Traveling East Ch. 04


There were six of us in the hotel suite, five hot women and me. We were all naked. I glanced across at the other bed. Sue and Deb were still in a sixty nine position although they had both made each other cum within the last five minutes; at least that’s what it sounded like. I was only paying partial attention because I had my sister sitting on my cock, Nikki sitting on my face, and Sally sitting on my chest as we all came together. Now it was time for a rest.

Or so I thought…

Nikki was still grinding her ass down on my mouth and my nose. Her pungent aroma was intoxicating. I nodded my head enough to lick all the way from her clit to her anus and back again. She rocked to the beat. My face and her crack were slick and covered in her love slime. If she wanted to suffocate me, I wouldn’t have cared at all. I wondered if this was something that she did with Deb very often. Had she ever told Sue about her favorite positions? How long had it been since she had enjoyed sex with a guy? Suddenly I wanted to know all these things. It excited me to know that I had made her cum. That was something that had been done only by females for quite some time now. Nikki had had her share of men, but I was well aware of her preference for the fairer sex.

And what about my sister Jan? She had been a one man woman for almost twenty years, and had never been with another girl as far as I knew. Now here she was doing it with her best friend and her brother! Not to mention the other ladies who completed the orgy. Was I the catalyst for this whole scene? Was it Sue? She seems to have that effect on people. Or was it just the karma that had brought us all together this week?

Whatever it was, I was sure glad to be there for it. I thought about Trish back at home. I’m certain that she would have loved to be here too, but that would mean one more lady that I felt obligated to satisfy. Not that these girls weren’t already doing a good job of pleasing each other.

But right now I had to focus on Nikki. The pressure and the pace had increased, and her nectar was oozing all over my face. I felt the mattress moving as Jan got up and off of me. Then Sally moved and dismounted. There was relief as I no longer had to bear their combined weight although I knew that I would gladly succumb to it again if I had the chance. But now it was just me and Nikki. Or so I thought.

The mattress moved again and I felt the unmistakable warmth of a mouth on my penis. I couldn’t see, so I was left to wonder who was taking this refreshed interest in me. Her tongue was rolling around over and under my shaft while her lips traveled the full length, up and down, pausing at the tip and then devouring it again.

‘Gosh Sue, it looks like you’ve sucked that cock before!’ I heard Deb’s voice coaching her. One mystery solved. And now I recognized the familiar way that Sue jacked me with her fist while she sucked me. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she played with my balls and then she’d be teasing my ass with her middle finger. That always got me the most. I’d be like a lead pipe once she started doing that little trick. She took it slowly. And being distracted by the moist heat and aroma that was literally in my face, I built my hard on slowly and firmly.

Sue was moaning on my cock now. The humming was exquisite. But then Nikki was standing up on her knees and I felt a rush of cool air on my wet face. I could see what was causing Sue to moan. Deb was standing at her side and pinching her hardened nipples. And my sister Jan had her nose buried in Sue’s ass. Sally was spread out on the other bed and was busy fingering herself while she watched the others. Nikki swung her leg over my head and freed me for the moment. Deb pulled Sue off my cock with one hand while she gently pushed Nikki down on the bed beside me. We were lying together on our backs and I looked at Deb.

‘Fuck her!’ she said. ‘I want you to ram your cock into her as hard as you can. And don’t stop until I tell you to. She needs it! Don’t you lover?’

Nikki was clawing at her vagina with her hands. ‘Oh yeah! C’mon Rob, fuck me. I’ve wanted this ever since Sue first told me about you!’

I rolled my eyes and resolved that this was the answer to so many of my questions. I’ve wanted Nikki since the ofise gelen escort first time Sue showed me her picture. I’ve been hearing so many beautiful things about this woman for almost two years. I know about her most intimate desires and the love that she and Sue have shared in their conversations and emails through the years. I never thought I would actually meet her, and now here I am with her begging me to fuck her. Sue gave my cock another pump and then let go as Nikki turned to face me.

She mounted me and my cock slid right into her slick pussy.

‘Mmm, Rob, this is my favorite position. God you feel so good inside of me! I feel so full.’

I began a slow pumping and Nikki rocked with me. I held her hips and let her set the pace. When I reached up and twisted her nipples they got hard between my fingers. I lifted my head up enough to take one in my mouth and bite on it. Nikki increased her pace. I was rock solid and knew that I could let her ride me as much as she wanted. I wasn’t going to cum again for a while. Nikki wiggled her ass and moved back, stretching my cock back and upward into her wanton hole. She was in control and I was glad to have it that way. If I was going to get fucked several times today, then I was glad to be able to lie back and let the women do the work.

And Nikki was working now. There were beads of sweat dripping down between her breasts, and a few more on her brow. She bent down and kissed me. It was a kiss not unlike Sue’s kisses. I recalled that Sue had told me how Nikki shared her love for kissing and that they had chatted about it and fantasized about kissing together in their online chats. It was nice. She was warm and her lips were soft. Her tongue explored my mouth with gentle licks and probes; not like the mad driving wild kisses that I’ve shared with other women like Lucinda and her sister Melinda.

