When dressed

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When dressedProperly start from down to above..When dressed I could never pass as a woman. I am clearly a sissy put into woman’s close. Love being sent out like that. Exposed. Knowing whoever sees me knows just what I am. I have only done that at adult bookstores and at adult theaters. When openly dressed there, either in nothing but lingerie and stockings and panties, or if I go in a skirt, stockings, blouse, bra and breast forms, it is not only clear what I am, but most men who enjoy sissies see it as an open invitation to use me. When dressed like that men will walk up and reach under my skirt or into my panties to grope and fondle me, or just push my head down to their crotch and hold it there as I open their pants to free their cock. Love the idea of being sent out in public like that. Sitting on a bench or in a park. I would start out in panties, but with instructions that when the first man reaches up under my skirt I have to slide my panties down, out from under my skirt and off my legs, give them to him to keep, and stay in skirt with no panties the rest of the time I was there.I know a man would reach up under my skirt and fondle me. Stroking me, squeezing my cock. I would silently spread my legs for him. Submissively open for him, I would let him do what he wanted until he made me cum. Even then I could still not leave. Cum would be on my legs for anyone to see if they looked closely, there would likely be a wet spot on my skirt. My cock would be exposed under my skirt when I opened my legs and I would no longer be horny and eager after I had cum. But, I would still have to stay there, opening my legs to expose myself to men. Submitting to any who came over and wanted to play with me. Remaining in public, clearly a submissive sissy. My wife’s big office party was tonight. When she locked me into my cock cage, put me in very feminine pretty panties and I saw how provocatively she had dressed, I knew she would be flirting with her co workers and teasing and humiliating me. I would have to watch her flirt, see them staring at her, knowing what they were thinking. I also knew my cock would try to get hard. It couldn’t inside the very small cage she had bought, and would hurt when it did try, but it would still try. At least there were several very attractive women she worked with, I would enjoy seeing and watching them. Although that would not help with the uncomfortable erections I would have. Just before we left, my wife reached down, cupped my balls in her hand and squeezed tightly, squeezing the hard plastic cage. Smiling, she looked into my eyes and told her that every single woman I would see at the party knew that she kept my cock caged, knew that I was her bitch, knew that I was too small to be pleasurable and knew that I was her bitch. That was the last thing she said as we left the house. I knew there would be over twenty women at the party. The idea that each and every one of them knew I was my wife’s chaste bitch was completely humiliating. Yet, my cock was already pinched and uncomfortable in the cage just from hearing my wife’s words.No. I had cross dressed for years before I ever sucked another mans cock. Started with just panties or pantyhose when I was in high school and college. As I got older stockings, garters, teddies, bustiers, lingerie, shoes, even skirts dresses, blouses and bras with breast forms. It was many years after I first started wearing panties that I was sent out to adult stores. At first only to be exposed wearing panties and stockings. Made to stand in a booth with a window and let other men see me and if they started masturbating to stay there, exposed, and watch them. That developed into eventually having to suck cock. It still does not feel natural. I am not attracted to men. It is humiliating, and exciting, and excites me. The hornier I get the more submissive I become, so if it has been a while since I have cum I am very eager to serve other men and humiliate myself, which of course just makes me hornier and more eager.Love the idea of a public groping. Taken to NYC by my Mistress. Dressed as a sissy with very short skirt and bright pink panties. Knowing that the panties will be easily seen as my skirt moves or I bend. Taken by Mistress on crowded subways and told I have to stand in the deepest crowd as she stays a few feet away watching. She would make it clear I must stand submissively and let anyone touch or grope or press themselves to me.It isn’t very long and I feel hands up my skirt grabbing my ass. I feel hard cocks pressed against my as as the crowd gets bigger and bodies are pressed together. I know my cock is hard in my panties. Soon, fingers slide between my legs from behind. They pause, explore, feel my balls. Soon they curl up the front of my panties and feel my hard cock. Whoever it is knows I am a sissy! The hand withdraws and I feel it slide around my hip, under my skirt and press hard to my cock. It pulls me back, pressing my rounded ass to a hard cock. I stand submissively, trying not to whimper, as his fingers press and rub my cock through my panties and his cock presses and rubs against my ass. It doesn’t take long and he makes me cum, filling my panties with a huge load of sissy cum. I hear a deep chuckle behind me and know I have cum so much it has soaked through my panties onto his fingers. He wipes his hand across my panties, then out from under my skirt, wiping the cum off on the front of my skirt! He does that several times, making sure the front of my skirt is as wet and cum soaked as my panties. The subway doors open and he disappears, leaving me exposed on the subway, miles from our room, a large obvious wet spot on the front of my skirt. Glancing over, I see Mistress laughing in delight at my humiliation.Obedient faggot on his knees, hands to his side, sole focus on the superior white cock in his mouth. How it should be.It started with my girlfriend handing me the panties she had worn all day and asking me to put them on. Gradually she incorporated me wearing her clothes more and more into our sex. She kept asking me to let her dress me fully. I was nervous, didn’t want to be seen, kept saying no. Finally, we planned a weekend away. She said it would be a perfect time. A city where no one knew us, several days alone, she said it made her so hot to dress me. In hindsight I am sure it was by design, but we had not had sex in over a week. I was eager, her comments on how hot it made her excited me. I found myself agreeing. The day before we left she took me out shopping so I would have my very own clothes. She had me buy some panties, skirts, tops a pair of heeled sandals and some costume jewelry. When we packed to leave, all she would allow me to pack was what I had bought. I protested at first, but she kissed me and squeezed my ass and said it would be fun.We got to the hotel late, and just went to bed. In the morning she woke all excited and said it was time to get me ready. She was very eager and told me she loved that I would be her “sexy girlfriend” for the whole weekend. Taking me into the bathroom she helped me shave myself. My chest, my arms, my armpits, legs, cock and balls, ass, even closely and smoothly shaving between my cheeks, making my anus smooth and pink.She helped me dress. A short loose skirt, panties, sandals and a small snug chemise type top. It felt very strange wearing so few clothes and I was very nervous, but did have to admit that may cock was hard in the panties. She did my hair and just a little bit of make up and started to head out the door. I stopped, not sure I was ready to actually go out. She laughed, cajoled me, slid her hand up my skirt, fingers lightly running across the front of my panties. She convinced me this was the perfect time and place. no one knew me. Finally, I followed her out the door.We walked through the lobby and out to the parking lot. It was only then that I realized I had no room key, no ID, no money. Nothing. She had the keys to the car and drove us to a park area, her hand on my leg as she drove. I was hesitant to get out of the car when we arrived, but she laughed and asked what I was going to do, just sit there all day. We walked a bit, and I started getting a little more comfortable. She would giggle and point out men who were watching me. That really embarrassed me but she loved it. Eventually she led me off into a more wooded and secluded area. I was hoping she was looking for some privacy to touch me or even suck me. I was very very mistaken.In a very secluded, heavily wooded area she saw a man just hanging out. Grinning widely, she took my hand and pulled me up and said hello to him. He smiled at her, smiled more widely at me as he said hello. I gasped, shocked, as she came right out and openly asked him if he would like her boyfriend to suck his cock! Laughing, he quickly agreed and I started to sputter and protest.Shut up slut she snapped. Get on your knees or I am going to walk away and leave you here. I refused and she handed the man my arm, told him to hold onto me and started back toward the car. I quickly started begging, telling her I would do it, begging her not to go. Grinning widely she came back, and again said, on your knees slut. I slowly dropped to my knees in front of the man as she said, “Now, I want you to open his pants, you to pull them down, you to free his cock, you to stroke it, suck it, then make it hard. Lick his balls, lick his cock, suck the head in your mouth. I am going to take pictures, maybe video and it had better look like this is your idea, that you are enjoying it. If it doesn’t I will leave you here for anyone who wants to take you.”Now I was scared. I leaned forward, opening his pants, pulling them down, freeing his cock from his underpants. It was much bigger than mine. I would find out over time that most were. I leaned forward, kissing his cock. Swallowing hard I ran my tongue up it then back down to his balls. I sucked just the head between my lips and gasped as I felt it grow in my mouth. My girlfriend was laughing and talking pictures, giving me instruction, making me take it out of my mouth so she could get pictures of it fully hard against my face. After I had sucked him for a little bit she made me stop and stand. She pulled my skirt down to my ankles and had me kneel again. Then she pulled my panties to mid thigh and had me continue. Laughing as she took more pictures, she pointed out how hard my own cock was. “Now slut” she chuckled, “I am going to video. Finish him off, make him cum in your mouth and I want to see you swallowing every drop. There is a man over there watching. He will be next and he can cum on your face. I want you swallowing all the cum from your first blow job.” I quickly looked over and sure enough, there was another man watching. The mad I was sucking grabbed my head, forced it back down on his cock and in just a few minutes began to fill my mouth with cum. I gagged and sputtered but managed to swallow most of it as my girlfriend laughed, only a little dribbling down my chin. The man stepped away, zipping up his pants. The man who had been watching stepped up quickly, his cock already out and hard. “Suck it sissy bitch” my girlfriend laughed. She told the man to warn her when he was close and to pull his cock from my mouth and cum all over my face. “I want video of my sweet sissy faggots first facial” she laughed. He was more than happy to comply and soon he was shooting spurt after spurt of cum all over my face.Making me leave the cum to run down my face, my girlfriend asked if I wanted to cum. I was so horny and eager I begged her yes. Grinning widely she turned to the man and asked if he would like to suck my little sissy dick. I was shocked, not at all what I wanted, but was so horny would have agreed to anything. He quickly agreed, and pulled me to my feet, getting on his knees in front of me. Laughing my girlfriend videoed the entire thing. Panning out to show all of me including my face, zooming in to show my cock sliding between a man’s lips. Showing his hand sliding around my hips, over my shaved ass, fingers exploring between my cheeks as he sucked me. It didn’t take him long to make me cum. I was totally humiliated as I came into the mouth of another man. My girlfriend was sure to get good video of that, and also of my soft cock sliding out of his mouth when he finished. Finally, she let me pull my panties and skirt back up and led me back to the car. Smiling at me as she drove back to the car she told me I was now her little sissy slut. She would decide how I was used and who would use me. She made it clear I would be her sissy bitch for her pleasure, her sissy cocksucking faggot for her amusement, and anything else she could think of. I would be her absolute slut for this weekend, pleasing her and maybe more men, dressed only as a girl. Once home she would let me wear male clothes so long as I behaved and so long as I realized that I had to do whatever she wished anytime she wished. As I listened my cock was twitching and became hard in my panties, a surprise so soon after cumming. Very quietly I just said “Yes Miss” which made her laugh, reach up under my skirt and squeeze my hard cock and smiled. “Good girl” she chuckled, “As soon as we get back to the room I am going to watch these videos and you are going to keep licking me until I say stop.” “Yes Miss” I eagerly agreed. I was in for a very humiliating weekend, but was now looking forward to it very much.My wife had been cuckolding me for a year now. From the very beginning she always laid me on my back as soon as she got home, straddled my face and forced the cum from her well fucked and filled pussy into my mouth. Often she would talk, humiliate me, tell me how big he was, tell me how much she enjoyed it, tell me how well he pleased and satisfied her laughing as my little cock got hard as my tongue eagerly explored her swollen, well fucked pussy, tasting the cum of a nameless stranger who had enjoyed my wife in ways I was not allowed to. This time I had my tongue pressed as deeply inside her as I could. I could feel the hot sticky cum slowly dripping down my tongue and into my mouth when she asked if it made my little dick hard to know that she told all her girlfriends that I lick her clean after her dates. I could not answer with her cum smeared pussy pressed tightly to my face, but my cock jumped and twitched at the words. Laughing loudly she said, “Apparently you do like that. From now on, everytime you see one of my friends you won’t be able to stop thinking that they know you are my little cum licker. They know your sweet little wife fucks other men and you eagerly lick their cum from her. They also know why, all of them know how tiny your cock is.” Laughing more, grinding her pussy harder against my face she said that she would bet that my tiny cock got hard next time I saw any of her friends, just from thinking those things. Grinning widely, she mused that maybe she would reach down, squeeze my pants when I next saw any of her friends and see if I was hard. She chuckled above me as I finished cleaning her and made her cum several times. I knew that my exposure and humiliation were about to take a more intense turn.A more difficult question than it seems. I do not particularly like the taste of cum. I do, however, love the humiliation of having to swallow it. So, I guess it would be fair to say I like it.My wife discovered she loved using a strap on and fucking my submissive ass. After just a few times she was able to give herself explosive orgasms. She would always laugh and say I should get my orgasms that way too.Well, this was the third time she had made me cum with her “cock” deep in my ass. The first time was just a couple weeks ago. She was enjoying fucking me when she reached around and her fingers closed around my hard cock. Much to her amusement, I came almost immediately. She laughed and told me I obviously liked being the bitch in the relationship.Next time was last week. She invited three of her friends over and fucked me in front of them as they giggled. She laughed, told them to watch and grabbed my cock, squeezing hard, and that was enough to make me cum. The women roared in laughter.Now, she is fucking me again. This time in front of her boyfriend, before he fucks her so much better than I ever could. My cock is hard and throbbing as her dildo fills me, while he watches, amused. I feel her hand slide over my hip toward my hard cock and know that as soon as her fingers touch it I will cum. I also know once I cum, so quickly, with her strapon deep in my ass, with her boyfriend watching, I will no longer be seen as a man. I will be just her eager bitch. The fear and uncertainty of where she will take this and what else I would wind up doing were quickly forgotten as her fingers touched my cock and I immediately exploded as her boyfriend laughed.I have had very little real life femdom. A girlfriend years ago did put me in panties, spank me, use a dildo on me and she was the one who sent me to adult bookstores. First just to be exposed wearing panties and stockings, eventually to suck cock. I have fantasized about femdom since I was in High School. I knew my girlfriend was fucking other men, she often made me lick her to more orgasms after she was with them. I should not have refused when she brought one home and demanded that I suck him hard for her. She was furious when I refused. During the week she seemed to forget about it. I should have known better when she wanted to play bondage games the next weekend. When she had my hands securely cuffed behind my back, she put a ball crusher on my balls. Slapping my cock hard, she told me she would get me over my resistance to sucking cock, and teach me not to refuse her at the same time.She tightened the crusher a bit, just to show me what it felt like, then backed it off. She told me she had a co-worker who was gay, and a real man slut. She had offered him my mouth, but that wasn’t all, she had told him to bring as many of his friends as he wanted.Soon, she chuckled, twenty horny gay men will be here. They have been promised they have been promised a complete bottom oral faggot to use. She explained that so long as I do what they say and swallow all their cum the crusher stays loose. If I balk, or refuse or don’t even please them enough, she will tighten it. I just stared at her in shock, and then heard the doorbell ring.My girlfriend had been using my tongue more and more to please her. It had been well over a month since she had allowed my cock inside her. Finally she announced that my cock would never be inside her again. It didn’t please or satisfy her at all, but my tongue pleased her tremendously. I would be allowed to jerk off, but only after I had thoroughly licked her.It was frustrating and humiliating, but I was horny and wanted to cum. Soon, she would make me cum in my hand and lick it up. Then on her belly or breasts and lick that. Then on her pussy, before I licked her to several orgasms. Finally, she would roll over when pleased, make me cum between her cheeks and lick her clean.One day, after my tongue had pleased her, she reached into a drawer and took out a large butt plug. Grinning wickedly I had to agree to let her push it deep in my ass, in the future I could only cum when I had it filling my ass. I refused and she just shrugged, put it away, and said I could not jerk off for her. It had been several weeks, I now realized she had done that purposely. Meekly I agreed and she bent me over the bed and slowly pushed the toy in. She was careful, but it still was uncomfortable and deeply humiliating. She was thrilled when it was fully in, and allowed me to stand and start stroking. She made me go slowly, enjoying the sight, pushing the base of the toy in occasionally. Soon, I was close and eager and she allowed me to cum. The sensation of my ass squeezing around the toy as I spurted was very exciting, but very humiliating. I felt like such a slut. “Good boy” she laughed as I finished licking up all my cum. With a smile she removed the toy and sent me off to clean it up. As I walked off, ass still sore and tender, I had to wonder where she would take this next.My wife had been smiling and acting secretive all day. She sent me out to pick up a few things and when I got back saw her in the living room with two of her friends. I stopped dead in my tracks, heart racing. She was sitting in a chair holding up a purple dildo. I recognized it immediately. I had bought it after I started looking at those femdom and sissy sites.She grinned widely, told me she had found it in my bottom drawer and to crawl across her lap, she was looking forward to fucking me with it. I couldn’t say a word, just shook my head “no”, which made her laugh. “Don’t be shy” she laughed, looking at her friends. “You obviously are a little bitch, I am going to make you MY bitch.”Her words made my cock twitch. I started to slowly walk over to her. I didn’t want to, but couldn’t stop. I pulled my pants down and bent over her lap. I heard my wife laugh as she reached down and spread my cheeks wide so her friends would have a good view. She forced the dildo in my ass as her friends laughed and giggled. She pushed it in all the way, farther than I had ever inserted it. She fucked me with it slowly, deep strokes in and out. Soon my hips started to rock and she laughed and commented to her friends that her sissy bitch husband liked it.The humiliation was exciting and my cock was rock hard. I was glad that she had found it, and that my wife was enjoying dominating me. I was very nervous that she decided to include her friends. I also had no choice anymore. I clearly was her bitch.There have been times when I exposed myself in stockings and panties at an adult book store when a man would come into my booth but not let me suck him. Some would look at me feminized, to fondle my little cock in my panties, while stroking themselves. If they did not want my submissive mouth on their cock I would kneel before them as they masturbated, kiss their balls, turn my face up right under their cock and watch from an inch away, making it clear my face could be his target. I would stay like that until he did cum, shooting all over my upturned face. After he left I would further humiliate myself by staying like that, exposed in panties and stockings but now with cum all over my face. Sometimes other men would come into my booth and add to the cum on my face, sometimes not. Either way, I would always walk out through the store section like that when I left. I am such a cum slutI have never been fucked by a man. I have sucked several fat men at an adult bookstore. I did have to turn my head sideways to get under their hanging bellies to suck their cocks or to lick their balls. I found it very humiliating to do it like that, but knew that my mouth was for the pleasure of anyone, no matter if they were attractive or not.My wife had dominated me for a long time. A few months ago she shared that with some friends, exposing me and humiliating me for them. She loved that, and since then has exposed me to all of her friends, most of my friends, all of the men who she enjoys, most everyone. I don’t think there is anyone she would not share my humiliation with now.Tonight she surprised me. She dressed me in my sissy slut outfit. I knew I would be exposed to someone, likely to either lick their pussy or suck their cock, depending on their gender. What surprised me is she cuffed my hands together and then blindfolded me. She led me out to our living room, forced me to my knees in the middle of the room. I could hear a number of people talking and laughing.The room quieted as I was brought out and my wife chuckled and began to speak. “Alright my little slut. You will be our entertainment this evening. There are well over a dozen men here tonight.” Laughing wickedly she made a point of adding. “You have already swallowed the cum of every one of them, either directly from their cock or from my pussy or ass. You will stay here on your knees all night, if you feel a cock against your lips you will open your mouth and suck it. You are blindfolded so you won’t know who it is, your hands are cuffed so you can’t touch them at all. You are to decide what man has just used your mouth as a cum dump and say his name. Your lips around his cock, your tongue feeling his cock and, of course, the taste of his cum, will be the only things you have to identify who you are sucking my little slut toy. Oh, and one other thing, I have been told you are getting very good at sucking cock. Some may want to try you two or three times during the course of the night. You still have to be correct in identifying them every time they take your mouth. Do you understand my little slut?” I was glad there was a blindfold over my eyes as they widened as I listened to her words. I nodded my head saying “Yes Mistress” loudly enough for her friends to hear.“Good slut” she chuckled. “Now for the rules. For every cock that you don’t identify correctly you spend more time in your cage with no chance of cumming. If you only miss 10% of the cocks that you suck every wrong answer will be an extra day in chastity. If you only miss 25% of the cocks you suck every wrong answer will be an extra week in chastity. If you miss 50% or more of the cocks you suck every wrong answer will be one more month in chastity.”I could hear her laugh as a hard cock already pressed to my lips, even as she was still talking. “Good luck slut” she laughed. Even as I opened my mouth and felt the cock push deep inside I knew I was in trouble. I doubted I would do very well at guessing who was fucking my face and filling my mouth with cum. I also knew the men would want me more than once, particularly like this, humiliated with a room full of people watching. As the first of many many men filled my mouth with his cum, and I had no idea who he was, I realized that I would not be out of my cage for well over a year.I suspected my beautiful wife told all her friends that she had a stable of much better hung lovers. I know she had laughed with all of them and told them how inadequate my cock was at pleasing her, even showing them pictures of it, all small and flaccid. I did not know she had told them that she sat on my face every time she came home after being with one of her lovers. Told them how I licked all the cum from her well used pussy. How I kept licking until she came again. How wet and sticky and shiny my face was when she finally let me up.Now she was talking about telling my friends. She knew how much more humiliating that would be for me. Suddenly, it hit me. If she told all of my friends they would know that she was available. They would know that they could fuck her if she liked. They would even know that my eager tongue would be lapping up all of their cum after they had used my wife in ways that I never would again.For years I had worn panties and even stockings at home. Years ago one of my girlfriends found out I wore panties and enjoyed making me wear them under my pants and show her at any time that she asked. Eventually she decided that I needed to show others.It started by her choosing panties, and sometimes stockings and garters, to wear under my clothes to an adult bookstore. I had to pull my pants down in a booth and stand, fully exposed as a sissy, Initially it was just in a booth with a window so other men could see me, but not touch me. Then she made me stroke my cock for them as they watched. I could cum, but the rule was I could only stroke myself if a man were watching me through the window. Very humiliating to masturbate in panties with another man watching, but it always made me cum.Next it was stockings and panties, moving up to lingerie, teddies, bustiers, baby dolls, in a booth with the door open. Standing exposed as a sissy with the door open invitingly, she knew it wouldn’t be long until a man came in. I always found it very humiliating when another man reached in my panties and touched my cock and it got hard. Most men would just touch me, or squeeze my cock, get me hard and then take out their cock. I would suck them, or stroke them, or kneel with my face close to their cock as they stroked and came all over me. Whatever they liked. The vast majority of men would cum and leave, without touching me again, reinforcing that my purpose was to serve and give pleasure not receive it.Finally, I was sent to an adult theater. Sometimes dressed in a bustier and stockings and panties. Occasionally in a bra with breast forms, sheer see through blouse, stockings, panties and short skirt. Never in makeup or a wig. Always clearly a man dressed in women’s clothing. Given a time period from one to four hours, told to stay there for that entire time. Told to take all my outer clothes off in the back of the theater, walk down the center aisle wearing only the lingerie or skirt and blouse, sit in the middle of the front row and remain there for the chosen time.While there were times when I would be sent to the adult bookstore that I would not touch or suck another man, There was never a time when I was sent to the theater that I did not suck at lease one man, and most often more. It was there that I was first spanked by a man. My skirt pulled up, my panties pulled down, spanked as I leaned over the arm of the chair to suck the man next to me. Then kneeling in front of the man who spanked me to suck him, thanking him for the spanking. I left my skirt up and my panties down. Several men had moved closely and were watching, I purposely left myself exposed so they could see my red bottom and my small hard cock as I sucked the man who had publicly spanked me. Serving men, and particularly being touched by men, has always, and continues, to be very humiliating to me. It is that humiliation that makes it arousing.I hate this. I should never have discussed cuckolding with my wife. I loved the idea of her taking lovers, telling me the details as I fuck her already used pussy. That isn’t what happened. After the first couple of men she realized that their large cocks could provide much more pleasure for her than my small one. After that, she did tell me all the details, but only while I was licking her pussy and and making her cum, after they had finished fucking her. She made it clear that I would not be allowed in her pussy again. She let me cum, as often as I would like, but I had to masturbate, cum on either her pussy or her ass, and then lick my cum up and keep licking until she came.Around the same time she added something else to her affairs. Whenever she met a new man she wanted she invited him over to the house. I was made to lie naked on the bed, my small cock clearly visible. She had her new boy toy kneel next to my head, his much larger cock flopped down over my face. With my wife laughing on the other side of me, she tells me to open my lips, let his cock rest on them and on my face. I am not made to lick or suck him, she does that. She teases his cock, not really sucking it, but licking the head, exciting and arousing it as it lies across my face. I can feel her tongue brush my lips or cheek as she licks another mans cock against my face. It usually takes a very long time, but eventually she coaxes the man’s cock to cum. When it does, it spurts all over my face and into my open mouth. I have to lay, passive, neither helping or preventing it. Once he is done cumming I have to swallow what dripped in my mouth and then take his soft cock into my mouth. Now I do have to actively suck him. My tongue and my lips have to caress and stroke him, have to excite and arouse him. I have to suck him back to full hardness. Once he is hard I have to kiss his balls, and beg him to use his large hard cock to satisfy my wife.She would then straddle my head, have him take her from behind. I would lick her pussy as he pleased her with his cock, pausing after he came inside her to open my mouth wide as he pulled out. After his cum had finished dripping into my open mouth I leaned back up to lick my wife until she was satisfied.What I really hate about all this, is how very many of them there are.My wife’s boyfriend had always been a little hesitant about fucking her in our bed, particularly when he knew I was home. Did not stop him from doing it. My wife never gave it any thought. She wanted his cock inside her. She didn’t care if they were alone or not. One day, she decided to ease her boyfriends mind. She didn’t like even the slightest distraction when he was fucking her. She brought us both into the bedroom and had us strip naked. Now I was the one uncomfortable, stripping down in front of my wife’s lover. Smiling, she reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling me over next to her boyfriend. Just that act of grabbing my cock and pulling me over made me hard. That made her laugh. Letting go she gleefully pointed out that even while soft, her boyfriends cock was bigger than my erect cock. Smiling wickedly, she pushed me to my knees. Telling me that hierarchy needed to be established, that there could be no doubt or confusion over who was the primary and dominant man in the house, she pushed my head forward and made me take her boyfriend’s cock into my mouth. I panicked when I felt it grow in my mouth, but she kept her hand on my head and kept my head on his cock. She told me she was going to make me suck it, make it cum on my mouth, make me swallow his cum. That, she said, would make it clear that I was secondary in the house, that he was the dominant male, that everything, even her body, was his. Then, she laughed, just to make sure that I understood the message and my status, she was going to make me suck his cock fully hard again so that he could fuck her right now.It was bad enough my wife taunted me with her new lover. Telling me how good he was, how big, how much he filled her. But this? I never expected this! I was resistant when she told me I would “double date” with her and her boyfriend. Then she pulled her short dress up and showed me her pussy. I knew I would have to watch his hands up her dress all night. But I couldn’t believe it when she said she had set me up with his brother ….. and that he was gay …… and that I would be wearing her panties …… and that she told him he would get lucky! She laughed, and threw the pair of panties she had been wearing all day at my face. She watched, smiling, as I pulled my pants off and put them on. The “date” wasn’t as bad as I expected. Until the ride home. I was in the back with the brother, I could see my wife’s lover had his hand up her dress and was lightly stroking her pussy. She was half turned in the seat, more open to his hand and more able to watch us. The brother slipped an arm around me and pulled me closer. He kissed me as his hand slid down the back of my pants. He laughed as his fingers found my panties, cupping and squeezing my cheeks. “What a sweet little sissy” he laughed, “I can’t wait to see those.” His lips on mine, kissing me deeply, was very humiliating. Another mans lips, his tongue probing into my mouth, as my wife watched and smiled. Firmly he pushed my head down, making me kiss my way down his chest, holding my head in his lap. I heard my wife giggle and say, “Go ahead honey. I told him he would get lucky. Don’t make a liar out of me.” I hesitantly opened his pants, taking out his already hard cock. Kissing the head, I slid my lips over it. I sucked it clumsily, not really knowing what to do. Humiliated at sucking a mans cock in the back of a car, his hand down my pants, fondling my panties, squeezing my ass, my wife watching. Somehow, despite my inexperience, he seemed to enjoy it. Soon his hand was on my head, forcing me down on his cock, hips rising to my face as he filled my mouth with cum. I coughed and sputtered and gagged, but managed to swallow it. My wife laughed hard at the face that I made when he filled my mouth with cum. He was zipping up his pants as we pulled into our driveway.The last thing I saw of my wife was her walking across the living room, her lovers hand on her bare ass, her dress up to her waist, looking over her shoulder as she left me with the brother and said, “Please be gentle with him. He is a virgin.” With a wicked chuckle she disappeared into the bedroom.I knew my girlfriend had told all her friends about me. Had told them how small my cock was. Had told them we had dated three years and my cock had never been in her pussy. Had told them all the humiliating things she made me do. Had told them how she only allowed me to cum by masturbating as she watched and then made me eat all my cum. Had told them how she fucked anyone she wanted and after I would make her cum by licking her clean. She was messaging with one of her friends while I was licking a particularly large sticky load of cum from her pussy that one of her fuck buddies had left there. Her friend didn’t believe that I would do that at all, much less that I was doing it while they were chatting. My girlfriend asked her friend if her boyfriend was home. When she found out that he was, she told her friend to go fuck him hard and fast and then come right over, she would prove that “her little bitch was a cum eating pussy boi”. As she closed her laptop and lay back to enjoy my tongue she told me her friend was coming over and that I would be cleaning her well used pussy with my tongue. “Yes Miss” I mumbled into her pussy as I kept licking. I knew that this was only the first. Once the rest of her friends found out I had licked this friend clean they would all want to push their swollen, sticky, cum filled pussies into my face to enjoy my tongue.My wife had started taking the dominant role in our marriage. I found I enjoyed seeing to her pleasure, doing little things for her, playing at being her submissive. Unfortunately for me, she was not playing. She told me to do something and I refused. She slapped me across the face, and told me to strip as she grabbed her phone and called a friend from work. She did not even try to keep me from hearing. She had called a gay man who she has been friends with for years. I could hear her asking him to get together as many of his friends as he could and be at the house in twenty minutes. I started to protest, but she slapped my face again, grabbed my hair and pulled me to the floor. Growling, she told me not to move, to stay on my knees on the floor. Soon, the doorbell rang and I begged her not to open it. “Shut up bitch” she