Turning Japanese


What a year it had been. We’d first moved from the Caribbean to the UK, but as the weather had turned cooler, we’d found a place in Spain, in foothills of the Andalusian mountains. We’d rented a farmhouse, a finca, where we’d grown our own vegetables, as well as some marijuana that gave us a comfortable income.

We had recently advertised as hosts on a volunteering site, and had just collected our first guest, a Japanese girl I’d known from volunteering in Asia.

With your permaculture background, we were in demand from people wishing to pick up new skills to grow food and maximise water usage.

We’d chosen to have Yuki as our first guest because I’d worked with her and liked her willingness to work and her cheery disposition. Of smaller height than you, not even reaching 5′, she was in her late twenties, slim with classic features common to her kin. Short dark hair, almond eyes, a delicate nose and full lips.

I’d picked her up from the airport and arrived as you were finishing a bit of garden work. The sun, now setting over the hills, had tanned your skin to a golden hue, and you had a slight sheen of perspiration. You opened the passenger door and greeted our guest, a kiss on either cheek and a welcoming hug.

You were dressed in shorts and a tight t-shirt which showed your full breasts off perfectly as well as your lithe legs and amazing body.

Yuki was in a short tartan skirt, black over the knee ribbed stockings and a short-sleeved blouse. Her almost boyish figure was in contrast to your curvaceous body. As I grabbed her bag you led her into the cool lounge where a bottle of wine was chilling in a bucket. With snacks alongside you bade her to have a seat on the couch and offered her something to nibble on. I poured us all some wine and sat in a chair facing the sofa, the table in between.

“I’m just off for a quick shower, love,” you chirped. “I’m sure you two would like to catch up. Won’t be long! “

With that you disappeared into the bathroom, the sound of water running indicating your eagerness to freshen up.

As we chatted, Yuki relaxed, bringing me up to date with her life.

Shortly you came back, your beautiful blonde hair damp and you were wrapped in a sarong, it tied just above your ample breasts.

“Ooh, that better,” you gasped, “I needed that. I’m still warm though.” The evening was sultry, the fan in the middle of the ceiling turning lazily as the breeze filtered through the room.

With that you sat next to her and picked up your glass.

“Cheers Yuki, welcome to Spain.”

With that you touched her glass with yours and stared into her dark eyes. She looked back, smiled demurely, glancing at your boobs as she did so.

You grinned slightly and joked, “they’re all real and all mine! Anyway, what gossip have been catching up on?”

I smiled. “Yuki has been telling me she’s still in touch with Jo, the Malaysian girl she shared a room with back at the school we taught in. Jo was very kind to her, wasn’t she. “This more of a statement of fact, than a question.

Yuki nodded and then spoke in a lilting accent, “Jo looked after me because my boyfriend at the time had dumped me on Facebook. I was very unhappy, and she was very understanding.”

“What a fool,” you declared, “leaving such a pretty girl as you! What reason did he give?”

Yuki looked defiant and continued, “He left me for my friend, Mika, he said I was too much like a boy and my breasts were too small!”

With that she glanced at your tits and announced, “I wish I had one’s like you. Then boys would like me better.” Her face reddened slightly.

“Pfah,” you declared, indignantly, “you have a lovely body!”

As you said this you looked her up and down, taking in her gamine body, “Any decent boy, or girl, would love to hold you.”

At the mention of being appreciated by girls, Yuki grinned slightly.

I sensed the frisson and casually uttered, “I remember Jo saying how pretty you were. You shared a room with her, and a few secrets too, I’ll bet!”

She giggled nervously, now sipping from her refilled glass, she looked at you coquettishly.

Sensing her mood, you laid a hand on her knee, looked her in the eye and smiled,

“I’ve seen pictures of Jo on Facebook. She’s very attractive. Did you fancy her?”

Yuki’s mouth formed an ‘O’, she blushed, but nodded slightly.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, is there,” you announced, “I like women too, I like to kiss them. Did you kiss Jo?”

With another nervous giggle she continued, seemingly fortified by the effect of the wine on her along with the sincerity and attentiveness you were showing.

“When I was crying in my bunk after my break-up, she got in beside me and hugged me. She comforted me. Jo held my face in her hands and told me everything would be OK. She then kissed me.”

I was enthralled. I recalled having a bit of a crush on Jo, she was a full-figured half Chinese girl, also in her late twenties. We were good friends, always joking and laughing. The thought of Jo having lesbian tendencies got me excited and my cock stiffened in ulus escort my shorts.

