Unspoken Introduction


I walk into the room and observe a beautiful young woman lying on an obsequiously pretentious canopy bed. Oddly enough, besides the bed, the room is quite bare, with bland white fresco walls, and furnishings of only the bed, a small end table, and a thick fur rug which is curiously dyed bright yellow.

The young woman smiles gently and beckons me towards the bed; I take a step forward, and then pause, waggling my finger in a ‘no no, don’t ne naughty’ motion, tilting my head slightly forwards while blushing lightly.

She briskly hops off of the bed and stands straight, her flowing white camisole briefly thrown in the air, giving a glimpse beneath before falling flat against her firm figure. I blush intensely, having noted that besides the camisole she is clearly wearing nothing else.

She stares deeply into my eyes, watching me briefly glance down at her figure, smiling widely as I begin to step forward. I raise my foot, and begin to shift my weight, but stop myself in realization of what I am doing. Who is she? Where am I? Why am I walking towards her? Once I am next to her, I know I will not be able to stop myself or have even a notion of restraint.

As I am pondering this in a daze, still looking in her direction, she twists suddenly, causing the straps of her camisole to slide off her shoulders. Before I can look away, the whole piece slides down and off her body. I am left gawking at her figure, quite frozen in place where I stand.

She has clearly been expecting me; likely doing more than I would think getting ready for my arrival. Her nipples are quite pert and erect, as if standing to attention for me. I gaze down at her lithe body, and feel my heart pound noting an almost hidden wetness running down her leg from her clearly excited genitals.

Noting my hesitation, she frowns unexpectedly, tacitly tempting me to comfort her. I take a step towards her, and she backs up and sits on the edge of the bed. As I walk towards her, I mindlessly shed my clothing piece by piece, taking a moment of thought only to pretend I am putting on a show for her.

I am at her side before all my clothes come off, but she seems to have no objections, for she stands up and begins removing the rest of my clothes for me. It seems no time has passed before I am unclothed, for my mind was absorbed in watching her succulent body bend and sway before me.

No longer able to resist, I pull her close to me, and spin around and fall back upon the bed, pulling her down on top of me. Her breasts squish against my chest briefly, but only for a moment before her lips meet mine. Lost in the moment, we kiss with escalating levels of passion, frenching, flowing, devouring each others lips. —

I kozyatağı escort am kissing him passionately now, relieved that he did not flee from me. I can feel his hard penis pressing against my body, emanating warmth matched only by my own radiating slit. Our lips brush wetly together, and our tongues dart back and forth into each others mouths, tangling momentarily with each other.

I reach my tongue deeply into his mouth, and he sucks as I do, pulling my tongue deeper into his mouth, drawing our mouths closer together. He releases my tongue, and then right away sucks it back in. I feel my pulse quicken, as I realize he is imitating the very motion of my mouth against his penis.

My clit is throbbing now, begging to be touched and teased. I look him in the eye once more; wink, and then quickly pull myself off of him and stand next to the bed, watching him carefully. I reach down and spread my slit widely for him. He grins and and flips around, laying on his stomach with his head inches from my spread.

As I open my warm lips wider, the built up wetness of my quick spills out, caught only by a quick dart of my hand. I offer my fingers to his lips and he delicately licks off the precious fluid. Excited by the thought of his tongue doing more, I motion for him to roll over.

He rolls over, looking slightly confused, clearly not anticipating my next move. I back up a step, and then jump onto the bed on top of him, careful to land with my feet and hands spread to both sides of him so as not to squash him.

Amazingly, I land on all fours, with my slit above his face, and his erect penis right below my own face. I begin to lower myself onto him, bringing his penis within range, but he holds his hands out, keeping my pussy inches from his face. Unsure of what he has planned, I hold up my weight to ease his hands.

My chin is now resting to the side of his penis, which is brushing against the side of my face. Feeling his penis against my face, I grasp his penis firmly, no longer able to keep from gorging myself on it. As I open my mouth to take it in, I involuntarily inhale sharply, as I feel his finger thrust deep inside me.

Before he can shock me any more, I take his penis in my mouth, sucking on it gently like a big lolipop, wrapping my lips around its head. As I suck, I feel him tenderly running his fingers back and forth over my lusciously wet lips, going in a little, then drawing out while passing over my now firm clit.

With each touch of his fingers to my clit I suck faster, driven now by a desire wholly without thought, yet knowing the faster I suck, the more attention my clit will recieve. Wanting küçükyalı escort now to have his tongue parting me tenderly, I lower myself onto his face. —

I can feel my penis releasing precum as she sucks away at it. As I feel myself getting lost in soft waves of pleasure, her moist lips descend on my face. I welcome them with my mouth open and my tongue out. As her lips meet my face, my tongue slides between them right into her quick.