said as she strode away. She was back soon, grabbed my by my hair and dragged me to the living room as I tried hard to keep up with her as I crawled in behind her. There were seven men sitting around our living room, all with their pants down and slowly stroking their cocks. Still holding me tightly by the hair, and for the sole purpose of humiliating me, my wife loudly announced, “Boys, this is my husband. He is going to be your Fairy Cocksucker today. His mouth is yours for as long as you want it. When you give him back I expect him to be a simpering faggot cum slut. Use him as much as you like. He will eagerly suck all of you until you can’t get it up anymore.” Looking down at me and scowling she said, ominously, “He knows better than to refuse to do anything you want.” With that, she pulled my hair hard, pushing me into the room, sprawling on the floor, and turned and walked away.My girlfriend has told one of her friends at work that she kept my cock locked in a cage. She even showed her friend the key, and a picture of me. It was only a matter of time before she was invited over to the house to see for herself. I was made to stand before her, strip off all my clothes and present myself to her. She laughed, and her first comment was how small my cock was. She reached out and grabbed my balls and squeezed them, smiling as I grimaced. She pulled on my cage, twisted it, making sure it held me securely, but pulling and pinching and hurting my cock and balls as she did. Finally, my girlfriend told me that her friend had a very good idea on a way to decide how often I could cum in the next year. My eyes opened wide as I just stared at my girlfriend. Laughing, her friend explained that I could chose a number. That number would either be how many times I got to cum for the next year, or how many days I had to wait between orgasms. Which it would be would be determined by the flip of a coin. Grinning widely, she laughed and said, “Go on, little boy, pick a number.” My mind raced, as I looked from her to my girlfriend and back, they were both grinning now. I did math quickly in my head. Did I want to play it safe, pick 19 and get the same number of orgasms either way? Or did I want to pick a different number, hoping that I could get more orgasms? I had been locked in my cage for over three weeks. No orgasm, unable to even get hard without it hurting. My cock wanted more than 19 orgasms this year. I was definitely thinking with my cock when I answered “Three, Miss.” The women howled with laughter. Her friend said, “You are a horny little slut. I do hope it doesn’t blow up in your face.” Both women were grinning, I knew they each wanted to see heads come up, while I was praying for tails. Her friend flipped the coin, as I watched it spin in the air my cock was eagerly hoping for tails, but there was a little part of my mind that was saying, “Would heads really be all that bad?”I was desperate. It was the fourth time in the past six months I was late with rent. When I told my landlord he just looked at me. He told me he would give me one more week to come up with the money if I sucked his cock. I quickly refused and he just laughed. “Fine”, he said. “Rent in full by this evening or the eviction notice will be on your door in the morning.”I gave in immediately, really had no choice. I started to get on my knees and he laughed again. “Oh no, Princess” he chuckled, “I want you all dressed up and pretty.” I blushed. When he had come to do some repairs a few weeks earlier he had walked in on me while I was dressed in lingerie and heels. Completely defeated I nodded, said “Yes Sir” and turned to walk into my bedroom.He followed me and watched as I changed. He smiled wickedly as I stripped, exposing my smoothly shaven body and small cock. It was very humiliating to put on stockings and garters and panties as he watched. A bra with fake breasts, a sheer blouse, short pleated skirt and heels. He looked me up and down and grinned. “Makeup and wig too, bitch” was all he said. “Yes Sir” I sighed, and quickly did my makeup, using bright red “please may I suck your cock” lipstick. Settling my wig on my head I stood submissively before him and asked, “Please may I suck your cock now Sir?” Laughing, he replied, “Not quite yet, Princess” and grabbing my arm pulled me out of my apartment.I stumbled behind him on my heels as he dragged me down the stairs to the landing on the first floor. Pushing me to the floor, he kicked my legs open and stood between them, dropping his pants to his ankles. Suddenly I found myself sitting on the floor, legs open, panties exposed, his cock dangling in front of my nose. I knew all the tenants would be coming home in seconds. I started to protest and he cut me off. “You want more time, bitch, start sucking.”Closing my eyes I leaned forward to take his cock into my mouth. Just as my lips wrapped around the head I heard the door below open and footsteps on the stairs. I whimpered a little but didn’t stop. I heard gasps and giggles as my neighbors walked by and saw me as a sissy with the landlords hard cock deep in my mouth. Some moved on to their apartments, chuckling as they passed. Quite a few stayed and watched and soon there was a small crowd enjoying the show. The woman who lived right next door to me began to laugh and pointed out the erection in my panties. Laughing almost too hard to talk she commented that it was so small he wasn’t sure it was an erection. All the others howled with laughter and I could feel the heat of my face blushing bright red.My landlord grabbed my head and shoved his cock deeper into my mouth as he came. The first two large spurts filling my mouth and dripping down my chin. Pulling out, he stroked his long cock, shooting the rest of he cum all over my face. Smiling as he pulled his pants back up he sneered, “Alright Princess, you can have one more week to come up with your rent. If you need more time after that, and beg very nicely, we might be able to work something out.” Laughing, he walked away, leaving me humiliated, on the floor, my face covered in cum.I love the idea of my wife watching closely, offering instruction and berating and humiliating me as I suck off her lover. It is very humiliating, which for me also means arousing, when she calls me a faggot, a sissy cock sucker, a sissy cum slut, in front of the man who fucks her like I can’t.She keeps that up, humiliating me as I suck him. Knowing my cock is throbbing in my panties. Finally, she allows me to touch myself, to rub my cock but not take it out of my panties. I get to cum, just as he shoots in my mouth. My mouth filled with the cum of the man who fucks my wife, my panties wet and filled with my own cum. I open my mouth to show my wife his cum. She smiles cruelly, telling me that she wants me to swallow it, but that by swallowing it I acknowledge and agree that the only way I will ever cum again is when my mouth is filled with another mans cock. My eyes grow wide, the taste of his cum is strong on my tongue and it is already slipping back toward my throat. I want it, I want to swallow it, even knowing that it means that very soon I will be begging my beautiful but cruel wife for cocks to suck just so I can cum. Closing my eyes, I close my mouth and swallow audibly. The feel of his cum sliding down my throat confirming all of the things my wife has called me. I truly am a faggot, a sissy cock sucker, a sissy cum slut, and will be an eager one so I can get my own pleasure. My wife’s deep wicked chuckle tells me she knows that too.My roommate was supposed to go away for the weekend. The perfect chance to dress fully and stay that way for a couple days. I usually was only able to sneak in a pair of panties or some stockings. Friday night after dinner I took my time. Nice sexy stockings and panties, a sheer black teddy and heels. I got out my wig, even did my makeup. Suddenly, the door opened and my roommate walked in. He started saying he had forgotten something but stopped dead when he saw me. I froze unable to say a word. Finally he growled, “I’ve been living with a faggot?” I denied it, told him I just liked to dress. Wasn’t a faggot. “Bullshit” he said. “You look like a faggot. We will see about that.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the couch, pushing me to my knees, he dropped his pants and sat down. He pulled my face to his crotch and pressed it to his cock and balls. He didn’t say a word, just held my face to his crotch. In a few minutes I kissed his balls. Then my tongue slid out and licked them quickly before retreating back into my mouth. I turned my head and kissed the base of his shaft and slid my tongue along that. He chuckled and said, “I thought so.” With that he let go of my head and leaned back. I could have run back to my room but I stayed there, on my knees, and began to kiss and lick his cock and balls. Soon, my lips closed around the head and I sucked as much of it into my mouth as I could. I was clumsy and inexperienced but was soon sucking him eagerly. It didn’t take long and his hands were on my head again, pulling me down onto his cock as his hips thrust up to my face. Very soon he came, spurt after spurt in my mouth. I wasn’t ready for that and gagged and his cum ran out over my chin and across his balls. When he finished he pushed my head back to his balls and made me lick him clean. He told me that any time he came from now on I would have to swallow his cum. Since then I have to suck him every day. Whenever and however he wants. Lately, he has added something else. After he cums for the first time in my mouth I have to press my face up between his thighs and work my tongue up between his cheeks. I have to keep stroking his cock as I lick his ass until he cums again, this time shooting in my hair and having it drip down across my face. I had gone to my girlfriends dorm room to wait for her to get out of class. No one was there, one of her roommates dresser drawers was half open. I caught a glimpse of her panties, and glancing around quickly, opened the door and started going through her panties. They were heavenly. As I touched them I imagined them snugly against her magnificent ass and tugged up tightly against her beautiful pussy. Suddenly I heard, “What the fuck! You fucking pervert.” Whipping around I saw my girlfriend’s roommate in the door and almost immediately my girlfriend walked down the hall, back from class. Both stood in the doorway glaring at me. The roommate pulled her panties from my hands as my girlfriend pulled me away from the dresser. My girlfriend called me a pervert and a creeper and asked me if I was a sissy. I started to mumble something and she said, shut up bitch. The girls made me strip, and as I stood there naked they both looked at me in disgust and commented on my hard cock and what a stupid bitch I was if this got me hard. Throwing a pair of panties at me they watched as I put them on. Pushing me to my knees, my girlfriend took some markers from her desk and gave one to her roommate. They both began to write and draw on me. “sissy bitch” “Pussy slave” “faggot” “slut” were just some of the things they wrote. They drew pictures of cock, arrows pointing at my ass, even “cock here” on my face with an arrow to my mouth. They both took tons of pictures on their phones and finally stepped back and laughed as they looked at me. I thought they were done but I was very badly mistaken. Tossing me a long raincoat they allowed me to put that on, and only that. Pulling me out of the room they dragged me to her car and shoved me in. She drove to an adult shop that was about two miles from campus. Pulling me out of the car they dragged me across the parking lot and into the shop. As soon as two beautiful young girls walked in everyone there automatically looked at them. As her roommate held the coat and pulled it off, my girlfriend pushed me into the middle of the store. Laughing, she said that maybe I could convince one of these nice men to give me a ride back. If not, she grinned, I could walk home. They were still laughing as they walked out the door. Several men began to approach me even before the door closed behind the girls.Mistress always enjoys the added humiliation of spanking me in front of two or three of her friends. I never know who will be invited over to watch, or when she will decide to do it. Almost always I will have been wearing panties all day, and when I have to pull my pants down in front of her friends and they see my panties and giggle it is extremely humiliating. Mistress always makes me stand in front of her first, sliding her hands over my panties, telling me how pretty they are as her friends watch and giggle. She squeezes my tiny cock inside them, smiling wickedly as she delays the reveal to make sure I am fully hard. Only then does she slip the down my legs, revealing my small erection to her friends. Grinning wickedly she chides me, telling me that I am not supposed to enjoy this, and she is certain that very soon I won’t be. As I lay across her lap I hear her friends talking about how small my cock is. Then Mistress begins to spank. When she has an audience it is always different. Harder, more severe. She never stops until she has broken me completely. Until she has me crying over her lap like a little girl as her friends watch, women I will see often, women that every time I see I will remember this humiliation. Only when my ass is burning, tears are streaming down my cheeks and I am blubbering and begging her to stop does Mistress pause. Rubbing my red ass, chuckling wickedly as I gasp when she squeezes my cheek hard, she rolls me off her lap onto the floor. I know what I must do. Panties still around my knees I awkwardly crawl over to her friends. Turning, I stay on all fours and present my ass to them so they can inspect it, touch it, squeeze it, even slap it. If any of them shows any interest in spanking me, and every single one of them always has, I have to kneel at their feet, beg them to spank me. Plead with them to allow me over their lap until they laughingly agree. I always receive two or three more spankings on my already incredibly sore ass. It hurts, it is humiliating, but that isn’t the worst of it. Once one of her friends has seen me like that, has spanked me herself, they always want to humiliate me again. They all love to find more things they can do to me or make me do. And Mistress always finds new friends to come and watch her spank me.My father in law had seen my sissy porn on my computer and blackmailed me into being his sissy slut. He used and humiliated me regularly. One day my mother in law walked in as I was dress in a bustier, stockings and garters and panties and sucking the old man’s cock. I expected her to freak out. She just laughed and told him to send me up to her when he was finished. He just grunted, dumped his load in my mouth as she watched, and said, “You can have him now.” Laughing, she just walked away and I followed silently. Going to her room, she stripped, laid on the bed and just spread her legs. Sighing, I crawled up between her legs, kissing and licking her to several orgasms. Once she finished she sat up, pulled me across her lap, pulled my panties down and spanked me soundly. Only when my ass was red and sore did she let me up. “That,” she said. “Is a very mild example of what will happen if you ever disobey me.” “Yes Ma’am” is all I could say. That brought a smile to her face. She told me to go get my clothes and bring them back. When I did, she balled up my socks and had me put them in the cups of the bustier I had worn while sucking her husband. She then let me put on a tee shirt and my pants. With no socks on the stockings showed to anyone who looked closely. The socks in the cups of the bustier were very noticeable under the snug tee shirt and looked like I had small breasts with absolutely no way to hide that. Grinning wickedly she told me to go out and find a French Maid outfit. a very revealing and slutty looking one. I could not change, or remove the socks, until I had found and purchased it and returned. I just stared at her, not moving. “Do it” she snapped, “Or what you just got will seem like a gentle caress.” Swallowing hard I squeaked, “Yes “Ma’am” and scurried out. I felt very self conscious even driving like that. I had to go to three adult shops to find an outfit like that. I thought going into the shops was humiliating. Standing at the counter buying it, with my little breasts showing in my tee shirt as the young girl cashing me out just smiled, was mortifying. Now I do all the cleaning for the old woman, wearing that outfit. In between I spend hours licking her pussy or her disgusting ass. Between her and her husband I am thoroughly used.My father in law sat down at my computer to check something on the internet. I had forgotten to lock it and he saw all of the photos and the private bookmark list I had. He scrolled through a number of the pictures and then called me over. My heart dropped when I saw what he was looking at. Grinning at me as the look on my face clearly showed the pictures were mine, he laughed. “So my son in law is a sissy.” opening he pants, he pulled out his limp cock and told me to get under the desk while he went through the bookmark links. Fortunately my wife wasn’t home and I really didn’t want her seeing this. I had no choice. slipping under the desk, I moved between his legs and took his old, limp cock in my mouth. I heard a chuckle above the desk as he said, “And an eager slut as well. Keep me hard but don’t make me cum until I tell you, bitch.” For the next forty minutes I keep the old bastard hard, sucking his cock as he went through all the links. All the femdom sites, the cuckold sites, the sissy sites, the forced bi sites. Finally he shut the computer, leaned back in the chair and growled, “Make me cum, bitch.” Leaning forward, I took his cock deeper into my mouth, my forehead pressing against his big stomach, my hand under his balls cupping them. I kept sucking until he filled my mouth with cum and made me swallow it. He and I spend a lot of time together now. He always calls me over to his house. He keeps feminine clothes there for me. He loves to humiliate me and use me. I still suck him, but now he takes my ass when he feels like. He makes me beg him to do that, gives me humiliating tasks I have to do to “earn” that right. I have spent hours with my tongue buried between his fat saggy cheeks. Once my mother in law walked in on us, but that is another story.This is similar to how I sucked my first cock. Years ago I had a girlfriend who enjoyed dominating me. It started pretty mildly, she made me wear panties under my pants at work. Soon she wanted more humiliation for me. She had me go to an adult shop, into a booth that had a window with the next booth and pull my pants down to expose my panties to anyone in the next booth. Soon she was having me masturbate in the booth but only while my panties were showing. Then I could only touch my cock if another man were in the booth watching. If he left I had to stop. And I had to stay until I came. One day I reported to her that a man had tried to get into my booth, then had pulled out his cock in the booth on the other side of the window and made it clear he wanted me to suck it. She loved it. Right there she told me that I was going to be her sissy cocksucker. I refused and she just laughed. She told me I could go back to the video booths as often as I wanted, but had to go at least once each week. I had to go into a booth with a window, had to be wearing panties and had to pull my pants down and show my panties. I could not touch my cock. I had to watch either femdom or gay movies. If gay movies I had to watch men sucking other men. I COULD NOT CUM. I had to do that for as long as necessary until I was willing to take another man’s cock in my mouth and suck him until he came. Even then, she told me, since I had at first refused her request, I could not cum. I had to return and report to her and then wait until she sent me out again, telling me where and when and how I could finally cum. I don’t remember exactly, but it took over three weeks. I went more than once a week, somehow couldn’t help it. I watched porn, exposed in panties as a sissy, but couldn’t bring myself to offer up my sissy mouth to another man, even though the idea just made me hornier. Finally I gave in. I decided to leave my door unlocked and if a man came in to suck him. Even once I had given in it took three more visits of me standing in my panties in the booth before another man walked it. As soon as he walked in I just dropped to my knees and waited. He opened his pants and pulled out his cock. It was only half hard. Very nervously I leaned forward and took the head in my mouth. Sucking softly I could actually feel him hardening in my mouth. I had only sucked him for about ten minutes when he grabbed my head and came in my mouth. I didn’t like the taste or the feel of his cum, but it wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Not knowing what to do with a mouthful of cum I swallowed it. I quickly pulled up my pants and left. When I saw my girlfriend again I told her all about it. She laughed, asked questions, made me tell her all the details and called me a good cocksucker and her little slut. She told me I had earned my own orgasm and I could feel my cock hardening. I was incredibly horny. She told me to go back to the bookstore with the same instructions. Watching gay or femdom porn, exposed in panties and no touching myself. This time I had to do it for as long as it took for another man to suck my cock! If men came into my booth and wanted me to suck them I had to do that too. I had to keep going until some other man was willing to suck me and make me cum. My girlfriend laughed, telling me I was such a slut it was appropriate that my next orgasm be in the mouth of another man. It took another week and a half, and I went to the video booth four or five times a week, before a man wanted to suck me. I had sucked three more men in the meantime. It was probably more humiliating to have another man touch my cock, my balls, cup my ass and squeeze and then wrap his mouth around my cock. But it had been well over a month by then and I was willing to submit to it. That was when I learned that the hornier I get the more eagerly submissive I become.I had always wanted to dress completely as a sissy and go out. I had worn stockings and panties under my male clothes at an adult bookstore and exposed myself as a sissy there, but that was all so far. One weekend I got up the courage to dress fully and go to the adult theater. Or so I thought. I shaved myself carefully, leaving not a single hair below my eyebrows. Did my makeup. Put on a bra with silicone breast forms, a tight fitting thin top, a very short pleated skirt, panties, stockings and my highest heels. Just driving to the theater like that made my cock hard in my panties. The man in the front stared at me as I bought my ticket. I just blushed and hurried into the theater. Waiting for my eyes to adjust, I walked slowly (couldn’t walk any other way in those heels) down the entire center aisle and took a seat in the empty front row. It wasn’t long before a man sat next to me. He was a very large man. Not an ounce of fat on him. Dressed in working clothes. He smiled, and rested his hand on my leg. His hand was so large his fingers curled around my leg and rested on the inside of my thigh. He slid his hand up my short skirt and brushed the front of my panties. I heard a chuckle as his fingers explored more fully, wrapping around the tiny little boner in my panties. “Very nice Sweetheart” he said, smiling wider. “Why don’t you get on your knees and make me happy?” Suddenly panicking, realizing I didn’t really have the courage to do this, I shook my head vigorously. “No?” he frowned. “What are you, some kind of tease?” With that, he grabbed my arm and pulled me from my seat and across his lap. He easily held me down as he flipped my skirt up and yanked my panties down. His large, hard hand smacked down on my soft bare bottom and I yelped. Suddenly remembering were I was, I bit my lip, trying not to cry out as he spanked me hard. Didn’t really matter. The sound of his hand against my ass was very loud and easily filled the theater. It wasn’t long before we drew a crowd. He spanked me hard, berating me in a voice loud enough for all to hear as he did. Telling me I couldn’t come to a place like this dressed like I was and not expect to suck cock. Calling me a little bitch and a tease. I could not hold out long at all. Very soon he broke me. I blubbered, I begged, I apologized, I promised to behave. I didn’t care who was watching, how many men were around. Laughing he told me my apologies were too late, I need to be taught to obey. Spanking me harder he made me beg for another fifty smacks. I did. He didn’t think it was sincere or loud enough. I begged and groveled, my voice getting louder and louder, begging him to spank me, begging him to give me at least fifty more smacks. He laughed, and said that since I had asked so nicely he would. He spanked my long and hard after that. Before he was finished I was crying, tears rolling down my face ruining my makeup. Finally, he pushed me off his lap, dumping me on the floor. He looked down at me expectantly and I knew immediately what he wanted. I quickly crawled up between his legs, reaching out and opening his belt. I unfastened his pants, easing them and his underpants down over his hips. His cock was large and already hard. As I leaned down to take it into my mouth he reached out and tucked the hem of my skirt into the waist band in the back, fully exposing my red abused ass as I sucked him. Almost all of the men watching had their phones out, taking pictures, shooting video. My heart sank, but my cock throbbed. I didn’t dare stop and kept sucking his cock, sometimes licking his balls, my face pressed tightly to his crotch. Soon, he held my head, began to grunt, and filled my mouth with his cum. His large hand held my head and kept me on his cock. I continued to lick and suck, getting the last few drops, as he slowly softened in my mouth. Finally, he pushed me back, stood, zipped up and left. I quickly wiggled my panties back up, grimacing as they rubbed on my sore ass, lowered my skirt and rushed out. I squirmed in my car seat, ass burning as I drove home. I knew I would go back, but I also knew I would do what the men there wanted when I did. When my wife and her best friend began giggling and laying out my sluttiest female clothes I knew what was about to happen. Soon, her girlfriend had me stripped, was inspecting me very closely to be sure I was totally smooth, and then made up my face with heavy eye make up and bright red lips. Both women laughed as I dressed. Handing me a purse, they drove fifteen miles to a very busy adult shop. Not even pulling into the parking lot, they stopped at the curb, pushed me out. Have fun tonight sissy they laughed, and drove off. Standing on the sidewalk, I looked around quickly and walked across the entire parking lot to the adult shop. It was the only place I could get off the street. My wife and her friend were going out clubbing. They would be gone for hours. My only way back home would be to wait at the adult shop for them or convince someone there to drive me home. I probably could convince a man to drive me home, but I was always afraid to let a strange man who had seen my like this know where I lived. Taking a deep breath I walked in. There were already quite a few men in the store. I could feel all of their eyes on me as I walked across the store. It was always the same. I knew what was in my purse even without looking. No phone. No ID. No credit cards. Not much money, just a bunch of ones that could be used in the video booths but not enough for a cab even if I had a way to call one. Oh, and a large banana. I walked through the store, browsing at things, mostly things I found humiliating. My main purpose, as I had been instructed, was to make sure everyone there say me and knew what I was. Finally, walking over to the entrance to the video booths, I turned to face all the men in the store. Taking the banana out of my purse I peeled it and ate it very slowly. I pushed it deeply into my mouth before pulling it slowly back out, my bright red lips wrapped around it. I stuck my tongue our and licked around the tip. In front of the crowded store I demonstrated my oral skills on the banana before finally eating it, turning and walking into the video arcade. Three men immediately followed me and I felt a hand on my ass before I even reached a booth. I spent the next five or six hours being mauled by strange rough hands as my mouth pleased an endless line of hard horny cocks. I was on my knees on the cum spattered floor sucking an old fat man’s small cock when my wife and her friend returned. They watched, laughing, as I finished him off and swallowed his cum. Leading me to the car we drove home. I knew when we got there I would not be allowed to change, but would be between each of their legs, licking their pussies for hours as they described the men they had danced with, flirted with, and probably fucked. Only when they were satisfied would they go off to bed leaving me to change, shower and clean up.For years I have always had to lick my wife clean when she had been fucked by other men. Usually they were strangers to me. Men she found who she liked or who would please her. Lately, she has been choosing men I know, even some she does not find attractive. She enjoys telling me whose cum I am licking from her, knowing that when I see them again they will know they have had my wife and I will know what their cum tastes like. It started with acquaintances, friends of hers that I knew, now it is my boss. I dread where she will go next.For the past couple weeks my girlfriend had been hanging around with this new woman. There was something about her that attracted me. She always smiled when she saw me, but it was a strange smile. Knowing, almost mocking. My girlfriend noticed my interest and started teasing me about it. Asking if I would like her to come over, if I would like to lick her. At first I denied it, but soon, as she kept talking about it I agreed that it would be fun. Grinning widely, she suggested that she would be willing to invite her into our bed, but would want to use her strap on in my ass while I used my mouth to please the her new friend. I refused, although the thought excited me. Laughing she reached down and squeezed my pants, finding my hard cock and telling me she knew I liked that idea. I finally agreed. The day she was to come over I was nervous, excited and very hard. My girlfriend had me naked and already lubed when her friend arrived. She was also naked and with her strapon around her hips. Her friend came over and held my legs up as my girlfriend slowly slide her dildo deep in my ass. She had been doing that with me a lot lately, but to have it done with someone else watching was very arousing and my cock was twitching, which caused them both to laugh. When she was fully in me my girlfriend smiled up at her friend and told her to give me my treat now. Grinning, she stripped off her clothes and my eyes opened wide and my mouth dropped open when she pulled down her panties to revel a half hard cock. I started to stammer something incoherent when my girlfriend said, “Shut up bitch and open your mouth” as she shoved her dildo into my ass hard. Her friend straddled my body, her cock just an inch from my lips. Beginning to fuck me hard, she tells me to suck her friend. Laughing, she told me that she found her to help feminize me and turn me into her sissy. When I was attracted to her it was too good to pass up. Grinning widely, her dildo thrusting into me hard, she said that cock sucking was not going to be my first lesson, but she was happy it worked out that way. With those words still in my mind, I opened my lips and wrapped them around the cock in front of me.Yes Mistress. Dressed to play the part, heels, stockings, garter belt, panties and the shortest skirt I bend over the bed. Mistress flips my skirt up, pulls my panties down and enjoys lightly caressing my smoothly shaved, hairless sissy ass as she lubes it. Holding my hips firmly, she pushes slowly, but relentlessly, until her feeldoe penetrates my tight boy pussy and slides fully into me. Once her hips touch my ass she backs out and begins to fuck me hard. I whimper as her fake cock moves faster as she fucks her bitch hard. Laughing, she reaches underneath me, squeezing my cock cage, calling me her eager little bitch and her willing ass slut. She fucks me until she cums. Sometimes until she cums several times. Only then does she stop and pull her dildo from my ass. She always checks my cage to see if I have cum. I don’t always, but if it has been a very long time I do and she loves that. It is always very humiliating when there is a pool of cum in my cage from being her ass slut.I love the idea of being required to buy my Mistress a sybian. She humiliates me every time she uses it, tells me I would never have had to pay all that money if I had a real cock and could satisfy her. Of course, she did make me spend the extra money to buy the dildo attachments, both the smaller and the larger one. One day she invited a dozen women over. Most were her friends, but two were my ex girlfriends and two were women that I work with. She set up the sybian in the middle of the floor with the women all seated around it. She led me in, wearing my highest heels, stockings and garters, crotchless panties and a sheer lacy camisole with my hands cuffed behind my back. The women laughed and giggled as I was led over to the sybian like that. I saw that the larger dildo had been attached. Mistress began to lower me down onto it. It was very awkward as I could not use my hands and I was very wobbly when I tried to squat down on the heels. Just as she was working the head into my shaved and lubed anus I slipped and fell heavily onto the sybian, driving the dildo deeply and quickly in to the hilt. I yelped and whimpered and the women laughed. Mistress pulled my feet back so I could not get them under me, and wiggled my body back and forth to make sure I was fully seated on the sybian. Picking up the controls she grinned at me. She told me that every woman there was going to step up and use my tongue as long as she wanted. I would lick her pussy, lick her ass, alternate between them, whatever she wanted until she was completely satisfied and stepped away. The entire time someone else would be working the controls. She would start with the controls, and the woman who had just used my tongue would take over and use the controls as the next woman stepped up to use my tongue. That would continue until all the women had a turn with both my tongue and the controls. Grinning widely, hand poised over the controls she said, “Ready my helpless sissy slut?” As she twisted the controls one of her friends stood, stripped off her jeans and stepped up to me. Grabbing my hair she pulled it hard, pulling me into her pussy and grinding it against my face. Mistress laughed, encouraging her and told her that was just how to treat a slut and then rewarded her by turning both dials up to max for a few minutes. I moan deeply into her pussy as the dildo moved wildly in my ass. She came quickly, but continued grinding hard against my face, cumming several more times before she leg go of my hair. Turning, she bent over, pushing her ass to my face, the women howling as I quickly stuck my tongue out tongued deeply between her cheeks. She then took the controls from my Mistress and another woman stepped up to use my tongue. For the next several hours I was completely used. My ass quickly became sore, but there was no chance that my violation would stop, or even be lowered. Most women enjoyed playing with the controls, varying the speed and rotation. Several just cranked both dials up to max and left them there. The most humiliating moment was when I was orally servicing one of the women I work with. A pretty but very heavy set woman. She had her ass spread wide and my face was buried between her cheeks when suddenly my cock started to dribble. I didn’t orgasm, or shoot, just cum dripping from the tip and running down the shaft from the dildo abusing my prostate. The women howled. Mistress quickly grabbed her phone and took pictures, promising to send them to the woman whose ass was wrapped around my face. That happened twice more before I was through. The last time only a few pathetic drops dribbled from my cock. The women loved it each time it happened. Finally it was over. I knew my ass would be sore for days. Worse, I knew that the humiliation every time I saw any of these women would last far longer. Particularly the two I worked with. Mistress was right, though, I am a slut. Even as I was cleaning up, less than ten minutes after that ordeal, I was imagining the woman I worked with stepping into my cube, not saying a word, showing me the picture on her phone of me licking her ass, dribbling from the sybian in my ass, taking me to a deserted office and pushing me under the desk as she sat and spread her legs, making me please her again.Every now and then, at long but random intervals, my Mistress will dress me in sexy lingerie, put a collar around my neck, run chains from the collar to my cock cage and then blindfold me. Once blindfolded I am led to her car, never allowed a coat or anything to hide my lingerie. I have to walk carefully behind her on my heels, unable to see, until she lowers me into the car. She drives. I never really know where. When she stops, I am led inside and forced to my knees to the floor. For the next several hours I hear the sound of men, laughing, making rude comments, calling me names. I feel hands on my body, cocks pressed to my face or mouth. Sometimes just the sudden spatter of cum hitting my face or hair. Eventually my Mistress pulls me to my feet, leads me back to the car, and drives. The drive is not always the same length of time coming back. Only when I am standing in her living room is the blindfold removed. She never says a word about those times. Never says where she takes me, who uses me. Could be a bar, an adult theater, an adult bookstore, one of her friends houses. Hell, could be driven around and brought right back to her house. I never know if the men who see me, use me, enjoy me are strangers, her