To Gillian on Her 19th Birthday


At age 34, Stanley Johnson(hereto after referred to in the story as Stan) had it made. He was living large and loving it.

What made Stan so happy? Well you could say it was a number of things. First of all he was a very successful business man. He owned his own private Data recovery, network design and web page development firm known as Jupiter Data systems.

This firm was highly respected and well sought after, not only in his town of Ashville NC, but across the country and internationally as well. Stan worked on government contracts at all three levels-Federal, State and Local as well as designing networks and security applications for businesses.

Stan also had private consumer clients as well and his business was so successful, that he was easily pulling back close to 160K a year after taxes.

That was only the first aspect of Stan’s happiness. The next thing that made Stan happy was the fact that he wasn’t only successful in his business but he was successful socially. He was in all the right social circles, a member of some of the elite society clubs in town and was considered one of the top twenty-five most eligible bachelors in the region.

Physically speaking, Stan was handsome, what a lot of women would consider a dreamboat and to use a term from the hip-hop culture, Stan could have been considered a “Mack-Daddy”

Stan stood about 6’1″ weighed about 205 pounds, was very muscular and well toned and built like a line backer. He had sandy brownish-blonde hair, green eyes, ripped muscles and a six-pack going on in his abs region. He could have any woman he wanted but that wasn’t an issue because he had already found the love of his life.

This comes to the third thing that made Stan happy. He was in a loving relationship with his girlfriend and soulmate, Carmella. Carmella was a hot raven haired exotic beauty. She was 35 years of age, stood about 5’11 tall, of Puerto-Rican/US heritage.

Carmella was also had the body of a goddess. She had nice sumptuous breasts, measuring about a 38DD. Her complete measurements were 38DD-26-37. Carmella also had long luscious well toned dancers legs, ruby red lips that beckoned to be kissed, and her hair was straight and came down to between her shoulder blades.

Carmella’s mom was from Puerto Rico and her dad had been a US service man and Carmella would have the Latin skin color and dark black raven hair but the US ways and attitudes.

Carmella would come to North Carolina with her step family. Her dad had been married before to an American girl but died before Carmella was born. Carmella would be born later and have a step sister who was six years older than her named Susan.

Susan would grow-up and have a little girl named Gillian(Jill for short) and after college, Carmella would move in with Susan and Jill. Carmella worked as a Nurse Practitioner for one of for one of the successful OBGYN firms in town.

Carmella liked being single and had no desire to be married. She loved her freedom and independence and also loved having hot passionate sex with no commitments, but in time, that would change.

The first thing that changed it was the fact she became an instant mommy, so to speak. Carmella was always careful not to get pregnant and really had no desire to have children of her own but fate would intervene.

Carmella’s step sister would die in a tragic car crash and it was Susan’s last wish that if something was to happen to her, Carmella would be Jill’s guardian. As a result, Carmella now had a ten year old to raise.

Carmella adopted Jill formally. She and Jill had always been best friends and Jill felt like she could tell Carmella anything. This would not change and the two of them would grow extremely close, almost having a sisterhood.

Jill was a good child and never got into trouble. She very smart, very popular and not shy at. Jill had no trouble speaking her mind but she was raised well enough to know when to do it and when to keep quiet.

By the time Jill was sixteen, Stan would enter Carmella’s life and that would be the second thing that would settle Carmella down. The attraction between Stan and Carmella was instant, magical and mutual. Carmella had found the person she wanted to give her life to and she and Stan would become one in every aspect, physically sexually, mentally and spiritually.

Jill was head over heels in love with Stan as well. To her, Stan had hung the moon and stars and Jill absolutely worshipped the ground he walked on. They became close and when Jill was 18, her desires awoke and she began having secret feelings for Stan and the feeling was mutual but neither of them would act on it.

After graduating high school, Jill and Carmella’s relationship took a more intimate turn. The would begin talking about boys and sex. Jill was curious but scared and about six weeks before her birthday, Jill let slip she had the hots for Stan.

Jill was mortified when she let it slip and so afraid Carmella would get angry Kadıköy Escort but she didn’t. Jill had confessed that on many occasion she heard Carmella and Stan getting it on. Also she confessed that she actually had seen them do it and wondered what it would be like.

To tell you a little more about what Jill looked like at age 18, she stood around 5’7″ tall and was slender and petite. She had nice perky 33 inch breasts somewhere between an A and B cup, a slender 22 inch waist and 32 inch hips. She weighed all of 110 pounds soaking wet but still she was chased by all the boys and if she wanted to, she could any one of them she wanted.

