Tina’s Boyfriend Goes Away


My boyfriend had gone away for a well-earned break. I couldn’t get the time off so I was forced to stay at home – he was going to be off for over two weeks.

We’d been together only a short time but we were having a very intense relationship sharing our darkest fantasies with each other. Richard was always thinking of me having sex with someone else and I was enjoying describing to him how I’d go about it. I used to make up stories for him and tell him about how I’d be fucking other guys with him watching. He had such a dirty mind that he’d just love to hear them. I loved watching his face as he wanked himself off listening to me whispering in his ear. He’d always shoot a massive load of spunk all over my tits or make me suck the spunk out of his cock just as he was unloading. We both used to come with really breathtaking orgasms and then lie in each other’s arms panting heavily revelling in the post-orgasm glow that our dirty minds had caused. Initially I thought it strange that he’d want to share me but I also used to get really turned on with the thought of having some stranger’s big cock ramming into me whilst Rich watched me. We would then laugh at how our minds had created such good feelings in our bodies.

I was getting frustrated when he was away and had resorted to playing with myself almost nightly. This was getting more frequent as the first week of his absence continued. By the second week I couldn’t stop myself from getting out my big vibrator and using it on me. I’d been with Richard the week before he went away and he’d used that on me for the first time. He made me suck it when he was fucking me with his big, thick cock. He kept on telling me that it looked like I was being fucked in the mouth at the same time as he was fucking me. He told me how good it felt with his cock in my cunt and another filling my mouth. We’d both experienced earth-shattering comes. He’d come deep inside me and then licked me out straight after. I knew that he was thinking about licking some other guy’s spunk out of my well-used cunt. I didn’t normally push the vibrator inside me but I couldn’t stop myself and had several really big comes. I think I was getting the reality confused with my fantasy.

I was really looking forward to Rich coming home and he was due home on the Saturday afternoon. However the Friday night I went out with some girl friends for some after-work drinks. I was excited that Rich was due home the next day and found myself having a few too many drinks. One of the girls knew some guys in the bar where we were drinking and invited them to join us. They were a nice bunch but one of the guys seemed to take a big interest in me. He was tall and dark just like Richard and he reminded me of him. This made me probably tell him a few too many things about myself but the drinks they were buying us helped remove any barriers I may have had.

Steve, the tall guy, was very nice and was very good-looking gaziosmanpaşa escort and I found myself thinking of Richard. Suddenly I felt his hand on my leg. I shivered as the drinks had made me feel a little horny. I didn’t move it away and suddenly Steve’s hand moved higher. I was wearing a wrap-around dress, showing lots of cleavage and found the thrill of this guy making a pass at me was sending spasms to my pussy. My tits seemed to be bursting out of my dress as my breathing increased. My cunt suddenly began to feel like it was dripping into my panties. Shivers ran down my spine as I suddenly pulled myself together and excused myself to the ladies room.

One of my friends came with me – she remarked how Steve seemed to have taken a shine to me. I shrugged off her words but felt good that I was attracting the attentions of such a good looking guy. I got back to my stool at the bar and found that Steve seemed to be on the verge of going. He was saying goodbyes to everyone and leaned in to kiss me goodbye. As he moved in to kiss my cheek he whispered in my ear asking me if I needed a lift home. I don’t know what it was – the drink, the attention, the raging wetness in my knickers but I said that he could give me a lift home if that wasn’t out of his way. I was feeling good but sort of in control. My head was warm and hazy but I knew what I was doing. He was only dropping me home anyway.

We said our goodbyes and jumped into his car. As he drove away I suddenly felt his hand on my leg again. This time much higher up my leg where my dress had fallen open revealing my stocking tops. He looked at my legs and then smiled at me. He told me that he needed something from his flat and did I want to come up to have a quick drink before I was dropped home. Again my pussy spasmed as I felt a surge through my cunt. I shouldn’t be doing this. What would Rich say if he knew I was going back to a guy’s flat hours after meeting him. I said it would be okay but that I wasn’t the sort of girl to do anything and that I had a boyfriend. He assured me he would be a gentleman with me and got out of the car. I followed him to the entrance to his place and slipped inside the door before him. I watched him in the light and he looked even better looking. He was tall with big broad shoulders. I suddenly grew very nervous at the thought of being on my own with him – would I control myself since my pussy was feeling so damp and I was feeling so horny.

Next a big glass was put in my hand – it tasted really strong and made my head spin. It was then that I knew I may be in trouble. Steve sank down in the chair next to me and put his big hands on my legs. He asked me if I was wearing stockings. I told him I was and he asked me to show him. I blushed but found myself unwrapping the dress slightly, showing the tops of both of my legs. Steve gave out a huge sigh and it gölbaşı escort was then that I noticed he seemed to have a huge bulge in his trousers. I was massively turned on looking at this big fat lump in his pants and couldn’t help myself from reaching over and rubbing his hardness. Suddenly his lips came down on mine and his tongue snaked into my mouth. I found myself sucking hungrily on it and felt my dress unwrap away from me. I knew it was wrong but my cunt was aching. He’d deftly sprung open the ties and I was sitting on the sofa with only my bra, panties and stockings on show. I kept squeezing his big cock through his trousers and knew I was going to let this guy fuck me.