friends, my friends, co workers. All I know is that it very strongly reinforces in my mind that I am utterly hers.After we were married my wife discovered my submissive fantasies and was only too happy to fulfill them. She loved my tongue and loved how eager I was to lick her pussy or her ass anytime she wanted. She did not like how small my cock was. It wasn’t long at all before she found a lover with a cock more than twice as big as mine. She was very open about fucking him, about needing to be properly fucked. She was eager to make me her fluffier, to make me suck him hard, knowing he was going to fuck her. I was very relieved when he refused. He did not want another man’s mouth on his cock. I was relieved, but I shouldn’t have been. My wife was wicked and imaginative and creative, and this was something she really wanted. Next time her stud came over she had me feminized. Just stockings and panties and heels and a bustier. Dressed to humiliate me and make me non threatening as a man. She had her stud lay on the edge of the bed and had me kneel on the floor. Spreading his legs wide and lifting them a little she told me that since he didn’t want my mouth on his cock I was to push my face between his legs and lick his ass until he got hard. I stared at her, not moving. Do it bitch she snapped, grabbing my hair and pushing my face hard against his ass. Completely humiliated, I slipped my tongue out and licked his sweaty ass. She continued to give me embarrassing verbal instructions, telling me to lick up and down, long and slow, or probe it deeply. Finally she laughed, called me good girl, that I had him rock hard. Straddling his cock she mounted him, telling me to keep licking her ass as she fucked his magnificent cock. With my tongue buried deep in my wife’s pretty ass, even as she rode her well hung lover, I knew that every time she had a real cock to please her I would be tonguing the man’s ass until he was hard and ready to fuck my wife.It started innocuously enough, she asked me to wear her panties as I went down on her beautiful pussy and pleased her. She loved it and came so hard I was willing to do it more. Soon she had me fully shaved and dressing completely. Soon the novelty of that wore off for her and she wanted others to see me dressed. I was very resistant to that. One weekend she was playing, had me dressed in a blouse and sweater, short skirt, midway down my thighs, ankle socks and heels. Freshly shaved. Panties, bra, breast forms, wig and make up. She had been teasing me all morning. Brushing against me, slipping her hand up my skirt, squeezing my cock and making me hard and then walking away. I loved when she teased me. I got horny and eager to please her and eventually she would take me to bed. She teased me for hours and I was horny and eager. Suddenly the door bell rang. I started, and was ready to bolt to the bedroom. She grabbed my wrist and held it tightly. Go answer the door she smiled. What! I screamed. No way. Frowning, holding my wrist tightly, she dragged me over to the door and opened it wide. A man was standing there, a man I had never seen. What the hell are you doing? I said, panicking. She invited the man in, telling me that he was a gay friend from work who she had told about dressing me up. He loved sissy boys and kept asking for a photo. She decided to let him see me in person rather than get a photo. She told him that she had told me to open the door and I wouldn’t so she had to drag me over and do it herself. That isn’t how a bitch should behave he told her, and took my other wrist and dragged me across the room. Sitting in a chair, he pulled me over his lap. Holding me down as I struggled, he looked up at my wife and told her that he thought I needed a good spanking to learn to behave. Rather than telling him to let me up, she just smiled widely and said, I do too. Would you please give it to him? I was squirming and yelling as I felt my skirt pulled up over my back. His fingers slipped into the waistband at the back of my panties and, despite my struggles, I felt them pulled down to my knees. My shaved, smooth, girly looking ass was exposed to a man whose name I did not even know. I felt his hand come down hard on it and yelped and struggled. I heard him chuckle above me as he continued to spank me hard. Sometimes he would pause, his hand on my red cheek, squeezing and cupping my ass. He spanked me for a very long time. I could feel his cock hardening and pressing into my stomach and knew he was enjoying it. I was whimpering and pleading, begging him to stop, promising to behave. All the time my wife was watching, laughing, thoroughly enjoying it. Finally he stopped, rolling me off his lap and dumping me on the floor. He told me that he expected me to be more obedient. Yes sir I said, sniffling. He stayed for a couple of more hours. I wasn’t allowed to change, wasn’t even allowed to pull up my panties. I either stood in the living room as they talked, or got them coffee and snacks. Either way my panties stayed bunched up around my knees. If either asked I had to lift my skirt, bend over and show them my red and mottled cheeks. Finally he left. I wasn’t feeling very sexy, but figured my wife would take me to bed and have me please her. She did bring me to the bedroom, but took out her vibrator. I was only allowed to watch, panties canlı bahis still around my knees, as she pleased herself. This was a new development that I was not sure I was going to like.The k** next door was a delinquent, the last person I would have wanted to catch me. When he saw me dressed in my wife’s lingerie he laughed, called me his bitch and forced me to my knees. Every day, before my wife comes home from work, he has me on my knees, sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. At first he was happy to just humiliate me as he fucked my face. After a few months he started making me stroke my own cock as I sucked him. I had to start stroking the moment his cock touched my lips and had to cum immediately after he filled my mouth with his cum. After several months of that he laughed at me, asked me if I could even get it up without his cock in my mouth. He told me that soon I wouldn’t be able to get hard without his cock in my mouth. How would that feel, he taunted, your hot wife naked in bed, wanting to be fucked, and you, just a limp dicked sissy unable to get it up for her. My eyes widened as he laughed and shoved his cock harder into my mouth, but my hand kept stroking. Don’t worry bitch he laughed. I always thought she was hot. Once you are completely conditioned I’ll stop over. I’ll tell your wife I know why your little dick can’t get hard for her. I’ll show your wife why your little dick can’t get hard for her. Yes bitch. Your pretty wife is going to see you suck my cock, she is going to see your get a hard on with my cock in your mouth when you haven’t been able to get it up for her. Then you are going to beg me to fuck her since you can’t. Maybe if you tongue my ass as you beg and she watches I may even agree. With that, he came in my mouth, and, God help me, I came right after.I hate when my girlfriend goes out for drinks with her friends. Once she has a few drinks she loses most of her inhibitions and I am the one who pays the price. All of her girlfriends know she dominates me and feminizes me from some of her prior nights out. She will come home giggling and laughing with two or three of her friends and strip me naked. I stand there in nothing but my cock cage as the woman go through my closet and find things for me to wear. Always something feminine, often something provocative or slutty. Then they drag me to the car, putting me in the back seat. My girl friend then drives around to all the cruising spots, making me keep my window down. She offers my mouth to any man who wants to dump a load. Sometimes she does this for hours, letting any man who wants me use my mouth. You might wonder why I put up with that. The first time she did it I refused. Her friends forced me into the car and she drove to a very seedy part of town. That night I was only offered to dirty homeless men. Her friends held my head as the men fucked my face with their smelly dirty cock until they came. I couldn’t believe it had happened. On one of my trips to the adult bookstore looking for cock I ran into someone I knew. I was in a video booth, waiting. My outer clothes stripped off, wearing only stockings, garter belt, panties and a bustier. I was kneeling, facing the door, my mouth open in a wide “O”. I had left the door wide open to be seen. Suddenly, standing in the doorway, was Ron, a guy I worked with. He was ugly fat and obnoxious. The very last person I would want to catch me like this. He stood there, staring at me for several minutes, then just turned and left. I quickly dressed and left, worrying all evening about what might happen the next day. Ron ignored me most of the next day, but late afternoon he caught me away from my desk and made me follow him to a remote conference room. He asked me if I was wearing stockings under my clothes. I stared at the floor and said, “No Sir. Just panties” He made me pull my pants down so he could seen. Pulling his own pants down he got on the conference table and spread his legs wide. Stroking his cock, he told me to get on my knees and lick his ass. I knelt between his flabby thighs, pressed my face to his balls and stretched out my tongue to reach his hairy ass. “Faggot” he grunted as my tongue slipped between his cheeks. He stroked slowly while I could barely breathe with my face buried in his soft fat body, tongue stretched to reach his ass. Finally he came, all over his cock, dripping into his pubic hair and down the sides of his balls. He made me lick him clean, licking his fat hairy belly and all up and down the sides of his balls and underneath them as he called me a wimp and a faggot. When I finished he pulled up his pants and quickly walked out, leaving the door wide open behind him and leaving me to scramble to get my own pants up before someone walked by. He never said a word to me the rest of the day or the next day, but I knew that it was only a matter of time and I would be taken again. I also knew I would do anything the fat ugly bastard wanted to keep him from telling everyone.My wife was tired of the winter cold. She told me that she had booked a week long cruise in the Caribbean. That sounded great to me. Warmth, good food, nothing to do all day, and my wife in a bikini. The morning that we were to leave she smiled her deliciously wicked smile and told me that there were some things she had not told me about the cruise. First, she made me shave completely smooth. That made me uneasy but wasn’t too bad. Next, she locked my cock in my chastity cage, using one of the numbered plastic locks rather than the padlock. That, she told me, was for airport security as she was not bringing my key. I would not get released until after we returned home. How long after would depend on how well the week went. Then she told me she had booked a notorious swingers cruise. All adults. Open bed and cabin hoping. Partner changing. Groups. Next she made me remove the password lock on my phone. She then loaded hundreds of pictures she had taken of me over the years. All were humiliating. Some showed me feminized, some showed me licking her ass, some showed her friends using me, some showed her using her strapon on my ass, some showed me sucking cock and many showed me locked in my cage. Next I was required to replace the wallpaper on my phone with the photo her best friend took of her feeldoe deep in my ass. Laughing she told me that my phone would be a great ice breaker. “Imagine sitting at dinner, or in the bar, and putting your phone on the table. If I press the button the phone will light up and this picture will be on the table for everyone to see. Anyone interested can then scroll through all the rest of the pictures. Besides” she laughed, “My ass looks great in that picture.” She did say she would put in a good word with the other women for me, tell them how good my tongue felt, either before or after a real man had properly fucked them. Finally, she said that she had packed for me. There was not a single piece of male clothing in my luggage, and she had found the sweetest bikini for me to wear at the pool. I would be allowed one pair of shorts and one male shirt for traveling. Suddenly I didn’t think this vacation would be as relaxing as I had expected.It had not taken long before my neighbor had made me suck her husband. She really seemed to enjoy watching me. Soon, if her husband was home when she wanted me to service her, I always had to suck him first, then crawl over to lick her to several orgasms. She also made it clear that even if she was not home and her husband was horny he could have my mouth anytime he wanted. What started as me being her tongue slave was now me being owned by both of them. As she came hard, squirting all over my face, I knew that she was not even close to being finished with pushing my limits.Lately my neighbor was not content with using me as her tongue slave. She kept adding additional humiliations. Most recently she has made me go to the adult shop and buy myself a butt plug. When I got back she laughed at me, telling me it was too small. It was very humiliating to have to go back and ask to return the one I had just bought as I had been told it was too small, and to buy the next larger size. Now, whenever she had me lick her she liked the plug deep in my ass. It did worry me about where she might go from there.My next door neighbor was an older woman. She had seen a pair of panties sticking up from the back of my jeans when I was helping her one day. Since then she has made me lick her pussy and ass, even suck her husband. She enjoys making me come over at any time and satisfy her. I never expected her to go farther than that. I did know Steve and Ray in high school. I could not believe she was going to make me suck the cocks of guys I knew, guys I had been friends with. Couldn’t believe she had told them about me, about catching me in panties and turning me into her tongue slave. What I really couldn’t believe is how hard my cock was in my panties as I pushed my face into her hairy pussy and imagined sucking Steve and Ray as she watched.What a bitch. I had previously dated my wife’s best friend. It had not ended well. Neither of us had told her when she and I started dating, and now it was really too late. I hadn’t realized how much she still hated me until now. The wedding was eighteen months away. I couldn’t even imagine not having my cock released for that time. I knew her maid of honor would find more ways to torment and humiliate me. What worried me most was how eagerly my fiancee seemed to be to do what she suggested.My wife’s new boyfriend was angry. I had hesitated when she told me to suck him hard so he could fuck her. He grabbed me, pulled me down over his lap, ripped my panties down to my knees and spanked me hard right in front of my wife. He spanked me until I was crying, crying in front of my wife, while being spanked by her boyfriend, with panties bunched up around my knees. Then he pushed me to the floor, held my head, and shoved his cock in my mouth. I eagerly sucked his cock and made him hard, still sniffling through my tears I begged him to use the cock I just made hard to fuck my wife and please her. He did. Several times. And I licked them both clean when he finished. But that wasn’t enough. He took the key to my cock cage from my wife. From now on he was going to be the one to decide if I ever got out of my cage. He told my wife to have me dressed tomorrow morning, he was taking me out. I worried all night, wondering what he was going to do to me. In the morning my wife helped me shower and shave. She did my makeup for me, and helped me dress. I was a little surprised she didn’t dress me slutty, or revealing, or in some other humiliating way. she chose a sweater dress that came midway down my thighs. Her boyfriend came and he took me to his car. He didn’t say a word as we drove to a restaurant. He asked for a booth and we talked very little as we ordered lunch. I was just beginning to relax, thinking it wasn’t going to be too bad, when I saw him reaching under the table and suddenly realized he was opening his pants. “Under the table, slut” he growled at me. “Here?” I squeaked.“ Yes, right here bitch” he said. “Time you learned when you are told to do something you do it immediately. If your mouth isn’t around my cock in five seconds we will do this again tomorrow. But I will pick a more public, more humiliating place. Now do it bitch” I quickly slid off my seat and under the table, taking his cock in my mouth, hoping I could make him cum before the waitress came back. I couldn’t. I heard a giggle as I was still sucking and her voice saying, “You guys seem to be doing fine over here.” My wife’s boyfriend laughed and said we were. Leaning down, he told me to pull my dress up. Keeping my mouth on his cock, I reached back and pulled my dress up to my waist, knowing I was exposing my panties to the pretty waitress. I continued to suck his cock until he finally came, filling my mouth with his cum. I swallowed it all, licked and sucked his cock clean, and only then slipped back onto my seat. My dress was still up around my waist, and he told me to leave it like that. I had to sit there all the time we were eating like that. The waitress seemed to come over a great deal, always standing by my side and looking down. One time I was told to pull down the front of my panties. I quickly obeyed, afraid not too. Her eyes grew wide, and she burst out laughing as she saw my shaved body and my little cock locked in the chastity cage. Smiling widely my wife’s boyfriend told her that he was fucking my wife and that he was the one who held the key to my cage. Completely and publicly humiliated, I knew there would never be any hesitation again, no matter what I was told to do.I heard the notification from my phone. Another text. I was beginning to dread that sound. Yes, it was from the man who owned my mouth. It was a date and time and an address. Then a follow up telling me to go to that place at that time, to strip down to just panties as soon as I went in, leaving my clothes by the door, and to do whatever I was told. He said I was being sent to his grandfather as a gift for his 80th birthday. I was being given away as a gift, a thing. Having no choice, I showed up as commanded. As soon as I stepped inside I stripped to my panties and walked into the living room. As I entered there was not one, but two older men. Both were naked, both were thin and pot bellied, their unattractive, limp cocks and balls lying across their thin, hairy thighs. I knelt on the floor and said, “Happy Birthday Sir” hoping that would show me which man I had been given to and whose commands I had to obey. One chuckled, stood and walked over to stand in front of me, his cock dangling in front of my face. “Nice panties bitch” he laughed, then commanded me to suck his cock and not to take my mouth off it until he told me I could. I quickly took his limp dick in my mouth, sucking and licking. It took quite a few minutes for his cock to become hard in my mouth, and an even longer time before he came. Eventually he did, filling my mouth with his cum. Remembering his commands, I tried to swallow while keeping my mouth around his cock. I could feel his cock softening and shrinking in my mouth. Suddenly I felt a strong stream of warm liquid hit my throat and immediately fill my mouth. Taken by surprise, I couldn’t swallow and it ran out my mouth, over my chin, down my chest to soak the front of my panties and drip on the floor. “Stupid bitch” the man snapped. “Swallow it, you are making a mess.” Finally realizing he was peeing in my mouth after having cum, I tried to swallow but it was too late. I was a mess, my panties were soaked and the floor was covered in pee. Telling me to go get something to clean up the mess, he walked out of the room. I scurried into the kitchen and came back with a roll of paper towels and some cleaner. He was just walking back into the living room with a belt in his hand. “On the floor bitch, ass up, and clean that mess.” I quickly dropped to my hands and knees, pushed my ass up in the air and felt the first burning sear of his belt even before I started to clean. He used the belt across my ass for the entire time I cleaned up his pee from the floor, and when I was finished kept me in that position for awhile longer as he strapped my ass and upper thighs. Finally he stopped and stepped back and told me to get up and kneel again. As I struggled to my knees his friend walked up and shoved his cock in my face. I opened my mouth, taking his old and unattractive cock into it and sucking as well as I could. He took even longer to get hard. Never did get fully hard, yet was still able to fill my mouth with cum even though not completely hard. I again left my mouth wrapped around his cock and tried to swallow. I was a bit more prepared and not at all surprised when I felt him begin to pee into my mouth. Even prepared, even expecting it, I could not swallow fast enough to take all of his pee. Some still dripped out of my mouth and eventually to the floor. “You stupid bitch, you just don’t learn” the first man snarled. Once the second man had finished peeing, and pulled his cock from my mouth, I was told to get on my hands and knees with my ass in the air again. “Since you can’t seem to do simple tasks,” the first man said, “You can clean this mess with your tongue. Lick my floor clean, bitch.” The last statement was punctuated by a hard lash of the belt across my ass. Both men watched as I licked the floor clean, all the time feeling the belt across my ass and thighs. Finally I was allowed to stand, but they weren’t done with me yet. “Take those panties off and shove them in your mouth, I want to see how red your sissy ass is.” I stuffed the pee soaked panties into my mouth, as the two men howled in laughter when they saw my cock. Forgetting my ass completely, they laughed and taunted me about how small it was, even though it was obviously fully erect. The second man said, “I want to see if something that small actually works. Make him jerk off.” Laughing, the first man said, “Good idea. Jerk off for us bitch. Make that little thing cum if you can.” They sat down, making me stand in front of them and masturbate. Without thinking, I put my thumb and forefinger around my cock and stroked. This made them laugh more, teasing me that it only took two fingers for me to jerk my tiny cock. I had not been allowed to cum in well over a week, so it did not take me very long at all. Soon I was shooting cum from my hard little cock. Of course, that went all over the floor too and the men laughed as they made me put my dirty panties back on and lick my cum from the floor. Finally, they were done with me and told me to leave. I drove home in my cold clammy panties wondering what the next humiliation the man who owned my mouth would find amusing.I arrived at my girlfriend’s house, knowing how humiliating it would be for her to see me like this, shaved, wearing very feminine pastel pink ladies shorts, the entire back of the shorts soaked in cum and beginning to dry and stick to my ass. Knowing how much more humiliating it would be if she had company. Knowing I had no way to know if she were even home. No way to know if she had company. No way to know who that company could be, anyone else could be there with her. I knew I could go home, clean up, change and minimize the humiliation when I presented myself to her but the fact that it had been well over a week since the man who owned my mouth had let me cum coupled with how aroused and horny being used as a fuck toy and a cum slut had made me assured that I would seek to maximize my exposure and humiliation. One thing I had noticed a long time ago. The hornier I became, the longer it had been since I had cum, the more eagerly submissive I became. When horny I would eagerly agree to things I would never want to do right after I was allowed to cum. In my current state the idea that there could be anyone visiting her, that virtually anyone could witness my humiliation was too much for me to resist. I knocked on her door and waited nervously. In just a short time my girlfriend opened the door. She took one look at me standing there and burst out laughing. “My, don’t you look sweet” she said, her eyes running up and down me, taking in the shaved legs and feminine shorts. “Oh, come in, I can’t wait to show this off.” My cock throbbed as she said that. She did have company. I still had no idea who. I walked past her into the house. As she closed the door and turned to follow me she saw the back of my shorts. “OH MY GOD” she exclaimed. “What the hell happened to you? No, wait” she said, “Don’t tell me yet.” Grabbing my hand she quickly dragged me into the living room. Her sister was there. It seemed appropriate that since she had witnessed me sucking the man who owned my mouth she hear about his ultimate subjugation of me. Her mother was also there. Her mother was a very attractive older woman who had always intimidated me a little. Her sister broke into a huge grin when she saw me and saw how I was dressed. Her mother frowned a little as she saw me. Still giggling, my girlfriend spun me around, showing the back of my shorts to the other women. Her sister howled in laughter. Her mother said sternly, “What is all this?” “Yes sissy” my girlfriend laughed, “What is all this. Tell us all what happened.” I turned back to look at the women, knowing it would be more embarrassing to look at them as I described what happened, and told them the whole story, from the first text at work to knocking on her door. I told them of the man who owned my mouth telling me to come and show her my tiny shaved cock and how it looked just like a little boy’s and certainly not a man,s. “Well, go ahead, sissy, lets see it.” my girlfriend said. “Wait, dear, not yet” her mother interjected. Looking distastefully at my shorts she commented that she didn’t want cum stains on the carpet. She told me to go in the bathroom, take off the shorts and put them in the sink and leave them there. I would have to wash them later, and then to come back and show them. “Yes Ma’am” I said. I could have kept my mouth shut and walked away, but could not resist saying, “Panties too, Ma’am?” “Panties?” she asked, looking at me and arching an eyebrow. “Yes Ma’am. I picked feminine panties to wear under the shorts to meet him.” Her mother frowned a bit deeper at that. “Did you? Alright then, lets see those too. Pull your shorts down but don’t you dare let them touch the floor. I do not want that mess all over the carpet.” “Yes Ma’am” I said, quickly slipping my shorts to my knees and holding them there as I slowly turned to show the women my pink lacy panties. The back of the panties were a mess, soaked in cum and sticking to my ass and drying there. Once the ladies had all seen my cum soaked panties I was sent to the bathroom to put both shorts and panties in the sink to be washed later. Quickly coming back into the living room the women could all see my tiny cock, fully hard, fully shaved, smooth and hairless. My girlfriend was quick to say that I certainly did look like a prepubescent boy. Her mother looked at her and said, “THIS is your boyfriend?” “Oh, God, no Mom. At least not like that. I have real men, with real cocks for that. I keep him around because he is cute and lately I have been enjoying seeing just how far I can push him.” Pausing and looking at me speculatively she finished, “I am beginning to think I can push him quite a bit farther.” Her mother nodded, and for the first time since I had entered smiled. It was a wicked and predatory smile, and made me shiver. “Well that makes me feel better, thank you.” she said. “Go get me your phone sissy” my girlfriend commanded. I quickly ran and fetched it and handed it to her. Leaving me standing in the middle of the room she took it to the couch. Her sister and mother moved close, looking over her shoulder as my girlfriend began to text. From the comments and the laughing I quickly realized they were texting the man who owned my mouth. I had no idea what was being said, but the women were clearly amused and enjoying it. At one point I heard her mother say, “What a marvelous idea.” They finally finished and put down the phone. Her mother turned to my girlfriend and said, “I will take the sissy out to get what we need. Although he can’t go out like that” flicking her eyes at my naked shaved cock, “and I won’t be seen with him in those disgusting shorts. Go get me a pair of your panties and your very shortest skirt. He can wear those.” My eyes widened at the idea of being taken out in public to some unknown place by this imposing woman while wearing a short skirt and panties. As nervous as that made me, my tiny cock remained hard and quivering and betrayed my true feelings. My girlfriend returned quickly with a very frilly lacy pair of panties. I blushed deeply, recognizing them instantly. They had been a gift from me shortly after we began dating. I slipped them on and she handed me a skirt. I stepped into that and put it on, sliding it up my legs. fortunately it was made to ride low in her hips. I could not close it down where it should be, but by pulling it up higher on my wast, and sucking it and squeezing I was able to get it closed. Of course by pulling it up higher it made it that much shorter. It should have fallen just above the midpoint of my thighs, instead it was a good four inches above that, probably no more than two inches below the bottom of my cheeks. “Very good” her mother said, grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door. She pulled me to her car, making me get in the passenger side. I tried hard to keep my skirt down as far as possible as I sat on the seat, but as soon as I bent to sit it rode far up my thighs and exposed a bit of the panties. I still had no idea where she was taking me, and sat quietly as she drove across town. Soon she pulled into the parking lot of an adult shop. I panicked at the thought of being taken inside dressed like this, but had no choice, and quickly followed her across the parking lot and into the store. Glancing around quickly when we entered I saw an old, fat, seedy looking man behind the counter and three or four other men browsing around the shop. They all looked up as we entered, and continued to stare as I quietly followed her into the store. She walked immediately to the display of dildos and harnesses with me following along behind. Looking through the dildos she began making comments. While not talking excessively loudly, she was speaking clearly and certainly loud enough for everyone in the store to hear. “I like the shape of this one sissy” showing me one that had a series of bumps and ridges along the shaft. Or, “I bet this would make you squeal sissy” holding up a very large one. I heard snickering behind me and realized three of the men had moved closer and were standing right behind me. My girlfriends mother noticed that too. Pointing to the very bottom shelf, she told me to get her an item from there. I squatted and reached for it only to be stopped by her voice saying, “No, no sissy. stand back up.” Standing, I looked at her in confusion. “Without bending your knees sissy. Bend at the waist.” Smiling wickedly she added, “And do take your time. Make sure you have the right item.” Swallowing hard I responded clearly, “Yes “Ma’am” and bent over. I stayed like that for several minutes, pretending to look for what she wanted, knowing my skirt was riding up, exposing at least half my ass and the frilly panties under my skirt. The men behind me were laughing and staring. Finally, I stood and was rewarded by her mother saying, “Good boy” a slight emphasis on “boy” subtly highlighted my humiliation. She then quickly chose three dildos, of varying shapes and sizes, but all large, and three harnesses. Taking me over to the butt plugs she examined those. Handing me a purple one, large but not huge, she told me that she wanted me to buy that. “I had planned on getting the dildos for you sissy (a slight emphasis on the “you” making it clear what they were for) but did not plan on anything else. I think my daughter would enjoy you having that plug. I would like you to buy it to give to her to use on you.“ The snickers quickly turned into laughter and I blushed deeply. “But Ma’am” I protested, “I did not bring any money.” Shrugging her mother replied, “Your lack of forethought is not my problem sissy. You will have to find some other way to make payment.” I could not believe she was making me do this. Taking the plug I walked up to the counter. The man behind it was smiling widely, he had heard all that had happened and knew what I was going to do. “Excuse me Sir, I would like to buy this but I did not bring any money. Is there some other way I could pay for it?” He knew just what I was suggesting, but only smiled wider and pretended not to understand. “Well, we do take credit cards too.” “No Sir” I said, realizing he was going to make me ask for what her mother wanted me to do, “I do not have my wallet or money or anything. Is there something else I can do to pay for it?” “I don’t understand” he lied, “Like what?” The laughing behind me was louder, I knew that until I explicitly asked him it would continue. Taking a deep breath I said, “Sir, perhaps I could offer you my mouth, suck your cock, make you cum and have that be payment for the plug.” He took the plug from my hand and looked at the price. “Oh, I don’t think a blowjob from you is worth that much.” He said. I was shocked and humiliated, never expecting that response. “Yes Sir, I will lick and suck your balls too if you like.” Shaking his head he still said that would not cover it. “Please Sir, may I lick your ass, tonguing it thoroughly, lick and suck your balls and then suck your cock until you cum in my mouth? Please Sir, Please let me do that to pay for the plug so I can give it to my girlfriend to use on me.” I could not believe my girlfriend’s mother was making me beg this old fat man to be allowed to lick his ass and suck his cock. I realized she was going to be far more demanding on me than her daughter. The man behind the counter laughed and finally agreed. I started to walk around the counter and stopped immediately by the sound of her mother’s voice saying, “No, sissy. Bring him out here, make your payment in the middle of the sales floor so we can all watch.” A wave of humiliation flooded over me but I merely said, “Yes Ma’am. Sir, would you please come over here so I can pay you for my butt plug?” I walked to the middle of the sales floor and dropped to my knees. The man smiled and walked over to stand in front of me. I reached up, opening his pants and pulling his pants and under pants down. He turned and bent slightly and I began to kiss his ass. Spreading his cheeks, I leaned forward and hesitantly pressed my lips between his cheeks. His ass was sweaty and dirty and smelled terrible. I could not imagine how it would taste. I stuck out my tongue and give it a little lick, grimacing at the taste. I heard her mother’s voice say, “Not very good sissy. You did promise him to thoroughly tongue his ass. I would hate for you to go through all this only to be told when you finished that you had not made full payment and not be given your plug.” What an evil woman. I had not even considered that. Pushing my face deeper between his cheeks I licked up and down in long hard strokes. “Much better sissy” her mother encouraged. I licked deeply between his cheeks, my mouth filling with the taste of his ass. Sticking my tongue out as far as I could I pressed forward, trying to push it right into his ass. He seemed to like that, and pressed back hard, wiggling his fat meaty ass as he ground against my face. I did that for what seemed like forever, not wanting to give him the opportunity to say I had not given payment in full. Finally I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled around in front of him. As I crawled around I saw that everyone in the store had gathered around to watch. Two more men had come in while we were shopping and there were six men and my girlfriend’s mother, all watching me debase myself before this old fat man just so he would give me a butt plug that would be used to torment me. Lowering my head I opened my mouth and let his balls fall into them, sucking gently. Pressing my face to his crotch I ran my tongue up the sides of his sweaty hairy balls, licking between his balls and his fat thighs. Sticking my tongue out I licked under his balls, making sure to cover every single bit of them. Once I cleaned his balls thoroughly I took his cock into my mouth. His stomach hung so far over his cock I had to turn my head sideways to fit under it and take his cock into my mouth. Even his cock tasted bad. I sucked it anyway, making it grow and get hard in my mouth. I kept sucking, sliding my hands around his fat hips and holding onto his ass. It didn’t take long and he grabbed my hair and started to buck his hips into my face. I stopped moving my head, tightened my lips around his cock and let him pull my hair and fuck my face. Soon he pressed forward, grunted and filled my mouth with cum. I swallowed, and licked and sucked his softening cock clean. Still on my knees I looked up and said, “Thank you Sir, for allowing me to find another way to pay you for my butt plug.” Laughing he said, “Quite alright slut” pulled up his pants and moved away. Looking around I saw that two of the men watching had their cocks out and were stroking them. My girlfriends mother noticed that as well. “Sissy” she said, “I have an idea. Maybe you can save me a little bit of money.” “Yes Ma’am?” I said questioningly. “Maybe, if you were to suck everyone of these men we could get the dildos and harnesses for free.” Oh, my God. Six strange men, well, seven actually, one right after the other. I had never done that before. “Yes Ma’am. If that would help you in any way I hope we can do it.” “I’ll kick in” the two men with their cocks out said immediately. It didn’t take long for the other four to agree too. “Sure, why not. Gotta be good for business” the man I had just sucked said. One of the men with his cock already out stepped in front of me and the other five lined up behind