When Daddy Isn’t Home 5


It had been weeks since I’d last had sex with my dad, and let me tell you, I was bursting. I couldn’t get the thought of sex with him out of my head. The way his huge hands run all over my body, the feel of his teeth tugging at my bottom lip, and especially the pleasure of his dick thrusting in and out of me. Daddy was ignoring me. Well, not outright ignoring me exactly, but he was avoiding me. I couldn’t get his attention no matter how hard I tried. He refused to be home alone with me and would make up a reason to leave. “I need to run an errand.” He’d say. Or he’d be like “Left something at the office!” and then return with nothing. I was at the end of my rope. My dad was going to have sex with me again, and soon. I’d make sure of it. One Friday me, mom and dad were eating breakfast in the kitchen. Cassie had already left for volleyball practice. My mom was rambling about some new “ho bag” that got hired at work. I was more focused on what was inside daddy’s slacks. “Daddy will you drive me to school today?” I ask sweetly. “What’s wrong with your car?” He asks. “I think I need new brake pads. You wouldn’t want me getting in an accident would you?” I say. My brakes are totally fine, by the way, I’m just horny for dad. “Ask your mother.” He says, obviously bored with the conversation. “You know I can’t bring her. I’m late as it is. Just take her and we’ll take her car in this weekend.” My mom says, annoyed, as usual. “Fine. Get your backpack.” Fikirtepe escort My dad says sternly. I grab my bag and head out to the car and my dad follows shortly. As we’re driving I’m thinking of a way to approach this situation. Do I try to seduce him? Should I do the ol’ play hard to get thing? “Why are you avoiding me?!” I burst, unable to stop myself. “I’m not avoiding you, Courtney. You’re being paranoid, like your mother.” He sighs. Oh no he didn’t. He did not just compare me to that prude bitch. “Oh, you’re comparing me to mom now?” I yell. “Well would mom do this?” I unbuckle my seat belt quickly and lean over into the driver’s seat. I unbutton my dad’s pants and pull out his flaccid cock. “Courtney Louise! Stop it right now!” He yells, starting to lose control of the car. “Daddy just relax. I know you miss this.” I say seductively. I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock and hear him gasp. His cock starts to thicken and I take more of it into my mouth. I start to bob up and down while sucking and swirling my tongue along the underside of his dick. “Courtney… you have to stop. I’m… I’m trying to drive.” He says between moans. I sit up straight and say “Okay daddy. Whatever you say.” He looks at me, astonished. Usually I’m not so cooperative. He grabs the back of my neck, while keeping one hand on the wheel, and growls through his teeth “You’re a little fucking cock tease. Sancaktepe escort bayan Suck my dick you slut.” He pushes my head back down to his crotch and I gladly take his hard as fuck cock back into my mouth. God, my dad’s mood swing these days are starting to scare me. Calling me a slut? I have to admit it did turn me on a little. I continue to suck his cock while he drives. I’m assuming we’re not going to the school because we’d be there by now. Eventually he parks and shuts the car off. I’m about to sit up again but he puts his hand on the back of my head and starts thrusting his hips up and fucking my mouth. I feel his dick at the back of my throat and my dad is moaning, “That’s it baby, suck daddy’s cock. Mmmm yeah.” I feel his cock twitch and I know he’s about to cum. I increase my speed and just when I think I’m about to get a mouthful of cum he yanks me up by my hair. “We’re going inside. NOW.” He says, frantic. I look out the window and see that we’re in the parking garage of my dad’s office building. Why would we be going inside to his office? He gets out of the car and before I can open my door he’s opening it from the outside and grabbing my wrist. “Come on. If you want to act like a slut I’m going to treat you like a slut.” I can tell that he has forgotten that he’s supposed to be avoiding me. There’s a hunger in his eyes that makes me think he’s going to devour me once we get inside. Escort üsküdar We walk into the lobby and get in the elevator. We’re all alone, and his office is on the 25 th floor. We both know we’ve got time to kill. As soon as the doors close he’s attacking my mouth with his. He runs his tongue along my bottom lip and then strokes my tongue with his. I bite down on his bottom lip and hear him gasp. He has me pressed against the elevator wall and his hands are all over me. They’re everywhere at once. In my hair, on my boobs, squeezing my ass, caressing my face. He starts to rub me over my jeans and I inhale sharply. Soon after that he unzips my pants and sticks his hand in my panties, to find that I’m soaked, I’m sure. He sticks two fingers inside me and starts to thrust them in and out, fast. His fingers are so deep, so thick. I’m moaning and arching my back, his lips are on my neck, his thumb is rubbing my clit. I’ve been away from him so long. Even this little bit of pleasure is enough to… “Oh fuck, daddy. I’m gonna…” I’m cut off by the elevator dinging. He pulls his hand out away, adjusts his bulge, I zip up my jeans, and by then the elevator door is open to reveal my father’s boss. “Good morning, Mr. Jensen.” My dad says formally. “Good morning, Mark.” Mr. Jensen says back, “I didn’t know you were bringing Cassie to work with you today.” He looks at me questioningly. “Actually,” my dad says, “This is Courtney. Cassie’s twin. And she’ll only be here for a little while. She’s just coming to see what I do on a daily basis. It’s for a school project.” “Ahh. Well as long as she’s not running amok.” Mr. Jensen says. What am I, 5? This guy’s a dick. When we reach the 25 th floor we all get out, say our goodbyes, and me and daddy head to his office.

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