“I kissed a girl and I liked it!” you sang, recalling the Katy Perry song. She smiled, recognising the tune and put her hand on yours, looking for reassurance and continued her story.

“We hugged and kissed that night. It was really nice. I wasn’t sure what to do. Jo was very tender and undid my pyjama top, she touched my chest. We didn’t do much more than that. I’ve often wondered what we could have done?”

Yuki took a gulp of wine and once again stared at your ample breasts, pressing against the material, your nipples slightly visible beneath the sheer material.

“I wish I’d have touched her too!” she declared.

Taking her hand in yours, you lifted it and pressed her palm on your right breast, massaging her hand slightly so she could feel the glorious contour. She gasped slightly, her eyes widened at the shock of what she’d just done.

With that you undid the sarong and let it fall around you. Your full tits were now visible, and I could feel your pleasure at being the centre of attention.

You turned slightly to face her, shortening the distance between you and as you did so Yuki put both of her small hands on your tits, a look of wonder in her eyes.

“They’re beautiful,” she declared. She played with them, fondling them and tracing her fingers over your attentive nipples.

You tenderly took her chin in your hand and pulled her face to yours. She closed her eyes and let you kiss her. Just a peck at first, then more fully. Her mouth opened in anticipation and you slid your tongue in to taste her oriental delight. Her tongue sought yours out and you both ate greedily from each other. She moaned slightly, her hands still fondling your tits.

Your hands meanwhile explored her slender shoulders, sliding down to massage her small mounds, still hidden beneath her blouse.

By now I was rock hard. I rubbed my palm against my shorts, desperately wanting to get my cock out and masturbate. I managed to hold myself back, but only just. The sight of my near naked wife, your tanned skin, sexy figure and gorgeous breasts being probed and squeezed by our guest was such a turn on. I find women from all over the world to be attractive, and I still recall having lustful thoughts about Japanese girls, our guest in particular!

Releasing her from your oral enjoyment, you undid her blouse, the delicate buttons pulling away to reveal her pale skin, such a contrast to yours. She moved her hands to pull her blouse off, revealing a pink satin bra. You caressed the material, she gasped slightly and moved her hands deftly to unclasp it. It came away in your hands to reveal her small mounds, firm with dark areolas and tiny, but hard nipples.

She giggled, seemingly emboldened by this turn of events. You looked at each other intently, seemingly oblivious to my voyeurism.

Your hands gently teased her nipples then you cupped her sweet little titties. She mimicked you, her small hands making your breasts seem somehow larger. You continued to fondle each other, alternatively kissing, turning your heads to one side then the other to extract the maximum sensation from your French kissing. I’d seen a video once on YouTube of Japanese girls kissing, and she mirrored the intensity of that. Her mouth, though small, opened wide to smear your lips, your mouth, your chin with her warm saliva. You too coated her glistening lips.

Removing your hands from her boobs, you wrapped your arms around her and hugged passionately. In your embrace you glanced at me, a mischievous smile appeared, and your eyes widened, as if too gauge my reaction.

I smiled cheekily and, also opening my eyes wider, nodded approvingly.

Releasing your embrace, you looked Yuki directly in the eye and spoke gently to her.

“We’re not going to anything you don’t want to do, you know that don’t you?”

She looked slightly serious, averted your gaze, glanced at me briefly.

I smiled as reassuringly as I could and nodded slightly.

She then returned to meet your eyes and said in a firm voice.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ve often wondered what it would be like. You husband told me you are a good teacher and I’m here to learn new things. Please teach me Kate.”

She bowed her head deferentially. You took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Your full naked glory was a sight to behold and I watched your bum wiggle as you walked from the couch. I glanced at Yuki’s pert bum as her short skirt moved from side to side, she almost tip-toed as she was taken by her tutor to learn how special it can be to be loved by an experienced, sensual woman, oozing sexual energy.

As you turned into the doorway, you smiled at me and beckoned.

I dutifully followed, quietly and watched as you directed this lovely Asian flower to sit on the bed.

“I want my man to watch me,” you said in a confident voice, “we have no secrets, but if you’re shy he will wait for us outside. I’m sure he can amuse himself!”

I blushed yenimahalle escort slightly, wondering if I’d be lucky enough to watch my Empress and her pupil delve into the art of lesbian love making.