him. I quickly took his cock in my mouth, sucking eagerly until he filled it with his cum. Swallowing, I took the next cock in line. I sucked constantly, with no pause other than to swallow between cocks, until I had sucked off all six men. Finally I got off my knees and stood. “That was very helpful sissy, now curtsy and thank the men.” She could not resist one further bit of embarrassment and I held my skirt up above my waist, curtsied deeply and thanked the men for allowing me to suck them and for helping Ma’am get her dildos and harnesses. My panties were fully exposed. My very hard but very small cock clearly outlined in the panties and also fully on display. Standing and letting my skirt drop back down I accepted the bag that had my plug, the dildos and the harnesses and followed her mother back to the car. Once we were inside she had me pull my skirt up to my waist and ride home like that, panties exposed not only to her but to anyone who might look into the car. We arrived back at my girlfriends house and when we walked in the man who owned my mouth was already there. My girlfriend’s mother took all the new toys out of the bag and put them on the coffee table, explaining how I had “paid” for them as I stood quietly in the middle of the floor. When they finished laughing my girlfriend began to explain. “We are going to have a good old fashioned gang bang sissy. Since he is the real man” she said, running her fingers up the inside of your thigh, “He gets to fuck all of us. Since you are so not a man” she continued, glancing pointedly at my skirt “You will be fucked by all of us.” My eyes widened as I realized that all those strapons were going to be used right now. “Yes Miss” was all I said. “Now, reach up under that skirt and pull off your panties. I like the idea of you having nothing under your skirt, being bent over, skirt flipped up and fucked like a whore.” “Yes Miss” I said, wiggling out of the panties. Soon everyone was naked except me. The women had each chosen a harness and a dildo and her mother had already strapped hers around her lovely hips. It was decided that it was most appropriate for you to fuck my girlfriend first as I watched. I quickly knelt before you, acting as her fluffer, sucking your cock to full hardness. Her mother smiled appreciatively at your cock, commenting that was more like it and obviously looking forward to her turn. I had to guide your cock into my girlfriends pussy, then kneel next to you as you fucked her properly. My girlfriend kept saying how good it felt to have a real man, how she would probably not even feel my cock in her and how it would never be allowed near her. Her mother stepped up and pushed her dildo in my face. She told me that she was not impressed with what she had seen with the seven men I had sucked. I was kneeling on the floor, watching you please my girlfriend like I could never hope to, sucking her mothers dildo as she trained and instructed me on how to be a better cocksucker. Finally, you came deep inside her pussy, causing squeals of pleasure from her. As soon as you pulled out I quickly crawled up between her legs. Sealing my mouth to her pussy I sucked on it, drove my tongue deep inside it, Making sure I found and swallowed every bit of your cum. As soon as my lips touched my girlfriends pussy her mother moved behind me, grabbed my hips and pulled me up to my knees. Head down, ass up, she pressed her dildo between my cheeks as I was eagerly licking up your cum. My yelps and whimpers were muffled by my girlfriends pussy as she forced her dildo in to the hilt. Even after I had cleaned all your cum I continued to lick my girlfriends pussy as her mother vigorously fucked my ass. She did not stop fucking me until I stopped licking. I did not stop licking until my girlfriend had several more orgasms and pushed my head away. Pulling out of my ass, her mother grabbed my hair, forced my mouth down on her dildo and made me suck it clean. When it was clean I crawled over to you, taking your cock in my mouth, licking and sucking that clean. I continued to suck you, running my tongue over your balls, lips sucking the head, working to make you hard again so you could fuck and please the next woman. Her sister was next. I was told to lay on my back first, my ass hanging over the edge. Her sister got on all fours straddling my face and you moved behind her to take her doggy style, just above my face. I licked her sister’s pussy, your cock sliding over my tongue as you fucked her. I licked your balls as they bounced and slapped against my face. I felt my legs being lifted and spread and saw my girlfriend with a dildo around her hips just beginning to push forward against my ass. She had chosen the largest dildo and pressed hard until she forced it into my ass. She fucked me hard and fast and ruthlessly. She also fucked me much longer than her mother had. I tried to concentrate on watching you properly please her sister, but it was difficult and I know I yipped and whimpered. It took longer this time, but eventually you thrust in hard and exploded deep inside her sisters pussy. I opened my mouth and stretched out my tongue. As soon as you withdrew her sister sat up, pressed her pussy to my open mouth and with her full weight on my face began to press down and push all your cum from her pussy to my mouth. My girlfriend kept fucking me hard, her strokes making my body shake, as her sister sat on my face and I tried to keep my tongue on her clit. I made her cum three or four more times, each time she filled my mouth with her cum and I swallowed it. Finally, she climbed off my face. My girlfriend slammed hard into me four or five more times, and then pulled out, dropped my legs and pushed her dildo into my mouth for me to clean. Crawling over to you again I sucked your cock clean. Sucking longer this time to get you hard again, deeply entrenched in my new position of fluffer. Her mother was the last woman left. She lay back, opening her legs invitingly to you, Snapping at me, she said she wanted my face buried in your ass the whole time you were fucking her. As I crawled up between your legs I saw my girlfriends sister already had her dildo strapped around her hips. As my lips first touched your ass I heard a loud smack and felt a searing sting on my cheek. While I had been fluffing you, her sister had gone into the kitchen and found a wooden spatula. For the entire time that you were pleasing her mother and I had my face buried in your ass, licking your anus, licking the back of your balls, just pressing my face between your cheeks, her sister was spanking my ass hard. She seemed very happy doing it, knowing that as soon as you came in her mother she would be fucking my sore red ass. Having already cum twice you lasted even longer, possibly something her mother had counted on, and my spanking seemed to go on forever. Eventually you came once again, to her mothers pleased groans and sighs. Knowing what to do by now, I quickly moved up between her mother’s thighs even as I raised my ass high for her sister. Licking deeply I cleaned your cum from her mother’s pussy as her sister took her turn fucking my ass. She seemed to enjoy long slow strokes, and reaching in between our bodies as she pulled back, slapping or squeezing my red and sore cheeks. Her mother seemed to enjoy that too. Maybe it was the feel of the rush of warm breath against her wet pussy when I gasped. Finally, her mother was satisfied and pushed me away. Her sister pulled out, smacked me sharply across the ass and let me suck her dildo clean. Crawling back to you, I sucked your cock clean one more time. Once it was clean I leaned back and just knelt on the floor. “What are you doing slut?” my girlfriend asked. “Make him hard again. We aren’t finished.” I looked up at her, confused. Laughing she said, “I told you he was going to fuck everyone, and you were going to get fucked by everyone for this gang bang. He still has to fuck you while we watch. He is going to last forever after having cum so much. We are all looking forward to actually watching you being his bitch. Now make him hard.” I should have known but never even considered that. Leaning forward I took your soft cock in my mouth again and began to suck. I kept at it until it was finally hard, then turned, pushed my ass up in the air and waited. All the women moved closer, watching intently as you grabbed my hips and pushed your marvelous cock into my well used ass. I winced as you entered me, my ass already very sore. The women seemed to like that a lot. You fucked me in long smooth strokes and soon my girlfriend’s mother pointed out that I was rocking back against you in perfect time just like a true slut. She made comments like that continually as you took me in front of them. Finally, after almost an hour, you tightened your grip on my hips, thrust deeply into me and came deep in my ass as the three women watched. One more time I took your cock in my mouth, licking and sucking it clean. As I was bent over sucking you clean, my girlfriend moved behind me and, pressing hard, pushed the new plug deep into my sore abused ass. She pushed it all the way in, making sure it would stay. “We don’t want you dripping cum on my carpet you slut” she laughed as I continued to suck you clean. When I had finished my girlfriend dismissed me, sending me to the bathroom to clean the dildos, clean the plug, hand wash the shorts and panties I had worn earlier and to clean myself up. I had not had a text from the man who now owned my mouth in over a week. I was just beginning to believe that maybe he was done with me, maybe I was free of him. While that thought did bring a lot of relief to me, there was a small part of me that was disappointed. Then it happened. My phone buzzed again. It was him. Demanding I meet him down at that bus station. I was at work and immediately began to think of excuses I could use to leave. Then a second text came, giving a time for me to be there and instructions. I was to stop after work and buy a pair of women’s shorts. They were to be as thin and lightweight as I could find, a very light pastel color, fit snugly and be very short. The instructions continued, once I got home I was to shave my legs, my cock and balls, even my ass. Everything below my waist was to be shaved, nothing else, just that. Finally, I was to park five blocks away and walk to the station to meet you. The message closed with the time I was to be there. I read the message three times. It was clear that any shorts that would fit that description would be clearly and obviously feminine. The bus station is not in the best part of town and I was very nervous about walking there dressed like that, but, I knew I would do what you wanted. After work I quickly ran to the mall. It was more difficult trying to find shorts that were as you described than I thought. Either they were not pastels or they were not thin enough. Finally I did find a pair, very short, only a one inch inseam, very thin and light weight. The problem was the color. They were pastel, but were a very light pink. I hated them, wanted any color but pink, but was running out of time. I had no choice so bought them and raced home. In the shower I began by shaving my legs, then my pubic area and, very carefully, my balls. Then I tried to shave my ass. Not easy. I managed, first shaving the cheeks and removing all the hair there, then, with one foot up on the side of the tub and bent over very very carefully shaving between my cheeks. I couldn’t see what I was doing so had to run my fingers over the area to see if there were any spots I had missed. Even though I was alone in my shower it embarrassed me that my little cock was hard from the thought of obeying you, the act of shaving my ass smooth and the feel of my fingers running between my smooth cheeks. Finally I was done, I quickly showered, dried and dressed. I chose sheer pink panties with lace edging at the waist and legs to go under the pink shorts. I drove over and parked where you had instructed. I sat in the car for a few minutes before I forced myself to get out and walk. I glanced all around me nervously as I walked and couldn’t help seeing the reaction of other people. Some laughed, some frowned, some just looked disgusted. Finally I arrived at the bus station and you were waiting outside. You laughed as soon as you saw me. “Nice job sissy” you said, loud enough for the two or three people near to hear you. Swallowing hard, eyes flicking to those people I responded, “Thank you Sir.” You motioned me to go inside. As I walked past you toward the door you smacked my ass very hard with your hand which made me jump and brought a giggle from a middle aged woman standing nearby. You had me walk through the station and into the men’s room. Pushing me into a stall you closed the door behind you. Thinking you wanted a blow job I sank to my knees, opened your pants and began to suck your cock. It was soft when I pulled it out, but quickly hardened in my mouth. Once I had you hard you grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. Looking at me you chuckled and said, “You look ridiculous bitch” then told me to pull my shorts down. when you saw that panties I had chosen you laughed and told me to pull those down too. When you saw my hairless body you laughed harder. You cupped my balls and squeezed hard, you ran your fingers roughly between my cheeks to see how smooth they were. You laughed and told me that shaved and with such a tiny cock, I looked like a little boy, not even close to puberty. You commanded me to show myself to my girlfriend like that as soon as possible and then to beg her to expose me like that to her girlfriends. Just as I was about to say “Yes Sir” you spun me around and pushed me forward. Caught off guard I toppled forward, catching myself with my hands on each side of the toilet. You kept me down with one hand on my back as your other hand groped and squeezed my ass. “Such an eager sissy bitch” you laughed. “You didn’t even argue with me. So eager to shave your cute little ass smooth, so eager to humiliate yourself in public, even choosing pink shorts to parade around in. I’m not sure if you are a bigger sissy or a bigger slut. But, I have decided it is time for you to feel what a real man’s cock is like. To feel what your girlfriend feels when she has a real man, what she could never feel with you.” Chuckling again, you continued, “I hope you really slobbered over my cock slut. If you did it will make this at least a little easier for you.” With that you moved behind me, the head of your cock pressed between my cheeks. Realizing what you were about to do I started to cry out “No” then quickly remembered where we were, snapping my mouth shut not wanting to make noise and draw attention to what was happening. Pressing your hips forward, slowly but relentlessly, you kept pressure at the entrance to my ass until the head of your cock popped through. I couldn’t prevent a small yip of pain as you penetrated me for the first time. Pausing a moment to give me time to get used to being opened, you then pushed slowly in. Soon I felt your thighs pressed tightly to my smoothly shaven cheeks, your cock was fully inside me now. Grabbing my hips you began to stroke in and out, slowly at first but getting faster and harder. It was clear you were getting excited and soon were fucking me hard and fast. My ass burned and I had to brace myself against the toilet when you slammed into me, but I could also hear the sounds of men coming in and leaving so forced myself to keep very quiet. Soon you were close, your strokes getting harder and more frenzied, shoving yourself deep in my ass, your hips ground against me as you lay over my back and I felt the utter humiliation of your cum shooting deep inside me. As soon as you finished you pulled out, commanding me to immediately pull my panties and shorts back up. Only then did you push me to my knees and have me lick and suck your cock clean. I did, licking your balls, licking and sucking your cock, tasting the remnants of your cum as well as my own ass. Fortunately, at this particular time the bathroom was empty. You let me leave the stall, but laughingly made me bend over and look in the mirror. My eyes widened in horror as I saw a wet spot just beginning on my ass. I knew right away that it was your cum seeping from my ass, I also now knew why you wanted such thin and light colored shorts as I saw the material darkening very noticeably as your cum seeped out. I also knew that spot would only get bigger. Suddenly I remembered how far my car was and that I had to walk back. Laughing when you realized I have finally thought of that you taunted me. “Enjoy your walk, slut” and quickly walked out the door. By the time I got out the door you were gone. I had no choice but to start to my car and hope for the best. As I walked through the bus station I was acutely conscious of how I was dressed, of the wet spot on my ass that I knew was getting bigger and of how far it was to my car. I could feel the wet sticky mess against my ass that was cum seeping out. Walking out the door I realized how busy the street was. Nervous, embarrassed, I likely was not thinking at my best when I decided to walk down a block or two to a much less busy street and use that to get back to my car. I knew it would be a little longer walk, but thought that a quieter street would be safer. I would soon find out that was not a good choice. I had only gone three or four block, walking very nervously, clearly out of place here even if not dressed as a sissy, when I saw a large black man walking toward me. Looking down, trying to ignore him I tried to walk by. Instead, he stepped in front of me, blocking my path and chuckling deeply. “What have we here? Don’t you look like a pretty slut. Turn around so I can see all of you.” I shook my head vigorously, and he just grabbed my shoulders and turned me around. As soon as he saw the wet spot in my shorts he laughed. “Apparently the slut is all wet and eager too!” Grabbing my crotch with his huge hand he squeezed, seeming amused at what he found there. Taking my hand he pressed it to his own crotch. Unable to help myself, my fingers began to explore, feeling out the length of his cock. It was clearly still soft, but larger than anything I had felt before. Grinning widely, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a small side street. I protested, and tried to pull away. He held my wrist more tightly, pulled me against his hard hip and gave me six or eight hard fast slaps on my ass. Just those few slaps hurt like hell and brought tears to my eyes. They also quelled any resistance I had. Dragging me down the street, he pushed me against a parked car and pulled down my shorts. Laughing as he saw the wet sticky frilly panties underneath he pulled those down too. Laughing loudly at my tiny cock he said, “Shit bitch, that isn’t even as big as my balls” He commented on how hard it was, even if tiny, then used his thumb and forefinger to flick the very tip hard, laughing as I winced and yelped. Pushing me to my knees he made me open his pants. I kept looking around, hoping no one would come by as I knelt, half naked, in the street, forced to open this mans pants to take out his cock and to worship it. It was bigger than I had imagined and fell across my face as I leaned forward to lick and suck his sweaty balls. I ran my tongue up the side of his balls, licking behind them, tasting the acrid taste of a real man. Licking my way up the shaft I took the head in my mouth, feeling it grow, feeling it stretch my lips just to keep them around it. He grabbed the back of my head, pushing me down on his huge black cock, making me choke and gag before I even got half of it in my mouth. That also made me drool and slobber and my spit run down his shaft. He grabbed my hair, pulled me to my feet, spun me around and bent me over the hood of the car. As he pressed his cock to my wet sticky ass I begged him, pleading that he was too big. “Shut up bitch” he growled “You can’t be parading around showing off that sweet white sissy ass and not expect to put out. Besides” he laughed, “Pretty clearly you are a slut eager to be used.” Holding me down with one hand, directing the head of his cock to my ass with the other, he forced himself in me, pushing hard until I suddenly gave way and he was in. I screamed. Unable to help myself, not caring that I was in a public street, bent over a car, getting ass fucked. He ignored it. Trapping me against the car and his body he fucked me. There was no other word for it. He pushed hard into me. Intent on his own pleasure, not concerned with me at all, using my ass to get himself off. I continued to beg him to stop, my ass sore and burning but the initial sharp deep pain gone. He ignored me, pounding into me with long hard strokes. My tiny cock remained hard, and was pinched painfully on the corner of the hood with each stroke. After about ten minutes I began to get excited. I tried hard not to, I didn’t want to, but soon was pushing back against him as she shoved his huge cock into me. That made him laugh. “You liking this bitch?” he chuckled. Biting my bottom lip I nodded. “Uh uh” he said. “Tell me.” “Yes Sir” I said quietly, “I am liking it” “Not good enough bitch” he said, “I know there are people at some of these windows watching me fuck your white faggot ass. Beg me for my cock, loud enough for them to hear.” I was burning with shame, but did not want him to stop. “Yes Sir” I said loudly. “Please fuck me Sir, please give me your huge back cock. Please don’t stop. Please fill me with cum. Please make me your tiny dicked sissy bitch. Please use my white sissy ass as your cum dump.” I babbled off the string of humiliation begging loudly, almost shouting the last few sentences. That made him laugh and fuck me harder, slamming my body against the car, crushing my balls and pinching my little cock painfully. Finally, after about twenty or twenty five minutes of non stop hard fucking he began to growl deeply and I knew he was close. Arching my back, pushing my ass up, I opened my ass more, taking his cock even deeper as he came and came and came inside me. The moment he pulled out I very quickly pulled up my panties and shorts, eager to trap all his cum that I knew would be leaking quickly from my well used sissy ass. Dropping to my knees I reached for his cock to clean. Holding me with a hand on the top of my head he first wiped it off on my face, smearing the remnants of his cum and my own ass over my cheeks, across my nose and forehead. Only then did he allow me to lick and suck his cock and balls clean. Once I did he tucked his cock away, laughed, and walked off without a word. I finished the walk to my car, the entire back of my shorts soaked and dark and cum even dripping down the back of my legs. My tiny cock was throbbing in my panties even as I realized I would have to clean the seats of my car later. The humiliation that I had endured in the bus station and again in the alley only fueled my excitement and arousal. I was truly a debased slut who craved to be used. As I began to drive home I remember the instructions of the man who owned my mouth, to show my girlfriend my tiny shaved cock as soon as possible. I could have gone home and changed and showered. I could have cleaned myself up. I didn’t. I drove directly to her house, hoping she would be home, hoping even more that she would have company.It did not take long for the new owner of my mouth to test me. The very day after I had humiliated myself in front of my girlfriend and her friends just to be able to suck his cock I received a text. I was in the middle of lunch with some friends, the text said, “Bring your slut mouth to me here” and had an address. I had to make up an excuse and immediately leave my friends and my lunch. I drove to the address and immediately saw that it was a very notorious gay bar. It had a reputation for very extreme behavior. You were standing on the sidewalk waiting for me impatiently. “About time slut” you snapped and turned and walked in. I followed you immediately, lost at first when I stepped in, until my eyes adjusted to the dim lights. You were standing in the middle of the floor waiting. I quickly knelt before you. “No slut” you said, “Pull your pants down first.” Quickly standing again, I pulled down my pants, showing everyone in the bar I was wearing panties. “Now pull your panties down. I want everyone to see exactly why I can do this to you.” I quickly pushed my panties down around my ankles with my pants, my cock hard, but still tiny, jutting out uselessly in front of me. Sinking back to my knees I waited. “What will you do to be allowed to suck me, slut?” you asked loudly. “Anything Sir. Humiliate me. Let me kiss your feet and lick your ass. Whatever you like I will do to be allowed to suck you.” “Anything slut?” you laughed. “Are you willing to promise to take whatever humiliation I give you after you suck my cock? Promise without even knowing what it will be?” Yes Sir” “Good. Now you can suck me bitch.” “Thank you Sir” I said as I leaned forward eagerly. Opening your pants, I pulled out your lovely cock, sucking it immediately into my mouth. I loved the feel as it grew bigger and bigger in my mouth. All the men in the bar had now gathered around and were watching as I eagerly sucked your cock. They were laughing, cheering me on, commenting on my tiny dick and generally enjoying themselves. I tried to ignore them, tried to concentrate on your cock, sucking, licking, worshiping, eager to make you cum. Soon I was rewarded by the familiar thrusting of your cock in my mouth. Very shortly after that you filled my mouth with cum. Once you pulled your cock from my mouth I held it open, letting all the men see how much cum you had shot, waiting like that until you told me to swallow. After I swallowed I remained on my knees as you looked down at me, a very evil smile on your face. “Are you ready to pay the price for being allowed to suck me bitch?” Yes Sir” “Tilt your head back and open your mouth” Without a word I did as you said. Taking your cock in your hand you began to pee. The men roared in laughter as you peed in my hair, all over my face, into my open mouth – making me swallow it. You peed over my chest and on my tiny cock. You made sure to pee on my panties and my pants, soaking them. Once you finished I leaned forward to clean your cock, sucking the last few drops from it. Only then was I allowed to stand and pull up my soaked panties and pants. Laughing you told me I better clean up the floor before I go. Going over to the bar I got cleanser and towels and cleaned up the floor on my hands and knees. Smiling as you looked at me, hair wet with your pee, clothes wet, but my little cock still hard in my jeans. Laughing, you told me to go immediately to my girlfriend and to describe exactly what had just happened. You would text me again next time you wanted me.Sir, you first saw me at an adult bookstore, where I had been sent, dressed in stockings and panties, to offer my mouth to hard horny men. You looked into the booth where I was standing and chuckled. You stepped in, grabbed the front of my panties and pulled them down. Your chuckle turned into a deep laugh when you saw the little thing nestled in my panties. Still laughing you opened your pants, pulling out your magnificent cock. “Now, this is a man’s cock” you said, as it hung deliciously from your body. I agreed and quickly began to drop to my knees. Laughing you pushed me away, zipped up your pants and told me I had to earn the right to suck you. Still on my knees on the sticky floor of the video booth I begged to do anything to earn that right. Kneeling on the cum spattered floor, exposed in stockings and panties, I found myself admitting that I was sent here by my girlfriend to be humiliated and to suck other men. How she feminized me, how she enjoyed humiliating me. “Of course” you smirked, “With such a tiny little cock what else could she do with you.” With that, you seemed to get an idea. You insisted I give you my cell phone number. Then you instructed me to tell my girlfriend all about you, how I met you. You told me that I had to specifically tell her how much I wanted to suck your cock and what I would do to be allowed to. You said you would text me in a few hours and that I had better have told her all about you before then. Chuckling, you turned and walked away. I quickly pulled up my pants and went home. I immediately told my girlfriend what had happened. She laughed too, called me an eager fag, and said she hoped that you did text me. I waited for your text, nervously, not sure if I wanted it to come or if I hoped it did not. Finally, a text popped up from an unknown number. All it said was “Slut, did you tell her?” “Yes Sir” was my only reply. “Give her your phone” That surprised me, but I told her and handed her the phone. For the next twenty minutes you both texted. She was laughing, and kept looking at me. I just sat there, nervous and concerned, but my little cock was hard in my panties. Finally she handed me back my phone, smiled wickedly and said, “OK sissy bitch, you are going to get your wish. You will get the chance to earn the right to suck him.” Nothing more was said, I was afraid to ask, but was nervous and curious and excited. Finally, after four days, I went to her house. Her sister was there, and two of her girlfriends. Making me stand in front of them she told me to strip. I froze. She had never exposed me to anyone before, just anonymously at the bookstores. “Do it sissy!” she said, her voice firm. I flinched as she called me a sissy in front of her sister and friends, but slowly took off all my clothes. The women giggled when they saw my cock. “Yeah, pretty tiny isn’t it?” my girlfriend said. Reaching down to the floor by her chair she handed me a garter belt and stockings and told me to put them on. I did as the women watched and laughed. Next she handed me a pair of sheer panties and I slipped those on, knowing the women could still see my tiny cock through them. Finally, a pair of nipple clamps that I put on, the chain hanging down my chest. Then, with a huge smile on her face, she told me to describe my encounter with the man in the bookstore, and what happened after that. I was shocked. Never had I considered that she would make me share that or expose me to her friends that way. I hesitated, stammering and she snapped “Do it!”. Slowly, hesitantly I described being sent out to the bookstore to try and suck men’s cocks. I told of meeting you, of our brief conversation, of you and my girlfriend texting. I stopped there but my girlfriend would not allow that. I had to continue, had to tell these women that I wanted your cock. Had to admit to them that I would do anything to have it. “Good slut” my girlfriend laughed. “You will have the chance to suck it, but you will have to show just how badly you want it and how eager you are to have it as we all watch.” With that, she called out and you walked in from one of the bedrooms. My heart dropped but my little cock throbbed in my panties as I suddenly realized that all these women were going to watch my utter humiliation. “Good ahead sissy” My girlfriend say, “Take his clothes off, we want to see the cock that can turn you into an eager simpering sissy slut.” “Yes Miss” I responded, stepping forward to remove all your clothes. Kneeling before you, as I slid your pants down your legs, I heard the woman make appreciative comments as your cock appeared. You looked down at me and smirked but no one said a word. I knew that I was going to get no direction, that whatever I did had to be humiliating enough to convince you to allow me to suck you, but had to be my own idea, my own initiative, here in front of my girlfriend and her friends, so much more humiliating being my own idea. Leaning down I first kissed both of your feet. “Sir, I know I must earn the right to please your magnificent cock. Please let me try to do that, please let me see if I can show you I should be given your cock and your cum.” The women burst into laughter as I said that, and I could feel my face warm as I blushed deeply. “Go ahead slut” was all you said. Crawling around behind you, I remained on my knees. Starting at the top of your thigh, I kissed up and down the curve of your ass, lightly kissing the crack between your cheeks. Soon, taking a deep breath, I gently spread your cheeks open, kissing firmly directly between them. “Awwwwww that’s gross” my girlfriends sister said, as the other women laughed. Trying to ignore my audience, I slipped my tongue out, licking licking up and down between your cheeks. Pressing my face tightly to your ass I tongued your anus firmly, actually trying to push my tongue into it as I licked. At that point I heard a click and saw a flash and knew one of the women had taken a picture. Soon there were many clicks and many flashes and I realized that every woman there would have many many photos of my humiliation. Even that didn’t slow me down. I worshiped your ass for fifteen or twenty minutes before crawling back around to kneel in front of you. Kissing my way up your inner thighs I reached your balls. I kissed them, licked them, sucked them gently into my mouth. As I did I forced myself to speak. I told you how magnificent your balls were, how big and full they were, how much I wanted the cum held inside them. How I loved to kiss and lick and worship them. The women laughed as they listened, my tongue sliding along the side of your balls, between them and your leg, licking everywhere. Looking up from the floor between your feet, your balls resting on my face, “Please Sir, please may I suck your cock? Please may I please you” Please may I have your cum?“ The women howled with laughter at that and you chuckled. “Yes slut, you may” Sticking my tongue out as far as possibly, I slowly lick all the way up your hard shaft, lightly running my tongue around the swollen head of your cock before wrapping my lips around it. There was a flurry of flashes as I slowly slid my lips down the length of your cock, only able to get half of it in my mouth. I licked and sucked eagerly, hands caressing your balls, sliding over your ass. The women laughing and calling me names and taking pictures. By that time I didn’t care. Your cock was in my mouth I was eager to please you and to be allowed to take your cum. Bobbing my head up and down, tongue swirling around your cock, licking, sucking, worshiping the cock of a real man. Soon you began to respond. You grabbed the sides of my head, your hips thrust forward, pushing your cock in my mouth. I stopped my sucking just long enough to say, “Fuck my face Sir, use my mouth for your pleasure, please let me be your cum slut” I didn’t care about the women any longer, didn’t care that none of them would ever see me as a man again, just cared about getting your cum, pleasing your cock. With a low grunt you grabbed my head tightly and began to fuck my face. As you got close you growled, “Don’t you dare swallow slut. Don’t let anything drip out either. Keep my cum in your slut mouth until I tell you.” Just as your finished talking you began to cum. Spurt after spurt of hot slimy cum filling my mouth. My cheeks bulging as I tried hard not to swallow, tried hard not to let any leak out. As you finished, you pulled your cock from my mouth, wiping it clean on my cheeks. “Show me slut” you commanded, and I opened my mouth wide, showing you the cum inside. “Good, now show each of them slut” you said, pointing to where the women were sitting watching. I crawled over, kneeling in front of each woman and opening my mouth. The first woman I knelt before was my wife’s sister, she took a clear photo of my face, mouth open and full of cum. I crawled to the next woman and opened my mouth and she did the same. Each one took a photo. As I crawled over to my girlfriend to show her I realized there must be hundreds of photos of my humiliation and I had no control over any of them. Finally, I was showing my girlfriend that huge amount of cum in my mouth. Only then did you tell me I could swallow. Closing my mouth, swallowing as my girlfriend watched, I opened my mouth again to show her it was empty. “Such an eager cum slut” she laughed. “He has your phone number you know. He owns your slut mouth now. From now on, anytime he wants his ass licked or his cock sucked he just has to text you. