The Principal’s Turn-Maggie’s Day 02


Note to the reader – Although this is a stand alone story, it is hard to believe this is the 11th chapter in the Principal’s Turn storyline. It is the final chapter of Principal Maggie Turner’s journey. The story documents her conversion from straight, professional, career woman, to submissive lesbian slut, to her former student, Taisha Smith.

This story depicts themes of reluctance and non consent, voyeurism and submission. If any of that is offensive, please find another story. If you read on please enjoy. As always your comments and ratings are welcomed.


Principal Maggie Turner woke Saturday morning, nestled against Taisha Smith, former student, and current employee. Her eyes slowly opened to the sight of her dark-skinned Goddess sleeping peacefully. The realization that this was not some part of an elaborate dream sunk in slowly.

Her husband Sam was out of town on business and Taisha had actually slept in her bed all night. That reality jolted her fully awake. What if Sam had come home early! As she thought about it, she already knew he had been unfaithful, probably many times over the years, so she tried to convince herself, her behavior was justified.

She watched Taisha breathe, replaying the events of the last few weeks and asked herself who was more “unfaithful”? Sam who had one-nighters with bimbos, or her, aching for the beautiful young woman next to her. Her heart fluttered at the sight of her silky dark skin. Her body tingled at the scent of their sex in the air, mixed with Taisha’s perfume. She wanted nothing more than to lay there and watch her breath, peacefully.

The mixed emotions of complete contentment, longing for more, and guilt, swirled through her mind as her eyes soaked in the beauty before her. Taisha had unleashed deep, primal desires, in Maggie, she had never imagined. She played Maggie like a virtuoso plays the piano. Pushing the right key in the perfect rhythm, building perfectly from the previous note.

From that first night, when with one masterfully maneuvered finger, she had every cell in Maggie’s body electrified. Her warmth, her movement, her scent, her seductive words, her breath on Maggie’s neck, all brought her to complete bliss, like she was touched for the first time.

Maggie’s mind had told her to stop, to stand up and walk away, but her body refused to move. Her body betrayed her every time, surrendering to Taisha’s will. The reward was unbridled pleasure, like she’d never felt.

After the first encounter, she resolved to not let it happen again, but it did. And the reward was once again, beyond comprehension. With each encounter her resolve melted further away. She knelt, she begged, she crawled, but the reward was worth it every time. From that first night Taisha promised 1000 ways to pleasure her, planting a seed that grew in her mind, filling her idle moments at first, but growing further.

She wanted to experience all 1000, whatever it took. Taisha Smith delivered every time, demanding a little more in return. For weeks, she would taunt, then pleasure Maggie, never letting her reciprocate until last night. She’d warned her that first taste would hook her, and yes it did.

She recalled kneeling before her, eagerly complying when Taisha asked her to make herself come. To see the spellbound expression on Taisha’s face as she watched Maggie finger herself and beg for her pussy was the most satisfying intimate encounter Maggie could recall. She would do it again on demand without question. Taisha’s scent and the rich, bittersweet taste of her pussy created an undeniable craving in Maggie.

At that moment however, Maggie’s growling tummy reminded her, they hadn’t eaten last night, and she was starving. So, she slipped out of bed quietly. There was a quick and easy breakfast casserole she recently learned about. She mixed it up, put it in the oven, and went for her morning swim.

She finished her swim just before the casserole was done. Then she pulled it out to let it cool a bit, with no sign of Taisha yet. When she went upstairs, she was gone, but she did find a note on the bed.

Principal Turner,

Why am I not surprised you have a pen and notepad on your nightstand? Thank you for an unforgettable night. 🙂 So sorry I missed the swim, but for some reason, I was a bit exhausted. I can think of 12 reasons for that. 12 earth moving reasons.

I can smell breakfast cooking as I write. Is there anything you can’t do? I am going to the RV for a quick shower and change of clothes. Hopefully I can find my clothes from last night. 🙂 I will meet you downstairs for breakfast. And I am so looking forward to desert.



Maggie felt a tingling rush through her body. She hurried to the shower to prepare herself. As she did, she recalled last night’s the shower. Taisha Smith had awakened a need in Maggie, no one else had ever even touched. Pleasing Taisha, made her feel more alive than she’d ever felt.

She showered, shaved, and put her hair in a rare ponytail for ease and speed. As she thought about kocaeli escort bayan what to wear, she put on a powder blue lacey bra and matching bikini briefs. She looked in her closet, then the mirror, then back to the closet. Another look in the mirror, and she grinned. She liked what she had on, no need for more. She spun and adjusted the bra to get the most pop and the panties to show a little extra bun on either side.

She stayed make-up free, except for her lipstick. She broke out the candy apple red and did it up right. She walked downstairs, butterflies churning in her empty stomach.

Maggie peeked around the corner first and was surprised to see Taisha sitting at the table with plates of casserole and toast set along with coffee and juice. Taisha wore black yoga pants and a grey oversized off the shoulder tee that made Maggie long to kiss her neck.