He started telling me that he was going to fuck me and ram his big cock into me. God it was so exciting and I was grabbing at his belt trying to undo it to get a look at his big cock. Slowly he got up and undid the belt dropping his trousers to the floor. His boxers showed that I was right about his cock – they were straining to keep him covered. He told me take off my panties and my bra. I unclipped my bra and my tits spilled out. He gasped when he saw them telling me how big and luscious they looked. He was telling me how he’d been looking at them all night and wanted to suck and bite them. Then he pulled my knickers down leaving me in just my stockings. Very slowly Steve pulled his boxers down and this massive cock sprung out in front of me. The head was huge and a deep red. I couldn’t help myself and I tentatively pushed my head towards it and tried to force it into my mouth. God it felt so good and forced my lips wide as it slid in. I just love sucking cock and I’d missed having Richard’s in my mouth. Steve gasped, telling me how good it looked with his cock deep in my mouth. I felt it throb in my mouth, getting larger and then suddenly realised that I was being pulled onto the floor. Jesus this dirty fucker was going to fuck me right here on the floor.

Out of the corner of my eye I suddenly caught the sight of movement – was there someone else in the room?. I was being placed on my hands and knees. Steve had come around to the front of me and was rubbing his huge fucking tool over my lips and my neck. I was loving every second of it and was licking his wet drips from his cock. He tasted fantastic in my mouth but I was struggling to get all of it in my mouth it was so big.

I suddenly felt hands on my arse, rubbing up and down and realised that the movement was someone else in the room. Some stranger was rubbing his hands all over my arse and then slid a thick finger into my wet dripping cunt. My cunt suddenly convulsed and I knew I was soaking. I realised that I was soon going to feel filled at both ends – two cocks stuffing into my mouth and cunt. I wanted then both and sucked Steve’s cock deep into my mouth until I gagged. I lifted my mouth off his cock, turned my keçiören escort head to look behind me. I saw another guy kneeling there with his long cock in his hand. He was slowly wanking himself. I loved watching Richard do this to himself. It was as if Richard had told them everything that I liked, everything that made my pussy squirm. His cock must have been rock hard as it was dripping pre-cum from the end. He was starting to aim it at my pussy lips. I screamed out “Come on you dirty fucker – give me that cock, ram it into my cunt.” Christ what was happening to me. I’d turned into a dirty slut begging for cock.

Then I felt this stranger’s cock slide up and down my slit before slamming it deep into me. The force of it made me scream out but I wasn’t in pain I was loving the feeling of this stranger’s cunt slipping deep into my dripping cunt. I pushed Steve’s cock in my mouth and started deep-throating him. God he filled my mouth up totally. His big veiny cock was rippling over my lips. He was getting off watching his mate fuck my cunt and I was loving it. The cock inside me felt really long and was pushing right up me. I could feel my orgasm building and knew it was going to be a big one. I wanted Steve’s big knob in me I knew it would make me uncontrollable having that huge slab stretching my cunt. I stopped them and turned around, still on my knees, my tongue licking around my lips and began sliding my lips over the stranger’s cock. It tasted so good coated with my pussy juice and was incredibly long. I looked over my shoulder and told Steve to “ram that big thing in me and make me come!” I wanted to be spit-roasted and totally used by these two strangers.

God he did just that and I felt like I was being split in half. He grabbed me by the hair and really pulled hard then forced my mouth back onto his mate’s long cock. It hurt at first but my cunt had been really juiced up by that other cock. I’d had two big cocks in me in quick succession and I was loving it. The discomfort went and I was soon feeling my cunt bubble as I neared a massive come. The big hard boner in my mouth suddenly started to bulge in my mouth and started shooting big streams of cum into my mouth and I hungrily slurped it all over my tongue sucking him really deeply. Steve could see his mate spunking into my mouth. Steve was hammering into me faster and faster then he started to spurt hot jets into the depths of my womb. He was flooding my pussy with his cream and I started feeling his spunk leak from my cunt spilling down my thighs. This was all too much for me and I started spasming and gasping as this tremendous orgasm took over my whole body. I was shaking uncontrollably, lost in the lust I was feeling. I didn’t know what I was doing but I did know that I wanted Steve’s cum in my mouth. So I spun myself around, feeling the stranger’s cock slip out of my cum-filled cunt and grabbed Steve’s massive cock and felt the last spurt shoot into my mouth. Then I grabbed both their cocks and licked them all over switching from one to the other. I could taste both myself and their spunk. I gulped the mess in my mouth down and started licking my lips…I wanted more.

Richard was going to love my latest story and I hadn’t decided to tell him whether it was still a fantasy or had really happened.

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