The Record Store Ch. 03


Noah stepped out of the back room, his head reeling from his encounter with Dan. As he looked around the store, he saw his boss chatting with two men in their early 50s.

Robert noticed Noah’s gaze and beckoned him over. “Come here, Noah,” he said, gesturing for him to join the conversation.

Noah felt a knot form in his stomach as he approached the two men. Their eyes lingered on him in a way that made his skin crawl. They were both overweight and one wore thick glasses. Noah steadied himself and forced a smile. “Hi, I’m Noah,” he said, feigning confidence.

“I want you to take care of these guys, Noah,” Robert said. “They’re some of my best customers.” Noah thought he knew what that meant. He would have to provide these men with the same special treatment he had given Dan in the back room.

Robert stepped forward and placed his hand on Noah’s shoulder. “You’ll do great, Noah,” he told him, his voice low and reassuring. “Just remember what I taught you.”

Noah nodded, his throat feeling dry as he forced himself to look the men in the eyes. “Yes, sir,” he heard himself say.

“I’m leaving these guys in your capable hands,” Robert said, his voice back to full volume. “Make me proud, little man.” Robert slapped him affectionately on the back and strode away.

Noah stood there, unsure of what to say or do. The two men looked up at him, their eyes scanning his body, as if they were inspecting merchandise. He felt a chill run down his spine.

The first man, a portly guy with a receding hairline, introduced himself as Kevin. “We’ve heard a lot about you, Noah,” he said.

A rush of shame washed over Noah as he shook Kevin’s hand and tried to look friendly. “Nice to meet you,” he said.

The other man, a shorter guy with a thick beard, introduced himself as Steve. “Don’t worry, Noah,” he said, a hint of amusement in his voice. “We’ll go easy on you.”

Noah followed the two men to a corner of the store. As they browsed the shop good-naturedly he began to reassess the men. These guys looked fairly harmless. Noah followed the two men around the store while making small talk. He began to relax as he slipped into customer service mode. The men indulged him and conversation flowed freely. Was it possible that these guys were nothing more than ordinary customers? Noah gave them a hopeful smile.

Kevin put a hand on Noah’s shoulder, his grip tight. “We’re expecting a little something extra, you know,” he said, his breath hot on Noah’s ear.

Noah tensed under Kevin’s grasp.

“Why don’t you show us the back room,” Steve said, his hand on Noah’s other shoulder. “Robert said you were talented, let’s see if he’s right.”

Noah’s smile disappeared.

Kevin and Steve exchanged a look, and Noah’s throat clenched. “Sure thing,” he said as he walked the men to the back room. He shivered, trying to keep his nerves under control. Noah struggled to hide his revulsion and adopted a polite and professional manner as he opened the door and gestured for the two men to enter. They strode inside and sat themselves down at opposite ends of the couch, patting the spot between them.

“Come on, buddy,” Steve said, his voice sickeningly sweet. “Don’t be shy.”

Noah obliged, sandwiching his slender frame between the chubby men. His palms were sweaty and his mouth was dry. The space felt tight, and Bolu Escort he wished he could disappear.

Noah tried to force a smile, but it came out more like a grimace.

With a raspy sigh Steve stretched and wrapped his meaty arm around Noah, pulling him close. “Relax, little guy,” he said. “We’re going to take good care of you.”

Noah felt sick as the sweaty men started to touch him. Steve’s stubby fingers caressed his cheek, while Kevin’s thumb circled his lips. Noah hated it.

Steve leaned in pressed his lips against Noah’s. The kiss was warm and sensual at first, but quickly turned vile as the man’s fat tongue filled Noah’s mouth, probing too deep. Noah struggled to breathe. Steve pulled him closer, clutching his face and kissing him more and more passionately.

Noah pretended to enjoy the invasion while Kevin ran his hands over Noah’s chest and stomach, sending a shock of pleasure through him. Noah wanted to resist, but his body responded eagerly to the touch. Kevin leaned in, his lips brushing against Noah’s neck, sending chills down his spine. He felt violated, yet his cock stiffened.