But amidst the soft passionate kisses Nikki was building to an orgasm. Her hips increased their pumping motion and her sighs became more audible.

‘Oh, oh yes Rob. I’m cumming now. Yes! I’m cumming!’

I thrust myself upward to give her the best ride but there was no way that I was gonna cum yet. She was going to ride this bronco as long as she could stand it.

‘OH GOD! OH YES, THAT’S IT! OH YESSSS!’ She was shouting now and I could feel the warmth of her cum washing over me. Her orgasm lasted for a good five minutes. She just went on and on until she finally collapsed on my chest. Her hair was wet with perspiration but she smelled so good. I kissed her hair and her ears and her neck.

‘Oh Rob that felt so good. It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a real man. You know just how to let me have my way. I wish I could do this with you for the rest of the day and night.’ She turned to look at Deb. ‘You wouldn’t mind if we brought Rob home and kept him for a few days, would you?’

Deb grinned. ‘Do you think he could handle us both? You’ve had your ride, now it’s my turn. But I’m in the mood for a hard fuck. I rode his dick at the store this morning and it felt really good inside, but now I’m ready for you to really drive it home Rob. Will you do me like that?’

Nikki was climbing off me and my dick made a wet popping sound as it slipped out of her tunnel. She stood up on her knees and Deb gave her a big wet kiss. She pressed her hand into Nikki’s cunt and fingered her clit. Nikki made a little jump again. Deb sure knew how to touch Nikki’s buttons.

When Nikki was out of the way Deb dove down on top of me. She ground her huge breasts against me and then rolled us over. She pulled me so that I was now on top and in position between her long hot legs.

Deb grabbed my hips and pulled me into her waiting hole. She was still wet from the session with Sue just a few minutes earlier. And I was still feeling strong. I began a slow deep stroke that pushed my cock as far as I could into Deb’s hot cunt. I felt her inner vaginal walls caressing my shaft as I moved it in and out, and in and out. I pushed myself up with my arms and bent my legs at my sides. I pulled on Deb’s hips and lifted her up as I drove myself deeper inside. She gasped when I put my thumb on her clit and rubbed it. She was pinching her otele gelen escort own nipples and I was thrusting harder. Deb was meeting my every thrust and her sighs and heavy breathing told me that I was doing it right.

Deb picked up her feet and held her legs up high. I grabbed her ankles and lifted them higher. I held her feet up to my face and sucked on her toes while we kept pumping each other and inching ever closer to our pinnacle.

‘Oh yeah, do it to me! I’m gonna cum! Give it to me! Harder!’

I was banging her as hard as I could. Her ass was dropping on my legs and making a clapping sound. Her tits were flopping to her sides and rolling back with our fucking motion as if we were riding the waves on a rough sea.

When she cried out and I knew she was cumming I gave one last hard press and held myself still while she bounced up and down on my steel shaft. I played with her clit some more and sent her out of control. Her eyes closed and her head rolled as she was overcome by the waves of her orgasmic thrill.

I still wasn’t cumming. I had survived both of these hotties and I was still ready to go. When Deb recovered and opened her eyes they were glazed.

‘Oh man, that was great! I had forgotten that it can feel so good to get pounded by a guy. You’re even better than a strap on.’ She winked at me as she launched my ego into orbit. ‘I think you need to give Nikki a dose of that too. Do you have it in you?’

I looked over at Nikki. Sue had been busy licking her pussy and keeping her warm.

‘OK Rob, now it’s your turn to really make me cum. Last time I did the work, but now it’s up to you. I’m ready.’

I moved over on my knees and positioned myself between her legs. I looked down and allowed my eyes to feast on her body. Her long hair was all about her face on the bed. Her cheeks had a glow that accented those beautiful dark eyes. Her mouth was round and her lips were pursed as if she was about to speak. But the only sound she made was the sigh as her breasts heaved with her heavy breath. Her puffy areolas were capped with hard nipples. My eyes watched as they rose and fell while she breathed. Her olive skin sunk below and I marveled at the flatness of her belly. For a thirty year old woman, she was firm and fit. Her pussy was slick with all of our cum and Sue’s spit. It was all over her mons and dripping down her inner thighs. She was truly ready.

‘Go on! Fuck her now!’ Deb was ordering me. Nikki’s eyes were begging. I had no reason to wait. Sue had prepared us and my cock still felt like a log as I gripped it and pointed it at Nikki’s hot cunt. I rubbed the tip against her clit and she responded by scooting her ass down the bed and closer to my waiting one eyed monster. I pushed him down and suddenly he was slithering into Nikki’s dark cave.

‘Ohhh!’ she cried, ‘Oh God, yes!’

I pumped my hips and pounded into her pelvis as she thrust herself upward and my cock sunk deep inside of her. She was still hot and tight. Nikki lifted her legs and then wrapped them around me. I felt her feet locked together at the base of my spine and she dug her heels into my tailbone as she pulled me into her depths. My cock had never felt so strong, or so long! I swore I could feel the tip touching her at her deepest spot. And my instincts were right. Nikki was gasping and clawing at me, pulling me and holding me.