At this Yuki grinned, looked at me and declared, “I find your husband attractive, Kate. I wondered what it would be like to have a mature man fuck me, boys are too eager just to please themselves. I’ve thought of him while playing with my pussy!”

Her confidence, the use of strong language was really a turn on for me. I just grinned like a fool and sat on the stool next to your dressing table.

You laughed and intoned confidently, “well he’s going to enjoy watching, just as you and I will enjoy getting intimate. Lie down on the bed, I’m going to undress you.”

She eagerly slid to the middle of the bed, her diminutive figure seeming lost on our king-sized mattress, covered with crisp cotton sheets and a opalescent raw silk throw.

By now darkness had fallen, there was a full moon, the clear sky was filled with stars, so the bed was illuminated enough for me to see clearly. As I was to the side of the room, I was cast in shadow, an eager voyeur to my own private show. I slipped off my t-shirt and undid my shorts, letting them fall silently to the floor. My cock stood to attention as I watched you slide her shoes off, then roll her stockings down one by one. She was propped up on a pillow and was savouring your gentle disrobing. You kissed her legs sweetly, and moved with a graceful ease to kneel alongside her.

Your hands found the clasp at the top of her pretty checked skirt, and the swish of the zip followed. Yuki arched her back to allow you to remove the skirt.

All that was left were a pair of delicate briefs, a match for the bra now cast upon the couch.

As the moon caught your two bodies, I savoured the contrasts before me. Your curvaceous form, glowing from its exposure to the sun. Your hair, now dried, an electric mass of curls. My eye followed down to appreciate your beauty, every bit of you making me ache in the love I have for you. Time has not diminished your looks, and never will, because all I see is your true beauty, your essence, your magnificence.

I glanced at Yuki, my hand now slowly wanking my engorged member. I was happy to feast my eyes and let my hand do my pleasing for me. Her pale skin, tiny tits, slim hips and jet-black bush were bathed in the night’s luminosity.

You straddled her, and kissed, once again your mouths exploring each other, whilst your hands caressed and squeezed each other. After a while you moved up to offer your gorgeous tits to her face. Your boobs almost buried her face, but her hands kneaded them as she eagerly sucked and licked first one, and then the other. You moaned with delight and I gazed at your bum, glimpsing your now widening, glistening labia.

Clearly in control, you slid down, kissing her gently on her lips, her chin and then seeking out those pert little tits. I watched your tongue tease her nipples into rigidity, she gasped, breathing quickly, her eyes now closed and a smile of sheer delight on her face. Her short dark hair a contrast to the while cotton pillow on which it lay.

You became more frenzied, savouring the bullet like buds in your mouth. After a while you moved down, kissing, nibbling her young pearlescent flesh. Her murmurs continued as you eased her legs apart and moved your mouth to her cunt. She raised her back in anticipation whilst you nuzzled her sex, the scent of moist pussy assaulting the senses.

As you lay down, your face covered her vagina, your tongue and teeth playing with her clitoris. In your prone position your legs dangled over the bed. Still wanking, I tenderly touched your calf, sliding my hand up your inner thigh until it found your damp pussy. I teased your piercing, the gold bar warm and wet to the touch.

You too moaned and lifted your arse slightly. With one hand either side of you, I eased my cock into your cunt. You gasped, distracted from your task. Yuki stared at me, eyes wide, a smile of joy on her face. Your oral skills were to the fore and she whimpered.

“Yes, yes, yes…” she repeated constantly.

Before long I groaned in pleasure and shot my load into you, thrusting deep enough to make you gasp. As my body juddered, Yuki let out a yell and grasped your head to push your face into her cunt. As an orgasm shot through her I slid out of your pussy.

You pushed yourself up and lay next to her, stroking her hair and kissing her gently. Her hand slipped down your curves to your strawberry blonde tuft. She moved to slide her small fingers into your cream pie as you willingly spread your legs. She rubbed the mix of cum and cunt juice in her fingers, then put her hand to her mouth and licked the heady mixture off. You too eagerly licked her fingers and sought the taste of your sweet cum with my salty jiz in her mouth.

“Let’s not waste it,” you declared wickedly. Without any prompting, Yuki got up and positioned herself between your legs. With total abandon she devoured the juices from your clit, your gleaming twat, sucking your labia to drink down every last bit.

You spread your legs and moved her hand to your pubis. She was clearly lost in the bliss of her first lesbian encounter and even teased your piercing with her tongue and teeth.

