The Pump


One of my wife’s best friends Kelly, lived very close to my office. Kelly and her husband were good friends of ours ever since college. Kelly, a very attractive, 5′ 6″ brunette, had just had a baby a few months earlier and was home alone most days as her husband was back at work and often traveled. My wife asked me to bring a few things over to her one afternoon since our kids were a bit older now and we had no use for our baby accessories. We had a baby gate that needed to be installed at their house and since her husband was out for a couple of days I agreed to stop by and hook it up for her. So the next day, I brought a bag of baby clothes, the gate and a few other odds and ends to work with me as I planned to go over on my lunch break. So lunch time came and off I went to Kelly’s house. I knocked a few times and waited but there was no answer. I knocked again several times and began to wonder why she wasn’t answering the door since she was expecting me. Then, after another minute or so I heard her voice ask who it was and upon hearing that it was me, she began undoing the lock and she opened the door. As she opened the door I was a bit surprised by what I saw. She had her shirt partially on with a towel wrapped around her breasts underneath. The towel added a bit more coverage since her shirt was loose and the towel reached the waist of her white sweat pants that she was wearing. I was a bit taken back and I could tell she was a bit disheveled. She apologized for the delay and said that he was in the middle of pumping and was caught off guard when I knocked. Having a few kids of my own, Beylikdüzü escort I remember the days when my wife did the same thing when the little one was at day care. She would pump her breast milk into bottles for use at a later time. Anyway, I apologized and told her I could come back another time, and she insisted it was fine and to come inside. I followed her into the living room with all of the things and saw the breast pump on the coffee table in front of the couch and next to it was a baby bottle half filled with breast milk. We talked briefly about the gate which was to be installed at the bottom of the staircase right next to the living room and I again asked her if now was a good time. She said if I didn’t mind her pumping while I worked she was fine with me installing it now. I acted as normal as I possibly could and said it’s no problem for me. I began putting together the gate and tried my best not to stare at Kelly on the couch repositioning herself. She kept her shirt around her neck covering her breasts but slid the pump underneath. From my quick glances I could see the side of her torso and her back with no bra on of course. Again, I tried to go about my business but was rather turned on by the situation I found myself in. We made some small talk while this was going on but this entire time I felt my cock getting harder and harder. The thought of Kelly’s tits barely hidden under her loosely hung shirt around her neck and her pumping milk for some reason was really turning me on. The towel was gone an only the large shirt covered her Beyoğlu escort bayan swollen breasts. As we talked for the next 15 minutes both of us became more comfortable with the atmosphere that we were sharing. She was openly telling me about the breast feeding process and how much time she spent pumping. She then says, and I’ll never forget it, that she couldn’t wait to finish because the pump really hurts her nipples. She goes on to mention that the pump causes them to get so hard and raw after awhile she could hardly stand it. I was shocked and extremely turned on hearing my wife’s friend talk about her breast and nipples openly to me. I remember uttering something like, “Yeah, I remember my wife used to say the same thing’. Kelly then said, “I can see it’s having a similar effect on you.”I was caught. In my assembling the gate I hadn’t even bothered trying to conceal my hard-on and apparently she had noticed. I let out a little laugh and apologized and she said not to worry, that it sometimes turned her husband on too. I said I used to love to watch my wife and it just brought back some memories. Well the ice was officially broken now and we were both a lot more casual. In fact when she finished with one breast and started to do the next, she lifted her shirt and didn’t really bother to try and cover up. I stared a little more obviously now and didn’t try to pretend that I wasn’t looking. We definitely had moved up a notch on the comfort scale and we were both acting like it was no big deal. I was in the middle of a conversation with her and Escort Bomonti she just sat there, holding her exposed breast, positioning it in the pump like it was no big deal for me to see. And then, without any hesitation, Kelly still looking down at her pump says, “Well, if you’d like to watch you can, I still have one more boob to do”. Gulp. I couldn’t believe were this was going. I jokingly replied, “Well, if you insist.. Do you mind if I sit on the couch with you?” .”Sure, might as well get a good view” she said, as I got up and walked over to the couch and sat down next to her. I just remember how nervous I was. I sat there and watched her position her exposed boob into the cup and turn on the machine. The cup latched on to her breast and the suction started. I sat almost with my legs cross facing her with my cock bulging inside my pants. I didn’t try to hide it at all at that point, in fact I was actually trying to make it as obvious as possible. “So you like watching?” she asked. “I do” I responded and I thanked her again for letting me observe. I then said in a joking manner that I might have to ‘lock my office door for some alone time’ when I got back to work and I slightly gave my cock a squeeze on the outside of my pants. Kelly saw me do this and I think it aroused her a little bit. “Are you going to think about me when you get back to work?” she asked.”Well, to be honest it’s going to be hard for me to concentrate on anything until I do” I responded.For the next minute or so she quizzed me on alone time I like to have at the office. She was asking where I did it and how I did it, things like that. I think she was enjoying asking me these types of questions while I sat there watching her pump topless. Finally without skipping a beast she told me, “You can do it here if you like.”Gulp. I couldn’t believe what I just heard her say. I instantly got excited and nervous at the same time.

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