How long had it been since she had been with a man? Was I indeed touching a place that had never felt the head of a dick before? What could I do to make this a most memorable experience for us both?

I felt that I had stamina in my favor. It had been less than an hour since I had unloaded into my sister right here on this very same bed. And she had been riding me from above. Other than the fact that I had been busy eating Nikki at the time, it was one of the most relaxing fucks I had ever known. And then I did a repeat with Nikki. I was still strong enough to give Deb the pounding that she had asked for. And yet still I knew it would take me plenty of time before I would be ready to blow another load. And Sue had worked me up in that special way that she knows so well. And here I was, again giving it to a girl I have been dreaming sincan escort about for so long; I felt confident that this would go on for a long, long time.

There were voices around me. I heard names and cheering.

‘That’s right Rob, pound her pussy!’

‘Ooo Nikki, how does it feel? God, he looks so hard!’

Mmm, Rob baby, will you do me like that too?’

I was mad with lust. I don’t know if I’ve ever had so much energy to fuck with. Nikki was crying as my thighs pounded her legs. The slapping sound was deafening and the pace was like lightening.

Nikki was pulling on her own nipples. They were stretched beyond what I thought was possible. It had to be painful, but her cries were cries of erotic pleasure. And she was loud.

‘OH GOD ROB, YES! Oh. I can’t believe this! YES! YES! YES!’

I’m pretty sure she was cumming. It was the beginning of an orgasm that seemed like it would never end. I was still hard as a rock and in no danger of cumming soon. This was going to last.

Deb was now lying next to Nikki and coaching her. ‘Ooo yes, I love to watch you cum Nikki. Take him deep inside and fuck him hard. Do you love that hard cock?’

Nikki couldn’t answer her lover except to sigh between her screams of orgasmic shock. I began to worry that she might pass out. Her breathing was so strained. Then I felt the warmth of Sue’s breath as she licked and whispered in my ear.

‘Mmm Rob baby, it’s time for you to cum.’ I felt her hand cupping my ass and then her finger inching closer to my anal hole.

‘You have to fill her. I’m gonna make you empty all of your goo into Nikki’s hot wet cunt.’ Sue pressed her finger upward and into my ass. It made me even harder but I still didn’t feel ready to shoot. Nikki was going bonkers underneath me. My legs were starting to ache but my cock was still strong as steel.

‘Now baby. C’mon, give it to her!’ She drove her finger as far into my ass as it would go. She flicked it and wiggled it inside. The feeling was incredible. I felt my cum boiling in my loins.

‘AAAHHHHGGGGG!’ I let out a loud groan as the first huge spurt was pumped through my shaft and fired into Nikki’s love box.

‘OOOOHHHH! AAAAHHHHHGGGGG! YESSSSS!’ She screamed as gob after gob of my love seed ricocheted off the depth of her cavern. We were both yelling at the top of our lungs as we let the orgasms overcome us. It was so intense. My body was numb. All I could feel was the pulsing in my rod as I continued to shoot uncontrollably. Our juices were pouring out of her and soaking the bed. The noise in the room now was deafening. Our bodies crashing and Nikki screaming in orgasmic pleasure. I shouted loud groans again as I began to unload the last major wads. Suddenly I was exhausted. I collapsed on top of Nikki, trying not to hurt her with my full weight. My face met hers and Deb’s and we shared a tired kiss before I rolled off and nearly fainted. Nikki was equally tuckered out. Together our breathing was the only sound in the room but it was like we had just finished running a marathon.

From outside the door we heard the sound of hands clapping and several voices whooping and cheering. Apparently we had attracted a crowd with all the noise we had made. We all looked at each other and began to giggle. Nikki and I were still too tired to laugh out loud.

Deb and Sue moved down and started to lap up the cum that was oozing out of Nikki’s vagina. She winced in pain when they touched her. She was red and bruised from the pounding of our bones. I realized that I was going to be sore as well. Jan had moved over to me and was cautiously licking around the tender head of my penis and slurping the cum from my shaft and my scrotum. Sally got up and bent over my face.

‘That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever seen.’ she whispered as she kissed my lips. ‘You must be exhausted!’ We kissed again and I looked back at Nikki. Our eyes met and she smiled. Nikki’s eyes were glazed at first but then I saw a sparkle.

‘Rob, that was awesome! I’ve never been fucked like that before. Trish is a very lucky lady. But will you tell her thank you for sharing?’

I laughed. ‘Oh! God, Jan be careful down there! I feel like I’ve just been castrated.’

‘Ooo, poor baby, I hate to tell you this, but there’s a few more of us who are going to want some of what you’ve got there.’

‘Oh please sis, let me rest a while. I know I’m in heaven, but if I don’t take a break, I’ll never make it home. And I’ve got a wife who will be begging for it too. Let’s take a rest, OK?’ I closed my eyes and I honestly don’t remember anything after that.

To be continued…

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