Carmella would teach Jill about sex. She would give her the talk one night after Jill had graduated high school. Jill wanted to know what it was like to kiss but was too afraid to kiss a boy, so Carmella let Jill practice with her.

This would be the beginning of a budding intimate and tender lesbian relationship. Carmella would teach Jill how to satisfy the urges by masturbating and using dildo’s. Jill would insist they do it together and Carmella being the free spirit she was had no reservations about doing it.

During that summer, they shared soft tender sweet intimate lesbian encounters which would last until Jill would turn 19 and would receive the birthday present she would never forget.

Carmella had debated telling Stan about what her and Jill had been doing but eventually, somehow, it came up. Stan was actually intrigued and turned on. Then Carmella let Stan know that Jill had seen them together and had asked what it was like and wondered if how it would be if Stan was to be with her.

To Carmella’s surprise but delight Stan said “Why don’t we show her,” but they both agreed it would have to be planned and not rushed so it would be special.

“How about doing it on her next birthday,” Carmella said, just tossing out an idea on a whim.

“Perfect,” Stan said “It will be better than any present we could buy her.”

The day would come for Jill’s birthday and all the arrangements had been made. Stan and Carmella had taken Jill out to dinner for her birthday at her favorite restaurant and they decided to go back home, have cake and open presents.

Jill would be sitting on the couch beside Carmella while Stan was in the other room preparing his “special” present to her.

Jill had finished her cake and she opened all her presents. She would get a 100 dollar gift card, a new I-pad and I-phone as well as her own computer, a 27 inch I-Mac. Jill also got clothes, and some jewelry from her Aunts and Uncles but that would fail to compare to the gift she was going to receive from Stan and Carmella.

After all the gifts were open and the wrapping paper put away Carmella told Jill that she and Stan had one more present for her, private one on one tutoring lessons in the art of sex.

Jill’s mouth fell open and she didn’t know what to say.

“Are you fucking serious,” Jill asked not sure if Carmella was teasing her or not.

“I am dead serious,” Carmella said and with that she called for Stan to come into the room where they were.

Stan walked in dressed in a black Komodo and upon Carmella’s cue, he opened it and let it fall to the floor, revealing his well toned muscular body and throbbing 8 inch cock.

Jill’s mouth gaped open and her eyes got wide. “OH-MY-GOD,” Jill said as she slowly and deliberately accented each word. “Is that for me?”

“It’s all yours sweetie,” Carmella said with a smile. “Have fun and enjoy.”

“It’s so fucking huge,” Jill exclaimed. “I am not sure what to do first.”

“First of all you need to get comfy,” Carmella said. “Why don’t you take your skirt and top off.”

With Carmella’s help, Jill removed her green t-shirt and her light blue denim skirt so all that she was wearing was her white cotton panties. Carmella would further coax Jill in to taking off her panties and soon Jill was totally naked.

“Now isn’t that better,” Carmella said as she put her hands on Jill’s breasts and lovingly caressed them and ran her tongue around Jill’s nipple to get her in a horny mood

“Next get down on the floor and kneel in front of his cock, Carmella added as she helped Jill get into position and then knelt beside her. “Now touch it feel it and see how you like it. Here watch me.”

Carmella would put her hand on Stan’s cock and massage it and put her other hand on his balls and rub them.

“See its not bad, now you try it,” Carmella said coaxingly.

Jill put her hand on Stan’s cock and pumped it and just played with it.

“Now suck it like I taught you,” Carmella told Jill.

“I dunno,” Jill said reluctantly. “I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“Its simple sweetie,” Carmella said lovingly. “Remember how I showed you how to suck the strap on dildo, well it’s very similar. Here let me show you.”

Carmella would take Stan’s cock put her lips around the head of it and softly Ataşehir Escort suck the head. She then took Stan’s cock and ran her tongue around the helmet as well as running her tongue up and down the shaft. Lastly, Carmella would go all the way down on Stan’s cock and suck it like a vacuum cleaner.

Stan just moaned as Carmella sucked his cock and Jill watched in amazement.

“Now you try sweetie,” Carmella said as she quit sucking Stan’s cock and handed it to Jill. “Here, I will help you get started,” and with that Carmella helped Jill put her head in the right position.