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing you will leave and go to him and serve him. Understood?” “Yes Miss.” was all I could respond.Sir, thank you for the assignment. Thank you for allowing me to show how I would please a real man. I hope you found it satisfactory.Thank you Sir or Miss. It is very small, which is why I have become both very oral and very submissive. That is the only way I can please a woman or even another man sexually. I do not generally sit down to pee, although it is very humiliating when I have. When locked in my chastity cage I have to. I have also been told to years ago when also made to wear panties. Shaved perfectly smooth, fully feminized, cock caged, bound helplessly and gagged. That is how I was when my sweet looking, but very wicked girlfriend told me she was inviting all of her girlfriends over. It was clear that I was not going to serve them, I couldn’t move. No, it was clear I was going to entertain them by being exposed, humiliated and helpless to prevent anything they might want to do. For tonight, it looked like they would want a completely helpless fuck toy. I knew my ass would be sore for days, but that was not my biggest worry. I just hoped that my little cock would not leak in the cage as they fucked me like it had last time. The women had loved that and it was just too humiliating.You’ve made your master very happy, sissy. I would do those things to you and more making you the center of attention and forcing you to suck every cock while we filled every pussy with cum for you to eat. You’re a pathetic little cocksucking cum eater.AnonymousThank you Sir. I am happy it pleased you. I would gladly suck any cock you chose for me. Eagerly lick every cum filled pussy I could. All the time your friends watching and laughing.My wife had been trying to seduce a coworker for weeks. She was very frustrated at her lack of success. He knew she was married, that seemed to be why he was so reluctant. Finally, in her frustration, she decided to present me to him in a way that would make it absolutely clear that she was free to do anything she wanted. She started making comments about me at work, telling him how small my cock was, what a wimp I was, how she found me rummaging through her panties. After a few days of that she invited him over. Taking a great deal of time with me, she made me up fully, dressed me provocatively. Then she gave me my instructions, making it clear to me that I would be a very active participant in convincing him to fuck my own wife. As I listened to her in shock, I imagined kneeling before this man, begging him to fuck my face, offering my lips as he pushed his cock into my mouth, kneeling passively, doing nothing, letting him thrust in and out of my mouth however he likes. Swallowing his cum once he finishes and then leaning forward to suck him to full hardness again. Once he is hard leaning back, looking up at him with my makeup smeared, his cock covered in my lipstick, telling him how much I loved his cum, how much I would love to taste it again, how much I would love to eat it out of my wife’s beautiful ass. As I listened to her instructions I could not imagine any man being concerned that she was married after that.My wife told me she had been sharing stories of how she dominated me with her friends at work. She told me she had invited a few of the more interested women over to see. At first I thought that was exciting. When her friends began to arrive I realized she had invited almost all of the women she worked with. She planned a complete instructional demonstration. I was stripped so each woman could closely examine my cock cage. I was spanked, she bent me over the couch, fucking my ass with her strapon. I was totally humiliated when she pointed out the drips coming from my still soft and caged cock. Finally she unlocked me, laid me down, straddled me. I was ecstatic. I had not been allowed to enter her in weeks, to cum in months. Then I heard her telling her friends just how to arouse the man, describing my hips bucking, pointing out the signs of impending orgasm, instructing them to pull off his cock just at that moment. Of course she continued, there is no reason for you not to be satisfied, and with that she moved up and sat on my face. I could hear her friends giggling as they watched my hard neglected cock twitch and jump as my tongue dove deep into my wife’s pussy.Sir I am sorry that I have not been posting often enough to please you. In punishment you would dress me in stockings and pink lacy crotchless panties. Taking me to a bar, or an adult theater or just a large gathering of your friends, any place where there were a large number of people to witness my humiliation. Once there you would make me strip to my panties and stockings, my tiny worthless cock on full display. It is a certainty that I would get an erection, which would only add to my humiliation as all would see how small my cock is even fully hard. Standing in front of me you would force me to my knees then stop. You know I could not help myself, you know I would reach out, you know I would be the one to open your pants, I would slide them down your legs, I would carefully remove your large beautiful cock from your underpants and slide those down your leg. Laughing you would make me suck and lick your balls until you got hard. Grabbing my hair you pull my face away and roughly command me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. You slide the head of your cock across my tongue, rubbing it back and forth. You slap my face with your cock, rubbing it all around my face. Then you begin to stroke, you stroke your cock slowly, just an inch from my upturned face, mouth open, tongue out as far as possible. I hear the giggles of the women and the chuckles of the men all around me. You just smile and keep stroking. Eventually I see your legs tensing and you cum. Spurt after spurt of hot slimy cum landing all over my face, in my open mouth, across my tongue. I fight hard not to close my mouth and swallow. As you tuck your cock back into your pants to tell me that I may not remove your cum or wash my face until the next morning. Thank you Sir is my only response.Being made to suck a man’s cock for the first time. I was told I could not cum until I had gone to an adult bookstore and sucked another man and made him cum. It took several weeks for me to get horny enough to go do it.She is right. It is far better that longer, thicker, bigger, stronger cocks enjoy the warm wetness of her pussy and satisfy her. She would be very unsatisfied after mine. There is no doubt, however, that my tongue could please her properly. I would beg to be allowed to do just that, anytime, anywhere. Publicly, privately, right after she had been fulled with cum, right after a long hot day at work, right after a gym workout, just as she is fresh from the shower. It would not matter when or how I would eagerly press my face to her, slip my tongue into her sweet pussy, satisfy her until she was finished with me.I was asked how big my cock was. I had posted pictures of my small cock before, but here are a few more. As you can see, if the rule is “whoever has the biggest cock gets serviced” I would be the one to service everyone. It also explains why I am so oral. My tongue is my best chance to please a woman. Very small. Soft it is often no more than one inch. Even fully hard it is 4 -5 inches. I will post some photos of it just as soon as I post this response.Mistress was amused at how hard I kept trying to get in my chastity cage. She found a new restraint that she told me might help with that little problem. The only time I would be let out of my cage was for “erection training”. I would be put into the new restraint and teased. Any erection would be its own punishment. Unfortunately for me, she always invited her friends over when she had my training. They loved to tease and excite me and would laugh as my cock would begin to grow, and as they saw the desperation in my eyes knowing there was nothing I could do about it.My girlfriend had complained to her best friend about how small and unsatisfying my cock was. Her friend never liked me anyway. At first she told my girlfriend to dump me, but then changed her mind. Instead she pushed my girlfriend to first feminize me, then fully dominate me. Now she was finding more ways to totally humiliate me. She had convinced my girlfriend that since my cock was too small to satisfy anyone they needed to train my mouth. That was how I found myself dressed in a sheer white blouse with nothing but nipple clamps on under it, a very short skirt with no panties but with stockings and garters and high heel pumps. The only make up I had on was bright red lipstick. The two women dragged me openly through an adult bookstore dressed like that, pulling me into the back where the video booths were, pushing me into one with a glory hole. I was told that I would stay there the rest of the night, sucking any cock that came through the hole. I couldn’t leave, I couldn’t refuse any cock. Her friend reached into her purse and pulled out two pair of handcuffs. She told my girlfriend she didn’t trust me to stay there. Locking one end of one of the cuffs around my cock and balls, she locked the other around the arm of the little chair that was in the booth. I could reach the glory hole, but I could not go anywhere or leave the booth. I would also be helpless to anyone who walked in. That wasn’t enough for her though. She reminded my girlfriend that the idea was to train my mouth to please others. Taking the second set of cuffs she cuffed my hands behind my back. Smiling, she said, “Have fun faggot” and both women turned and walked away. Even before they left there was a hard cock sticking through the wall right in my face, and a line of men already waiting their turn.Yes Miss. Your dick is much bigger than mine. I am not just your bitch, I am your eager little bitch. Just the sight of your cock on your lovely hips will put me in a most submissive mood and have me offering myself to you in any way you like. Unfortunately all dicks are bigger than mine. That explains why you insist that I am submissive to all, men, women, your friends, strangers, however you chose to let use me.Yes. I had a former girlfriend who dominated me. She sent me out to adult bookstores to expose myself in panties and stockings. Once when there another man hit on me, wanted me to suck him. I left very quickly. When I told her she laughed, told me that I would not be allowed to cum until I had sucked a man. It took several weeks before I was horny enough, but eventually I did. I have sucked quite a few other men since that.As soon as we got home from the party my girlfriend pushed me down and straddled my face, She pressed her swollen, well used and cum filled pussy to me, leaving me no choice but to have the cum and slime from deep inside it to slowly drip in my mouth. When we had gone to the party, as we were parked outside the house, she made me take off my pants and underpants while sitting in the car. She tossed my underpants in the back seat, reached up under her dress and pulled her panties off, handing them to me, and making me put them and my pants back on. All night at the party she would smile at me, whisper in my ear and call me a panty bitch. Quite a few times she would also be gone for awhile and I had no idea where she had been. I knew now, as she pressed her well used pussy to my face and I could taste just where she had been and just what she had been doing. Soon, my tongue actually slipped out of my mouth, slid into her pussy, let the cum drip down it into my open mouth. I began to lick her, not sure if I was trying to clean her or make her cum. She was humiliating me as I licked, asking how I enjoyed wearing her panties, asking how all my friends tasted. That was the first I realized that it was not just random strangers. She had purposely fucked my own friends. She knew I would be tasting the cum of guys I knew, guys I would see all the time. It was when she called me a faggot that I suddenly realized this was just the beginning. There was much more that she had planned for me.This says it all. When Mistress wants to enjoy my tights sissy ass and make me squirm and squeal all she has to do is show me the key to my chastity cage. Such a strong reminder that she has absolute control over me. Thank you Ma’am. I have not cum as I had not been given permission. I will post again tomorrow and probably over the weekend as a thank you. I will stroke myself and cum to tomorrow’s post before it goes up. Thank you very much. There is absolutely no doubt I would cum first. I would bahis siteleri be required to lick my cum from his cock and make sure he was fully hard to please her and enjoy his reward. Once he had finished I would eagerly dive into her waiting pussy. Licking her clean, but continuing to lick and caress her with my tongue as she came as many times as I could manage. I would not stop until she pushed my head away and collapsed on the bed.My girlfriend was always sexually more adventurous than me. It was her idea to go to the adult theater. Her idea to open my pants, stroke me, then suck me as others watched. She didn’t make me cum though, she got me very excited and eager, teased me but always stopped short. She loved the attention, loved it when one of the guys watching pulled out his cock and was stroking it. With her hand wrapped around my cock she stared at his. “Honey” she said, loud enough for him and the others around us to hear “It would be so hot if you sucked him for me.” I was shocked. Refused. Then she squeezed my cock again, sliding her hand up and down. “Please. I will make you feel soooooo good if you do.” The man grinned, stepped up with his cock right in front of my face. I looked at her. She squeezed my cock again and I opened my mouth. “Ohhhhhh good boy” she crooned as my lips wrapped around his cock. She whispered encouragement as I sucked this man in front of the other men. She stroked my cock, cupped my balls, kept me excited and aroused until the man grabbed my head, shoved his cock in deep and came copiously in my mouth. “Don’t swallow it yet honey” she said quickly, as her mouth found my cock. She made me cum in seconds. Sliding back up, smiling, she kissed me deeply, her tongue sliding into my mouth, my cum from her mouth mixing with the man’s cum in my mouth until we swallowed both. Now here we were on vacation. She looked hot in her bikini and I knew she had been flirting with the lifeguard. I didn’t know she had offered him my mouth. I didn’t know they were both just waiting for the pool to be empty. It was when she called me a fag I should have refused. She was just so damn hot I couldn’t. When I was in college I couldn’t afford my rent. My roommates got together and decided they would cover my rent if I did all of the housework. All the cleaning, all the cooking, all the laundry. It worked well for a week or so and then one of my female roommates caught me sniffing a pair of her panties from her hamper as I was wearing another pair. She quickly grabbed my arm and dragged me like that to my other female roommate’s room to show her. Both girls laughed at me, particularly at the tiny hardon I had, that even hard still fit in the panties. Dragging me into the bathroom they stuffed both pairs of panties in my mouth and shaved my body smooth. All the time they were laughing, humiliating me, pinching my nipples and slapping my ass. Once I was fully shaved they told me to go back to doing the laundry, but that I had to stay naked the rest of the day. I begged them not to. My last roommate, a male, would be home just before dinner. They laughed, told me too bad, and walked away. I finished the laundry, cleaned the apartment and was cooking dinner, still naked and hairless, when he came home. He walked in, look at me and said, “What the fuck?”. I turned and said the only words the girls told me I could say to him. “Sir, go ask Angela”. Soon I heard the girls giggling and knew they were telling him all about what happened. After dinner I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen and walked out to the living room. All three were sitting, waiting for me. I was called over to Angela and pulled down across her lap. She spanked me, hard. She then laid down new rules for me. I was to keep my entire body shaved smooth at all times. I was allowed no clothing in the apartment. The minute I walked in I was to strip and stay that way until I had to leave. At that point I was told to go lay across the other girls lap. She continued the spanking on my very sore ass and gave me one new instruction. Every morning I was to get up early. I was to make coffee and breakfast and put them on the table. Then I was to get under the table and wait. As each one of them came down for breakfast I was to move between their legs and orally satisfy them as they ate. “Everyone?!” I squeaked as she kept spanking me hard. Both girls giggled, said, “Yes, EVERYONE” and looked at my male roommate. “Yes Miss” was all I could respond. Only when I had agreed did she stop spanking me and have me stand in a corner with my hands on my head and my bright red ass on display. As I stood I thought about what would happen the next morning. I did not mind licking the girls pussys as they ate, I actually got hard again thinking of it. I was not looking forward to having to suck cock but I was sure the girls were eagerly looking forward to that and would watch closely to make sure I did a good job. Suddenly I realized that he would cum in my mouth and they would make me swallow it. I was glad I was in the corner and they couldn’t see my little cock getting harder and throbbing. Actually I get very hard for women. Even harder when I imagine them dominating me. I do not find men sexually attractive. I do find the idea of being required to serve them deliciously humiliating and arousing. Thank you for reading my blog and for the question.My mother in law never liked me. She always thought my wife could do better. Once my wife started dominating me, feminizing me and locking me in chastity she knew that anytime she really wanted me abused she could send me to her mother. My mother in law never tired of humiliating me. I had to worship her unattractive body for hours. Sometimes when she knew I was coming over she would fuck my father in law just before I got there and then make me lick her old hairy, cum filled pussy. Today was a very common task. Lick the bottom of her shoes until she was happy, then move up and lick her asshole for hours. I knew which would be dirtier. Every time she made me do this her asshole was much dirtier.Mistress had been taking my ass with her strap on for months. I knew that she told some of her friends about it. What I didn’t know was that a couple didn’t believe her. One day she told me that she was going to fuck me in front of her friends. I was shocked, begged her not to. She just laughed and told me that my reluctance just earned me some additional humiliation. She told me to go in the shower and to shave all of my body hair completely. I started to protest again, but thought better of it. I was unaware, but Mistress made a couple of phone calls as I was in the shower shaving. Just before her friends were to come over Mistress make me put on stockings, panties, heels and a sun dress. No wig or makeup, no fake breasts. Nothing to disguise who I was. Just the humiliation of me being seen as me, feminized and fucked. I knelt at her feet and strapped the dildo on around her hips. She had chosen a large one, long as well as thick. It was at the extreme edge of what I had been able to take. I knew that it would go in, but also knew it would be difficult and uncomfortable. I was sure it was chosen specifically to further humiliate me by making me cry out or whimper like a bitch as her friends watched. Finally, she was ready. Leading me downstairs I saw a chair in the middle of the living room floor, clearly what I would be bent over. On the couch and in the chairs around it were three of her girlfriends, but they were not alone. As Mistress led me to the chair, bent me over, pulled the hem of my dress up and yanked my pretty panties down to show everyone my smooth shaved ass and stockings and garter tabs, she laughed. Telling me that I needed to learn never to question her orders again, she said she had called her girlfriends and asked them to bring their boyfriends with them to watch too. What I had seen as I walked into the living room was three men sitting with Mistress’s three friends and the sudden flash of knowledge that I was going to be fucked as a little sissy bitch in front of them too. The most degrading part was that two of the men were two of my closest friends. I had been the one to hook them up with two of Mistress’s friends.I have never cum from just having something in my ass. The idea of being locked in chastity and my Mistress taking my ass every day with a strap on excites me. I would very likely soon regret it, but I am sure I would beg her to keep my tiny cock locked, fuck me with a strap on every day until she cums and keep doing it for as long as it takes until I cum, still caged, while being fucked. I have no idea how long it would take. I am sure it would be weeks, could possibly be well over a month. Wouldn’t matter. Once my Mistress laughingly agreed the choice would no longer be mine. I am sure that after the first few days or week my ass would be perpetually sore. Every day I would bend over, get on my hands and knees, or assume some other very submissive position and offer up my ass to my Mistress. It started with a couple of fingers up my ass when she was sucking my cock. Soon I was wearing a butt plug around the house. Next I had to wear it anytime I was given an orgasm. From there is was a small step for my girlfriend to strap on a dildo and be the one who does the fucking in the relationship. From the first day that she bent me over the bed and fucked my ass until she came I have not been allowed in her. When I saw her new strap on I actually begged her not to use it. It wasn’t the width, I knew I could take that, it was the length. It was easily twice as long as anything she had used on me before. I never thought I could take something that long inside me. She laughed. Told me that she wanted to hear me squeal. Told me she would get all of it up deep inside my ass. As I took off my clothes and bent over the bed I was certain that soon she would make me squeal. I was pretty sure before she was done she would make me cry. Somehow I was beginning to think she wouldn’t mind that either. My Mistress was displeased. She had been feminizing me for years, and recently had given me to one of her friends to suck his cock. The report back was not favorable. As she watched me put on the clothes she laid out she told me this evening would be dedicated to cock sucking training. She would not have me embarrassing her any longer. Mistress had me wearing a tight crop top with no bra or fake breasts, stockings, garters, heels, sheer panties and my shortest skirt. She clearly was openly advertising that I was a sissy male and a slut. Smiling she took me out and brought me to a Jamaican Pub in a not good part of town. As we walked in she told me that I was to challenge every man there to a game of pool. I did not realize what the penalty was for losing, but Mistress was well aware of it. I am very bad at pool. It was not long at all and I was on my knees on the floor of the bar with a large black cock in my mouth as the other patrons watched. The rest of the night was filled with quick games of pool then on my knees sucking long hard cocks. Somewhere around the fourth or fifth cock my panties had been pulled off. I never found who had done it and never got them back. A souvenir for someone I guess. I still had to play every man in the bar, knowing I was fully exposed as I bent over the pool table. I would feel hands on my ass, fingers pressing between my cheeks, even hands cupping and squeezing my balls. It was humiliating being groped and fondled so openly, and did not help my already poor game. I have no idea how many cocks I sucked that night, but my jaw ached and my makeup was smeared and there was cum on my cheeks and chin and neck and the taste of cum very strong in my mouth by the time Mistress finally led me out of the bar. I am sure the next time she chooses to give me to a man to use she will get a much better report back.My wife had been cuckolding me for some time. Lately, she had been trying to humiliate me even more, demanding that I fluff her lovers for her. She would laugh at the idea of my mouth getting them hard so they could fuck her. At first I refused. She let that slide and just took him in the bedroom and fucked him loudly, knowing I could hear. Next time I refused they both forced me down and he pushed his cock into my mouth while she held my head. She decided to try some Pavlovian training. She set up a dildo on a stand and I was not allowed to eat until I had practiced sucking it. It was huge, much bigger than her biggest boyfriend. She told me that the training would continue until I eagerly fluffed her lovers for her AND until I could take the entire dildo into my mouth and press my nose to the post it was mounted on for thirty seconds. Before every meal I had to get on my knees and suck it. I soon found out she meant absolutely every meal. About a week after she started, she came home from work with pizza for dinner, and two of her friends were with her. I didn’t think anything of it, but as I went to get some pizza she laughed and told me I had my training to do first. I was shocked and deeply humiliated when she pulled out the stand and set it in the middle of the kitchen floor, right in front of her friends. The women laughed as she explained what the device was for and why she made it. I refused, getting angry and indignant. The woman just laughed at me, her friends each grabbing my arm as they all forced me to my knees. My wife pushed my head forward and soon my lips were wrapped around the head of the dildo. Suddenly I just gave up. I was already humiliated. Leaning forward I began to suck the dildo, taking a little less than half of it in my mouth. I could see my wife smiling smugly as she leaned down and whispered “good boy”. She knew she had reached the point where she had broken my resistance. I would fluff her lovers immediately at her command. I would continue my training no matter who she brought over to watch. Struggling to take more of the fake cock into my mouth as the women laughed, I realized that I would not balk at anything my wife decided to make me do. I also knew that she would not be happy with me just fluffing her lovers and that anytime I finally did as she demanded she would come up with something new and even more humiliating.I hate when my Mistress sends me out for the night dressed in a short skirt and stockings and panties. I know she is having one of her well hung boyfriends over and getting rid of me for the night. That isn’t the worst though. The only two places I am allowed to go are the adult bookstore and the adult theater. I have to drive to one or the other and stay for however many hours she has told me so she and her boyfriend will have privacy. It is bad enough having to drive across town dressed like that, but when I get there I have to stay there. I know that men will approach me, they will reach up under my short little skirt, run their hands over my panties. It is humiliating when they feel how hard my cock is. Once they feel that, they know I am fair game and eager and willing to serve. Sometimes they lift my skirt to see my panties and my cock. Sometimes they just laugh at me. All the time it ends with me on my knees and a hard cock in my mouth and a crowd of men gathering around to wait their turn.It started slowly. First a finger gently slid up my ass as she was making me cum. Then two. Then the fingering beginning before I was close to cumming. Then she moved to a small vibrator and eventually to a strap on. It happened gradually, I didn’t really know what she was doing, but my wife had turned me into her ass slut. She now had several different sized and shaped strapons that she would use on my regularly. One night, as her newest and largest dildo was balls deep in my ass, she reached under me, grabbed my cock and squeezed. She told me from that moment forth I would not be allowed to fuck her. I would be the only one getting fucked and I would be getting it regularly. If I wanted to cum, I would have to beg her to fuck my ass before I would be allowed to stroke myself. As time went on I suspected she had told some of her friends about what she did. A couple of them would smile at me, and whisper to her when they were over. Soon after that she had denied me permission to stroke myself for over two weeks. I was so horny I agreed to do what she had wanted, I agreed to be bent over the arm of a chair and fucked in front of two of her friends. Things moved very quickly after that. I was fucked in front of almost all of her friends. When some of her friends express an interest they were immediately offered my ass to try. I can’t remember how many of my wife’s friends have fucked my ass, sometimes alone, sometimes in front of other women. It isn’t too bad, although they do laugh and humiliate me. I do always get to masturbate for them afterward, they laugh and enjoy that. No, what worries me is what my wife may move on to next when watching her friends take my ass becomes boring.My wife had made me wear my chastity cage to the party. Her friend who was hosting it was absolutely gorgeous and she knew I would be looking at her all night. I thought that she wanted me to be very uncomfortable if I got hard watching her friend. I was so far wrong. Just as I was closing the door to the bathroom to sit down to pee, her friend pushed it in, sat on the edge of the tub and told me to show her my cage. I was shocked. I had not realized that my wife had told anyone that she caged my cock. I almost refused, but could see her panties showing between her legs. I also knew that she could easily tell everyone about my cage. My wife had made a point of leaving the key home. Blushing deeply, I had no choice, pulling my pants down I heard her laugh as she saw my panties. Slipping those over my hips, her eyes gleamed as her hand reached out to twist and turn the cage around my hardening cock. “How cute” she laughed. I will have to talk to your wife about getting the key. With that, she grinned widely and just walked away. I have not posted much recently, unfortunately. I did not have time to make a post today, but will post more and will try to do a post every day. I will, also as required, not cum for at least the next week. Thank you for the instructions.01/16/15 – As demanded I have posted for today. 01/17/15 – Sir or Ma’am I have posted again today. Unfortunately for me it had already been five days since I had cum when I received your message. At the end of the week of posting it will be twelve days since my last orgasm. Please send another message at the end of the week to let me know if my efforts have been satisfactory and if I am released to cum. Thank you.01/18/15 – Day three post made, and now over a week since I have cum.01/19/15 – Three posts this morning. As it has been over a week since I have cum I am feeling hornier and more submissive. All posts were strap on posts. As I am off work today I will lock my little cock in its cage all day and find other ways to play with and fill my sissy ass. Even though I know it will only make me hornier and more frustrated I can’t help it.01/20/15 – Todays post done, two to go. However I will continue through to the weekend in hopes to please my anon.01/21/15 – Post six is up. Thank you Sir or Ma’am.01/22/15 – Post seven is up. One week as demanded by my anon.01/23/15 – One extra post done, which I masturbated to as I posted, to thank Ma’am for giving me permission to cum.It wasn’t bad enough that my girlfriend paraded me around naked in front of her friends, or humiliated me by pointing out how small my cock was. This was the fourth time she had made me suck one of her girlfriend’s boyfriends cock. Each time I had to suck him until he came in my mouth, hold my mouth open so all of them could see it filled with cum, and only swallow when she told me to. Each time she tried to find a way to make it more humiliating. This time, after I had finished, I had to push my face between his hairy thighs, kiss and lick his balls as his limp cock lay on my face and thank him for allowing me to suck his cock and swallow his delicious cum. Yes, she actually made me use the word “delicious”.Bound, gagged, little cock locked in chastity I was forced to kneel on the floor and watch as my wife enjoyed the big cock of one of her co workers. She had been laughing at me, teasing me, verbally humiliating me the entire time she had been enjoying his cock. She even made a point of letting him take her sweet tight ass, something she had never allowed me. As she sat on his cock, moaning as he stretched her, she told me it was because she could feel him in her, not like she would be able to if it were my tiny useless cock. Finally, with her legs wide and her ass filled, she offered to remove my gag if I agreed to lick her as he fucked her. Laughing she also told me that she would remove my cock cage and let me wank if I sucked him. To my own shock and horror my head began to nod quickly. It had been three weeks since she had locked my cock in the cage, three weeks since I had any pleasure at all. Just watching her wet pussy and excited me beyond endurance. I was willing to do anything to get my tongue in her wet pussy. Laughing, she pulled my gag off and pulled me tight to her wet pussy. As I licked, she pushed my head down, making me lick his balls as well as her pussy. She shuddered and came hard, drenching my face and her cum running down his balls. He still had not cum and I was made to lick his balls as he continued to slide his huge cock in and out of her ass. I licked until he came inside her. Grinning wickedly, held out the key to my cage and pointed at his cock. It was soft, covered in his cum and tasted like her ass. I hesitated, but was too horny to refuse and took it in my mouth, tasting the mixture of my wife’s ass and his cum. I sucked and licked and soon felt it hardening again in my mouth. He had just finished cumming so took a very long time to cum again. In hindsight, something I think my wife had counted on. I eagerly and submissively sucked him for well over a half hour before he finally grabbed my head, pulled my face down on his cock and filled my mouth with cum. Laughing, my wife told me not to swallow and unlocked my cage. My tiny cock was already hard, which made her laugh harder and say that I really must have enjoyed sucking his cock. Making me open my mouth and show them both his cum she allowed me to wank. I quickly did, and she pointed out to her friend that it only took me two fingers to stroke myself. I was forced to stand, naked, mouth full of cum and masturbate as they both watched. I came quickly and only then was allowed to swallow as they both laughed. As soon as I had cum the humiliation of what had happened flowed over me. As did the realization that this would likely be my new role whenever my wife took her pleasure.Every time my wife has her boyfriend over she dresses me and sends me out to an adult theater or bookstore. I can’t come back until they are done. He has said he doesn’t want to see me when he is fucking her. I have to suck any man who wants me while there. Most just dump their cum in my mouth and walk away. Sometimes without even one word. This man talked. He had a magnificent cock, and I was very eager as I sucked him. He seemed to enjoy calling me a sissy fag. I denied that, told him my wife made me do it. He was amused and laughed at me. As that magnificent cock throbbed and spurted in my mouth I suddenly had to realize he was right. This was what I had been waiting for, this is what I had eagerly been sucking him for. I was a sissy fag, worse yet, I was a sissy cum slut.My wife quickly tired of my tiny cock. Soon she was out finding men with big powerful cocks to satisfy her. I know she told all her friends about that. Turns out she told her mother too. He mother suggested that she send me over to her house. Even if my cock was inadequate she figured she could put my tongue to good use. Now, every time my wife has one of her big cocks over to fuck her I am sent off to my mother in law. I spend hours with my face pushed to her ass, tongue stretched out, licking the old woman’s pussy. I get sent over to my mother in law’s a lot.My wife loves the stamina of the college boy she has been fucking. Unfortunately, she has given me to his frat as a sissy suck toy and they all have the same stamina. There are a dozen of them in the house. Any one can take my mouth anytime they want, and they want a lot. Every time her young lover comes over I have to dress as a slut, leave my house and go over to the frat house. When I show up like that the guys all laugh because they know my hot wife is being pounded by their friend. They find new and more extreme ways to humiliate me, making me such their cocks, lick their asses, my own little cock hanging out to show just what I am as they take pictures the whole time. Lately I have been hearing laughs and comments about the new pledge season. I don’t know what they have planned but know that I won’t enjoy it.Choosing isn’t that hard. Any booth with a glory hole. If no glory holes, any both will do with the door left wide open. If I don’t want to choose, then just standing in full view exposed as an eager and willing sissy should work too.Mistress had slowly but very steadily pushed my limits. It started with me wearing panties, then stockings, soon I was fully feminized. That is when she began having me suck a dildo, then move up to her strap on. Inevitably that led to her bringing home a gay co-worker and having me suck him as she watched, offered suggestions and critiqued. I kissed and licked his balls, licked and sucked his cock and was able to make him cum with my mouth. Unfortunately, I was surprised at how hard and how much he came, I was not able to swallow it all, and a lot dripped back down his cock. Mistress was not pleased. I immediately buried my face in his crotch, licking up all the cum that dripped down. Licking his cock clean, sliding my tongue under his balls, nuzzling and licking until I found every drop. Mistress apologized to him for my lack of skill, and promised him that I would be practicing much more. She decided that punishment was also in order and commanded me to crawl across the man’s lap. I stared at her in disbelief, and she snapped, “NOW!” Quickly laying across the mans lap, I felt him pull my skirt up over my back and felt as Mistress, herself, pulled down my panties. Shivering with humiliation and a little fear, I jumped and yelped when his large hand came down hard on my bare bottom. He spanked me hard, he spanked me fast, as Mistress watched, smiling. Soon I was sobbing and pleading with him to stop, promising I would do better. Only when my ass was bright red and sore did he let me up. Both he and Mistress laughed as they saw my tiny cock quite hard. Mistress also noticed that his much larger cock had hardened too. Commanding me to my knees, she told me to suck him again, to see if the spanking had improved my skills. Worried she would put me back over his lap I quickly dropped to my knees. It took me much longer to make him cum this time, and fortunately there was much less, but I did manage to swallow every drop without spilling any.I do love the humiliation of being “inspected” or touched in public places, particularly by other men while in panties. So very embarrassing but so exciting. If you scroll through my blog I have some entries tagged “me” that do recount some of the real life humiliations I have put myself through. mostly at adult bookstores or adult theaters. I have never gone quite as far as my fantasies would like, but have been in a semi public place, on my knees, a man’s cock in my mouth as other men watched.I hate spankings. I never know when Mistress will invite some of her friends over to watch. Most of them have seen me across her lap, watched as my panties are pulled down and off. Mistress always spanks me harder when she has an audience. If her friends are watching I know I will