocked up and spit, clearfrothy little kid drool falling over his hand and Darnell’s black ass. Anotherlittle bit of the boy’s tiny hand slid in, the ring of the muscular black assstretching and then sliding closed around the boy’s wrist. Darnell sighed asthe thickest part of the boy’s hand was inside him. He started stroking againas the boy pushed his arm slowly inside. His hand brushed against the widereceiver’s prostate, he opened and began fingering that hard little lump,trying to grab and squeeze it. Darnell’s black ass rotated in the air, the manmoaning and grinding his adult but on a 5th grader’s arm. Out on the field, that 12-year-oldLatino stud leaned against the bleachers joking with his friends, his broadsmile revealing bright white teeth ensconced in braces. Mateo was a naturalbeauty, a happy kid who’s body drooled sexuality even as his body was only inthe early moments of puberty. Even as a little kid, his cock hung long and low,his balls dropped at 10, by 12 almost 13, Mateo regularly jerked off his thickuncut 6 inches. His father knew the kid would have a monster cock by 18, takingafter his own 10inch thick veiny dick. His looked angry and dangerous, Mateo’swas still smooth and tasted of the clean sweetness of a little boy. Mateo’s father pulled him from thegroup, held his hand, and walked him quickly toward the locker room. The fatherhad seen Darnell sneak away earlier, and had earlier seen the interest he’dshown in his son. He was not about to let Mateo miss out on the best experienceat the camp, and he was not about to miss his chance at some good tickets togames. Mateo and his father walked quietlyin. They could hear Darnell moaning and begging for more. The grunting andfilthy words coming from the star player’s mouth had Mateo and his father bothsporting some serious wood. The two were not prepared to see a huge black mansquatting up on a locker room bench, with half a 10-year-old’s arm slid up hisbutt. The man bounced, fucking himself on the kid’s arm while he slowly strokedhis cock. The boy sat on the floor beneath the tall wide receiver, his armgrowing tired, while splatters of nigga pedo precum and ass juice fell onto hisnaked body and face. The sweet little 5th grader’s entire body waspainted with the fluid signs of pleasure from Darnell. “Excuse us Mr. Jenkins?” the fathercalled out to the football star currently fucking himself with a 5thgrader’s arm. Darnell opened his eyes and smiledwhen he saw Mateo. He let go of his cock but continued to slowly bounce on thearm filling his black butt. He leaned forward, resting his arms on his massivethighs. “Well, hello there you littlestud,” Darnell said to Mateo, ignoring the father in the room. Mateo responded and smiled. He felthis father’s hand on his back, rubbing slowly. Mateo didn’t mind his fathermolesting him, but he enjoyed other men and teens more. “Come here you little fag stud,”Darnell beckoned, his massive hands and cock waving at the boy. Mateo walked over. His father satdown on the bench across the room with the best view. The moment Mateo was in reach,Darnell’s hands fell onto the boy, touching and roaming over his moist brownbody. Those black hands pulled the boy closer. Darnell never stopped bouncingon 10yo arm. Darnell leaned in and ran histongue over Mateo’s neck, his large pink tongue gathering the clean funky sweatof the Mexican 7th grader. Mateo closed his eyes and moaned. Darnellreached up and tweaked the boy’s left nipple with his thick fingers and begansucking on the boy’s neck, tasting the silky young skin of the boy. Mateomoaned louder. “You wanna fuck me stud? You wannaput that little boy cock up my ass? You shoot yet?” Darnell inquired. “Yes, started a few months ago,”Mateo moaned slowly as he felt twinges of pleasurable pain soar down from hisnipple to his cock. “Strip, let me see what you gotfag.” Darnell ordered, again stroking his cock looking at the sexy little brownboy who was about to fuck him. Mateo stepped back and slid thethin silky jersey up over his head revealing the smooth chest of a sexy 7thgrader, his skin a gentle light brown and untouched by blemish or wear. Hislittle brown nipples stood out against still forming pecs. His stomach flatwith a hint of definition and a cute little belly button. Mateo’s arms raised,Darnell saw the faintest hint of hair under his arms and licked his lips. Hewanted to feast on those sweaty pits. Mateo shucked his shorts off. The fellaround his slender brown legs revealing a crotch covered by the rough cotton ofa jockstrap. The little pouch was full, throbbing in full view of the hungrywide receiver. “Turn around you sexy fuck,”Darnell