By manipulating her fingers, you showed her how to ease her digits to massage your G-spot.

An eager pupil, she soon developed a rhythm so that the combination of her manual dexterity and oral ministration got you screaming with pleasure.

“Fuck yeah, oh yes, that’s so good!” you shouted.

As I stood alongside I gently stroked her pert bottom. She moaned and lifted her body so that my hand slid to her cunt. I tenderly stroked her, copying the rhythm of her hand in your pussy. She lifted herself up, raising her arse to allow me to continue teasing her little clit.

Then with a deft twist she pushed her tiny hand fully into your cunt. Your eyes widened, and you gasped.

Her fisting continued in a fluid motion and within a few moments you let out a loud gasp and shouted, “I’m coming, yes I’m coming!”

With that you squirted over her hand. Shocked at this she withdrew and gasped as your juice arched up to spray her face. She squealed and with a lick of her lips pressed her mouth to your cunt, lapping up wave after wave of cum. I continued teasing her cunt, my cock now stiffening again.

Her face now dripped with your love juices, her hair damp from perspiration and orgasmic liquid.

You pulled her to you and licked her eyes, her nose, her cheeks and then her lips. I had released my hand from her and stood grinning at the sight before me.

With the cover now wet from your gushing you sat up.

“Get us another drink love whilst we tidy the bed.”

I dutifully withdrew and brought back two glasses after refilling them. On my return the cover was cast on the floor, mistress and pupil sitting up on the sheets, gloriously naked, heads propped on pillows.

I handed you both your respective glasses which you eagerly grasped. As you both gulped your wine I stood beside the bed, my cock now rigid again.

Putting your glass to one side, you turned to Yuki.

“You are an excellent pupil, you suck pussy like an expert! Do you suck cock too?”

Yuki blushed, replying, “No, my boyfriend had no imagination!” She giggled and looked at my dick.

“Watch and learn then!” was your response. With that you put down your glass and reached for my stiff member. You pulled me towards you and sat on the edge of the bed. With a fluid motion you first licked my cock then opened your mouth. The coolness of the wine had chilled your mouth that was a contrast to the heat of my proud manhood. Grasping my buttocks, you glanced up at me and took my stiff rod into your mouth until you gagged slightly, a tear glistening in your eye. You then proceeded to move your head to suck me magnificently. I groaned and closed my eyes. You continued sucking eagerly, your eyes glancing at me, acknowledging my appreciation for your abilities. This continued as you varied your playing, knowing how I love the variety and dexterity at which you excel.

You moved your head back and smiled at Yuki. “Now your turn, just do what I did. You’ll get no complaints from him, I assure you!”

I grinned as she sat next to you. I stood in front of her. Her delicate hand gingerly touched my hard cock, masturbating it hesitantly. Seeking approval, she glanced at me. I smiled and nodded. She then moved her head, opened her mouth and slid my hard tool in. I murmured my approval. You had moved too and now knelt on the bed and kissed me tenderly. I love the sensation of your kisses, that coupled with our Japanese pupil getting more proficient by the second was sending me into bliss.

After a few minutes I groaned and exhaled, “I’m coming!”

Yuki grasped my arse and opened her mouth wide as my cum hit her throat.

With our kissing interrupted by my ejaculation, you stared intently at her.

As the last drops hit her tongue, you took her head in your hands and brought her sticky lips to yours. You kissed, licked, shared the taste of my salty spunk on her mouth and it mingled with drops of your cum that still adhered to her chin.

She lay back on the bed and slowly closed her eyes, still revelling in the tastes that were on her tongue. Perhaps due to the travelling, the wine, the new experiences she was soon breathing slowly, and sleep soon beckoned.

We smiled at each other and kissed passionately. The evening’s entertainment had also taken its toll on us, and after our usual pre-sleep routine we too turned in. As Yuki was to one side of the bed, we too lay down, you in the middle and me to the side. The warm night air and our soporific mood meant we too soon slept, caught up in dreams that allowed our tryst to continue, only bounded by imagination.

As the sun bathed the room in its early suffused light, I woke from my slumber and smiled to myself at what had transpired last night. It was unplanned, but certainly not unwelcomed. Your body was pressed against mine, as we’d ended up spooned as we often did. I stiffened at the feel of your bottom pressed to my groin. You clearly felt it too and with a practiced motion, moved to allow my cock to slide into your sweet wet cunt. It has always been a source of wonder how you get so wet so quick!

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