be spanked until I start to cry. All the woman laugh as my ass turns bright red and I begin to squirm on Mistress’s lap, begging her to stop, sniffling and crying like a little sissy bitch. It is it that point, when I am completely broken and humiliated, that Mistress offers my sore ass to her friends, and I am made to crawl over their laps and spanked.The most humiliating part of this is that she is not even my wife. She is not even one of my wife’s close friends. She is just an acquaintance my wife works with. That alone makes it clear how many people she has told about me, about my little cock, about my cock cage, about how she fucks other men in front of me. My tongue had been pushed up between this woman’s cheeks as she rode her boyfriends huge cock. A woman I had just met that day. Now she snaps commands at me, making me lick her studs balls, knowing that will push my nose up between her cheeks to rub the slick wet asshole, one that was slick and wet from my tongue. There was no doubt in my mind that once he came inside her I would be sucking his cock clean, licking her pussy clean, as they both laughed and as my own small cock got pinched and twisted as it tried to get hard in my cage.I have. I have gone to an adult theater fully dressed just to suck off men. I have also gone to adult shops with video booths in panties and stockings under my shirt to offer my wet willing mouth to men to use.My wife quickly tired of my small cock and quick ejaculations. Long before I knew, she was finding men with much bigger cocks to please her. Once I did find out she was unapologetic. She told me that, other than my tongue, I was useless in pleasing her. She planned to keep finding big cocks that could satisfy her. When I backed right down she laughed. Knowing now that I wouldn’t leave her and that she would do whatever she wanted, she began to humiliate me more and more. It started with making me wear panties, then with greeting her boyfriends at the door, then licking her clean after they left, then greeting them at the door completely feminized and licking her clean while they were still there and watching. She really wanted to make me such their cocks, offered my mouth to them all the time. None of them wanted another man’s mouth to touch their cocks. I thought I was safe, would be spared that ultimate humiliation. What I didn’t know is that her newest lover had a gay friend who was very dominant and loved to use and humiliated sissy fags. When he learned about me, that I was feminized but straight, that my wife fucked around, that I had never sucked cock and would hate it, he laughed and told my wife’s lover he would take me and use me if she wanted. My wife quickly agreed and the next time her lover came over he came along too. I opened the door as usually, fully feminized in a short dress and make up. I was surprised to see two men, but thought my wife was going to fuck them both. My wife introduced me and told me that he was a dominant gay man and that I was his to use for the night and I must do whatever he wanted. I was shocked, started to protest and he just grabbed me, pulled me tight against him and kissed me, groping my ass and forcing his tongue in my mouth, which very effectively silenced me. My wife just laughed, led her boyfriend by the hand to the bedroom and left me there. Once she left the man let me go, laughed at me, grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door to his car. I panicked, I had never been outside dressed before. He put me in his car and drove away, sliding his hand up my dress and squeezing my balls through my panties. I was frenzied, shouting, telling him to let me out. He laughed, pulled over, opened the door and said, “Fine, get out bitch” I suddenly realized I was several miles from home, dressed as a woman, no money, no ID, nothing. “Here’s the deal bitch” he said, “Get out right now or shut up and do what I tell you the rest of the day and I will bring you back to your wife when I am finished” I had little choice and nodded. “Can’t hear you bitch” he said. I don’t know why, but I responded “Yes Sir” He chuckled and we rode in silence to his house. He opened the door, slapped my ass hard as I walked passed him and as soon as we were inside he made me take off all of his close for him. He spent the next three hours humiliating me. Making me prance around the house, lift my dress, pull my panties down, laughing at my small cock. He took pictures of all that. He made me suck his balls, he even made me lick his ass. Finally he told me I had earned the “privilege” of sucking his cock. He settled back on the bed, legs wide, camera in hand. He took several pictures of me sucking his cock, then grabbed my hair and tilted my head back so he could get full face pictures of me with his cock deep in my mouth. Grabbing my hair he even took short video as he pumped my face up and down on his cock by my hair. Finally, when he was ready to cum he made me look straight into the camera as he shot his huge load all over my face. Laughing, he told me that the pictures would assure that I was his to suck his cock anytime he wanted. Next time he promised me he would cum in my mouth and have me swallow it. Making me leave his cum on my face, he dressed and took me back out to his car. He dropped me off at the curb in front of my house, forcing me to walk up the sidewalk feminized with his cum still all over my face. Just before I got out of his car he said, “Slut, I will call your wife when I want you again. I will also send her copies of all of the pictures”Every time my wife finds a big cock to fuck her this is the end result. I never get to watch, I never get to participate. I have to knee in the living room the entire time, wearing only my cock cage and panties. When he has finished using my wife, fucking her like I can’t, the man walks naked out to me, his cock still hard, even after having cum from fucking my wife, the filled condom still on it. I have to carefully unroll it, suck his cum from it, lick it out, clean it thoroughly as he watches. My wife doesn’t even watch. It is just the man who has fucked my wife in my own house who watches me eat all of his cum from the used condom. My wife does it like this as it is pure humiliation. I don’t touch either of them, no one touches me, she does not watch. No sexual gratification at all. Just humiliation.My wife had been feminizing me and dominating me and humiliating me for years. Quite some time ago she had told all of her friends the things she does to me. Soon she was showing them picture of me feminized and humiliated. Now I often find myself under their control. It was bad enough when I was just ordered over to obey them and let them use me, lately she has taken to betting me, like a thing. Somehow that is even more degrading. I have never served Julia, but she has always been very aggressive and vocal to my wife about more ways to humiliate me. I knew this was going to be a very long day, although pussy licking and a spanking didn’t sound too bad. As I knelt between her legs, my tongue first touching her pussy I suspected there would be more going on today, and that her spankings would be much different than my wife’s and would not stop until I was in tears over her lap. I also wondered if my wife was losing on purpose.What a dilemma. I want to please her, secretly love to lick the cum from her pussy when she fucks real men with big cocks. But, somehow, her threat to make him cum directly in my mouth excites me. Do I obey her like the little slut I am and clean her thoroughly, or do I leave just a little bit and hope she follows through on her threat?My wife never misses an opportunity to humiliate me in front of her friends. She has told them all how small and inadequate I am, shared with them her stories of how she fucks big dicked men right in front of me. I never know when she will laugh and make me get on the floor to kiss and lick her shoes in front of her friends. Lately she has even had me tongue deeply into her ass as they watched. But I never expected this. Never thought she would have six of her hottest, and most cruel friends over and then invite her boyfriend over to let them watch as I suck his cock. This is a completely new situation, beyond anything she has ever done. I am sure it will not stop there. Even with my face buried in her beautiful ass I can see the looks on her friends faces, I know that they have ideas for me they will share with her too. My life is going to change dramatically once I take her boyfriend’s cock in my mouth, and there is no doubt I will take her boyfriend’s cock in my mouth.“Yes Miss” I mumbled through the big dildo filling my mouth. It was humiliating enough to be wearing this and on my knees sucking her fake cock, but to hear her tell me what she was going to make me do, how I would have to beg her boyfriend to suck him off. Not even to be ordered to do it, to make the first move, to be the first to approach him. Feminized and dressed as a slut, to walk up to him and kneel, my face and mouth just at cock level. Not even allowed to look up at him, to stare at the large bulge in his pants as I beg him to allow me to wrap my lips around his cock, as I beg him to allow me to suck him, as I beg him to fill my mouth with cum and let me swallow it. When he agrees, reaching out to open his pants and slide them down his legs. To lean forward to kiss and lick his balls, to lick up his cock before taking the head in my mouth. To suck him eagerly, if a bit clumsily. Hearing my wife giggle behind me, suddenly realizing, as she watches her sissy husband servicing her lover, that she has done this before, she knows exactly what I am feel, what I am tasting, and knows just how much cum he will shoot in my mouth, how it will taste as I swallow it, how it will feel. All of those thoughts flashed through my head as I sucked her dildo and listened in shock and disgust at the instructions she was giving me. My worst shame was that my tiny cock was hard in my panties.I would greet you wearing nothing by my locked cage around my tiny cock, and a collar around my neck. Offering you the leash, I would stand still as you decided if you wished to attach it to my cock cage or my collar. Once attached, a quick sharp tug would have me following you. No matter where you chose to go and no matter how long you chose to have me out.I’d like to see you on your knees in front of me and a woman, and force you to choose between my cock and her pussy. Because we both know what choice a cock gobbling faggot like you would make.Yes Sir. I would chose your cock, despite enjoying pussy more. Knowing that both you and the woman would laugh as my own tiny cock hardened and quivered as I eagerly made you cum deep in my mouth.I was nervous. My Mistress had told me she found the perfect accessory for me and that she would have me wear it when she next sent me out to an adult bookstore. She gave me a time and explicit instructions on how to dress and told me to be at her house. I was required to wear four inch heels, sheer stockings with a garter belt, pretty lacy panties that were high cut, rode up between my cheeks, leaving the bottoms of my cheeks exposed, my cock locked in its cage with the key left at home on my dresser, a matching lacy bra with breast forms, sheer blouse and a very short pleated skirt that just barely came to the bottom of my cheeks if I stood perfectly still. If I moved, walked, bent the bottoms of my cheeks would show. Even standing perfectly still the garter tabs and tops of my stockings showed clearly. Full makeup, wig and nails completed the outfit. It was rare for Mistress to make me dress first before coming over. I was humiliated, but trying to get hard in my cage, as I had to go to my car dressed like that, drive across town and then park. Mistress made me park two blocks from her house and walk to her door. As I entered she and three of her friends were laughing in the living room. Silently I walked in and knelt before my Mistress. These friends had seen me before, knew what a useless little cock I had and had helped Mistress humiliate me before. Laughing, Mistress told me that she and her friends were going out that night. They would be gone several hours and had found a place to put me to keep me busy and out of trouble while they were gone. Chuckling, Mistress told me that she was taking me to an adult bookstore for the night. I blushed, knowing what I looked like and imagining the reaction of the men in the store. Her friends were laughing and giggling and I knew that there must be something more. Reaching into a drawer, Mistress pulled out a gag that looked like a pussy from the outside and covered my face from my nose to my chin. My eyes grew wide and scared, as her friends erupted into howls of laughter. Smiling sweetly Mistress reminded me of the times I had sat in a booth all pretty and feminine and looking like the sissy cock sucking slut I am, how some men would look in, frown and just walk away. Tonight she hoped I would be more attractive to all the men who saw me. The gay boys would love the slutty little sissy chained to the booth. Oh, yes, sissy she laughed. We are going to lock a leash to your cute little cock cage and lock the other end to the chair in a video booth so you can’t go anywhere until we are done and come back for you. Continuing on with a chuckle she said the gay boys would love using my mouth just the way I was. The straight men would hopefully be horny enough to accept a blow job from a sissy cum slut, and would be more comfortable fucking my mouth pussy and be able to pretend I wasn’t really just a sissy faggot trolling for cock. Smiling sweetly, she locked a leash to the cock cage in my panties and tugged the end hard, pulling me to my feet. Keeping the pussy gag strapped in place around my head she and her friends drove me to one of the busiest adult shops. Openly leading me through the store itself by my leash the pulled me into an empty booth, using another small lock to secure me to the chair bolted to the floor of the booth. Laughing and telling me to have fun, Mistress loudly announced she would be back in four or five hours to pick me up. Three men were already stepping into my booth and opening their pants before Mistress was even out of the video area. I knew I was in for a very long and humiliating evening.At first is was fun when my wife suggested I wear her panties as we had sex, it seemed to excite her. Soon, she had me in them even when I was at work. I was shocked the day I came home from work and her mother was there and she laughed and made me pull my pants down to show her! From that day on, at least once a week, I am dropped off at her house and made to serve her in any way she likes. I have spent hours with my tongue in her old ugly pussy, or deep in her flabby ass. The first time she told me to suck John, her other son in law’s cock I refused. She was furious. Forcing me to my knees in front of him, she used my own belt to strap my bare ass hard. I couldn’t hold out long, and soon leaned down to take his much bigger cock into my mouth. That didn’t appease her much. “Suck it bitch” she growled, continuing to strap my ass hard. She strapped me continuously until John had filled my mouth with cum and I had swallowed. When I got home my wife saw the welts that covered my entire ass and asked what happened. When I told her, she took my belt and gave me another strapping over my incredibly sore ass. I thought of that now, the first of many times I had been made to suck John, and my cock twitched in my panties. Now I couldn’t wait. I hoped every time I was sent here I would be “made” to suck him off. Even with my tongue deep in my mother in law’s pussy all I could think of was John filling my mouth with cum. My wife and her mother had turned me into an eager sissy faggot cum slut.She obviously had sucked him before. I knew that. I knew that. I knew that she had done anything he wanted. She had told me often enough when I was licking her after she had spent the afternoon with him. Couldn’t believe that she was going to make me suck him. Worse yet, she was teaching me to suck him well. How utterly humiliating. Not only made to suck her strap on to be ready to suck cock for her, but trained to suck one particular cock, to suck it well, to suck it so that HE will like her better, to suck it so that HE will fuck your wife. So why am I paying such close attention and so worried about getting it right and so eager to suck it just as he likes?I have not, but would love both. A Mistress inviting several friends over. Me led out in panties, stockings and a short skirt. I would be put over the lap of each woman in turn, as the others laughed. Spanked by each as long as they wanted. Several, if not all, would continue until I cried I am sure. Once each woman finished made to kneel between their feet, licking them until they were satisfied and then crawling to the next woman. Across her lap, skirt up, panties down, already bright red sore ass ready for yet another spanking. Repeated until each one had spanked me and each one had been licked to multiple orgasms by me.I love this! She is so beautiful, so strong, so sure of herself. I would look at my friend, look at her, pull off all my clothes and get on all fours. I would stare into her eyes as my own friend fucked my ass for her. I still wouldn’t move my eyes from her face as he sucked me off. All the time I would be thinking that maybe, if I did well, she would let me crawl over and lick her until she was satisfied.Yes Mistress. I knew that even if I found cocks to suck the cum directly out of by myself I would still be eating Mistress’s boyfriends cum every day. They both laughed and teased and humiliated me when I did it, finding it the perfect way to remind me of my position. I knew that every single day for the rest of my life I would have the taste of cum in my mouth. I knew that every day I would either have her boyfriend’s large hard cock in my mouth and have to suck him until he cums, or I would have the used condom that he used when he fucked her like a real man and pleased her like I could not. They would both laugh as I poured the cum from it into my mouth, stuck my tongue inside it to lick it, turned it inside out and sucked it making sure I got every bit of cum. Before long she would humiliate me further by inviting her friends over to watch me suck her lovers cum out of his used condoms. Next, I am sure, she would encourage them to bring the used condoms from their boyfriends and I would clean and swallow all of those as well.I have never had two cocks penetrate me at once. However, I have had two men standing before me as I alternately suck both of their cocks while another man watches as he waited his turn. It was in an adult theater and made me feel very slutty and excited.By the time I asked my girlfriend to marry me I was completely dominated by her, feminized and totally under her control. She smiled at my proposal and agreed. However, she told me, even though I would be her husband I was still nothing more than a panty wearing, eagerly submissive sissy slut. She made me agree that I would be the “entertainment” at my own bachelor party. I would go dressed like a stripper, exposed to all of my friends as a sissy. It would be made clear to every man there that my mouth was their toy, available to use however they wanted. She expected every man there to cum in my mouth or on my body several times during the evening. She expected some of them to piss in my mouth. She expected my tongue to be deep up some of their asses as all the others watched and laughed. She knew that once they started drinking they would try to come up with more and more humiliating and degrading things for me to do and I was expected to do them all. Once the night was over I would go back to her so she could see how well I had been used. She also told me I would be the entertainment at her bachelorette party as well. That would be a little different but no less humiliating. That would be a night of pussy licking, spankings and strap ons up my tight ass. By the day of our wedding all of our friends would know my true position in the marriage. Pausing for a moment and thinking, she got a wicked grin on her face. In fact, she decided, anytime any of our friends get married you will perform the same services for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. I will make sure we have lots of friends to keep my little slut well used.It was bad enough that my wife had told her best friend that I wore panties. Bad enough that she exposed me as a sissy to this pretty woman I had always had a crush on. But it didn’t stop there. They both discussed my training. I learned that Kristen was much more strict and cruel than my wife. One afternoon, while at Kristen’s, my wife was mentioning how sometimes I got mouthy and Kristen asked how she punished me. They began to discuss spankings, all the while I was sitting right there. Kristen decided that my wife was not spanking me well enough, and demanded I pull my pants completely off and get over her lap. My wife just laughed and told me to do it. As I lay across her lap Kristen tugged my panties down to my knees and began to spank my bare ass ….. HARD. It didn’t take long and I was squirming and squealing on her lap. Both women began to chuckle as they enjoyed my humiliation. Kristen never slowed down, spanking me even harder as I squirmed and kicked my legs. Very soon I was sobbing and my wife bent down, laughed, and told Kristen “The little bitch is crying” Kristen just laughed, spanking my sore bottom even harder. It was then that her husband Kirk walked in. I didn’t realize it, until I heard a deep male laugh and heard Kristen say, “Hello hon. Just showing my friend how to keep her sissy hubby in line.” I was mortified, my panties were clearly visible down around my knees, I was over his wife’s lap, cheeks bright red and actually crying. Glancing back at the sound of Kristen’s voice and seeing the look on her face, I had a sudden, terrifying and humiliating flash, that now that her husband had seen me exposed as a sissy wimp, he would be used much more extensively in my ongoing training.This has only happened to me a few times but I have loved it. When I am verbally humiliated as I am sucking another man’s cock my own tiny cock gets rock hard and quivers. Especially if the man is old and fat and taunts me as his cock is in my mouth. The more undesirable he is the more excited I get if he humiliates me. One stands out in my mind. A fat man with a very mediocre cock. Of course it didn’t matter to me. As soon as he realized I was eagerly submissive he laughed. He made me beg, called me a slut and a faggot. Made me lick and suck his balls. Made me kiss and lick his ass. Only then did he let me suck his small cock. All the time I was sucking, right up until he shot in my mouth, he was verbally humiliating me. My cock was throbbing, but he pulled up his pants and walked out without a word once he had cum and without touching me.I noticed this girl at the gym. She was hot! Couldn’t help staring at her. She caught me a few times, got a hard little smile on her face when she did. Soon I noticed she was working out near me. Always wearing tight work out clothes, stretching, bending, making sure I could see her hard body. I had an almost constant hard on whenever I was at the gym. One day she followed me into the locker room. Pushing me to my knees, she held me there as the man who had followed her in stepped right up to stand in front of my face. She laughed as the man pulled down his shorts and a huge cock flopped our right in front of my face. “I have seen your tiny hard on in your shorts. Pathetic. To even think you could please me is laughable. I decided you needed to see what real cocks look like. Now I want to see you suck it!” Shocked, I just knelt there, not moving. “Suck it slut!” she growled, grabbing my hair and forcing my head down into the man’s crotch. To this day I don’t know why, maybe she knew me better than I knew myself, but I opened my mouth, took in his soft cock and sucked it, feeling it grow in my mouth. I heard her chuckle above me and heard the familiar click of her cell phone taking pictures. I didn’t care, just kept sucking, my hands now fondling and cupping his balls. Soon it became clear that he was close to cumming. It was clear to her too as she shocked me by telling him to pull out and shoot all over my face. He did, grinning, shooting a huge load of cum all over my face. She kept taking pictures of spurt after spurt hitting my face, then more of it dripping down. Finally, without another word they both left, leaving me kneeling in the locker room face covered in cum. Somehow I knew I would come back to this gym. I knew I would stare at her again. I wondered if she would make me suck cock again and if she would bring a different man or the same one.I can’t not imagine that now. I can also imagine the perfect place, Fantasy Fest in Key West. The “costume” would fit in, public behavior is always a bit more tolerated there. Dressed in heels, stockings, tiny pink bikini panties under a very short skirt, clearly showing the outline of my small caged cock, sexy maid outfit, makeup done with bright red lipstick. Made to dance in the middle of the street, bending, shaking my sissy ass, exposing my “tits” for beads, knowing that there are always a lot of gay men and being clearly told to get as many to grind against me as possible, to get as many to cum on me as they grind as possible. Knowing that it is far from a gay crowd only and many women as well will be watching me, laughing, taking pictures. Almost overcome by the delicious humiliation, so exciting, so arousing, but my little cock cannot get erect it can only be squeezed and pinched by my small cage as I wiggle and shimmy in the street to entice men.Been sucking down cum for about six months. I just watched real ladies get covered in cum and began to wish it was me so I even been able to swallow a cock down my throat and it is just soooo hot to me. Now I find men all dressed is even sexier … thanksI would love to use you as a center piece, bent over a glass table in the middle of my office, cock caged, in stockings, a pretty pink babydoll nighty and a ball gag. Set up right behind you is one of those fuck machines just pounding you all day for the amusement of everyone who comes in that day. Of course you’d have to clean up whatever mess you dribbled all over the table.Yes Sir. Openly displayed in such a humiliating position, with my sissy ass constantly being filled, much to the amusement of all of your visitors, I am sure that I would have a large mess of watery sissy dribble on your table. The fact that you chose to have me wear a ball gag will only add to my frustration. Knowing that the sight of me so feminized, so helpless and so humiliated may excite and arouse some of your visitors, both men and women, but that with the ball gag in my mouth they cannot use it for their satisfaction would cause me to think of them doing that more than I would normally, and make me press back to the fuck machine as much as my bonds allow as I imagine pleased all who wanted to use my mouth.Kneeling before you. My own tiny little cock quivering as I watch your hand slide up and down your glistening cock. Watching it quiver as you got close, seeing it actually pulsing. Admiring the size, the magnificence, the manliness. Tongue sliding around my lips as I kneel, staring. “Sir. Please Sir may I kiss it?” I ask respectfully. “May I please lick your balls. May I please wrap my lips around the magnificent head?” My eyes never leaving you cock as I ask humbly and respectfully. Continuing to watch your hand slowly stroke up and down the long length of your cock, my voice raising a little higher, becoming a bit more eager and desperate, “Please, Sir. Please all my mouth to wrap around your cock. Please all my tongue to slide around the head. Please allow me to suck and to lick and to have you fuck my eager mouth until you cum. Please allow me to be your submissive cum slut, the receptacle for your thick, hot, sticky cum. Please, Sir, Please use me as your sissy slut to please yourself. Please Sir. Please!”Sitting on my face and force feeding me cum after several men have fucked her is not enough humiliation for my wife. She has to tell me about it, pretend she is concerned I am choking, tell me how much there is. She calls me a girl and calls me princess as my mouth is filled with the taste of men who have had her. Listening to her always gets me hard, which makes her smile and confirms, every time, that I am her little cum lapping cuckold.My wife had started cheating on me immediately after our marriage. Our first night she realized my tiny cock could never satisfy her. Soon, she was doing it openly. She bluntly told me my cock was way to small to be any use, locked me in a chastity cage and started inviting well hung men into our house to satisfy her while I was there. Soon just satisfying herself wasn’t enough and she began to enjoy humiliating me. She exposed me to her friends. Inviting two of them over while one of her well hung boyfriends were there. I was left with her friends in the living room, naked other than my cage, as she openly, and loudly, fucked the big cock in our bedroom. I had to do whatever the women said. They enjoy teasing and humiliating me as my wife fucked her boyfriend. They made me get hard in my cage, then laughed as my balls turned blue and then squeezed them. They teased me for having such a little dick and said they understood why my wife didn’t want anything to do with it. Finally, my wife walked out of the bedroom naked, commanding me onto my back, she quickly squatted over my face. Her friends obviously knew what was happening and began to laugh and chant “Eat that cum”. I was deeply humiliated but had no choice. Mouth wide open, tongue out I waited as her lovers cum dripped into my mouth. As all three women laughed I swallowed and began to lick her gaping pussy clean. As my wife began to laughingly tell her friends how hot it was to have such a useless wimp licking you clean after a real man fucks you, I suddenly realized that soon I would be licking all of her girfriends clean and swallowing a lot more cum than just my wife’s boyfriends.I didn’t realize the man I had sucked at the adult theater took that picture. I should never have given him my cell number. I was horny, liked the idea of being able to set up a time to suck his cock and swallow his cum. Big mistake. The next day I got a text, with the picture, and instructions to meet him in fifteen minutes at an adult bookstore. I went. He made me suck his cock again, and made it clear that I would be available anytime and anywhere to suck him or the picture would be posted everywhere. That wasn’t bad enough. After about a month I got a text, from a different number, with the photo. It told me where to be in ten minutes. I arrived to see a man I had never seen in my life obviously expecting me. As soon as I arrived he opened his pants and pulled out his cock. I sank to my knees, knowing that the picture had been given to others, not knowing who would text me when or what I would have to do.Ohhhhhhh Thank you Miss! Not wasting a moment I crawl up between her beautiful legs. pressing my face forward, I first lick beneath her balls, wiggling my eagerly submissive tongue between her cheeks, licking her gorgeous ass to thank her for allowing me to suck her. Then I move up to her balls, washing them thoroughly with my tongue, gently sucking each one into my mouth. Only then do I allow myself to lick my way up her cock and wrap my lips around the delicious head. A low eager moan escapes my lips as I taste her, sliding my mouth up and down her wonderful cock. Very soon I feel her hand on my head, fingers curling tightly into my hair. Her hips arch as she forces my head down, filling my mouth, the head of her cock pushing insistently against the back of my throat. Holding me by the hair tightly and painfully she begins to move her hips. Fucking my face hard and fast using me as the little pleasure bitch I am, she finally thrusts hard and deep into my mouth and cums and cums and cums, filling my mouth, running down my chin and dripping onto her balls. I feel her soften in my mouth and she pulls her cock away but does not let go of my hair. “Stupid bitch” she snarls, slapping my face. “You are supposed to swallow it all” Pulling my hair hard she pushes my face down to her balls and lays back, smiling, as she makes me lick her clean.If I had you for 24 hours, you would be kept in chasity, have your pussy stretched and fucked. you would be displayed, humiliated and degraded. You would be teased until you have sissy slime leaking from your useless clit and milked. Imagine having ora-jel smeared on your clit so it’s numb and then made to try to cum while being mocked and humiliated for being a useless sissy. Imagine being bound and teased, filled to the max…. yeah that’s just part of it….kinkyfiendThank you very much Sir. I can easily imagine being locked in chastity and bound open and on display, for your friends (or even total strangers) to shove their cocks into my mouth and my ass. Man after man standing behind me, I would know that fucking would not stop until long after my little clit began to drip from the assault on my prostate. You and all your guests would laugh and humiliate me as they commented on my cock dripping just from being used as a fuck slut. Unlocking me, smearing ora jel on my clit and everyone laughing as I desperately and futilely jerk my tiny cock, completely unable to cum, Is very imaginative and devious and so deliciously degrading. Thank you Sir. I would give myself up to be used like that at your commandI would too Sir. It would humiliate me but make my tiny cock rock hardYou are welcome sissy. 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The first time that one of her lovers filled my mouth with his cum she decided that anytime any of her boyfriends wanted a blow job my mouth would be available to him, she would never suck another cock. Laughing at me, she told me a lot of her girlfriends didn’t like sucking either and maybe she would let them give my mouth to their husbands and lovers too.Every weekend I am sent to a seedy, run down bar in a very bad part of town. Kneeling naked in the middle of the bar floor I must beg for cock, beg to be used, beg to be degraded and announce I am a cum slut. The men who hang out here know me well and know they can do whatever they want with me. It isn’t long before the first cock is shoved in my face and the first load of cum shot deep into my mouth. I must tell everyone again what a sissy and a slut I am and beg for more cock and more degradation after each cock. All night man after man will force my face down onto his cock. If I am lucky they will all cum in my mouth. 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She made me answer all of her questions out loud, repeating them or making them more humiliating if I did not respond verbally. Soon she had me saying I wanted to suck it. Saying it out loud in front of her boyfriend. Totally demeaning and humiliating me, or so I thought. Once I admitted I wanted to suck it I expected my lips to be forced down over it. But no, she continued, asking me what I would do to thank him for allowing me to suck him. Making me promise that if he allowed me to suck him, if he filled my mouth with his sticky slimy cum, I would thank him by kissing and licking his ass, promising to push my tongue between his cheeks, even push it as far into his ass as I could. I had to finish with a “Please, Sir”. Only then did my laughing wicked wife push my head down over his cock.My Mother in law used both of her daughters husbands. Unfortunately, my wife’s sister’s husband was well hung, could last for hours and delivered a very large load of cum. The moment she saw my tiny cock she laughed and decided my role would be to clean her and soothe her swollen stretched pussy after her other son in law had thoroughly pleased her. She always had me hide somewhere in the room so I could hear him satisfy her and have no doubt as to why we had the roles we did. Lately, she had been teasing me of getting his cum directly from his hard cock. That worried me a little. I cringed at my first taste of cum from her messy swollen pussy, but eagerly licked her, knowing it would be far worse if she forced me to my knees before her other son in law as she, his wife and my wife all watchedI’m straight, but I walk out of the shower, 9 inch cock half hard bouncing as I walk, my abs glistening , still wet, I look up and you are standing in front of me…. GonastyornotI see you walking down the hall from the bathroom, your cock bobbing in front of you. I try not to but can’t help staring. 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You know you are just a sissy faggot. Even a female blow up doll is too good for you. Besides, you know you like cock. Show us just how much you like it. Get over here and suck your new “girlfriend” make her cock wet and slick, it is all the lubricant you will get. You an jerk your tiny cock and cum for us, but only while your new girlfriend is fucking your ass. You know if we brought our boyfriends over you would do that for them. Do a good job or next time it will be a real cock.“ Deeply humiliated I crawled over and began sucking the fake cock. The women moved closer, surrounding me to get a better view. I licked and sucked and made the dildo slick and wet. Turning, I backed onto the fake cock, pushing myself back, forcing the dildo into my ass as the women applauded. I slid myself back and forth, letting a shemale blow up doll fuck my ass for a roomful of women. I fucked myself on the doll for several minutes before touching my cock. 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It was still warm from my ass as I licked and sucked it clean. I put it away and returned to the living room. Mistress allowed me to serve the remainder of the night without my panties or cage. The women all laughed and commented on how small my limp cock was as it hung between my stockings.My wife had found a boyfriend with a big cock that could actually satisfy her. She had been fucking him for weeks before he found out she was married. Once he did, he insisted that I be there when he came over. He took control immediately. Right in front of my wife he made me strip naked. Laughing at my tiny cock, he then made me dress fully including stockings, panties and a short skirt. As my wife watched, he made me take off his clothes, not moving a bit to help me. Laying me on the bed, he knelt next to me, his cock right above my face. I could only stare at it, close enough that I could actually smell the musky man scent. 