Jill mustered up the courage and placed her lips on the edge of Stan’s cock head. She gradually built up her confidence and soon she was brave enough to take Stan’s cock all the way into her mouth.

“That’s my girl,” Carmella said approvingly. “You got the hang of it. Now bob your head up and down as you move it forward and backwards. That’s it, you got it girl.”

Carmella watched as Jill sucked Stan’s cock and soon it wasn’t long until Jill had a good motion going.

“Now you want to try to take it all the way in,” Carmella said as she came up behind Jill and gently ran her fingers through Jill’s hair. “That’s it baby, take it ALL in. Yeah! Good job!”

Soon Jill was sucking Stan off like a real pro and she was really getting into it At the same time. Carmella came up behind her and put her arms around Jill. Carmella would then finger Jill as she sucked on Stan’s cock.

Stan would feel his cock swell with cum and by his moans Carmella knew he was on the verge of cumming.

“No matter what hon, keep on sucking,” Carmella said to Jill as she whispered in her ear. “When I tell you to, start swallowing. Don’t fight it just take it all in”

Jill wasn’t sure what Carmella meant but it wouldn’t take long for her to find out. No sooner than Carmella had said that, Stan’s cock erupted like a massive volcano sending it’s cum like a steady stream of hot lava into Jill’s mouth.

Jill’s initial reaction was to gag and try to get her mouth off of Stan’s cock as quick as possible but Carmella held her head where it was. Stan’s massive cock was still all the way in Jill’s mouth.

“Swallow baby swallow,” Carmella said hurriedly yet lovingly.

Jill coughed gagged and almost choked at first then she quit trying to fight it and did what Carmella said and began to swallow. She found it exhilarating and soon she was drinking down every bit of Stan’s hot manhood not missing a drop.

“That’s my baby girl,” Carmella said like a proud parent. “I’m gonna make a hot little cock gobbler out of you yet.”

Jill continued to move her head back and forth and bob it up and down as she savored every last drop of Stan’s hot jism but soon the tidal wave would subside but Jill would keep on sucking.

Jill smiled as she removed her mouth from Stan’s cock and invited Carmella to share it with her. Jill and Carmella would suck Stan again until he would spunk his next load. This time, instead of swallowing, Carmella had Jill put her face in front of Stan’s cock and as he came Stan’s jism would spray on Jill’s face and in her hair

Surprisingly enough, it actually turned Jill on and she would lick it off her lips and rub the rest into her body like a lotion.

“Are you ready for the next step,” Carmella said to Jill as they both got up and Carmella led her back to the sofa.

“What’s that,” Jill asked.

“Taking Stan’s rock hard cock inside your pussy and letting him fuck you.”

“Guess so, I reckon,” Jill said in an uncertain voice. “It’s not gonna hurt is it?”

Carmella sensed Jill’s uneasiness and lovingly said “It might at first since it’s your first time but trust me the pleasure you will feel is well worth it.”

Carmella then stroked Jill’s hair and gently kissed her.

“I tell you what sweetie,” Carmella said tenderly. “I will lie on the couch and you can lie in my arms and I will hold you while Stan fucks you. Will that help?”

“Oh yes,” Jill replied and with that she laid back in Carmella’s lap and Carmella helped her spread her legs.

“Here sweetie, put some of this on. It will help lubricate your pussy and get it good and ready for Stan’s hard tool.”

Carmella had taken out a box of KY Yours and Mine™ lubricating gel/lotion and put the one meant for the female on Jill’s pussy.

“Oh god,” Jill gasped as a tingling sensation went through her pussy.

“Now lets put some on Stan,” Carmella added and with that she rubbed the male counterpart on Stan’s cock.

“Now Stan take it slow and easy,” Carmella said. “After all it’s Jill’s first time and we don’t want to hurt her.”

Stan moved up and got into position. He gently placed his cock at the edge of Jill’s pussy lips.

“Ready sweetie,” Carmella said to Jill as she lovingly caressed Jill’s body.

“As ready as I’m gonna be,” Jill replied cautiously but anxiously.

“Ok hon, I’m gonna take Maltepe Escort my hand and put it on Stan’s cock and I want you to do the same,” Carmella said as she took hers and Jill’s hand and placed it on Stan’s pulsating cock.

“Now together we are going to slowly guide it in,” Carmella added. “What also works good is if you buck your hips up so that his cock can go all the way in. Here I will help. On three ready? One-two-three.”

