Unpleasant things, part 1


Unpleasant things, part 1Part 1/2It doesn’t matter if you are as careful as you can be. If it’s going to happen, it will happen to you. I learned that the hard way on our vacation trip when we stayed in South-Africa for few days. Karen and I were going to Australia, but before going there, we planned to visit some countries while we were travelling. I’m a 32 year old electrician and I took few months off work to make this trip with my wife, Karen. I’m just average built, regular guy and just basically lucky that Karen is my wife. She is really beautiful and very hot. She could be a model, but she just doesn’t care about that crap at all and she is happy to be with me. Like I said, I’m a really lucky guy. She is 5feet five inches tall, 110 pounds in weight and has lovely b-cup tits and slim athletic figure. She is 23 year old brunet and I really love her long hair. It was first thing what I noticed when I saw her the first time and I knew that I had to marry her.When we were trying to check in to our hotel, they had some problems bringing up our reservation on the screen and it seemed that they didn’t have room for us. I started to be really pissed about it as we had travelled for a long way to reach S-Africa and I started to really hate the place. The day was hot and the guy in reception was really shitty towards us. He couldn’t find our reservation on the screen and he told us that there were no rooms for us, so we should leave before he calls security to remove us from the hotel. I demanded that he call the security and his supervisor to check reservation. He was thin, bald; he had kind of bug eyes and tiny goatee beard. I just wanted to hit that guy because he was so arrogant towards us. We had to wait for half an hour for his supervisor and Karen had pleaded with me that we should go and seek another hotel. I just wanted to put that bug eyed bald guy in his place and when his supervisor finally came down. I told him everything and showed him our papers, regarding our reservations and he eventually managed to find it. There seemed to be some kind of glitch in the program and it didn’t show our information, until he checked it by using another way. Still there was no room for us, but as it wasn’t our fault, he told us, that we would get a bungalow for the same price as the room as compensation for the trouble.I was pleased with the deal and at least we got a place where we could rest now. As our luggage was carried towards our bungalow on the nice green area near of the hotel, I heard that supervisor tell the bug eyed guy to meet him in his office in 5 minutes. The bug eyed guy wasn’t too happy about it and hopefully he would be fired.Our luggage was carried into nice bungalow near the beach and I guess it was really expensive one, as it was very well equipped. It turned out to be a luxury class bungalow and it was usually for chief executive officers from bigger firms who used these bungalows. It felt really nice as we were just commoners and I could just dream of places like this. Normally one night in this bungalow could cost more wages than I get in two-three weeks.I had heard stories about k**napping etc, so we tried to be as careful as we could on our trip. We had planned to be there for 3 days and 3 nights before moving on, so we could relax here and check out local shops, but we didn’t get to buy souvenirs as much as we wanted to, just tiny things that were easy to carry in our luggage and were allowed by customs. Rules on the borders controls of Australia were really strict and we didn’t want to get in trouble with customs about silly gifts.The Bungalow was really awesome and it was something that I hadn’t ever seen before. It had everything that the CEO of a big firm could want or need while he/she stayed here. We relaxed and went to the swimming pool, had nice dinners at the Hotel’s restaurant, and on our second night we made a tiny mistake. We had drunk a little bit more wine than usual and when we got back to our bungalow, Karen was in such a hot mood that she almost ripped her own clothes off and demanded that I make love with her. Usually I made sure that every door and window was closed and locked, but that night, I had something else on my mind and one window was left open.All lights were out, but the moon was full and it gave enough light in our bedroom where we made love. She was so soft, her touch was like a d**g to me and her moaning was just something that I loved to hear. I felt her legs around my waist, her hands on my neck and back, her hard nipples were rubbing my chest as we made love gently in our bed. We took our time and I shot my seeds into her after I had given her at least three orgasms. She got orgasms easily and her slender body trembled strongly every time, when canlı bahis the waves of her orgasms hit her. After it was over we just fell asleep and we slept there naked. Usually we took a shower after making love and then relaxed, but this time she just wanted to enjoy it. She seemed to be tired and Karen fell fast asleep next to me.I woke up, as I felt someone put his hand on my mouth and I felt cold steel on my throat.“Make a noise, white boy and you’ll be headless.” Some dark voice told me and I saw a huge knife on my throat. I was paralyzed from the shock and I didn’t believe this was happening, but it was. The man wasn’t alone. He had two other guys with him. Karen woke up also and as she noticed dark figures in our bedroom, she screamed but one of the guys hit her hard to shut her up. Karen fell down on the bed and they saw her slim naked pale white skinned body in the moon light. One of the guys pulled her up and then pushed her back on the bed.“We want your phones, money, credit cards, laptop, everything. Give them and you two keep your heads.” The same guy told me and he certainly meant it. I nodded and I was pulled from the bed to show where our stuff was. Karen sobbed quietly on the bed while two guys kept their eyes on her, while the third guy forced me to give our stuff to them. I had to give him everything that we had. Most of our money, cards and passports were in Hotel’s safe, so they didn’t get everything that we had. I hoped that what they got, some money, laptop, camera, phones and some jewellery were enough for them. The third guy wasn’t so pleased with what we had to give him, but ordered me to put everything into the backpack. I obeyed and he took backpack. Then he pushed me back into our bedroom and he said something to his friends.