uncle John


Uncle John by Cynthia GreenThis story is total fiction. This happened about five years ago when I was 16 and a junior in high school. It would probably be best if I told you a little about myself first. I was, what you might call a late bloomer. I grew up in a protected household. Not exposed to boys much. Not really interested in boys until after what happened in this story. I went to a private all girl high school and was more interested in sports and academics than boys. Suddenly, or so it seemed, at sixteen I bloomed. Almost overnight I developed breasts, I mean real breasts. I started having these real weird feelings. I began masturbating. I suddenly began wondering what it would be like to do things with a boy or better yet, have him do things to me. I started watching porn on the computer. I was feeling all kinds of urges in my body but didn’t know what to do about it I had a half-brother, (same mother), but he was five years older than me, so at the time of this story he was away at college. My mother was a very successful real estate broker and my father was an attorney. Pampered little rich girl you might say and you would be right. I was a mess waiting for something to happen. That was when my uncle John came into my life. As this story is about my uncle John and what we did, maybe I should tell you about him. He was two years younger than my father, which would make him about 36 at the time of this story. He had been a tennis player and somewhat of a playboy and now was down on his luck, so it was only natural that my dad invited him to come stay with us for a while. To a sixteen year old virgin he was like a movie star. He would regale me with tales of his exploits around the world, most of which were made up I’m Pendik escort bayan sure, but to me they were magical. One day as I came in from school I had to pee real bad. I rushed to the downstairs bathroom only to find my father taking a shower after a long workout with uncle John. I rushed upstairs and into the bathroom yanked down my panties and sat down. To my horror I heard the shower turn off and out stepped my uncle John. I was in mid pee and couldn’t stop. I could only stare at my naked uncle in total shock while the pee slowly dribbled out. Uncle John didn’t make any effort to cover himself but smiled broadly at my discomfort . Slowly he reached over and selected a towel and began drying himself. I was staring at his penis in shocked fascination and to my absolute horror it began to rise. Within seconds it was at full erection and sticking straight out from his body. Uncle John took a step closer to me. “Hi Cynthia” He said with a big grin on his face. “Do you like it?” I was finished peeing but frozen to the toilet seat as I stared at this huge organ a foot from my face. To my surprise I felt my head nod. He took another small step closer. Now it was six inches away. “Would you like to touch it Cynthia?” I was hypnotized, I couldn’t move. Then to my horror I felt my arm rise and my fingers were touching it. For the first time in my life I was touching a man’s penis. Somewhere in the back of my mind was a voice screaming that this was wrong but my fingers were sliding down this magnificent organ. I marveled at how hard yet soft and silky it was. He was uncircumcised and as my finger curled around it I slid the foreskin back and this marvelous head appeared, all pink. Then the spell Escort Beykoz was broken and the screaming little voice made itself heard and I jumped up and fled, pulling my panties up as I scrambled out of the room. Back in my own room I threw myself on my bed, my thoughts in a constant whirl. Shame was in the forefront with shock and revulsion vying for second place. Then I noticed curiosity trying to slip in. I kept thinking about how beautiful the head had looked as it slowly emerged from it’s hiding place. I shook my head. It was wrong! Throughout dinner I kept my eyes focused on my plate, not able to meet my uncles gaze, knowing that everyone at the table could read my thoughts. My dad announced that he had a client to meet and my mother said she was showing a house. As soon as I was finished with my meal I excused myself and went to my room. I couldn’t believe the turmoil that was going on in my head. I watched porn every once in a while. I even masturbated almost every night. So why was I so shook up about seeing my uncle’s cock. Wait a minute! I rewound. When did his penis suddenly become a cock? They were only cocks on my computer while I was masturbating. I was brought out of my reverie by a tap on my door and my uncle’s head appearing around the edge of it. “Can I come in Cynthia?” Hard for me to refuse when he was already stepping in. “I want to apologize for this afternoon darling. That was very mean of me to tease you like that. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?” I couldn’t bring myself to look at him as I swung my legs off the bed and sat up. “It’s okay uncle John.” Then to my absolute horror I heard myself saying. “Could I touch it again sometime?” Silence for Cevizli escort a few seconds. “Darling you can touch it anytime you want.” With that he stepped out of the walking shorts and slid down his underwear, stepping clear of them, he moved close to me. His cock was hanging down, completely flaccid. I timidly reached out and touched the surface. Amazingly it began to rise and within seconds it was at full erection, the foreskin pulled back slightly, showing a tiny bit of the huge head. I glanced up at my uncle. “Did I do that?” “Yes darling, you did that.” Gaining a little more confidence I curled my fingers as far around it as I could, marveling at it its softness and the ridged hardness underneath. I tightened my fingers around it and slid the foreskin back exposing the beautiful pink head to the air, My uncle gave a moan of pleasure at this and I somehow knew I had done right. I was mesmerized by this magnificent thing in my hands. Slowly I moved the skin back and forth to increasing moans of delight from my uncle. A small drop of something appeared to be oozing from the hole in the head. I was totally hypnotized. I glanced up at my uncle once more. “Can I …………..?” He grinned down at me. ”Darling, you can do anything your heart desires to it. Anything at all.” I took a finger and captured the drop of fluid, bringing it to my lips. I could feel my uncle’s eyes boring into me. I flicked out my tongue and tasted it. I looked up and met my uncle’s eyes as I leaned forward and brought my lips to the oozing fluid. My uncles hands were on my head, not pulling me, but moving through my hair. He was moaning louder now as I sucked off the fluid. I wanted so badly to open my mouth and take this magnificent thing inside but was afraid. Finally I could hold off no longer. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let it slide in. The feeling was incredible, just the mere thought of sucking a cock while masturbating had always put me over the edge. Now I was actually doing it. My free hand reached out and cupped his ball sack.

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