Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 08


The night I ran into this attractive couple at an adult theater would be a night to remember.

Hubby was in his early 40’s and had the ‘tall dark stranger’ appeal. He had a handsome face, jet-black hair and eyebrows, dark eyes, and a light brown skin tone. Since I was about 5′ 8″, I calculated Hubby to be at least five inches taller and out weighing me by about 70 lbs. Hubby was not overweight. He was physically fit.

Wifey had green eyes, long reddish-brown hair, and an oval face with soft features. Wifey was not the most gorgeous woman in the world, but she had excellent assets. She had a warm, friendly smile and personality to match, and was blessed with a pair of 38 D’s. Everyone looked at them because they thrusted out from her body.

Wifey had a respectable waistline, although her belly pouched out a little. Her full ass was just the right size for her frame. Wifey and I probably both weighed around 140, but she was at least four inches shorter.

Hubby and Wifey wanted some clean cut guys to come over to the motel room that they had booked for the night. They wanted some action. Hubby asked me and about four other guys to join them at the motel.

When Hubby and Wifey left, I followed the couple to the motel. I assumed the others would, too. I had never done this before. I was a little nervous.

There wasn’t any idle time in the motel room. No sooner had I entered the room, Hubby reached out and began unbuttoning my shirt. After he got it off, I lay back on the bed, shucked my flip-flops off, and lifted my butt up, so Hubby could pull my shorts off. Since I wasn’t wearing underwear, my hairless groin was immediately exposed.

Wifey, who was doing whatever women do upon entering a motel room, cooed “…nice…” Hubby grunted as his eyes feasted on my naked genitals.

My flaccid cock quickly responded when Hubby grasped it and began stroking it. Wifey smiled at us whenever she was able to catch glimpses of the action.

For my body size, my cock was large. It was a good 7 ½ inches. I generally found that most folks were delighted with my cock because it was much bigger than expected, due to my physique.

Anyway, I had to ease Hubby’s hand off my cock because it got so hard it hurt. Hubby did not mind and turned his attentions elsewhere. He began running his tongue from pubic mound to my naval and then went to each of my nipples. As he lingered on each of my nipples – nibbling and sucking, waves of goose bumps cascaded over me. Oh, how I love to have my nipples sucked by a gentle mouth! It made me delirious and my balls achy.

When I reached down to fondle my balls, I couldn’t help but notice that my cockhead was very wet. Big drips of precum were steadily oozing out. Hubby noticed and quickly moved his mouth down to attend to my sticky leakage.

As I enjoyed his feathery mouth nursing my cockhead, Hubby began working his fingers toward the crack of my ass. Inch-by-inch his fingers moved forward as my balls clenched in anticipation.

I closed my eyes and sighed when a saliva-coated finger wormed its way into my hot asshole. I kept my eyes closed as he explored my ass with his finger.

It would not have been wrong to surmise that Hubby knew his cock was going to fuck some tight ass tonight. Thinking about Wifey watching me take it up the ass gave me a quick shiver of delight. I wondered would she think when I submitted myself to her man. Would she frown or cum when she watched me on all fours taking her man’s cock up my horny ass?

When Wifey had completed ‘doing her thing’ in the room, she gently interrupted us to pull Hubby’s white t-shirt, over his head and off. Hubby then stood up, flexed his muscular chest, and removed his pants and briefs.

Hubby’s large cock and balls temporarily mesmerized me. Although Hubby’s cock was flaccid, it was long and had impressive girth at the base. He was uncut. Hanging below his dark and heavily veined penis was an impressive pair of balls.

When Wifey’s shirt completed a trifecta on the floor, I looked up. Wifey was standing a few feet away from us in her push-up bra and jeans. Her head was tilted toward us. I immediately wanted Wifey to remove her white, lacy bra and reveal those full breasts.

Feeling like we should do something, Hubby and I stood up. Since Hubby moved first, I remained in place and watched Hubby step to her and take her in his arms. Wifey stood on her tiptoes to meet Hubby’s passionate kiss. Their sweet passion made my heart flutter.

Hubby broke the kiss and stepped back with her bra, freeing her freckled breasts. Her pink, elliptical areolas were smooth and her nipples were erect.

As we stood watching, Wifey went to the foot of the bed, sat down, and hid a hand under each breast. The additional lift, allowed her to bend her head down and take turns licking and nibbling on her erect, pink nipples. I do believe Wifey loved her breasts as much as we enjoyed looking at them, let alone squeezing them.

While we watched Wifey’s seductive eve gelen escort show, I slipped my hand down on my fellow audience member’s cock and began gently tugging it. I could feel the thick prominent ridge on Hubby’s cockhead harden through his foreskin. Hubby returned the favor.