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My wife slapped my face, told me to shut up and do what either of them said or she would divorce me and publicly tell all of my friends why. I knew I had no choice and soon I was standing before them in pink panties and black stockings. Her friend suggested they take me to a gay club and make me dance with all the men. My wife loved the idea but wanted to fuck me with her new strap on first. She was still mad and I knew would not be gentle. I was right. She forced the dildo into me quickly and hard, not at all concerned about giving me time to get used to it. As she fucked me hard, making my body shake with her thrusts, they both told me what I would have to do when they took me out. I would wear the stockings and panties under jeans and a shirt. They wanted me looking “normal’ while at the bar. They were going to point out men to me and I would have to go up and ask them to dance. My goal was to get every man I asked to dance with me and to get every man who danced with me to kiss me. If they kissed me I had to respond passionately, sliding my tongue in their mouth and letting them grope me. I hated the very thought of that. They told me they would be keeping track and I would be punished when we got back home for every man who said no to dancing with me and every man who did not kiss me. If I was able to slow dance with a man I was to press to him tightly and try to get him to grind against me. They told me they wanted to see a man with both his hands grabbing my ass, grinding into my cock. In fact, her girlfriend laughed, I want you to cum in your little panties from another man grinding on you on the dance floor. If you don’t I will think of a special punishment for you later. Finally, they said when I had to go use the men’s room I had to stand in front of a urinal, open my pants and drop them to my ankles and stand in my panties and stockings to pee. If any man groped or touched me I could not pull my pants up until he was finished. If any man tried to push me to my knees I had to tell him no, but invite him over to the table where my wife and her friend would be sitting. They made it very clear that if any men were interested in getting off in a sissy’s mouth I would be under the table sucking gay cock as they watched. Finishing up with several hard rough thrusts my wife told me she knew my ass would be sore the whole time I was at the club. She told me to let it be a reminder of what would happen if I balked at all, or didn’t follow through with any thing I was told to do. To imagine how sore my ass would be if they bent me over a chair in the middle of the floor and let any man there who wanted fuck me. I nodded quickly, knowing that I would not dare disobey as they laughed.I do eat pussy. I love eating pussy. It is one of my very favorite things. I am attracted to women, not men. I suck cock as a sissy, as a humiliation and I do enjoy that. I do not find men sexually attractive apart from the submission. I do find women sexually attractive both as submission and as arousal. I have always been very oral and loved to lick a woman to orgasmOne of my greatest fears and one of my hottest fantasies. Letting a girl dress and photograph me then finding photos of myself when I search for sissy porn! Great submission. Thank you.Yes Sir, kneeling before you, openly admiring your large magnificent cock, eyes willed with lust and a touch of shame as my tongue slides from my lips to barely touch the velvety head.Please SirI love being an adult bookstore slut. Offering myself up to whoever needs to get off. Even the nasty old men who are hanging around. If any of them shows any interest I am on my knees offering up my warm wet mouth. 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How humiliating to have to kiss and lick and even force my tongue deep inside his ass while he strokes his cock and my Mistress and her girl friend watch. I listen to the two women laughing, as I continue to lick his ass. My face must remain pressed between his cheeks and my tongue must remain deep in his ass until he cums, shooting his load all over my head and into my hair. Once he is finished I have to thank him, saying that I hope he enjoyed it as the women laugh. I am not allowed to clean up or brush my teeth, and the rest of the day have dried cum in my hair and the taste of a strangers ass in my mouth.What a delicious way to be humiliated. Mistress always having a full tray of ice cubes. One of frozen cum and one of frozen pee. Never being sure which will be used in my drinks but always being required to finish the drink and all the ice. 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No matter how hard I try to not think of the other people around, the sound of laughter and the comments I can hear remind me of the crowd watching.I knew the girls were cheating, but I liked having to strip for them. When they suggested that I have to put on an item of their clothes for every hand I lost it seemed like fun. As I was dressed more and more like a girl they laughed and their comments were getting more and more suggestive and demeaning. Finally, when they said I was fully dressed so should bet blowjobs for their brothers and boyfriends my little cock got hard in my panties.She knows this won’t be as easy as I think. First, she knows me well enough to know it will take a week or two in my cage before I am horny enough to do what she wants. She has no intention at all of helping me. I will suddenly realize that I have to find my own cocks to suck. It won’t count if the man does not cum in my mouth for me to swallow. If, on any day, I fail to find ten cocks to suck I have to start over and the next day I do get ten cocks is day one. It is going to be far more than two weeks and I will suck far more than 140 cocks before I am released.Love the idea of a very humiliating tattoo put on me. Something like “Sissy Cocksucker” right over my tiny cock, or any other very demeaning marking. In reality, I would not be able to do that, but would like to have my nipples pierced and rings put in. They could be used to lock me to things, or to hang “pet tags” from that also could have humiliating things etched on them.Left exposed in stockings, panties a pretty blouse completely unbuttoned and nipple clamps. Hand cuffed to a tree and blindfolded. I hear my Mistress’s deep wicked chuckle as she tells me the key to my handcuffs is hanging from the chain of my nipple clamps. She is betting that none of the men who see me will use it to release me, but will prefer to use my mouth to drain their balls. She tells me that she will be back in four hours to see if she is right.The old man next door had caught me when I foolishly ran out to take out the trash while dressed. To keep him from telling my wife I had to go over once a week, dressed sexy, and suck his old man cock and lick his droopy old man balls. It took him forever to cum, but I had to keep sucking until he did. It wasn’t fun, but better than my wife finding out I was a sissy. One week there were four other old men there. I stopped, shocked, and refused when he tried to push me to my knees to suck his cock. He was infuriated, pulled me over his lap, pulled off my panties and spanked me in front of his friends. They all gathered behind me as he spanked me hard, laughing, commenting on how smooth my ass was and getting a very clear look between my cheeks and my smoothly shaved anus. After spanking me until I was sobbing and begging, he held me down on his lap and forced two fingers into my bottom as his friends watch. 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She would have one of her boyfriends there in front of all of our friendsSame as above, but after dinner when all are sitting around enjoying drinks she would make me kneel in the middle of the floor and make me suck her boyfriends cock as all of our friends watched.Taken to an adult theater dressed only in lingerie. Bustier, stockings and panties. Taken to the very front row, made to sit in one of the front seats and my hands then cuffed to the arms of the seat. Mistress watching, smiling, as man after man uses my mouth as I sit helplessly, unable to even wrap my hand around his cock to control the sucking. Just a mouth to be fucked and dump cum into.Taken to a swingers club dressed as a slut and locked in my CB6000. My only purpose there to orally serve all of the others, male and female, including cleaning up from the many men who fuck my wife and cleaning up for any of the other women who wish.Given to Mistress’s girlfriends and some of her gay friends to clean their houses. Spanked, teased, humiliated and made to serve them sexually as I do, but also made to actually do the cleaning other housework as wellDressed in a parody of a Maid uniform, one that exposes me completely, with very tiny panties on and taken to an adult book store. Left there all day on a weekend, left in the back area where the video booths are. Mistress offered me to the owner to clean all the video booths. Every hour I have to mop and clean each booth, cleaning all the cum off the floors and off the video screens. Bending to scrub the floor as men gather and watch. In between cleanings I stand at the front of the area. Mistress making it clear I am there for the men to use and can refuse no one.As commanded by one of my followers here are some photos of dog cocks I would love to be made to suck. I imagine my Mistress finding many different dogs and inviting several of her friends over. I have to stroke the dog until it is hard. Just the touch of the oddly shaped cock arouses me. she always makes me pull my panties down and compare my cock to the dogs, commenting on how much bigger the dog cock is. Finally I am allowed to wrap my lips around it as everyone watches. The shape, the texture the taste are very strange and very humiliating. That does no matter. I have to suck and lick until the dog cums, filling my mouth and dripping down my chin. I love the last photo, and the idea of her finding two dogs that I must suck at once. Eventually she will get bored with just showing me off to her friends. She will take me, her boyfriend and her boyfriends dog out to a local dog park. Right in the middle of the park, she will put me on the ground, make me suck her boyfriend’s dog as the two of them watch and laugh. Of course, it will draw a crowd, most of whom will be disgusted. She is hopeful there may be one or two who are disgusted, but intrigued. I will be offered to their dogs as well. Who knows how many dog cocks will be in my mouth before I leave.I will list the most degrading and humiliating as I sense that is what you wantLicking ass. Women and even more humiliating menSucking men while women and other men watchBeing exposed as a sissy, public humiliation while dressed, even forced to my knees to serve another man in publicPublic spanking, on a park bench, over the knee of my Mistress, skirt pulled up and panties pulled downTaken to a gay cruising area and publicly offered to all the men. Not in the relative privacy of the woods or bushes, but in a large open area where all can see and watch as they wait their turn.Being on call. Love the idea of a half dozen men being given my cell number and told they can call me at any time and I will have to go immediately to suck them. Never knowing when I will be called, but no excuses, I have to leave whatever I am doing and go immediately. Never knowing who else will be there or in what circumstances I will have to open my lips to accept their cockBeing given to a dog. Told I am a sissy bitch, then having it proven as I become a large dog’s bitch. Orally satisfying it, even offering it my tight bottom. Preferable as other people watchBeing a piss whore. Chained to a urinal in a club or gym, right over the drain. Men stepping up and pissing on me or in my mouth or making me suck them.There is more, but this is getting long enough. Thank you for making me publicly admit the degrading things that excite me.What would be the ultimate humiliation task that you have ever fantasized about being forced to doI am not really sure, but the post below is very high up on the list. The idea of being feminized and forced to suck dog cock for an audience is tremendously humiliating and exciting. I would have to do it often, in front of Mistress and her boyfriends, in front of Mistress and her girlfriends. She would always bring in new people to humiliate me in front of. Of course, I would always have to suck the dog until he came, filling my mouth with dog cum that I would have to hold in my mouth, kneeling before all her friends, until she gave me permission to swallow as they all laughed.Have you ever been fucked by a big black dog knotted and used as a kennel whore sissyI have not. Have occasionally fantasized about being given to my Mistress’s boyfriend’s dog. And, while have sometimes imagined myself being fucked by a dog, most often it is Mistress and her boyfriend watching and laughing as I have to suck the dog until he comes in my mouth. The sight and the taste of the dog cock is somehow much more humiliating than letting him mount me.I cringe whenever my mother in law calls me Catherine. Ever since she saw the panties peeking above the waist of my jeans, made me pull my pants down and confess to being a sissy she has dominated and humiliated me. 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As they walk away laughing, I know that I will be brought back to stand on the street as the bars empty. The pictures alone will assure that, but the smile on Mistress’s face tells me that it will be very soon.Oh I can only imagine how shameful and frustrating it must be to feel your tiny cock swelling into those spikes against your will.It is, and also very arousing, until the pins start to bite into my tender skin. As I am looking at Tumblr I am wearing it now. My little cock is hard and the tacks are digging in. At this point it will remain that way until I get soft, which with the humiliation of wearing the ring will take quite awhile. I started thinking about a spiked glans ring. Kali’s teeth are much too big. I needed something small for my tiny cock, but with sharp points. Not finding anything I bought some thumb tacks and a rubber O ring. I pushed the thumb tacks through the rubber so they poked out the inside. My cock is small enough that when I put it on behind the head I could wear it without too much discomfort if I was soft. As soon as my little cock got hard the tacks pressed it and hurt. I had not considered this, but found out that once hard I could not take the ring off. The points of the tacks dug in and I couldn’t slide it. As soon as I got hard I was stuck and had to endure the points poking into the soft flesh of my cock until I softened. For the next week and a half, until a week from Sunday, every time I look at Tumblr I will have to wear that ring. Of course, every time I look at Tumblr I get hard. A fitting punishment for a tiny little sissy cock that gets hard.I would love to jerk a guy off into my mouth, or have him jerk himself off into my mouth. Kneeling before him, mouth open, tongue extended, just waiting for him to shoot his cum into my mouth for me to swallow.I love licking a woman’s ass, I find it exciting and enjoyable. I love the humiliation of having to lick a man’s ass. It is not physically enjoyable but the humiliation arouses me. To be told by my Mistress to lick the ass of her bull as he is fucking her, so that he will cum harder and deeper inside her, to drive my tongue deep into his ass so she gets more pleasure from his cock, might just make me cum in my panties without being touched.Mistress has started taking cabs when she takes me out to clubs to make me watch her pick up real men with real cocks to please and satisfy her. Of course, she never brings any money to the clubs, she knows men will buy her drinks all night. My job is to pay the cab fare each way. Since I am never allowed to carry money there is only one way I can do that. Mistress likes that I begin each evening with the taste of cum in my mouth and end it the same way. She also likes that I have no choice and never know what kind of man will be driving. Young, old, fat, thin, dirty, doesn’t matter. My head will be in his lap as he drives, cock in my mouth, tongue licking his balls. Exciting and arousing him, making him feel good but not making him cum until we arrive either at the club or home. It is particularly humiliating when we arrive at the club, and I have to finish him, make him cum in my mouth as we are parked at the cub, the sidewalk filled with people.I did come home on time, and read her note while looking at the things she had laid out. My little cock got hard just reading the note, and I was delayed while it softened enough to get it into the cage. Even with that I was completely dressed and photos taken by 6:25. As I prepared to send them I paused, thinking. The thought of them being late, of Mistress chuckling and sharing them with her friend, of another woman, one I knew and had met, seeing me feminized, caged, obviously not a real man, made the cage hurt and pinch my cock as it tried to grow. What to do? Send them and be obedient, or wait, be late, and be exposed as Mistress’s submissive feminized sissy to a woman I knew well ?My Mistress was getting bolder and bolder as she pushed me deeper and deeper into submission. Finally she decided it was time to expose me, humiliate me, and share dirty little secrets with others. Setting up a chair in the middle of her living room, with a large dildo suction cupped to the seat, she first made me put my little cock next to it so the women could see how much bigger it was than my own cock. Next I had to suck it until it was wet and slippery, only then was I allowed to straddle it and force myself down on it. Only when I had forced myself completely down and my cheeks were touching the seat was I allowed to touch my own cock. Wrapping my hand around my cock I was allowed to stroke, but only while I was sliding up and down the dildo. If I stopped fucking my own ass I had to stop stroking my own cock. 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Thinking I was finished, I start to crawl out from under your desk, but you push me back with your foot, keeping me there for the rest of the day, in case you needed to be sucked again.. New Years Day would be spent pleasing her completely, striving to make her cum as many times as possible, knowing that my own pleasure for the entire year would be dependent on how many orgasms I could give her in this one day. As the evening wore on and it came closer to midnight I would become more and more eager, begging her to do all the things that excited her but I had been resistant to. By 10:00 or 11:00 PM I would be begging to submit to any pain, humiliation or degradation that might make her cum one more time.I would not enjoy being beaten up. I am a slut through. I would enjoy being forced to my knees, spanked or my face slapped as you forced your cock down my throat in front of your friends, letting them watch as you fucked my face for your pleasure. 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When he stopped and took me to the sleazy motel I was confused. When he stripped, laid on the bed and told me to straddle his hips and made me force myself down onto his big dick I thought I was safe. As I forced my hips down, impaling myself on his cock for him, he made me tell him how much I wanted it, how I was just a filthy faggot who needed it. I did. I begged him, I degraded myself, I humped him. When he told me to describe every dick, every sack and every ass I had licked that evening and called me a disgusting faggot pig, I came. He didn’t. I described every man who had used me, every cock I had sucked, every ass I had licked and all the cum I had swallowed. As I got more descriptive and disgusting, he came, filling my ass with his hot sticky goo. Pushing me off him, he dressed and left, leaving me miles from my car. I knew he would be back to check that rest area, I would be there waiting for him, with another batch of stories of all the disgusting things that I let men do to me.After four months I would beg to obey. I would stick my ass high in the air, even knowing that someone who knows me, and who has fucked her, will soon be fucking me. I would lick her heels, lick the soles of her shoes, even take each heel in my mouth and suck it like a little cock to keep from crying out when her bull forces his cock deep into my sissy ass. But, after she unlocks me, and I have my little thirty seconds of pleasure before I cum too quickly, I will feel his cum dripping down my thighs and the humiliation will set in. It could have been anyone. I will never know who just fucked me while my wife watched. Every man I see, every man I talk to, I will wonder if it was his cock that was forced deep into my sissy ass as I sucked my Mistress’s heels. But, I will never, ever know.Mistress had me conditioned much better than she knew. As soon as I saw an exposed cock I automatically sank to my knees, with no voluntary thought at all. That is fine when she dresses me and takes me out to clubs or bookstores or theaters intending a night of sucking cock. It is something completely different when I am in a mens room, in male clothes and I see another man’s cock. The reaction is involuntary and the same. I sink to my knees on the tile floor right in front of the urinals. That has made for some very humiliating moments, but also made for some very unexpected cock sucking and cum treats.My wife always made sure to completely humiliate me in front of her boyfriends so they would know that I couldn’t satisfy her and they could do whatever they wanted with her. One of her favorites was to sit on my face right after they filled her with cum. She loved making me lick her clean while they watched. If I came as I licked their cum from her pussy, she loved it even more, calling me a fag in front of her boyfriend and commenting on how much I must love the taste of his cum.My wife was off for a date with her hung stud and I expected another evening locked in chastity and left home. I was confused and surprised when she told me to put on my pink panties and bra. I became nervous when she took me out of the house dressed only in that and put me in the car. I became very worried when she pulled up at her mothers house, told me to get out and go inside and to do whatever her mother told me. I was aware that her mother knew she had a well endowed boyfriend, and was pretty sure my wife had told her how small my cock was. I had no idea that my wife had also told her about locking my little cock up and making me her sissy. I quickly walked in the door, not wanting to be seen outside in panties and bra. I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw the living room was full of older woman, all staring at me and laughing. “Don’t be shy Miss Timmie” my mother in law laughed, “Come let me introduce you to my friends” I cringed at what she called me, and knew it would be a long night. The rest of the evening I served the Ladies, getting drinks and snacks, standing still as they all examined my chastity cage and tiny cock, wincing as they played with the cage and teased me to see my cock strain as it tried to get hard, crawling across their laps so they could pull my panties down and spank me, and, before the evening was over, sliding my head up each one of their skirts and licking each old woman to multiple orgasms.Mistress knows how much more humiliating it is when she tells me what to do as she makes me suck off strange men. She loves to humiliate me further, as if having their cum in my mouth was not enough humiliation, by making me thank them for allowing me to suck them. While her voice did not give it way yet, and she sounded sweet, as soon as the man’s cum dripped from my mouth down his cock I knew I was in trouble. For now I would have to lick it up and make sure he was clean, later I was sure I would be punished for not keeping it all in my mouth and swallowing. I hope she didn’t decide that the entire course of my cocksucker training had to be repeated. I didn’t want to do that again, I would beg her not to start me all over, plead with her and tell her I would do better next time. I really didn’t want to spend six more hours in a hotel room, dressed only in lingerie, bound to a chair and blindfolded as anonymous cock after cock fucked my face and filled my mouth with cum.As my wife moved farther and farther along with my feminization she found a trans girl online and invited her over to help. The girl spent a lot of time shaving me, helping with makeup, choosing clothes, putting the finishing touches on my complete feminization. As she did, she would often touch me and tell me how pretty I was becoming. She made it a point to tell me what a pretty mouth I had. One day I walked in and she was naked in my living room. Laughing at me she told me she knew I had always wanted to suck her cock. She handed me an envelope, inside was a very brief note from my wife. It said that now that my feminization was complete she needed a real man and had found one with a huge cock and wouldn’t be home that evening. She also said she had sold me to this girl for the night! She closed by admonishing me to do whatever I was told to do. I looked up and saw the girl laughing. Reaching out she pulled my head down toward her cock. “Come on baby” she said, “You don’t want to even know what will happen to you if you refuse. She owns you and I bought your mouth and your ass for the night.”From the moment she pushed me to my knees and I looked up and saw her beautiful cock under her pretty skirt I wanted to suck it. As soon as she gave me permission I sipped my head up under her skirt, gently tonguing her balls and stretching my tongue to lick the warm musky crevice behind them. Sliding forward I took her delicious cock in my mouth, my head bobbing under her skirt, trying hard to ignore the giggles of her friends as they watched.I would always cum first. Cock pressed to another man’s cock as her hand wrapped around both and as she watched us would make me cum immediately. I would first have to lick all my cum from his cock and balls, and then lick all of his cum from her beautiful pussy after he had been given his reward.Love the idea of sucking the cum out of used condoms. Perfect activity for a sissy cum slut. Even better if my Mistress and her friends are watching.My girlfriend had encouraged my feminization, letting me wear her panties, telling me how cute it looked, sliding her hand over the front and rubbing my cock through them. With her gentle encouragement I went farther and farther. Finally, she had me dressing fully, and convinced me to let her “seduce” me. She dressed me fully and brought me to her room. Kissing me, running her hands all over me, slowly undressing me, putting my hand on her big “cock”, all the things a boy would do with a shy or reluctant girl. When she had me down to just panties and bra she had me stroke her cock, then firmly pushed my head down, making me kiss it, then lick it and finally suck it. “Good girl” she smiled, sliding her big fake cock in and out of my lips and pointing out the smears of lipstick I was leaving on it. Smiling, she slid my panties down, turned me and bent me over the edge of her bed. I protested as she stepped behind me. Soothing me, kissing the back of my neck, she told me all girls had to lose their “virginity” sometime. Gently using her fingers to lubricate my ass she soon was pressing the tip of her dildo between my cheeks. Pressing forward, she slowly penetrated me for the first time. 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Had a run in my stocking from the theater, but didn’t have time to get new ones. Looks very slutty. Wore the Cumdumster label on the front of my panties and the “I Love Ass Licking” one on the front of my bustier as my followers voted. Another close vote, 9 for the front of my bustier, 7 for my forehead.At the bookstore I went into a booth and pulled off all my outer clothes and did not put them back on until I left. Within the first 45 minutes two men came in and let me suck them. I asked each if I could lick their asses, as Anon told me to do, but both just walked out. Neither touched me, and I had to stay until a man made me cum. After about a half hour another man came in and opened his pants. He was already hard and came quickly in my mouth. I asked him if I could lick his ass and he just laughed, but stopped as he was pulling up his pants, dropped them again and turned around. I pressed my face to his ass, sliding my tongue out to lick up and down. Putting my hands on his hips I licked, and even pressed my tongue tight to his anus. My nose pressed between his cheeks, I continued to lick until he stepped away. I looked up as he turned and saw he was hard again! Reaching out and taking his hips I pulled him to me and sucked him again. It took me much longer to make him cum this time, but I did, and he filled my mouth with a second load of cum. He pulled his pants up and left. I was still horny, my little cock hard in my panties. Very soon a fourth man came in. He looked at me, smiled, and pulled out his cock. As I took it in my mouth he pressed his hand to my panties, fingers following the outline of my hard little cock. I gasped around his cock and pressed mine to his hand, which made him laugh. He opened his hand, leaving just the palm pressed to me and I humped it like a dog as I sucked him. It was humiliating to rub my panty covered cock on his hand as I sucked, but I was horny and very eager to cum. I came long before him, filling my panties and making them wet and sticky. He wiped his hand off by rubbing it across my hair and I had to finish sucking him when I was no longer eager and willing. After he came in my mouth, I knew I had to ask, and forced myself to ask if I could please lick his ass. I was actually glad when he didn’t respond but pulled up his pants and left. I almost left as well, but it had not been quite two hours. About fifteen minutes later one more man came in my booth. Looking at my outfit, my wet panties, and my labels he asked if I really licked ass. “Yes Sir” I forced myself to reply, “May I lick your ass” Pulling down his pants, he turn and actually bent over, pushing his ass against my face. Kissing deeply between his cheeks, I began to lick. He started to stroke his cock and I reached out to stroke him. He slapped my hand away, pushing back harder and wiggling his ass on my face. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could, letting him wiggle his ass on it. I reached down to rub my own cock in my sticky panties, but it was too soon and couldn’t get it hard. Finally he came, stepped away, pulled up his pants and left. I had just tongued a mans ass while he jerked off without even being able to get myself hard. It was now clear I was there for the pleasure of other men not my own. Two hours were long gone, and no one was immediately coming into my booth so I pulled on my own clothes and dressed.I have licked ass in the past, women occasionally, which I enjoyed very much, and men infrequently at the bookstore or theater, which I did not enjoy. Your ask is very timely as I will be going to the adult bookstore today, dressed much as I was for my trip to the theater but with no chastity. One of the labels my followers chose for me to wear today is “I (heart) Licking Ass” Scroll down you will see a poll asking my followers to vote on where that label will be placed. Top two votes now are the front of my bustier with 9 votes and across my forehead with 7, still very close. Both are prominent locations where it will be seen. I won’t close the poll until just before I go out so there is time for more votes. As you wish me to be more vocal, in addition to the label I will wear, I will affirmatively say to every man who allows me to serve his cock “Sir, may I please lick your ass?” Just saying it to a man will be humiliating and much more humiliating if they agree and I have to press my face to their hairy cheeks and tongue their sweaty cracks. But you are right, as a submissive sissy slut I should be more eager to offer humiliating services to them for their pleasure even if I don’t really like to. As to a regular there is no one like that. I don’t really go to the bookstore very often, and hardly ever to the theater. I am a very eager cum slut, but will be much less eager after I do as you require. I am going out Wednesday dressed similarly to how I dressed at the theater (but in the pink bustier this time) and wearing the next two labels from the poll. I will stay at the bookstore until a man allows me to cum. Of course, that won’t count for your task as I will use a different pair of panties for that. Beginning Thursday I will cum daily in a pair of pretty panties. I will rub myself through them as I look at Tumblr so I cum inside them. I will do that Thursday, Friday and Saturday. By Sunday they will be filthy with dried crusted cum. Sunday I will wear them to the adult bookstore, and will rub my little cock through them either just before I leave the house or in the car in the parking lot, Squeezing out whatever dribbles of cum I have left right before exposing myself as a sissy. There will be an obvious wet spot right in front of my panties. I will stay at the bookstore no less than two hours, sucking any man who wants me during that time. If no one has offered me their cock I will remain until at least one man allows me to serve him and suck his cock. Having cum for five days in a row, and immediately before going to the bookstore, I will not be horny or eager or even willing to suck cock. I will do it anyway, making myself do it because I have been told to. If you want me to start another poll, with completely different labels that my followers can decide I must wear either email me or send an ask and I will do it tomorrow and have it run to Sunday.I entered the theater and stood in the back for a few minutes, adjusting to the dark. Once I could see a little bit, I pulled off my pants, and took off my fleece. Folding them to make them easier to carry, I took a deep breath and walked slowly down the aisle, dressed only in the lingerie, and moved to the very front row and sat in the middle.It didn’t take long at all and two men came down and sat on each side of me. The one on my left opened his pants and pulled out his cock and I immediately turned in my seat, leaning down and putting my head in his lap, which raised my ass off my seat. As soon as I got his cock in my mouth I felt the second man put his hands on my panties and then smack my bottom hesitantly a couple of times. I quickly got up, moved over and laid myself across his lap, the first man moved over into the seat I was in and I started to suck him again, laying across the lap of the second man. He smacked my ass lightly, and then I felt his hands on the waist of my panties. I lifted myself on my toes, lifting off his lap, making it easy for him to pull my panties down. Before I laid back down over his lap again, he reached under me and grabbed my cock cage. Once back over his lap he did begin to spank me. I hadn’t been in the theater twenty minutes and already one of my fantasises was being fulfilled, across a man’s lap, getting spanked while sucking another man, and all in front of a group of men. The man whose lap I was across continued to spank me all the time I was sucking the other man. He didn’t stop until the man had cum in my mouth. He did not spank me hard, but it still stung, and I knew my bottom was getting at least a little red.As soon as the man in my mouth came, I slipped to the floor, kneeling between the feet of the man who had spanked me. I leaned forward, thrusting my ass up so everyone could see the red marks, and opened his pants, taking out his cock. I leaned down, stopped with my lips not quite touching the head and said “Thank you Sir” and then slid my mouth over his cock. I heard several laughs as I said that, and my little cock was trying to get hard and was pinched and squeezed in the cage. I stayed on my knees, obviously thanking him with my mouth, and sucked him until he came. After I swallowed I looked up and saw three men standing near me.I moved over to the center man, who already had his cock out and was stroking it. I crawled in front of him and reached out for his cock. He slapped my hand away and just kept stroking. I sat down low on my heels, turning my face up and opening my mouth. He stepped closer, stroking himself right above my face, the two other men then stepped up on each side of me and stroked their cocks. I never moved, looking up from beneath their cock, face upturned and offered to them, mouth open. Soon another of my fantasies was fulfilled. While not really the center of a Bukkaki party as I would love, three men did cum on my face, in my hair and in my open mouth as I knelt in lingerie in front of a number of strangers who watched.The next couple hours were a series of men and hard cocks. Many of them were old and fat, some I had to turn my head sideways to get my mouth under their stomachs to suck their cocks. It didn’t matter. Any man who wanted my mouth could have it. There was always a group of men around me. Some sitting watching. Some stroking themselves and some shoving their cocks in my face for me to suck.At some point, and I really had lost track of time by then, I was bent over with a hard cock in my mouth when I felt someone tug up the back of my panties. There was a man behind me who tugged up my panties taut in the back then bent to better see the label on the seat. Grabbing me by the wrist, he pulled me up the aisle and between the first and second row of seats. Turning me to face the front he pushed my back, bending me over the back of one of the first row of seats. Quickly pulling my panties down to my knees, he smacked my bare bottom much harder than the first man. The man I had been sucking stepped forward again and pushed his cock into my mouth. The crowd around us got a little bigger as