Wicked Uncle, Slutty Aunt, Virgin Niece


{Revised from the original} “Gwen? Where are you? I got the mail.” “I’m back here Nelson. I’m online with one of our Lush fuck-buddies.” Nelson, 52 years old, lean and well muscled, wandered into the “office” of their small house in Texas. “Gwen, it looks like we got confirmation of our hotel in Amsterdam. Any word on the plane tickets?” His wife, a youthful-looking 40, was sitting at the computer, her lovely hair in disarray, her blouse open, her skirt pulled up to her hips. Her husband looked over her shoulder, trying to see just how hot the chat was. From the sweet, subtle aroma of sex in the air, he knew she had been having a very sexy chat. Gwen answered, “Yes, ticket confirmation came in online. And our itinerary, and train passes, and Chunnel tickets to England. Oh, do you remember VirginPrincessUK on Lush? Pookie? The one that wanted both a ‘daddy’ and a ‘mommy’? I’m online with her now, and I’ve cum twice. Some weeks ago, she finally let her hair down and let me cyber eating her pussy. For the last hour, we’ve been doing sixty-nine with each other, and god, is she so hot for it. She is so innocent and sweet. I just love the feeling of seducing her into experiencing lesbian sex. She makes my pussy so wet.” Nelson bent down and kissed his wife on the neck, making sure to notice there was no bra under her unbuttoned blouse, and her panties had been pulled to the side, exposing her damp pussy. “You smell so good, sweetheart! Yes, we both love the young innocent ones, don’t we? Pookie is one of my favorite ‘daughters’, now. Last week, while you were shopping, she finally worked up the courage to ask me to ‘daddy-fuck’ her. She was amazing. Have you noticed how many girls on Lush these days are from the UK? … Oh, hey! Look here! We got a thick piece of mail from my brother in Norwich. Hmmm… pictures, I think.” Gwen said, “Thank god for Lush! I’ve had more hot cyber sex with more young men and women in the last year, then in all the rest of my life. And you have, too. Don’t think I haven’t noticed, mister sticky fingers.” She raised her face to him and he kissed her on the lips. If his hands weren’t so full he would have fondled her breasts. He could feel himself getting aroused at the mental image of his wife having a lesbian chat with a self-proclaimed virgin girl in England. Of course, she might not actually be a virgin. She might not be female! Everybody lies about sex on the internet. He straightened up and finished opening the envelope from England. Yes, it was pictures. “Sweetheart, take a look at these. Here’s my brother’s house… here’s my brother, George… a closeup… another… his wife Julienne… a closeup… both of them and their daughter Wendy… I guess that’s their backyard… lovely old trees… more shots of Wendy… yummy, a shot of Wendy in a bikini! She’s a lovely young girl, nice body. Damn, look at that Yakacık escort bayan rack of tits! If I was her father… hehehe.” Gwen interjected, “Beautiful! If I was her mother… hehehe.” “ And some more interior shots of their home… I have no idea who those folks are… George and Julienne posing nicely… probably in their dining room… and two more of Wendy with her mother.” Gwen said, “Nelson, show me the one of Wendy again. No, the one with her in a bikini.” “This one? She is so beautiful. She turned sixteen a few months ago. God, look at those gorgeous tits! Wouldn’t mind having this picture blown up.” “Don’t be silly, Nelson, you’d only get your spunk all over it. It looks so familiar. I think I’ve seen it before.” “Déjà vu, sweetheart?” Nelson had just begun casually fondling Gwen’s voluptuous breast when she let out a little scream. “Oh my god! I can’t believe this! Look!” Gwen held the photo against the computer screen. To its left was VirginPrincessUK’s avatar, the torso of a young woman with generous breasts, in a bikini, with the head, arms and legs cropped off. The bikinis were the same color. The girl’s breasts were the same size. The towel under her perfectly formed ass was the same towel. Nelson whispered, “Holy shit! VirginPrincessUK is my niece, Wendy? Oh my god!” Gwen added, “And we’ve both had cyber sex with her! Multiple times!” = = = = = = = Nelson was online at Lush, checking the comments on his latest story, Losing My Virginity in Church , involving a young woman oppressed by strict, religious parents; who finds an older man in her church, the youth director, who becomes her secret naughty ‘daddy’, taking her virginity in one of the church offices. VirginPrincessUK had left a comment: “God, this is so hot that I had to cum twice. I feel just like the poor girl in that story. Trapped. Wish I had a daddy like that. Excellent.” She was still online. Nelson did a quick mental calculation and figured it was 10 pm in England. Probably bedtime there for a sixteen year old girl. He poked her, and sent an online message: [ Hi Princess. Can daddy come over and play? ] He found himself in a quandary. Should he ask her if she was Wendy? Should he tell her he was her uncle from Texas? How would that affect their upcoming visit, if Wendy knew that two of her hottest cyber sex partners at Lush would be staying in her house for five days? How would she react? Wendy opened a chat window. [ Hi daddy dearest! Your daughter is so wet tonight! ] Nelson found his penis swelling to full erection. This wasn’t just VirginPrincessUK any more. It was his niece, Wendy, who he would be seeing in one week. And his niece was a cyber slut! [ Hello Princess. Have you been playing with your nasty pussy again? What did daddy tell you about having dirty lascivious thoughts? ] [ But daddy, my dirty thoughts are Escort Atalar about you. I’m wearing just my big floppy tee shirt. I was thinking of you tucking me into bed tonight, and feeling your hands slide over