Wifey ended the show by clutching her breasts firmly and pushing them tight against her chest with her open palms. She then pinched her nipples hard between her taut fingers and offered them to us.

Hubby and I, like hungry babies, immediately kneeled in front of her, leaned forward, and each suckled a teat. Wifey moaned and threw her head back and our cocks continued to point at the ceiling and leak precum.

After a couple of minutes, Hubby and I reluctantly released her erect, swollen, wet nipples from our mouths when she gently pushed us back. She then stood up, unsnapped, and unzipped her jeans. She did allow us to pull jeans to the floor because they were so snug.

Immediately, a woman’s musky scent of arousal permeated the air. Damp material around the outline of her pussy lips indicated the source. Hubby kissed the damp spot before sliding his fingers inside the waistband of her bikini panties.

As Hubby slowly eased Wifey’s panties down, I immediately noticed Wifey’s clit straining outward from its hood. It was begging for attention.

When Wifey’s panties came down another couple of inches, I saw short, wisps of red pubic hair, matted around her juicy looking cunt. I licked my lips as saliva flooded my mouth.

With a saucy look, Wifey stepped out of her panties and spread her feet slightly apart. Her tease worked. Hubby reached up with his left hand and gently penetrated her wet pussy with his middle finger as his thumb made contact with her clit. Wifey writhed in front of us, squeezing her nipples, as Hubby finger-fucked her. The intensity level of our foreplay was almost too much for me, too handle, as I slowly stroked my rock hard cock.

When Hubby finally withdrew his finger from her pussy and began sucking her pussy juice off it, Wifey sighed, sat down, opened her legs, and spoke softly to Hubby. “Eat me, Honey. Just eat me.”

Hubby’s tongue went directly to her erect clit and in no time, Wifey was shaking, squirming, and clawing the bed sheets with her bright red fingernails. I was jealous. I wanted to make her feel like that, too. I quickly scooted up behind Wifey to get in on the action. I slid my hard cock under her butt as she sat on the bed.

With my cock comfortably seeded between Wifey’s sexy butt cheeks, I leaned forward and kissed my way up her soft neck to an ear lobe as I fondled her magnificent breasts. My hands alternated between cupping her breasts, kneading their soft, silky smooth flesh, and squeezing their reddened nipples. Wifey was so desirable that I couldn’t wait to plunge my hard cock into her hot, wet pussy and fuck her silly.

Wifey was practically fucking me already. Due to Hubby’s oral administrations, Wifey’s soft ass cheeks were moving back and forth on my hard cock. Periodically, I felt her anus trying to clench my cock. I probably would have cum, if Wifey’s second orgasm had been delayed.

Lucky for me, I moved my face right before Wifey’s head suddenly flew back. Wifey then wailed with ecstasy and grabbed anything she could to hold onto as her body spasmed.

Wifey wasn’t thru yet by any stretch of the imagination. As the intensity of her orgasm subsided, she murmured, “Fuck my ass. Fuck me…in the ass…while he eats me…”

I wasn’t sure whom she meant, but Hubby confirmed her choice by sliding his hands up the back of her legs, grabbing her sweaty, alabaster cheeks, and spreading them apart. Wifey then turned her head and looked right at me. Her green eyes locked into mine.

When I returned with the lube, Wifey was on all fours. In this position, Wifey’s round, pillowy cheeks were slightly ajar and I was able to see her tiny, rose-colored anus as I approached her from behind.

Overwhelmed, I immediately decided I was going to sink my tongue into her luscious looking anus, but before I could, she moved to make way for Hubby, who was positioning himself under her. Wifey was going to mount his face, while I fucked her in the ass.

I sat on the bed and made an ostentatious display of greasing up my swollen cock as Wifey watched. I cupped my swollen testicles in one hand and massaged the lube up and down my thick penis.

When it was Wifey’s turn, I tried not to shake in anticipation as I squeezed some gel onto my right forefinger. I lubed her hairless, anal area thoroughly, before easily sliding my forefinger into puckered, greasy, smooth anus. Her anal tube was warm and tight.

Wifey’s tight sphincter muscles contracted around my finger each time I entered her with liberal doses of lube on my finger. When Wifey was able to relax, I began to widen out her elastic anal tube with my probing finger. Hubby, who gaziosmanpaşa escort still was holding her cheeks spread, even managed to slide a finger into her hot ass.

When Hubby and I withdrew our fingers, I gripped my swollen shaft and placed my precum oozing cockhead at the entrance of her loosened anus. “Hold still,” I huskily murmured as my muscled ass lightly pushed my cockhead against her anus.