Noah closed his eyes, trying to ignore the feeling of Kevin’s hand on his thigh, inching higher and higher. He wanted to run away. Kevin’s hand moved up to Noah’s crotch, and he felt his cock betray him, throbbing treacherously.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” Kevin whispered, his lips close to Noah’s ear, his hand slipping inside Noah’s pants. “Just let us take care of you.”

Noah closed his eyes, trying to block out what was happening to him. He was being devoured. He wanted to scream, to run away, but he was frozen in place, unable to move or speak.

Kevin’s hand moved lower, finding its prize. Noah felt a surge of panic. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him, that he was trapped in this nightmare with no way out. Kevin’s hand took hold of him. Noah whimpered in protest, but his voice was swallowed by Steve’s mouth.

The world spun around him as they took him to the brink. Noah felt stripped of his dignity as they amused themselves with his body, but he couldn’t deny the truth. In a sick and twisted way he was enjoying himself. He hated himself for it. He felt powerless. Noah tried to think of a way out, but his mind was blank. He felt himself slipping away.

And then, something snapped inside him. A surge of adrenaline took over and he pushed the men away with all his strength, scrambling to his feet.

Thinking quickly, Noah pasted a smile on his face and turned to face the men. “Allow me,” he said, desperate to gain control over the situation.

The two men nodded approvingly and leaned their bodies back, parting their thick legs wide. Kevin put his hands behind his head and grinned at him indulgently.

Noah felt a pang of disgust, but he tried to hide it. He lowered himself to his knees, feeling the rough carpet under his palms. He looked up at the men, their faces obscured by shadows. He couldn’t see their eyes, but he could sense their desire. Noah was repulsed by them, their bellies protruding over their belts, but he knew what he had to do, and he tried to prepare himself mentally. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Noah’s hands shook as he knelt down in front of Kevin. Steve scooted closer as Noah unzipped the man’s jeans. He could feel their eyes on Bolu Escort Bayan him as he freed Kevin’s cock. Kevin’s thick thighs squeezed Noah tightly as the musky scent of his pubic hair filled his nostrils.

Noah knew that he could get it over with quickly if he committed to the task, so he focused his mind and went to work. He concentrated on his technique, using his tongue as Robert had taught him. He could feel Kevin’s full girth grow to fill his mouth, then he moved on to Steve.

Noah kept his eyes down as he unzipped Steve’s pants. He tried to think about something else, anything else. The man breathed heavily as Noah took him into his mouth. He could feel Kevin’s eyes on him, watching intently. Noah tried to recall how he had ended up here, on his knees with these two strangers, doing things that he had never imagined himself capable of.

Steve groaned as Noah sucked him, his fingers digging into Noah’s scalp. “Yeah, that’s it, baby. Take it all,” he said, his breaths coming in short gasps. Noah could feel the weight of Kevin’s hand on the back of his head. Steve’s hips bucked as he drew closer to climax. Noah could feel his own throat tightening as Steve grew harder in his mouth. He tried to relax and breathe through it, but the smell of sweat was overpowering. When he was sure Steve was about to come, Kevin pulled his head away and pushed him down into his own crotch again.

Noah felt a wave of revulsion as he wrapped his lips around Kevin’s cock. It was slimy and salty, and he could feel the weight of the man’s balls against his chin. He closed his eyes and tried to lose himself in the rhythm of Kevin’s thrusts. But it was no use. He could feel his stomach roiling. He wanted to puke, but he knew he had to keep going. The only way out was to finish what he had started.

The minutes dragged by in slow-motion, each second a blur as the men took turns with him, the sweat from their bellies dripping onto his face. The room was hot and stuffy, the air thick with the scent of sex. Noah’s head spun, his senses on fire. Just when he thought one of them was on the edge, the other would pull him off and the process would start all over again. Noah lost track of time, lost track of everything. He tried to block out the sensation of Steve’s sweaty belly slapping against his forehead, but it was impossible.