ordered. The man stepped down from the bench, his massive feet plantedon either side of Bradly whose are sank deeper into the football star. Mateo turned around and bentforward knowing what all pedophiles wanted to see. Each cheek of his12-year-old butt was drawn up tight and round like two small honeydew melons.Mateo’s ass was so lean and firm it barely touched in the middle. The boy onlyhad to lean forward a little before his brown sweaty butthole was exposed toDarnell. Darnell shook his head at thebeautiful brown boy butt framed by the tight white straps. His large blackhands grabbed the boy’s waist and roughly pulled the 7th grader tohim. He buried his face in the kid’s ass. His goatee tickled the boy’s hole.Darnell shoved his tongue as par inside as he could and savored the sweetness,the layers of sweat soaking into his face. Darnell wrapped the straps of thejock between his fingers and pulled the boy in tight. His tongue slippeddeeper. Mateo let out a long slow “fuck,” his 12-year-old balls aching. “That issome sweet little boy booty,” Darnell moaned as he pulled back from Mateo’shole. His adult face was coated with the sweet smell of a moist pre-teen butt.”Let’s fuck kid. Bradley, ease that arm out of my nigga hole buddy.” Darnellpulled up and felt the 10-year-old’s arm slide slowly from his ass. Bradley’sarm was slick with sweat, ass juices, and a little cum from Darnell’s fuckearlier in the day, a fourteen year old black kid who helped with the camp andDarnell’s insatiable butt. “Bradley,go take care of the sick fuck in Escort Hatay the corner who’s about to get off watching hiskid fuck my ass,” Darnell ordered. The tall black man grabbed a towel andtossed it on the floor before laying on his back. “Get rid ofthat jock and bring that sexy dick over here to Uncle Darnell.” Mateo peeledthe jock off his body, the tightness his father insisted on and his sweat madeit difficult. Finally, his thick uncut cock flopped out. Darnell growled at thesight of such a thick cock on such a small boy. The head peaked out from thefolds of brown skin. It grew in thickness and length, exposing more of the pinkhead glistening with more and more12-year-old precum. Mateostraddled Darnell’s body and lowered himself until his fully hard thick 6inches fell into Darnell’s wide open mouth. The kid’s damp crotch reeked of thehard workouts and the month old jock he wore every day. Darnell savored thesmell and closed his lips around the kid’s cock. The fat brown cock slid downhis throat and he opened his mouth again to take in the kid’s balls and cock.He held the boy in his mouth, his adult tongue washing over every inch of Mateo’sboyhood. Darnell enjoyed the musky flavor and felt the few little hairs the kidwas sprouting. Mateo shook, his mouth hanging open and eyes closed. Darnell’stongue gave the kid levels of pleasure his father rarely bothered. Mateo’s father typically just atethe kid’s ass after football practice and then raped his hole for 10 minutesbefore depositing his incestuous load into the kid. It was his routine sinceMateo started football back when he was in 1st grade. Mateo’sfather was now enjoying some quality head from 10-year-old Bradley, while thegrown man licked and sucked on the boy’s hand and arm, tasting the rich sexyflavors of professional athlete butt. Mateoreached back and grabbed a hold of Darnell’s 7.5 inches, the heat of adult cockalmost burned his delicate underage fingers. Darnell shook and thrust upward atthe amazing feeling of the boy’s soft hands squeezing and stroking his pedophilecock. Mateo bounced and moaned as he enjoyed the amazing head and the powerfulfeel of a cock much harder and bigger than his own father’s. Darnellspit the boy’s cock out reluctantly. “Time to fuck my ass stud!” Mateogrinned and stood up. The 6’6 wide receiver pulled back his long powerful legsexposing his very wet butt to the kid. Mateograbbed his shorts and slid them under his knees. He knew how hard fuckingmissionary could be on the knees given how many times he’d fucked one of the 6thgraders in his own locker room at school. The boyrubbed his thick uncut cock on Darnell’s ass, getting the underage cock goodand wet. Mateo shoved in and buried his Mexican boy dick all the way inside the28-year-old star. Darnell grimaced briefly before sighing and smiling broadlyat the sexy sight before him, a 12-year-old brown stud balls deep inside him,his small hands on the back of his black thighs to brace himself, and his tonedbrown body flexing and fucking into his adult hole. Mateosurprised Darnell mid stroke by grabbing his black cock and milking it. The boyleaned forward and let a long stream