my breasts, and down my tummy, and between my legs. My pussy needs you, daddy! ] [ You’re a very dirty girl, Wendy. You probably have your fingers in your pussy right now, don’t you? ] [ Yes, daddy. I can’t help myself. I keep thinking of daddy’s beautiful penis. I want to make it hard for you, daddy. I’m so very naughty and dirty. ] Suddenly, Nelson realized he had fucked up! He had used her real name, instead of ‘Pookie’, her cyber name, or “Princess”, his usual term of sexual endearment. He quickly responded, hoping she would not notice. [ Princess, you know what happens when you touch daddy’s cock and make it hard. Then daddy has to put his hard erect cock in your mouth. And put his fingers between your legs and play with your pussy. Is that what you want me to do? ] [ Yes, daddy! Put three fingers deep in my naughty cunt! I’m so sorry I’m a slut, but I can’t help it. I can’t get sex anywhere else, but with you! Will you teach me to suck your daddy cock tonight? Please? I’ll do anything daddy wants if he’ll give me another cock sucking lesson! I love the taste of your cum. ] And so it went, back and forth, getting nastier and dirtier, until Nelson saw his cue and began doing all the typing, creating a perverted scene of a father unloosed from all moral restraint, sodomizing his daughter’s mouth and then penetrating her virgin pussy with his lust-engorged erection, dumping copious quantities of his seed within her. After five minutes of typing as fast as he could, he saw her response, “oooooooo”, their signal that she had cum as many times as she could. Nelson’s hands were tired. He leaned back in the chair and idly stroked his throbbing cock. He heard footsteps approach behind him and sniffed a familiar perfume. Hands touched his shoulders. “Having fun? Who is it?” “Wendy. She just came. Waiting for her to catch her breath.” “Mmmm, I see somebody else needs to cum. She really makes you hard, doesn’t she? Is it because she’s so imaginative and fast on a keyboard, or because she’s your niece?” “Both. Wait a sec. She’s back.” [ Daddy, that was the most awesome ever! I lost count of how many times I came! I feel so deliciously wicked with you! Is there anything my daddy wants from me? Anything? ] [ Daddy already came while you were catching your breath sweetheart. I have to go now. Sweet dreams. ] [ Bye, my dirty wicked daddy. XOXOXOXOXO ] Nelson reached up and turned the computer off. He stood up and grabbed his wife and kissed her, his exposed erection pressing against her belly. When they finished their deep tongue kiss, he picked up a photograph from beside the computer and pulled his Kadıköy escort wife toward the bedroom. After so many years of marriage, Gwen knew what her husband wanted: she disappeared into her closet and came out in a bikini similar to the one that Wendy wore in the picture, only blue instead of white. She sauntered up to her naked husband and smiled coyly at him. “Hello, wicked daddy. Can I touch your penis, please? I’ve never seen one up close before.” He gruffly pulled her close and mauled her breasts while he kissed her neck. “Yes, Wendy, play with my dick all you want. Why don’t you lie on the bed and let your daddy take your bikini panties off. Because I want my dick inside your virgin pussy, sweetheart. Daddy needs to fuck his sweet innocent Wendy girl.” Lost, in their hot fantasy, Gwen and Nelson were soon fucking hard and fast on the bed. “… oh daddy! daddy! It feels so good inside me…!” “Yes, Wendy! Spread wider so daddy can fuck you deeper…!” In a few minutes, Gwen was moaning and grunting with multiple orgasms and Nelson was dreaming of Wendy, his sweet niece Wendy, and pumping his hot semen into Gwen’s vagina… = = = = = = = Gwen and Nelson debated back and forth until two days before their plane left. Gwen won – they would tell her. She got online to the Lush website and checked friends. VirginPrincessUK was online. Gwen poked her. A chat window opened immediately. [ Hello, mommy! Guess what I’ve been doing? I just masturbated three times! ] [ Mommy is very proud of her baby girl! Were you reading a story? ] [ Yes. It was Losing My Virginity in Church, part 2. God, it was so smoking nasty and wicked! It was by WickedDaddy4U. He’s in your friend list. ] [ Yes, sweetheart, I know him. In fact, he’s my husband. We’ve been married 21 years. Sometimes I sit by his side and masturbate while you and he are cybering. I adore the relationship you have with him, Wendy. ] [ WTF? How the fuck do you know my name? And wd4u called me Wendy a week ago. WTF!! ] [ Wendy, please grab onto your seat, sweetheart. Your father sent us some pictures recently, and we saw that your avatar was cropped from one of the pictures. I’m your aunt Gwen and wd4u is your uncle Nelson. ] [ SHIT!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! NO!! ] [ Wendy, it’s okay. Really it is. ] [ FUCK YOU perverts cyber me and know im your fucking niece oh god now parents will find out oh shit oh shit NO NO NO NO!!! ] [ WENDY!! We did not know you were our niece until about a week ago. We each have cybered you only twice since then. And it didn’t change anything for us. We both lust for our sweet innocent Pookie and we’re glad to give you all the pleasure we can. We still do, sweetheart. And we most certainly will NOT tell your parents a goddam thing! ] [ You won’t? Promise? But you’re gonna visit here in a few days. What then? ] [ We promise not to tell. Wendy, I don’t know what’s going to happen when we get there. To be honest and blunt, your uncle and I find that our sexual attraction toward you is even stronger than ever, now that we know you’re a real person. What would YOU like to happen when we’re there? ] [ Are you talking about having sex with me? For real? That’s incest.

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