the man spanked me hard. He spanked me long as well, three men came in my mouth and he continued to spank me. At first I was afraid the loud sounds of his hand smacking my ass would bring the owners down. It would be tremendously embarrassing to have the owner come down, yell and me and throw me out of the theater, but fortunately no one interrupted us. I have never been spanked that hard and I was whimpering before he stopped. I started to stand, but his hand on the small of my back pushed me back down. Looking back over my shoulder I saw him take out his cock and start to masturbate. He moved a little closer and kept stroking his cock while holding me down. Finally he came, spurting his cum all over my ass. I was incredibly humiliated as a complete stranger spanked my sissy ass hard, then marked me as a slut by cumming on my bare red ass while a large group of men watched. As soon as he finished I pulled my panties up, feeling them get wet and sticky from his cum and cling to my sore bottom. I turned, intending to kneel to suck him clean, but he had already put his cock away and was turning to leave.Rubbing my very sore bottom I walked back to the front row and sat down again. There was still a large group of men around me, all of whom had seen me spanked, seen me dressed as a sissy slut and seen me suck cock and have cum spattered on me. I clearly had lived up to the label on my bustier.I continued to suck cock, or to let men masturbate and cum on me. Several men smacked my bottom, which hurt as it was already very sore from the spanking I had endured. Some grabbed it and squeezed hard. A few examined my cock cage, twisting and pulling it which pinched and hurt my little cock even more.Five hours came and went and I stayed. By now it was evening on a weekend, a time I have never gone to an adult theater before. There were even more men in the theater now than when I arrived in early afternoon. Just being there, dressed as I was, openly and obviously was so tremendously exciting. Being a cum slut for any man who wanted my mouth was humiliating but added to my arousal. Locked in chastity made sure that I would remain horny so be eager to do whatever anyone wanted. Finally, I left, as I still had an hours drive to get home. Since by now it was late and very dark I did not even dress. Carrying my pants and fleece I walked out the side door of the theater and walked across the parking lot to my car dressed just in a bustier, panties and stockings. s*******n men had been satisfied either by being sucked, or by jerking off and cumming on my body. I was truly a sissy slut.I drove back home, squirming a little in my seat. My bottom was still very sore and it was a long drive on a freshly spanked ass. My cock and balls ached, but I intentionally had left the key to my cage at home. I was so horny that I trusted to the dark and drove home in just my lingerie. I didn’t put my pants and fleece back on until I was about five minutes from home.”Would you like to be dressed up as a slut and taken to a adult porn theater and have your Mistress announce to everybody that you are the theater slut fuck toy for all to use? Your mouth will be a cum bucket and you may even be tied up in vulnerable exposing positions… all for your Mistress’s amusement!””I would love that. Being exposed as a slut, then a public announcement that I WAS a slut and could be used by anyone would frighten but arouse me tremendously. I would suck or lick anyone my Mistress required. If she were to tie me over the back of a seat, or on my knees, or tied to one of the seats making me completely helpless and unable to stop anyone from using me as they wished it would be even more scary and exciting. “I should have been more careful, I should have watched what he was doing more closely, but the feeling of his warm cock in my mouth and the thought of tasting his cum distracted me and filled my mind with delicious thoughts. Once he took the first photo on his phone I was his. I knew it showed my face and his cock. Even in make up I didn’t look that much different, not enough that I was willing to risk exposure anyway. Once he had that first one it was easy to make me pose, for him to get more and even better photos, for me to look straight into the camera lens with my lips tight around his thick cock. Somehow I knew there would be one with his cum dripping down my chin or spattered all over my face. There was no doubt now that he owned me. Anytime he called I would hurry over and drop to my knees. I was he personal cum slut, his eager cocksucking sissy. The worst part was how hard my own little cock got in my panties just thinking about it.At first it was just my wife feminizing me, dominating me and making me serve her. Then she humiliated me in front of her girlfriends. Finally, she made me suck off one of her lovers. That changed everything. Once she saw me on my knees, a cock in my mouth, my mouth full of cum that I quickly swallowed, she no longer saw me as a man or her husband. After that she never touched me or let me touch her. I was only allowed to serve other men, men she chose. I never expected this though, to give me to one of my own employees, feminized, humiliated, giving him my warm wet mouth for his pleasure. My brief hope that he would not recognize me dashed when he mentioned my wife and called me by name. She has me so demeaned and degraded that she knew I wouldn’t refuse. Even as I wrapped my lips around his cock and he shoved it deep into my mouth, I knew my work life had changed forever.I wonder how long I would have to be denied, how horny I would have to get to submit to this in real life. To have to set up a straight backed wooden chair in the middle of the room. To walk to my Mistress as she sits in in, all of her girlfriends sitting around her on the couch and chairs. To stand beside her as she opens my pants and pulls them down, then pulls down my underpants, even if she had not made me wear panties it would still expose my little cock locked tightly in a chastity cage as all her friends laughed. Pulling me over my lap, she would smile as she paused, letting her friends enjoy the humiliating position she had me in. Picking up a hairbrush (and I know from experience how much those can hurt) she would begin spanking me slowly, in no hurry, enjoying her power over me and my humiliation in front of her friends. Soon she would increase the severity of her strokes as well as the speed. In no time at all I would be squirming on her lap, then begging her to stop. All I would hear is her musical laugh as she only spanked harder. At that point I knew exactly what she was going to do. She had no intention of stopping until she had made me cry in front of her friends. Spanking me hard now, my bottom bright red and already beginning to bruise, I couldn’t help it and suddenly burst into tears. All I could hear is the laughter of her friends as deep sobs racked my body and real tears flowed down my cheeks. Giving me five more minutes of spanking, Mistress then rolled me off her lap and onto the floor. Commanding me to my knees, she made me take off my shirt, kneeling naked in front of her friends, as she got the key to my cage. Unlocking it, she pointed out to her friends how hard my little cock already was. Handing me a small plate she commanded me to jerk myself off and cum onto the plate as she and her friends watched. Tears still streaming down my face I eagerly complied, cumming in less than a minute, to the amusement of all the women. Once I finished and my little cock hung limp between my legs, Mistress handed the cage to one of her friends and let her fit it back onto my cock and balls and snap the lock closed. She then handed the plate to another of her friends and had me crawl over to her and lick my cum from the plate, licking it clean as her friend held it. Somehow I knew that this, or something similarly humiliating, would be the only way I would ever be allowed to cum again.The first time my wife’s boyfriend fucked her, he made me kneel by the bed and watch. He didn’t even take off her panties, just pulled them to the side and shoved his huge cock into her and fucked her hard and fast. Once he came deep inside her he pulled her panties back, made her stand with her legs wide and pulled the panties up tight to her pussy. Telling her not to move and to stand just like that, he stood in front of me. “Suck me clean bitch!” My eyes grew huge and I recoiled a little. He grabbed my hair and pulled me down onto his slimy cum streaked cock. Having no choice I licked and sucked and was mortified as I felt his cock grow in my mouth. “Good bitch” he growled. Still holding me by the hair he told me since I got him hard I had to make him cum. “But don’t you dare swallow bitch, keep my cum in your mouth.” I shook my head no and he just laughed. Telling me that felt good. He didn’t even fuck my face. He held still and used my hair to pull my head up and down over his cock, finally erupting to fill my mouth. “Hold it!”, he admonished as he pulled out. Going back to my wife he made her give him her panties. Grinning, holding them out to me, showing me how cum filled they were, how wet and dirty and filthy. Grabbing my hair again, he forced them into my mouth, gagging me with them, letting them absorb the cum already in my mouth too. Filling my nostrils with the scent of cum and my mouth with the taste of cum. He made me kneel there for a half hour, telling me to get used to the taste, telling me the only time I could lick my wife is if she was full of his cum, that the only time I could cum is when his cock was in my mouth filling it with his cum as I jerked off. I couldn’t resist it any more and sucked hard on the filthy panties in my mouth and nodded my head.I had always found my wife’s sister attractive. My wife would tease me about that, pointing out the men that she dated, sharing with me that they all had huge cocks. Reminding me that I was a little sissy with a tiny cock dressed in panties. I didn’t know it, but she had shared that with her sister too. I came home one day to find her in the living room, legs open and her beautiful pussy exposed. Giggling she told me that my wife had told her about my tiny cock, but had said that I was very talented with my tongue and had given her permission to use it. Commanding me to strip, she laughed when I was down to my panties. Telling me to leave those on, but to pull the front down so she could see my cock she giggled louder. Smiling, she said my wife was right about my cock, she sure hoped she was right about my tongue too.Yes Mistress. This is not what I expected when my fiance accepted my proposal, but if it was what was required so be it. Nervous, but full erect, I crawl into the living room on her leash to be introduced to all of her friends. I greet each one by reverently kissing and licking their toes and then crawling across their lap for a spanking. I am amazed at how many friends my fiance has and long before they are finished I am squirming and sobbing on each lap. After the last one finished my ass is red and splotchy and throbbing. I kneel in the middle of the floor wonder if this was my introduction to her friends what the bachelorette party will be like.Just before I left work I received a text from my Mistress. She told me there was a surprise waiting for me at home and she expected me to behave and if I didn’t she would punish me severely. That is all she told me, no matter how many texts I sent asking her what it was about. I walked into the house and was shocked to find her best friend waiting on the bed wearing only a strap on, with an opening in the harness to expose her pussy. She laughed at me and told me to strip down. My Mistress had told her my cock was locked up and I wore panties and she wanted to see. I hesitated just a little then quickly obeyed, remembering Mistress’s text. Her friend laughed as I stood before her in just my lacy panties the outline of my cage clearly visible. I was trembling and my cock was trying to get hard and hurt. Chuckling, she told me that she hadn’t believed my Mistress when she said she feminized me and locked my cock up. She also didn’t believe her when she said I would do anything, no matter how humiliating. Grinning, she told me she was going to test that as well. She told me I was to crawl onto the bed and lick her pussy to as many orgasms as I could. Only when she pushed my head away could I thank her for letting me please her by sucking her fake cock. She told me I had better suck it well, because once I finished I was going to have to mount it. Laughing, she told me I would have to straddle her hips and sit on her strap on. The only lubricant I would get would be my own mouth. I would have to force myself down on it until it was fully inside me and then hump up and down as my tiny locked cock bounced. She made it clear that she wasn’t going to do anything to me. She wouldn’t bend me over, or force her cock into me. No, I was going to do it all, I was going to beg her to let me do it, I was going to plead to suck her cock, I was going to straddle her hips and beg her to let me fuck myself on her dildo like a sissy bitch. She could hardly finish her instructions she was laughing so hard. All I said was, “Yes Miss” and began to crawl up the bed to lick her beautiful pussy. However, my mind was racing. I had no idea Mistress had told any of her friends about me. I couldn’t help but wonder who else knew. And who else wouldn’t believe my Mistress.She would laugh at me at how quickly I nodded my head. Reaching down, she would take off the gag, but leave the cuffs on. Leaning in I would eagerly lick her pussy as his real man’s cock filled her ass. Moaning, she would grab my head and pull me tightly to her pussy, not caring if I could breath or not. Grinding her pussy to my face she would cum several times until her clenching and wiggling made the man in her ass cum as well. Climbing off him she would push my head to his balls, first making me lick them. Not letting me take off the condom, and keeping my hands cuffed behind my back she would laugh as my lips and tongue first touched his cock. The feeling of the end of the condom, filled with cum, resting on my tongue and the taste of her ass on the latex made this even more humiliating. I could feel him hardening again in my mouth even as I heard her say that if I wanted my little wank I had to make him cum in the condom again. I was helpless, gagging as she pushed my head down and he arched his hips up, fucking my face. He had just cum while fucking my wife’s ass and it took over half of an hour of him fucking my face before he grunted, grabbed my head and pulled me down onto his cock, shooting another load into the condom. Laughing and smiling, calling me her good faggot bitch, my wife let me pull my head off his cock and sit back on my heels. Reaching down, she carefully pulled the condom from his softening cock. Commanding me to tilt my head back and open my mouth, she poured the entire contents into my open mouth as he laughed. Dropping the condom in too, she told me not to swallow it and unlocked my cage. Sitting back on her stud’s lap she laughed and told me I could jerk my pathetic little cock. It had been weeks since she had unlocked me so I didn’t care. Even with a mouth full of his cum, the taste strong on my tongue, and the two of them watching me and laughing, I began to stroke myself, cumming very quickly. Only then was I allowed to swallow his cum and take the condom from my mouth. After licking my own cum from the floor, my wife locked me back in my cage and sent me away.ALL my friends Miss? I mumble as cum continues to pour into my mouth. Wearing her panties all night had been exciting, but not as exciting as her forcing her pussy over my face and filling my mouth with the cum of all my friends. Not as exciting as having to eat all of the cum that dripped out before I could lick her to several more orgasms. Not as exciting as knowing that all of my friends had fucked my wife. Not as exciting as knowing that she had told them all why she was out fucking them, that her husband was home, wearing her panties and telling them all she was going right home and forcing him to eat all of their cum.I never know who Mistress will bring home when she goes out and leaves me fully feminized at home. Sometimes she comes back alone, and just teases me, showing me her body, touching my cock cage, smiling as my cock tries to get hard. Other times she will bring one or more of her girlfriends over. Then I must curtsey deeply, pulling the hem of my skirt up over my panties. The women will tease and humiliate me all night. Once, Mistress even used her strap on in my ass in front of three of her friends. She fucked me continuously until I made each of the women cum with my tongue. But the worst is when she brings a man home. I have strict orders that when a man is brought home I have to curtsey, then kneel and, even if he hasn’t said a word, to look up and offer to suck his cock. It was humiliating enough when she brought strangers home and I had to kneel in front of them, exposed as a sissy, and suck them and swallow all their cum. The night she brought my boss home I was so shocked I actually forgot my instructions and Mistress had to remind me sharply. My training was so ingrained by then that as soon as I was admonished I sank to my knees and opened his pants. My mind whirring as I wondered what Monday morning would be like when I returned to work.On my knees, sucking any cock that gets shoved into my face. Once my warm wet mouth gets him close he would pull out and I would have to wait patiently, mouth open, face up as he finished himself off with his hand, shooting his cum into my mouth, onto my face and into my hair. I would remain on my knees, cum all over my face, waiting for the next man to push their cock to my mouth. I would suck him until he was close as well, then open my mouth and offer my face as the target for his cum. I would do that for hours as man after man would step up and use my face as a masturbatory aid and cum dump. All the men standing around would be taking pictures. I wouldn’t even try to hide my face as they pushed in close to get shots of cum spattering over me. The fact that many many men would have photos of me to jerk off too later, and the sure knowledge that the internet would soon be flooded with photos of me on my knees as a cum dump would only excite me and make me want more.I know my cock would get hard in my panties whenever my lips wrap around a hard cock. My Mistress noticing and pointing it out and laughing would only make it even more hard. As she continued to tease and humiliate me about it she could easily make me cum in my panties without even being touched. Which she would, of course, point out to the man I was sucking and to everyone who was watching and increase my humiliation.By the time I saw the camera it was too late. His cock was already in my mouth, and I remembered I had already looked over in that direction so was sure my face was clear in the video. As I continued to suck the hard cock in my mouth, realizing that he now had the power to have me anything he wanted, my own little cock stirred in my panties. Feeling a little panic rising inside me I sucked more quickly and diligently, I needed to make him cum quickly. It would be embarrassing enough if he saw me hard in my panties. It would be far worse if I came in my panties before he came in my mouth. There would be no doubt in his mind then that I was an eager sissy slut that he could do anything to.When had only been dating a week or two when I discovered she was dominant. I begged her to let me be her submissive. She just smiled a wicked little smile and told me that I couldn’t cum for three weeks and after that to ask her again. It was very difficult not to jerk off just thinking about it, but I managed to wait three weeks. When I asked again she made me strip and inspected my body, then she collared and leashed me. She strapped a large dildo around her hips and said if I really wanted to be her submissive to beg her to fuck my ass. I did, quickly, submissively, desperately. Laughing, she tugged my leash hard and led me into another room. There was a camera set up openly and obviously on a tripod. Forcing me to my knees right in front of it, she pushed me down on all fours. Kneeling behind me she pulled the leash, the pressure of the collar on my neck pulling my head up so I was looking right into the camera. Keeping pressure on the leash I had no choice but to stare straight into the camera as she forced her dildo deep into my ass. After she started fucking me hard she told me to reach down and jerk my cock. Just as I started to cum she gave me my last instructions. Commanding me to lick up all my cum and tell the camera that I was her sissy cumslut. Her tight grip on the leash wouldn’t let me drop my head to my hand, so I had to raise my hand to my mouth, in full and complete view of the camera and lick up my cum, even smearing some on my face. In a shaky wavering voice, her leash still holding my head up and face to the camera, I said “Thank you Miss, thank you for making me your sissy cumslut.” Even if I had second thoughts about this now, knowing she had this video meant that she owned me completely.Years ago when I had a girlfriend who would domme me she made me buy a dildo like that. She enjoyed having me kneel between her legs, fill her with the dildo then lick her. If she was really horny she would put me on my back on the bed and straddle my face. Forcing herself down on the dildo she would grind hard against my face as I tried desperately to keep my tongue on her clit. She would ride me as long as she wanted until she was satisfied. I was never allowed to cum when she did that. Anytime she took out the chin dildo I knew I was in for several hours of pleasing her and would spend the rest of the had horny and unsatisfied.Mistress makes me wear panties and a bra under my clothes all the time. I never know when she will make me strip and stand there wearing just the panties and bra. Anytime she says, regardless of who is there, I must do it. Everyone always laughs, and almost always calls me a sissy. I am surprised at the number who also asked if I suck cock to. Mistress has a standing instruction for that. Anytime anyone says anything close to that I have to just drop to my knees.I told myself I couldn’t cum until I had gone out in public fully feminized. That may have been a mistake. It took over three weeks before I actually did it. By then I was so horny that I began to feel very very slutty. When that old man on the bus smiled at me I couldn’t help it. I put my hand on his leg, and then slid it over his crotch as I smiled. He didn’t complain and soon I was opening his pants. I stroked his cock right there on the bus. It took him a long time to get hard, but eventually I could tell he was close. Leaning down and laying across his lap I jerked him off right into my mouth. I left my mouth open, showing him his cum inside it, before closing it and swallowing. I could still taste his cum as I waited for another bus. I think I will be riding the bus all day, maybe next time I can suck a man. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than being a public sissy cum slut.It was the first time my wife had taken a love. He knew she was married. He was nervous about that. She smiled sweetly at him, and called me in. He looked in shock as I appeared in the doorway in my stockings, panties and matching bra. Pulling my panties down at the command of my wife, I showed him my small cock locked in its cage. Leaving my panties around my knees also at her command, I crawled across the floor to his feet. “Suck him for me sissy husband, make him hard so he can fuck me” she told me. Without hesitation, my face burning in shame, I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked him until I felt him fully harden in my mouth. I stopped, thinking my humiliation was over, other than knowing he would be fucking my pretty wife. But she had other thoughts. I whimpered as she commanded me to lick his ass. But I did not hesitate. Pushing my face up under his balls, I slid my tongue up between his cheeks to lick directly on his anus. With that one act she removed all of his hesitation. She showed him both why she needed his big cock and that he had no reason not to give it to her.Recently she has been pushing my humiliation more and more. I am beginning to think she is letting her neighbors know when I will be there. Often, when my head is up her dress and I can’t see, I will hear her talking with the old lady who lives next door. She openly discusses my talents, telling her neighbor that her daughter has told her my tongue is far better than my cock. I hear the neighbor laugh and ask why that is. My Mother in Law gladly shares that her daughter has told her my cock is too small to satisfy her. Both women laugh and I am almost glad my head is between her fat thighs and under her dress so they can’t see my bright red face. Then, I hear my Mother in Law say, “Bitch, don’t take your tongue from my pussy but slip down those pants so we can see how little you are.” Moaning into her pussy, I reach back and slide my pants down to my knees. I hear both of them laughing again, and the old woman next door commenting loudly that I am fully erect, and even like that still very small.As soon as my wife had discovered how pleasurable a real cock could be she had locked my tiny cock in a chastity cage. That was just over a month ago. It took that long before I would do what she said and suck her boyfriends cock. I was humiliated as my lips closed around his cock and I heard her calling me faggot and telling me it proved how superior he was to me. Even before I was horny enough to suck his cock I had been required to thank him for taking care of my wife, thank him for pleasing her like I couldn’t. They both enjoyed that and laughed when I told him. As I awkwardly sucked his cock, I heard her telling me I would soon be swallowing his cum. I was shocked when she told me that he now had the key to my cage! That, more than any of the things she had said, made it clear I was not longer a man to her, no longer something she saw as sexually desirable. As that thought sunk in, another even more evil thought burst into my mind. HE had my key. I had to please HIM. The only way I would ever cum again is if HE allowed it. Suddenly, I was much more concerned about sucking him well.Hearing the door, I turned around smiling, thinking my wife was home. My face fell as I saw a strange man walk in the door. He took one look at me, in my stockings, heels, panties and chemise and started to laugh. I knew instantly that he was the man fucking my wife. I never imagined that she had given him a key to the house. Blushing and stammering I managed to say that my wife was not home. He only nodded, said he knew and that he was early. Sitting in a chair he called me over. I had no idea what to do so walked over and stood before him blushing furiously. Smiling as he looked me up and down, he reached out and stuck his hand inside my panties. laughing at what he found there, he pushed his large hand in further, his palm crushing my tiny cock and balls against my own body, as his large dry finger forced itself up into my ass. I whimpered and tried to protest, but he only told me to shut up and brought his other hand around to grab and squeeze my ass. Grinning up at me he shoved his finger in more, pressing his palm harder against my cock and balls. A wave of humiliation flooded through me, but I could not stop myself from rocking my hips and pressing against his hand and then rocking back to press against his finger. I heard him chuckle, and as soon as my hips moved we both knew I would do anything he wanted at any time. I only hoped he wouldn’t make me do it in front of my wife.Once Mistress discovered the pleasure a big cock could give her she could not get enough. Knowing she would have no use for my tiny cock she fully feminized me her fluffer. One evening she invited all of the well hung men she knew over to our house. Feminizing me completely, dressing me in a provocative but submissive and humiliating way, she told me it was my job to greet all the men and entertain them until she was ready for them. All night I answered the door like that, welcoming in man after man, knowing that they would be satisfying my wife since I could not. All night I would be fetching drinks for men, enduring their taunting, their pinches or slaps or gropes. I would be on my knees sucking their cocks, many making me do that just to show their dominance over me. I would tongue some of their asses, most likely get pulled over a lap or two and soundly spanked. Of course, whatever happened there would always be a room full of men watching and laughing. I would not see my wife until the last man had left. Then I would enter the bedroom and see her collapsed on the bed, covered in cum, cum leaking from every part of her body, exhausted, but smiling. Climbing on the bed, my makeup smeared, my clothes disheveled, looking like a well used slut, I would carefully and gently lick her entire body clean as she fell asleep.It is bad enough that he fucks her openly in front of me. Bad enough that she told me, right in front of him, that my little dick will never be allowed inside her again. But the worst is when I have to kneel in front of him and thank him for fucking her and pleasing her like I can’t, when I have to reach out and take the well filled condom off his softening cock, when I have to put it in my mouth as they both watch and laugh and chew it. But when I taste his cum ooze out and coat my tongue my tiny cock gets hard and quivers.For some time Mistress had been using denial and the promise of an orgasm to lead me into greater and greater humiliation. At this point, I was only allowed to cum if I masturbated in front of Mistress and at least one of her friends while wearing a condom. When I finished and filled the condom with my sticky sissy cum, I had to pour it into my mouth, swallow it and lick the condom clean as they watched. Soon, she started saving the condoms from when her boyfriends fucked her, making me swallow and clean those before I was allowed to masturbate and swallow my own. Next her girlfriends were bringing their used condoms too. I was so eager to touch my tiny cock that I would lick all of those clean too. As I was jerking myself off into the condom, the taste of cum from Mistress’s girlfriend’s boyfriend strong in my mouth, I knew that eventually they would get tired of watching me lick out used condoms and bring a real cock in and make me suck it. What worried me more than that thought was that it made me cum immediately.Yes Sir, thank you Sir. After my wife had caught me wearing her panties, and then found all the sissy porn on my computer she refused to touch me anymore and found herself a boyfriend. She didn’t even want to dominate me or feminize me. Instead, every time she had her boyfriend over I had to dress fully and walk down the street to a neighbors. He was an old man, and was gay. I couldn’t return home until my wife’s boyfriend had left. Until then I had to stay with our neighbor and do anything he wanted. When he was finished I was allowed to walk back home, a lot more disheveled than when I arrived.A few nights after work and every weekend Mistress would dress me in my maid uniform and send me over to the sleazy truckers motel off the interstate. It didn’t take long for them to learn what a sissy slut I am, and that I would never say no, no matter what they wanted to do to me or have me do to them. Soon there were a lot of repeat visitors. They would always make sure I walked in on them as they were naked or masturbating. As I closed the door behind me they would grin and show me whatever disgusting porn they were looking at on their computers. They always enjoyed making me act out the most degrading scenes they could find. I had sucked more cocks than I could count, taken more facials than I could imagine, even continuing to clean rooms with a face covered in cum, taken more old, ugly man cock up my sissy ass, then having to pull my panties up and keep working as it dripped out and soaked my pretty panties. I kissed and licked sweaty asses, fresh from a day on the road, crawled across laps and begged to be spanked. Anything that excited or aroused these rough horny men I would do. I even sucked off the manager every time I came to work. He had quickly realized why I was there so rather than paying me to work he told me I had to suck his cock when I arrived so he wold let me work. He always made me do it right in the front lobby, kneeling on the floor behind the counter as he checked people in.Sometimes when I am feeling horny and submissive I would wear panties under my pants at work. I had crawled under one of my co workers desk to check her LAN connection. When I did, she saw my panties sticking above my pants. She called two of her friends and they took me to an empty conference room and made me strip to my panties. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Makeup? Dresses? Give me to their husbands? Nice mouth and cute ass????? I started to protest but the one who had caught me yanked down the front of my panties, laughing at how small my cock was and how hard it had become. Slapping it sharply with her palm she made it clear that this showed I really liked it, but that didn’t matter, I would do whatever they decided I should do.Once my girlfriend locked my cock in chastity, she immediately showed it off to her roommate. They both decided that I would only get one release a month to masturbate for them as they watched. But, only if I had been good and done absolutely everything they demanded all month long. Obviously I spent a lot of time with my head between each of their thighs giving them multiple orgasms, licking their asses, being spanked and teased and humiliated. Lately they had been getting more daring and extreme. Today, while I was kneeling on the floor dressed only in my cage and panties, my girlfriend’s roommate jerked her boyfriend off into a shot glass as I watched. I never expected her to hand me the glass and tell me that if I wanted any chance to be unlocked this month at all I would drink it all down. As the three of them watched I swallowed it all, gagging as I choked it down, licking out the glass when I was done. I couldn’t help noticing her boyfriend was getting hard again watching me swallow his cum, and I really didn’t like the smile on her face as she looked from his hard cock to me.How humiliating that the man fucking my girlfriend recognized me for what I am before she did. He knew that I would get on my knees and beg for his cock as she watched. Of course he also knows that once she sees that, and sees his cum in my mouth and my face she won’t ever think of me as a man again. All I will be to her is a sissy cocksucker and a cum slut as I suck his cock and lick her clean.It started out fun. I couldn’t believe my wife accepted my cross dressing and even offered to help me shop. It was exciting being in a changing room with her, first standing in just stockings panties and bra. Then trying on dresses. I was a little nervous when she started taking pictures but kept going. My heart sank when she showed me the picture and the text to my best friend just before she pushed the send button. When she got a reply in minutes and her face lit up in a huge smile I knew he had agreed. What I didn’t know yet was that when he came over I would be answering the door for him, wearing the dress in the photo she had texted, while she waited for him on our bed.After almost of month of enforced chastity Mistress knew that I would do anything. Making me kneel between her feet, her large fake cock jutting out at me, she made me tell her just how badly I wanted it. She made me beg her to force it up my tight sissy ass. She made me tell her all the humiliating things that I would do for her if she please, please, please fucked my ass. I had to beg her to fully feminize me and take me shopping, to expose me to the sales women and invite them in the fitting rooms. I had to describe in detail the cocks I would suck for her, the pussys I would lick. She never moved or responded and I began to describe more and more wild scenarios, each more degrading than the next. The worst thing was I was doing this as all her friends, and a number of mine, sat around watching and laughing.I had long been required to worship my Mistress’s ass. When she began openly bringing her boyfriends home I also had to suck them hard, and clean her afterwards as they watched. It didn’t matter if they had used her pussy or her ass, they all had seen me lick her clean and swallow all of their cum. Once a few began to start spending the night Mistress put me on my knees on the bathroom floor with my hands cuffed behind my back to press my face to their ass and to tongue their anus as they shaved or brushed their teeth or otherwise got ready for the day. There was no real reason for it, other than to humiliate me more. But a wet sissy tongue licking their ass did seem to make a few of them hard again. When that happened, since I was helpless on my knees, just before they dressed they would turn and fuck my face until they came, then walk away leaving me there. If they did that I had to stay until Mistress came and found me, and had to keep their cum in my mouth the whole time, opening my mouth to show Mistress as soon as she arrived.I would love to be taken to a tanning booth and forced to tan like that. The tan lines of the thong bikini would be embarrassing enough, especially on my chest. But the addition of the words “sissy slave” in pale white skin across my deeply tanned tummy would be far worse. Best of all, once done there would be no way to undo it. It would remain there, visible anytime my shirt was off, until the tan faded. While I would be very very careful not to take my shirt off or let any of the tan lines show, it is a certainty that Mistress would make me show it off to all her friends. What would worry me more, and make my tiny cock hard in my panties, is knowing that she could easily reach out and pull up my shirt in any public place at any time.Most of them are fantasies. Things that I would love being made to do. I do have some real life experience, but not a lot.

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