“Now, white boy, you shut up and your bitch might keep her life.” The guy told me and pushed me so I sat down on the chair. The two other guys tied my hands and knees to the chair. Then they pushed something in my mouth to gag me. The third guy watched my wife and he moved towards her with the knife still in his hand.Karen trembled with the fear and tried to cover her naked body with bed linen. She looked really scared and I couldn’t do anything to help her. Three black guys were moving towards her and the guy, who had told me to do things, pulled the bed linen out of her hands as they lustfully watched my naked wife on the bed.“Now, bitch. You’ll be good to us and your guy keeps his head where it is.” He said to Karen and I saw him starting to pull his black shirt off. Karen trembled from horror and she knew that she was about to be ****d in front of me. The other two guys also started to take their clothes off as they kept my wife on the bed, while they were getting themselves ready to take their piece of my lovely wife.Karen was panicking as those three black guys kept her on the bed and she was defenceless in every way. the guys were now naked and were rubbing their cocks while watching my naked wife in front of them. The Moon gave enough light into our bedroom, so I could see enough of it. I noticed that guys were well hung and she had noticed that too. I saw absolute horror on her face as she tried to keep their hands off of her body. At first the guys just teased her, but as they got hornier, the game got rougher. Someone grabbed her by the throat and she was forced to lie on her back on the bed. I could hear her cries and how she struggled to breath. It sounded like she was being choked hard by that unknown guy as the others just pulled her legs open. The first guy jumped in between her legs and I could see how he forced my wife to submit to his will by using his body weight. I trembled from anger and fear, as he was about to **** Karen right in front of me.“P-please, condom! I-I’ll do a-anything, but use condoms.”I heard Karen’s pleas and cries to them to use condoms. We had been often warned about diseases that we could get in many ways. Unprotected sex around Africa was usually main reason for getting HIV. The guy over her stopped for a while and I guess he tested her, was she sure about it. She’ll do whatever they want, if he uses condom. I guess Karen said yes, as he got up and Karen told where we kept our condoms. One other guy brought them to her and she was told to put it on him. I could see just parts of her behind the guy and she had to roll the rubber onto his black cock that was going to go into her really soon. I heard Karen’s sobbing and then she was told to lie down. The guy smiled to me and I saw white teeth’s in that moonlight. That was an evil smile.Karen was told to direct his cock right into her cunt and she obeyed quietly. I saw how the black guy forced his hips closer to her hips and Karen cried loudly. The black cock bahis siteleri was forcing its way into her pussy and my wife cried from the pain. He wasn’t gentle with her and I felt so ill watching. I almost vomited against my gag, but barely kept everything down, as there was danger that I could drown in my own vomit while that gag was on. The guy grunted with his deep voice and rammed his cock into my wife’s cunt. Karen cried out loud with every thrust and lay under him like she was ordered. He told her that she should put her hands around his neck and beg him to fuck her harder.Karen obeyed him after she had been silent for a while. I guess he threatened that his friends would kill me, if she didn’t comply. I heard her trembling voice as she asked him to fuck her cunt harder. I closed my eyes as I didn’t want to watch the sight of a black male’s ass pumping up and down in front of me, but I heard her cries. I felt her horror, fear and pain in my own body. She was made to beg him to fuck her as hard as he could and he certainly did it. I bet that his big black cock stretched her tight pussy to its limits and she cried loudly from the shame. Her shame became stronger as she noticed that her body enjoyed the rough sex and suddenly I heard her cries of pleasure. She had her first orgasm with that black guy. He continued ramming his cock deep into my wife’s pussy and I could see her white legs up high moving along with his moves. She panted heavily under him and I heard every moan she made while taking that cock into her pussy. Then the guy got up from her and pulled her sideways on the bed, so I could see her left side. One of the other guys came in front of him and ordered her to suck his cock, while his friend was about to continue ravaging her pussy. I saw his evil smile again and felt my heart jump into my throat. As Karen started to suck his mates cock, she didn’t notice the guy behind her pull off the condom and ram his black pole again into her pussy. She cried out from the pain, as guy started to fuck her hard and fast, while she was kept on her hands and knees on the bed. I could see how her lovely perky b-cup tits were moving along with the fierce pace and her cries felt like one high pitched scream, as he used her body for his own pleasure. He didn’t care about Karen at all and he slapped her buttocks hard and mauled her firm tits with his long black hands and she looked like a tiny girl in their hands. All three guys were taller than we and medium built, so they could easily overpower her with their strength.With three guys against one female, she lost the battle even before it had started and I had to watch the first guy was ramming his member deep into her pussy. He groaned loudly while pumping his pole into her again and again and again. Her cries filled our bedroom and I watched as she got at least two orgasms before that first guy came deep into her cunt. Karen slumped down on the bed and she was dizzy for a moment. Then she realised what had happened and he had shot his seeds into her womb. He had fucked her without condom. She started to cry again, but the guys didn’t care about that, and as first guy moved off, he came in front of me and wiped his dirty cock on my face. I could smell the scent of his potent salty sperm and my wife’s moisture from his cock, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I was tied and gagged.