of boy drool drop onto the cock beforesmearing it all over the beautiful ebony shaft. Darnell groaned. Mateo matchedhis fucking with the strokes up and down of his hand. The boy was a consideratetop. Darnellenjoyed the rhythmic fucking and the slow stroke of his cock. He most enjoyedthe look of intense lust that spread across the 7th graders face.His eyes glazed over, his mouth wide open and pink tongue hanging out slightly,the boy panted heavily. The 7th grader was filled with the pleasurethat only pedo sex can bring. The wide receiver moved his size 14right foot into the face of the kid, his big toe gliding over Mateo’s softinnocent lips. The boy closed his lips around the large black toe and begunsuckling on it like a newborn baby. The boy’s small pink tongue slid betweenand over each toe, slurping and tickling Darnell’s rough foot. The man smiledat how depraved this boy was. Mateo kept worshipping the man’s foot while nevermissing a thrust or stroke. Mateo heardhis father blowing his load down the 10-year-old fuck’s throat. He knew thegasping moaning his father did when he dropped a load. His own 12-year-old cocktingled and twitched; he was about to drop his watery preteen load deep inDarnell’s sweaty butt. The man had both feet in the boy’s face now, the kidlicking over both, rubbing his face against the grisly musty feet. Darnell’sbody shook and convulsed. Mateo had both of his small hands sliding up and downthe veiny black adult cock. The famous athlete’s hairy balls drew up and theman roared as waves of thick pedo cum flew out of his cock. Drops of creamygoodness landed on Mateo’s body, Darnell’s feet, and the locker room. Mateo’stongue licked up the stray drops of thick cum that landed on the man’s feet.The boy shook next and dropped his 7th grade load inside the man’shole. Darnell’slegs fell to the ground when Mateo slid his boy cock out. The 6’4 wide receiverspun around slowly and sucked the boy’s cock into his mouth. He loved the tasteof boy cum and his own funky butt. His large adult tongue cleaned the boy’scock and balls. “Yo dad,get the fuck out. Take my little fuck toy with you. I’m gonna fuck your boy anddon’t want an audience.” Darnell said looking up into Mateo’s gorgeous eyes. Mateo’s dadleft, reminding himself to ask about tickets later. Bradley grabbed his clothesand went to go join his friends. Darnellpicked up Mateo and laid him on the bench, his long brown arms and legs hangingoff both sides. Darnell licked his lips and lined up his thick black cock withthat tiny pink hole. “Hold onboy, you ain’t gonna like this.” Darnell warned before pushing his fat mushroomhead directly into the 7th grader. Mateo screamed out at the cocksank 2inches into his butt. Darnell didn’t pause, just kept pushing until hebottomed out and laid his full sweaty weight onto the sweet little Mexican fuckthat shook and whined beneath him. Darnell leaned in and sucked on the boy’sear, whispering nasty and loving things to him, and starting to grind deep intothe boy. Tears flowed from Mateo’s eyes, but his uncut 7th gradecock was hard rubbing against the bench, and he whispered to the black pedofucking his butt, “More please.” *** Demetrious fucked a girl namedKatie when he was 16 in the back of his SUV. He bred her deep that night, threetimes in total with one load down her throat. She was drowning in cum. Demetriouscould cum what seemed like gallons since he was 13. The thickness and volumeonly grew as he got older. As much cum as he shoved up Katie, it would havebeen a surprise had she NOT gotten pregnant. She gave birth to fraternal twinboys during Demetrious’s junior year. Thankfully, his parents were well-off andeveryone already saw the potential Demetrious had on the football field.Recruiters also understood the situation. Katie was sent away to a privateschool by her family. Demetrious’s babies stayed with his parents, at leastuntil after his freshman year. The college arranged for him to stay in familyhousing and a couple of girls watched the boys when he was at practice, inclass, or needed to get out and show off his 6’4 280 pound body. Demetrious was a monster defensiveend on the field and by his sophomore year everyone knew he was destined tostart on a professional team. He averaged 2-3 sacks per game, his huge body wasfast and powerful. He often did curls with both his boys, lifting their tinybodies to show off his massive muscles. The boys just laughed their heads off. The boys were six when Demetriouswas a junior. They understood early what a stud their young dad was on thefield. They understood at 5 all the other reasons their dad was a stud. It wasshortly after their