The third time I pushed, her anus indented around my cockhead and then widened as I eased into her. I only heard a small intake of breath and then some more soft words. “Oh, yes…that feels good. Push it in…”

My cockhead throbbed in her hot ass as I paused to think that she was a very lucky woman. Her anus was very elastic. I did not have to spend thirty minutes loosening her rectum only to have her scream bloody murder when my hard cock entered her ass.

Regardless, I took my time penetrating Wifey. Actually, I couldn’t help but go slow. It was fascinating to watch her sphincter muscles react to my thick cock. Each time I pushed my cock into her asshole, her anus bent inward. Each time I pulled my cock out, her anus bent back to follow it.

I am sure the three-way was sensational for all of us. Wifey was getting her pussy eaten while a stranger was sodomizing her. Hubby was watching my cock sink into his wife’s ass as her pussy convulsed on his tongue. I was ass-fucking Hubby’s redheaded, big titted wife.

When I had gone as far as I could in Wifey’s soft, warm ass, I slowly withdrew my cock, until only my cockhead was inside her. Then I drove it all the way back in. She gasped and arched her back. “Oh, fuck yessss,” she moaned. “Like that. Fuck my ass. That’s right. Fuck my asshole. Oh, god yes. Shit. Fuck it hard!”

Encouraged, I gripped Wifey’s hips hard and pulled them back against me. Her cushiony buttocks compressed against me as I drove my hard cock deep into her hot rectum.

The sight of Wifey’s asshole being skewered by my big, fat cock made my hips take on a life of their own. The same could be said for Wifey’s ass. Her rear had loosened up nicely. It was primed for aggressive butt fucking. Without skipping a stroke, Wifey’s ass sucked in the entire length of my hard cock each time I slammed into her and squeezed it hard when I pulled back.

When Wifey and I had a good fuck rhythm going, I let go of her hips and groped both her heaving breasts. I wanted to squeeze her hard nipples in lieu of not being able to suck on them as I fucked her ass. The disadvantage of not being able to suck on her delectable tits was soon compensated by being able to suck on Hubby’s meaty cock.

Hubby had been content to eat her pussy and watch me saw back and forth in his wife’s ass, but apparently, his hard cock couldn’t resist our empty mouths. Hubby had fun swapping his hard cock between our mouths, while Wifey and I butt-fucked.

When Wifey’s mouth wasn’t full, she moaned “oh my god” over and over again. Wifey really seemed to be enjoying this. Encouraged, I decided to add to her pleasure. I inserted my middle finger into her sopping pussy when my cock thrust into her ass and pulled my finger out of her pussy, when I pulled my cock back.

Wifey got even more aroused and soon began begging for her Hubby’s big cock to fuck her pussy. We teased her for a while, denying her.

Sweat was rolling down my chest now as repeatedly rammed my hard cock into her sweat ass. Hard to believe, I thought, I had not even thought about cumming.

Oh, no! As soon as the thought crossed my mind, my balls tightened, and I started to feel an orgasm build. I decided a change in position might be a good way to postpone it.

Without saying anything, I pushed deep inside her and stopped, grabbed her firmly around the waist and pulled her back, until I was in a sitting position with her sweaty back stuck to my chest.

Wifey immediately realized she was going to be double penetrated. She draped her legs over mine and then braced her feet on the bed so she could lift herself up. She then beckoned to Hubby. He straddled my legs and mounted her.

To assist Wifey and Hubby, I stopped thrusting and held my cock still. To assist Hubby, Wifey put her arms round his neck as he moved his hands under her buttocks and pulled her forward onto his banana-curved cock.

When Hubby’s cock slid into her sopping wet cunt, I felt his shaft rub against the head of my cock. When Hubby straightened his legs, the sensation was even more amazing. The full length of his thick, hard cock pressed against my extended hard cock. Only the thin membrane between her cunt and ass separated our hard cocks.

Once Wifey had adjusted to Hubby’s weight, she lifted her hips up so we could take turns thrusting into her cunt and ass. We all moved in rhythm by instinct. We sweated and strained in an orgy of passion, oblivious to everything, except ourselves.

“Ohhhhhhh… That’s it. Oh, yeah! Yeahhhhhh…” gölbaşı escort Wifey’s double-penetration ecstasy was thrilling to feel and hear.

With my cock in her ass, especially, rubbing against Hubby’s cock in her pussy – I knew couldn’t last much longer. Wifey could probably tell, too. Hubby’s and my own labored breathing and frequent groans of pleasure were very pronounced and frequent.