“Your girl was tight, but not anymore white boy. She won’t feel your puny thumb any longer inside of her” The guy laughed at me and moved off. His friend had moved to lie over Karen while she was lying on her belly on the bed. He laughed and slid his hard cock into her pussy really easily.“Nice sloppy cunt. After this night, she won’t want anything other than black cocks in her.The second guy laughed at me and fucked Karen with long thrusts. I trembled from anger as I watched how they forced her to suck one cock, while another guy was ramming his black pole into her pussy and keeping her in place just with his own body. He wasn’t as rough to her as the first guy was, but I guess the first guy loved to have first round on new bitch, while she was still ”untouched”, virgin.I could only close my eyes, but I had to listen to everything that happened in that room. The guys grunted with their deep voices and Karen cried from fear, pain, shame and pleasure. They also fucked her ass, and my wife almost fainted from the pain when the first black cock stretched her hole to allow his member to enter her. Karen laid there quietly for a while as the one over her forced his cock to slide into her ass. We had tried it once and she didn’t like it at all. I wasn’t so fond of that side either so we didn’t have that kind of sex again. These brutes wanted to use her in every way they wanted güvenilir bahis and that included anal sex. I watched in horror, as in the last act by them, all three guys fucked her at the same time. One lay under her and fucked her cunt, second guy used her ass and third guy forced her to take his cock as deep into her mouth as he wanted. She was gagging and vomiting on the bed, as black guy forced his cock deep into her throat and she didn’t have time to adjust to it. Karen just had to endure it all and guys abused her roughly.After all that was done, the guys pushed her on her back on the bed. She seemed to be out cold and really roughly used. She just lay there like she would if she was dead already and I couldn’t be sure if she had wished it in the middle of the ****s. The guys pulled their clothes on and the first guy came to me and pulled his knife again placing it on my throat.“You listen to me now, boy? If you tell anyone about this we’ll hear about it and you’ll pay for it, so keep your mouth shut, boy, and I won’t cut your throats open. She’ll be first one whose throat is cut and you’ll be there to watch it.” The black guy told me and cut a little bit of my skin, just to make sure, that we knew he was serious about it. He could certainly kill us both. I trembled from fear and I hoped that they wouldn’t change their minds and just kill now. We were sitting ducks there. I was tied and gagged, while Karen laid there on her back and she was still out cold.The men left us and they took almost everything that had value in the streets. They had robbed us and had their fun with my wife. I cried silently after that and waited for her to wake up so she could untie me. This was their final insult to me. They had tied and gagged me, ****d my wife, wiped their dirty cocks on my face and now left me to wait so my wife could help me.She woke up a couple hours later and she was crushed. She helped me out of the ties and she wanted to call the hotel security and cops. I stopped her and told her the message they had left with me. She bit her lip for a while and still wanted to call security. She was bruised all over her body, she was hurt badly, but still she didn’t want to be pregnant by those guys. What could I do, other than try to help her in any way I could? We had to cancel our airplane tickets, as police wanted to keep us there for little longer than we wanted to be there. They moved us into cheaper hotel to wait for couple days, while they search those three men. I just wanted to leave there, as I feared that they would find us and kill us.We tried to keep a low profile, but they found us anyway. We were in our hotel room and I was getting something to eat. I felt someone grab me from behind and I was pushed violently against the wall. I was dazed and they dragged me away from the corridor. I felt knife on my throat again and I thought that it was over now.“I told you two to keep your mouths shut, white boy. Now you pay for it!”I heard again that deep voice from behind and I felt sharp pain on my neck. I don’t know what happened next as everything went black. I woke up on a stretcher as I was carried out of the hotel and into the ambulance. Police were there and I was tied to the stretcher so I wouldn’t fall off and open my wounds. They had cut my arm with their huge knife and left me there to bleed out. Luckily someone found me and called help. Karen had disappeared and police didn’t know where she was. I was crushed, and in the hospital they had to tie me down or d**g me to keep me in my bed and sleeping. I feared the news that my wife’s mutilated body had been found somewhere and I also feared other options that could happen.After I finally got permission to leave hospital, I began to search for Karen everywhere. I offered rewards to anyone who had information about her whereabouts but everyone just told me that she’s gone. If I managed to find her, she won’t be same woman I already knew that before. I just wanted to find her and bring her home with me. I didn’t care anything else and it took almost four weeks until I finally found her in a cheap brothel. Those guys had sold her to a brothel and they in turn had sold her on and it followed that pattern, but then I found her and police got her away from that place of horror.Karen was really messed up. Her long beautiful brunette hair was cut down, she was abused roughly by countless men in those brothels and it seemed that those black guys, who had robbed us and ****d her in the first place, were never found. She was broken and she barely allowed me to touch her. We left there as soon we could and returned to our home, but they were right. She wasn’t like she used to be anymore. I couldn’t even imagine what kind of horrors she had gone through in those brothels. I guess I was lucky to find her, as local police officers there were sure that her remains would be found, but usually her type of white women were sold into white slavery rings and they disappeared for good.

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