He was trapped in an endless loop of sucking and retching, heat and hair, bellies and balls. He wanted it to be over, but it seemed like they would never finish with him. Noah was going numb. He couldn’t remember what it was like to feel anything other than this.

Noah was buried in Steve’s pubic hair. Or was it Kevin’s? The wet slapping of skin against skin was rhythmic, hypnotic, lulling him into a daze. Noah felt a surge of anger rise within him, but he forced it down.

Steve groaned, and Noah felt Kevin’s hand on his head, pushing him down as Steve’s cock throbbed in his mouth. Finally, blessedly, Steve let out a loud grunt and spurted a fountain of warm liquid into his mouth. Noah choked and sputtered, his throat burning. He swallowed as much as he could, but his stomach protested. He was gagging, but Steve didn’t care. He kept thrusting into Noah’s face, using him as a receptacle as spit and semen oozed down his chin. Noah pulled away, gasping for air. But before he could catch Escort Bolu his breath Kevin took his turn again, thrusting himself clumsily down Noah’s throat.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Kevin groaned as Noah tried to suppress his gag reflex. The room was spinning, and Noah felt like he might pass out. But he couldn’t stop now, not when he was so close to the end.

Kevin’s cock thrust into him, over and over again. Noah felt tears pricking at the corners of his eyes and he knew he couldn’t take much more. He felt Kevin’s cock pulsing against his tongue, the man’s thumbs digging into his cheeks. He tried to breathe through his nose, but it was no use. He could feel his lungs burning, his vision growing dark. The room faded away as Kevin pumped his load into Noah’s tired mouth.

Noah heard a wet pop as Kevin pulled out of Noah’s mouth and the world came back in to focus. Noah slumped to the floor, coughing and gasping for air. He felt violated, used, empty. He swallowed everything, feeling sick and ashamed.

Noah wiped his mouth as he lifted his head, eyes glassy and wet. Kevin and Steve were lounging satisfied on the couch, their faces flushed with pleasure, their pants still undone. A sense of hopelessness washed over Noah. He’d done what was expected of him, but he’d lost a bit of himself in the process.

“Wow, Robert was right,” Kevin said. “You’re perfect for this job.”

Noah thought he might scream. He didn’t want to be good at this. He didn’t want to be doing this at all. But he knew had to keep up the act until they were gone.

“Thanks,” Noah said, forcing a smile. “I try my best,” He could barely hide his revulsion.

Noah knelt on the floor trying to compose himself as they stood up from the couch. The men zipped up their pants and left the back room, leaving Noah alone with his thoughts. He tried to stand up, but his legs were too weak. When he saw Robert standing in the doorway Noah gave up and knelt before his new boss. He had never felt so humiliated.

“How did it go, Noah?” Robert asked kindly.

Noah looked up at him, feeling a mix of loathing and resignation. “It was fine,” he said, trying to sound convincing. Noah felt his face heat up with shame. He lowered his head to avoid his boss’s eyes. “It was fine,” he repeated, his voice barely above a whisper.

Robert came over and helped him up. “You did good, boy,” he said with fatherly pride. “Real good.”

Noah glared at him. Anger and hurt boiling inside of him. How could Robert do this to him? How could he ask him to do such degrading things?

Noah forced a smile, feeling like he was about to throw up. “I’m doing my best.”

Robert patted him on the head. “It gets easier, I promise. Before long you’ll be an old pro at this.”

Noah tried to smile, but part of him had died. All he could do was nod and try to push the feelings away.

Robert chuckled. “I have a feeling that those two are going to be coming back for more. They were pretty impressed with you, Noah.” Robert’s eyes pressed into him. “And I’m impressed too. You’ve had a big day, so I’m going to let you go early. Be back tomorrow at 9.”

Noah couldn’t get out of the store fast enough. When he emerged onto the street, the world outside seemed different. He had let these men use him, humiliate him. But somewhere in the back of his mind a thought arose that he couldn’t ignore. He wanted more.

That decided it. He had to quit this job before it was too late. Before the adrenaline rush of these encounters changed him forever. Before this terrifying addiction could take hold of him completely.

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