wife gives me an early birthday present.


wife gives me an early birthday present.My wife has never been very internet savvy. Or that’s what she wants me to think. I say this because one of the ladies in her office is always her about web sites to check out when she gets home but then I have to find them for her. Some times its craft or cooking sites. But last month it was something a lot different. That time my wife came home carrying a web site written down that she wanted me to find for her. She told me to look for it while she went to the rest room. I picked up my laptop and started typing in the address. It was a site that hosted a blog for white women looking for black men to have sex with. Just about the time the site opened on my screen my wife came in the den wearing just her blouse and was pulling up her pantyhose. She asked in an excited voice if I had found it? I said I don’t know , she sat down next to me , her nylon covered thigh touching my arm. She turned the screen so she could see. That’s it she shouted. She took the computer from me and sat it in her lap and started looking at the home page. I glanced down and noticed the pantyhose she had worn that day where sheer to the waist nude colored. I could see her pubic area through them. She had all her pibic hair lazer removed a couple of years ago and therefore never has to shave. I couldn’t see her vagina because of the laptop but I saw enough to start an erection. In just over a minute I was at a fill had on. My cock at a full hard and I mean heart beating in it only measures three and a half inches. Since I was wearing a pair of elestic waist band cotton shorts it made a small tent. I noticed it and so did my wife. She pointed at it and said is your pee pee hard? I got a little embarrassed about my lack of control and said yeah. She reached over and squeezed it and said you are pathetic. Then she excused me and said she needed some privacy. I stood up and asked why she wanted to look at that particular site? She looked up and said don’t be so nosey. She just say there waiting for me to walk away. I could feel the tension between us. I leaned down and kissed her lips and apologized for being in her business. I said I’ll start supper sweetheart. She lifted the computer so she could cross her legs and said OK thank you, I want to look at this for a little bit. I gave her legs one last oogle before I went into the kitchen. I started the water boiling and got everything going for a spaghetti dinner. I fixed my wife a mixed drink and carried it into her. She was in deep thought when I came in the den. I said I brought you a drink, she never looked up from the screen but told me to set it on the coffee table. As I sat the drink down I tried to see what was on the screen but couldn’t. I got caught and she asked me rather point blank if there was something I needed? I must have looked like a deer in the headlights. Her question didn’t register with me at first. I was looking at her thight encased in nylon. She cleaned her throat and said HELLO. My eyes moved from her thigh to meet her eyes. They had a glare to them. Her lips where tight. No honey I answered , then I returned to my cooking.That stare at her legs got my dick hard again. I looked down at it and said you little bastard. Yes I called my penis gazipaşa escort a little bastard. I sat the table with candles and a white linen table cloth. When everything was ready I went to tell my wife that supper was ready. I didn’t walk all the way into the den at first I stopped at the door so I could watch her for a second. Her legs where still crossed but I noticed that she was squeezing them together tightly . The muscle in her thigh was tight and twitching. I think she was having an orgasm. I didn’t disturb her till I saw her relax. I said baby supper is ready. She turned her head to look at me. Her eyes where half closed and she had a look on her face like she had just had sex. She said OK , I’ll be right there. I went back to set fresh drinks on the table when she came in to eat. She had put on her short bath robe over her pantyhose hose. She said I hope you don’t mind me wearing this to eat in. I told her she can dress any way that’s comfortable to her. As she sat down I could see a lot of leg still in the pantyhose. She saw me looking and said if you don’t stop looking at my legs you are going to get another one of those little hard ons. I turned around quickly and picked up the French toast and sat it down. I sat down and asked her if everything looked OK to her? She said yes it all looks yummy. As we ate I kept hopping she would bring up the site or at least tell me what she was reading on it. She never did. Women are superior to men when it comes to keeping cool about sex. If I’m horny I can’t hide it, but if she is she can play it cool. I’ve often thought about what it would be like to be in that much control. I mean we have sex when she wants it and only when she does. She can have multiple orgasms in a single session and even stop right in the middle if she wants to. A man can’t do that, at least I can’t.I made an excuse to leave the table for a minute, I said I needed to pee. As I walked into the den I looked at the laptop. She had closed it before coming to eat. Damn I thought, so I went and acted as if I used the restroom. When I sat back down I was about to take a bite of toast when she said I closed it didn’t I? I acted like I didn’t hear, what I said. She said you looked at the laptop didn’t you? She said I closed it so you couldn’t see what I was reading. I just say quiet and stared at her. She said you really are so easy to fuck with, she are so nosey and I enjoy keeping things from you. I shooky head and denighed being nosey. She said now come on, tell me you didn’t look at the computer. I dropped my head just enough that I didn’t have to answer. She said you are a little pussy you know that? I looked up and tried to defend myself. But she cut me off. She said I can control you so easy. All I have to do is wear pantyhose of stockings and allow you to see my legs and you will do anything I ask you to. She was 100% correct. After supper she stood up and untied the bathrobe, she took it off and folded it up. She was standing next to the dinner table in her pantyhose and white button up blouse. She be gain unbuttoning it. She said are you going to stand there and watch me get ready for my shower or are you going to clean off the table. I realized I gündoğmuş escort had been staring at her. I picked up the dishes and carried them to the sink. As I came back for more she was talking