fifth birthday they came face to face with the 10 inchcock, a tower of veiny black muscle, that stood straight up from their father’stight boxer briefs. Demetrious was horny all the timebut have never thought of fucking his boys until during his freshman year ateammate shared his 8 year old cousin. The world opened up to Demetrious andnew sick thoughts entered his mind when he bathed his little boys. He spent farmore time cleaning their little cocks and the tiny holes too small even for hisfat fingers. But by 5, the boys seemed more plausible. They worshipped him, so he figuredit would be ok to let them worship his cock. He let them stare and look. Thenhe let them touch and feel. Then he let them taste the stream of thick precumthat drooled out and down over his balls. Then he let them sniff it with theirlittle noses. Then he held their heads on either side of his cock and thrustthe throbbing meat up and down along their soft lips. Then he forced his cockdown their kindergarten throats. It was a fabulous weekend when the team had abye. His teammates shared with him, sohe figured it was only fare to share with them. He loved seeing the preppylittle white boys making love to his little black boys. The boys were approaching their 6thbirthday. They were beautiful sexy boys, light skin tone like their mother, andround fatty little butts like their daddy. They were big babies, and by almostsix you could definitely see how they’d one day take after their massivefather. Demetrious often thought about what their cocks would look like as hefingers their tiny cocks and calls while rubbing his daddy cock on their faces. Nico was over on this particularnight. Demetrious had fucked his little 9-year-old bastard multiple times- heloved how the little fag bitch screamed when he pushed all 10 inches up his 4thgrade butt. Yet, he loved playing with Nico and his own twins. He’d even playeda few times with just Nico, taking advantage of the 5’10 slender Hispanickicker and his tight little butt. When you couldn’t get kiddie butt, Nico’s14yo-looking ass would suffice. Nico laid on the bed, moving histongue from one tiny butt to another, Jalen and Jayden. Nico was slurping thickcreamy daddy cum from kindergarten hole. Demetrious sat against the headboard,his cock hanging from his football pants. He had the same routine after everygame. He left straight from the field, didn’t change clothes, didn’t shower,kept the sweat and stink on him, went straight home and fucked a load into eachboy. He loved looking down at their smallbodies on their back, legs pulled back exposing their tiny holes and sweetsmooth mocha bodies. They seemed even smaller laying below his 6’4 280 pounds.His first taste of young boys had been a full fuck into a 11 year old, butDemetrious understood his angels could never take the full 10 inches. Theycould barely get their tiny mouths around his cock. He settled for pushing in 2or 3 inches and enjoying the heat. He stroked the rest of his cock that hung outsidetheir kindergarten butts and filled their tiny holes with white cum. He lovedseeing it ooze out from around his cock, like little chocolate eclairs filledwith pedo cream. His routine had been the same todayafter the good win. He fucked each one and came in each one. The boys no longerwinced much or asked him to stop. They laughed and said dirty words toDemetrious. They asked for his “nigger cock” and told him to “fuck our bootiesdaddy.” Nico showed up just as Demetriousshot his last load. The kicker eagerly dove in and sucked out each kindergartenbutt. The kicker had a much more slender cock that easily slid up each boy.Demetrious sat back and stroked his cock watching the Hispanic kicker fuck hislittle boys. Typically Nico fucked one and made out with the other. Tonight,Demetrious decided to change up their routine. He sat up and pressed Nico downonto Jalen. Nico kept fucking into the tight hole. Demetrious ran his largehands over Nico’s ass, deciding if he couldn’t fuck his boys balls deep, hecould fuck Nico. He spit down onto the large head of his cock and rubbed it onthe kicker’s brown hole. “This gonna hurt you fucking kiddiemolester.” Demetrious taunted as he drove his cock inside the teen jock. Thethrust forced Nico’s cock deeper into Jalen. Nico screamed out in pain and thenmoaned as Jalen’s tiny butt clamped down on his throbbing cock. Demetriouslaughed and thrust in harder. ****** Thanks for reading. If you were a fan of my stories onhidden bookcase, I’m moving those stories and adding them to a new site. Feelfree to email me and I’ll share the new site with you.

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