With that, Carmella helped Jill guide Stan’s cock into her pussy It went in slowly at first and met with some resistance but with Carmella’s coaching Jill was able to move her body where Stan’s tool slid all the way in her tight box.

“OH-GOD, ” Jill moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain as Stan’s tool went inside her. “OH FUCK YEAH that feels so damn good,” Jill added as she was getting accustomed to the feeling.

Stan hadn’t began any fucking motions. His cock was just sitting there inside of Jill’s pussy and he was allowing Jill to get used to it before he started the actual fucking.

“You ready for the next step sweetie,” Carmella said lovingly.

“Guess so,” Jill replied.

“Okay hun give it to her slow and easy,” Carmella said to Stan and with that Stan began to slowly fuck Jill.

“Oh God yes make it hurt so good,” Jill lustfully moaned in a panting voice. “Faster harder,” Jill cried out “Give it all to me and don’t hold back.”

Stan looked at Carmella for confirmation and Carmella just smiled and said “She’s a big girl, give her what she wants.”

Stan would gradually build up speed and soon he was pumping Jill at a moderately fast and steady rate.

“Oh yes, oh yes,,” Jill gasped as she fought for breath to speak.

Stan hammered her even harder and that just turned Jill on that much more. Jill was writhing in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She was gasping for breath and her hands were gripping the cushions of the couch as the feelings of pleasure were coursing through her body.

Suddenly Jill’s hymen broke and she cried out as water and fluids flooded over Stan’s cock.

“OH god what was that,” Jill gasped. “It felt so un-fucking-believable.”

“If my hunch is right sweetie, Stan here is just popped your cherry,” Carmella said with a big cheesy grin. “You are a woman now!”

“Oh god it felt so damn good,” Jill crooned with delight, “but I want more. I want Stan to fuck me like he fucks you. I wanna know every position possible and when I get done, I want my pussy to be rubbed raw and so sore that I cant walk straight for a week.”

“You heard the lady Stan,” Carmella said with a great big grin. “Give her what she wants and don’t hold back.”

Carmella would help Jill get into another position. She would have Stan sit on the couch and Jill sit on his lap facing him. With Carmella’s help Jill would lower her pussy on to Stan’s cock and begin to fuck him.

Jill was like a wild woman. She rode Stan’s cock hot and heavy, bouncing up and down. Jill had turned into an insatiable sex crazed nympho with a veracious appetite for sex.

Stan pumped her hard and fast as well. Jill arched her back and threw her head back as she continued to ride Stan.

It wouldn’t be long until Jill could feel her pussy quiver and the feelings of orgasm were building inside of her. It wasn’t long until she would reach the point of sweet release.

“Oh God baby make me cum,” Jill panted lustfully. She sit back up and Stan embraced her and they passionately kissed.

This was the first time they had ever kissed like that and they were locked in a deep hot passionate tongue probing tonsil swabbing French kiss.

They would break the kiss and Jill would put her breast to Stan’s mouth.

“Suck me Stan,” Jill lustfully moaned and with that Stan would give her what she wanted.

Stan could feel his cock swelling with cum and he knew it wasn’t long until he was going to blow his load.

“Oh god Jill I’m gonna cum” Stan moaned.

Without a hesitation or a second though Jill’s reply was “Gimme all of you baby. I gotta have your hot cum inside me!!!”

Within a minute, Jill’s orgasm reached it’s zenith and with one mighty crescendo, she climaxed, flooding Stan’s cock with her sweet sticky cream.

Unprepared for the intense feeling of pleasure, Jill suddenly gasped for breath, threw her arms around Stan’s neck, pulled herself close to him and stopped her fucking motions as her body went rigid and the intense feelings of ecstasy rushed through her body with all the fury of nature’s most fierce torrent.

She stayed that way for a few seconds then slowly she released and lowered her body back down.

“OH god baby yes,” Jill moaned. “Oh fuck yeah, it felt better than I could ever have imagined!!!”

Seconds later Stan’s cock twitched sending his hot cum into Jill’s hungry


Jill moaned with delight as Stan’s hot man hood spewed forth like lava from a long dormant volcano that was fighting its way to the surface and releasing a tide of hot intense magma.

“OH God that was so fucking good,” Jill lustfully moaned. “Never in my wildest dream or most decadent fantasy would I have ever imagined it would have felt so wonderful!!”

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