off the blouse and had on her white pushup bra. Her thirty four b cups tits where perfectly round. I picked up two bowls and again went to the sink. This trip her bra was missing and as soon as I soon as I reached the table she turned to carry her cloths to the laundry room still wearing her pantyhose. I finished clearing the table and she went to shower. I walked in the den and picked up my laptop I opened it and ran my finger across the pad to wake it. The screen lit up and I clicked on the browser to check the history. I know my bride doesn’t know how to clear it. Right on top was the site she had me find for her. I clicked on it. The page opened and I saw it was a member only blog. So I registered and madeyself an account. It was free so now I started looking at the forum for newest post. Yes I am nosey just like she said. I was able to find a couple of post less than an hour old. One had a screen name that could very well be my wife. She was commenting on a woman’s question about what its like to have sex with a very well hung black man. I’m not positive that was my wife answering but the name sure fit. She explained how good it felt to be both stretched and fully filled with a hard black cock. Wow I thought. Is that my woman saying that? I kept looking at other post and found a thread on chastity. That same screen name had been carrying on a conversation with another person about the different types of devices. I was just about to read their post when I head the bathroom door open. I closed the laptop real fast and jumped up. I ran back into the kitchen and acted busy. My wife passed through carrying her dirty cloths. I only caught a glimpse of her. I was whipping the counter top off when she came back in the kitchen. She said did you find what you where looking for? I turned to face her , what’s that sweetheart I said. She walked over to me wearing her short cotton nighty. It came just below her ass cheeks and showed all the leg possible . I said what was that again? She said I can read you like a book and you aren’t fooling me at all. I came clean and told her I had in fact snooped. I waited to catch Hell but she said I’ll finish up in here you go shower. Then she kissed me. Just before I walked off she said clean up those pubic hairs I’m feeling kinky tonight. Oh yeah I thought.I showered and shaved my dick and balls, I even shaved my legs from the knees up. She likes me totally smooth and clean. In fact she once talked me into shaving my legs totally. But I felt strange wearing shorts. So now its just from the knees up. After my shower I walked into our room to get a pair of boxers, there setting on our bed was my wife. She said come here and let me see if you did a good job.She took the towel from around me and turned me so my guy was right in her face. She lifted him up and moved it around looking for stray hairs. Good job she said. Then she turned and lifted a folded towel that was beside her. There lay a black velvet bag. She opened it and dumped the contents out. It ibradi escort was a metal chastity device. She picked up the back ring and while pulling my balls and penis away from my body she slipped the ring up and around my junk. Then she picked up the little cage, said this is the shortest cage made. She wiggled it over my penis and put the little tab down over the upturned ends of the ring. She then slid a pin through the holes and clicked a lock through the hole in the pin. Well I looked down and thought that wasn’t so bad. I just started to tell her that wasn’t bad when she said now the part I like best. I looked as she picked up a long tube with a ball on the end. I asked her what is that? She said oh you are going to love this. She then brought the end without the ball up to the tip of the device. She wiggled it in through a hole in the end, I felt it trying to go inside the head of my penis. My hips pulled back to get away from the tube. I was told to stand still! She managed to part the lips with it. Then she very carefully started pushing it into my penis. It felt both pleasant and strange at the same time. I could feel it way inside my body, as the ball reached the cage she screwed it into the threaded part. She twisted it as tight as she could. How does that feel she asked? I don’t know I said , I feel strange. She leaned back and pulled her legs up onto the bed and spread her legs. Her nighty raised and right in front of me was her shaved pussy. The hole was slightly open. She ran a finger up and down the slit and stuck in her mouth. Yummy she said, my pussy taste like it needs a thight nigger cock shoved up it. She said I want my cunt stretch tightly around a thick black cock until it comes inside me. I had never heard her talk like that. My penis started to try and get erect. As it did it pulled my balls forward. My wife said that’s just how I was told it would do. I looked down at my problem. She said my girlfriend at work told me as soon as I had you locked IP I should make you get hard just to enjoy your pain. She parted her pussy lips and said I’m so horny I want to have sex right now. I told her well take this off and we will. She sat up and covered herself. She then pushed me back away from her. She stood up and said I don’t have the key. What do you mean you don’t have a key? She said I bought this from my friend today and she said that she should keep the key and will give it to me at work. But today is Friday I said, you don’t work again toll Monday. Oh yeah that’s right my wife said. But what am I going to do I said. Well she said we are both horny and there’s nothing I can do about you. What are you saying I asked? She said well I can have sex but you can’t. How can you I asked? She said I’ll call someone, but you will just have to watch I guess.I said I can’t watch you have sex with domeone I almost cried. She said suiet yourself. She called one of the dock hands from her work. In half an hour the door bell ran. I opened it to find a six foot tall black guy about twenty five years old. He said I’m here to fuck your wife then as he pushed me one side he walked in and called her name. My wife answered him from the bed room. He walked down the hall with me only three steps behind him. He walked into our bedroom and turned to close the door. I said hang on a second. He said no you hang on chump. With his hand he shoved me back then closed and locked the door. They had sex untill Saturday morning. I slept on the couch. I was woke up by my wife setting her nasty pussy on my face. Happy birthday honey she said.

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