Hubby came first. When he announced loudly, “I’m coming”, Wifey and I felt his cock wrench. Sharing her Hubby’s pleasure, Wifey cried out next. “I’m coming too, Honey!” Then to confirm her big ‘O’, Wifey shrieked. “Ohhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! YESSSSSS…”

As her body jerked and her cunt and ass contracted on our cocks, I felt a stream of liquid pour down over my thighs. Although it felt like someone was peeing on me, I knew Wifey was squirting.

Despite Wifey bucking and shuddering against me, I thrusted into her hot ass a couple of more times before my back arched hard. Like the most intense ones do, my orgasm began in my ass.

My balls spasmed and my whole body locked in a massive, muscular contraction, driving my hips up and throbbing cock deep into her grasping rectum. As my first powerful jet of sperm rocketed into her, Wifey began raving. “Cum in my ass. Oh, yeah! That’s right. Fill my ass up!”

I could only lie on my back and holler loudly in sexual ecstasy as jets of my sperm continued to forcefully blast into her ass. My orgasms were ball draining and intense.

After my orgasms subsided, Wifey raised her buttocks to get off me. As Wifey lifted her ass off me, I caught a glimpse of her frothy, freshly fucked, dilated asshole. I immediately grabbed both her sweaty ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Her exposed asshole looked so succulent, that I had to eat it.

Unhesitatingly, I pulled Wifey’s ass right to my face, spread her butt cheeks wider, and buried my face deep into her ass. My whole tongue easily entered her gaping, wet asshole. Wifey’s butt cheeks were so soft and her asshole was so tasty. The mixture of her sweat and anal juices and my sperm was intoxicating.

Wifey squealed as she felt a gob of cum involuntarily run out of her open asshole and into my mouth. Perhaps embarrassed or self-conscious, Wifey half-heartedly reached behind her and tried to push my face away from her butt, but I did not move. When I continued wiggling my tongue around in her ass, Wifey, eventually, began moaning.

In a matter of minutes, Wifey verbally exhibited that any remaining inhibitions were completely overcome by raw pleasure. “Oh yes, baby, lick my asshole. That’s it. Deeper! Deeper! Stick your tongue all the way up my ass. Fuck it! Suck my ass!” I looked at Hubby and smiled with my eyes as I continued lapping and sucking up the remaining sperm Wifey pushed and grunted out of her ass.

As I lustfully felched Wifey, I heard the pop of a cap and then felt something cold and wet trickle slowly down my butt crack. I looked behind me as Hubby’s fingers began smearing lube around my clinched butt hole.

When I wiggled my ass, Hubby’s finger easily entered my greased asshole. So easily, that a minute later a second finger went in. Hubby finger-fucked my smooth ass for a few minutes as Wifey, who had moved behind me to watch, greased his cock.

My anus held out briefly before giving way to Hubby’s big cockhead. Like Wifey, a full, quiet sigh escaped me upon penetration. “Do you want me to pull out?” Hubby asked in a concerned tone. I shook my head no, but reached behind me to hold his cock still, until my ass adjusted to its impalement. Wifey also helped me relax by gently rubbing my neck.

When I pushed back against Hubby’s cock, Hubby responded by pushing his shaft in a couple of inches deeper, before retracting all but his cockhead. As my sphincter involuntarily squeezed the big cockhead, Wifey squirted more lube on Hubby’s thick shaft. We were now ready to fuck. Well, almost.

We tried doggy style first, but I was still too tight, so I asked Hubby to sit on the sofa. I wanted to squat over Hubby to be able to control my anal penetration better. It worked and I smiled contentedly. Having the big cock all the way up my ass was an awesome feeling. I proudly looked back at Wifey. She was now sitting back against the headboard, diddling herself, as she watched Hubby’s strong cock pork me.

After fucking in this position for a while, my thighs started aching. I reluctantly climbed off Hubby, turned around, kneeled down, bent over the sofa, and boldly pushed my smooth ass up and out. In this position, my leg muscles were less taxed and Hubby could stand over me and penetrate me as deeply as he wanted.

Hubby was back in my ass in no time. The base of his meaty shaft stretched my anus to the max as he repeatedly drove his cock all the way into me. I rested my head on the sofa and watched Wifey watching us.

After a few minutes, Hubby changed his rhythm. He began to fuck me more slowly. With his full length in my rectum, he would ease his cock back out of me, until the thick ridge of his cockhead butted up against the inside of my ass ring. Then he would slowly push his cock all the way back up my ass and do it all over, again. My prostate loved this attention so much, I couldn’t help but moan and groan and act like a bitch in heat in front of Wifey. Several times, I thought I was going to cum.

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