As I begin to quickly lick in deep long strokes, I feel her begin to also stroke my penis up and down as she continues to suck. I wiggle my face now between her lips, my nose against her clit, my lips now within her slightly. I begin to suck, pulling her wetness out to cover my face and her lips.

Still sucking, now making wet slurping noises, I move my focus down, now sucking directly on her clit. I can feel that she is now just resting my penis in her mouth, but I don’t even notice this as I hear her begin to moan with each suck of her clit.

Every couple of sucks, I stop and lick quickly back and forth across, clearly pleasuring her as she falls into my face. We both continue licking and sucking each other wildly for several minutes. We are both nearing climax, but as I feel myself getting close, she rolls off of me, then rises and stands beside the bed.

Wondering what she is up to, I sit up. She opens a small drawer set in the end table next to the bed, and retrieves a smooth yellow vibrator, shaped like a slim rocket. She hands it to me, and then hops back upon the bed, lying back with her head propped up on one of the two pillows, while also spreading her legs widely.

Having forgotten about my erection, I position myself farther down the bed with my head near the apex of her spread legs, and begin licking and sucking her once more. As I am doing so, I turn on the vibrator, and begin running it up and down her legs, then closer and closer, running it along her inner thighs.

I pull my head away from her, and begin running the vibrator up and down her slit, spreading it ever so gently. Each time I pass it over her clit she breathes a little more rapidly. Several repetitions later, I stop the instrument of pleasure directly on her clit, and firmly keep it in contact with her orgasmic center.

She moans loudly now, and reaches down and holds the vibe in place, as if fearing my removing it. I let her grasp the vibrator, and focus my attention on her lascivious tunnel. I twist one finger in, having it meander its way into her depths. I then pull it out suddenly, and plunge two fingers immediately back in.

She is moaning constantly now, and I continually mutlu kent escort go in and out with my two fingers, while the vibrator is buzzing away at her clit. She closes her legs minutely, and I can tell she is about to orgasm. I stop fingering her, and turn up the speed on the vibrator, which is still clenched in her hand and against her knob. —

I feel his fingers pull all the way out, and relax for a moment, only to gasp in shock as he turns the vibrator from low all the way to high. I drop the vibrator in sheer extasy, but he grasps it with smooth relfex and presses it hard against my sweet bulb of flesh. I can’t even moan; I am overwhelmed by the scintillating surge.

Eternity passes in the brief moment of bliss. Waves of pleasure course through me. My muscles spasm tightly and then release with each flow of passion. I arch my back, and I can feel him sucking on my tender focus. I can feel my body squeeze his tongue and pull it in as he pushes it within me.

I gasp for air as the seemingly unceasing wave subsides. He removes the vibrator from my clitoris. I can feel him licking me gently now, slurping up my abundant supply of wetness. I smile widely at the immense peace I feel. I wonder curiously why he has not shut off the vibrator.

Before I can give any more thought to it, I feel my vagina suddenly filled with the slender vibrator. I gasp in shock as it plunges deep, right up to the hilt. Still on high, the vibrator excites my depths to a level I have never known. I climax again, shouting out with joy.

My pussy still quivering with smooth shudders of pleasure, he slides the vibrator out and shuts if off; gazing deeply into my eyes all the while. Feeling penetrated by his gaze, and exhausted with orgasmic delight, I lay back in surrender, watching his firm dripping erection.

He sees me looking, and gets up and crouches over my face. Still warmed to my center, I blush yet further at the sight of his bulbous penis head inches from my face. My gaze is fixated now upon his own small slit, and I watch raptuously as his slit parts to drip out precum, which oozes from him and fall on my face.

I stick out my tongue to catch the precious liquid, and taste the subdued sweetness, which tingles ever so slighty in my mouth. Watching my joy at one small drop, he begins to stroke his excited member now, pulling deeply from the base, stretching his skin back and forth.

With each stroke of his penis, a little more of his sweetness drips upon my face. I lap up every last bit as he begins to stroke more rapidly. My lips are convered now by his wetness, and I wait expectantly for his wonderful surge. He is stroking madly now, and I can tell he is moments away.

I watch his head enlarge briefly, and his balls tighten against his member. Still watching his slit intently, I watch as it suddenly erupts in a pouring stream of white bliss, which splashes warmly against my face. I open my mouth to catch the next ejaculation, and it sprays against my tongue, sticking and sliding in my mouth. —

Copyright © 2004 Saylon Aphelia

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