When Maggie stepped into the room, Taisha’s mouth opened. “Come overhear Principal Turner.” She said excitedly.

Maggie blushed and stopped in front of her and took her outstretched hands. Taisha stood up and spread their arms out so she could look at her. “I may never get to eat again if you keep distracting me like this. Turn around and let me…” Maggie turned and Taisha stopped mid-sentence. “Damn.” She sighed.

She let go of Maggie’s hands and cupped her ass before squeezing both buns hard. Principal Turner, what are you doing to me, I’m only human? Her arms slid around Maggie’s abdomen and pulled her against her. Taisha’s chin rested on her shoulder, and she whispered.

“I came twelve damned times yesterday. I can hardly walk this morning, and just like that my pussy’s wet for you again.”

Her fingers swirled on Maggie’s belly, and she tried to slip them down the front of her panties.

Maggie spun away teasingly. “Sorry, Ms. Taisha, this is my weekend. You’re gonna have to wait just a bit. I couldn’t bring myself to eat much of anything before our, little encounter yesterday. I need food!”

She took a seat across from her where her plate was set. As she ate, she decided to tease Taisha. It’s too bad we need to give you a break today, I can think of a sticky sweet desert, to go with this breakfast.”

“Don’t you worry Principal Turner, I’m gonna have a few servings for the both of us today. But hey, I can share.” She waved her tongue in a circle and Maggie got her meaning. Maggie recalled the kiss after the first time Taisha’s tongue met her pussy. There was something extra sexy about tasting her own Juices on Taisha’s lips.

She cleaned her plate, and they drank their coffee and juice. The whole time she imagined kissing Taisha’s exposed right shoulder and neck as she sat on her lap straddling her.

Taisha took a sip. “Thank you for a wonderful breakfast, Principal Turner. What would you like to do today, it is your day? We can do anything you want as long as my pussy, is not involved.” She smiled mischievously.

“So many possibilities. I do owe you a desert. After that, I wondered if we might do a little shopping.” Maggie smiled and leaned back in her chair sipping some orange juice.

“Shopping? Really?” Taisha asked confused.

“Well, we do have to give you a break, and if we wear me out today, what does that leave for tomorrow?”

Taisha bobbed her head side to side nodding, indicating she got it.

“I was thinking about Victoria’s Secret maybe. I would very much like to pick out some special items just for us to wear together.”

“Matching slut wear?” She smiled.

“Not necessarily, but I must say, the outfit you bought me is absolutely amazing. I just thought it might be fun to pick out something “slutty” if that’s what you want to call it, together. We can model them in person before buying.”

“Principal Turner, I can’t imagine watching you in sexy clothing is going to be conducive of taking it easy today.”

“You know what they say, good blood flow to the area speeds up the recovery time. So it’s my day and we are going to do all we can to speed up your recovery time!” Said Maggie with authority.

She got up and walked toward Taisha. “And I have been dying to kiss that shoulder since I first saw you this morning.”

Maggie turned Taisha’s chair sideways, straddled her legs, and sat on her lap, legs spread. She began at the shirt collar and kissed across her shoulder toward her neck. “I love kissing you Ms. Taisha,” sighed Maggie as she repeated her path.

Taisha’s hands went to Maggie’s ass, “And I love those lips, Principal Turner.” She squeezed Maggie’s buns and surrendered her neck. “The blood is definitely flowing. Damn girl.” Panted Taisha.

Maggie picked her head up and looked into Taisha’s eyes, then plunged her tongue into her mouth kissing her deeply and passionately. She had a full tummy and a hot pussy and planned to make the most of her day. Her head rolled side to side and her tongue licked Taisha’s lips and probed her mouth, thinking she could kiss her all day long.

Taisha’s hands moved from Maggie’s ass to her shoulders caressing her silky skin izmit escort bayan as their passion built. After a few minutes, Taisha’s right hand moved to Maggie’s thigh and followed the path between them, across the front of her pantie line, and inside her panties.

She let her fingers explore her trimmed little muff, enjoying the softness. Principal Turner began to rock her hips softly, letting Taisha know where she really wanted those fingers.

Maggie’s kisses moved back to Taisha’s neck. She steadied herself with her left hand on Taisha’s shoulder and her right under Taisha’s arm and wrapped around her back. Her hips rolled pushing her pussy closer to Taisha’s roaming fingers.

Taisha gave her what she wanted and slid her middle finger between her engorged lips, causing Maggie to let out a whimpering broken sigh as her hips quivered.

Taisha whispered, “Principal Turner you’re trembling.”

Maggie whimpered again hips moving faster. “Uh huh.” She returned to kissing Taisha’s neck.

“How can I resist touching you, when you sit on my lap with your hot little cunt, spread wide for me.” She said softly sliding her finger up and down the length of her slit.

Maggie gently bit Taisha’s shoulder panting in response.

Taisha moaned as her finger seemed to melt between her warm wet pussy lips. “It feels so good touching you Principal Turner.” Maggie’s whimpers grew higher and louder each time. “I’ve never felt anything so soft, warm and wet as your pussy gets for me Principal Turner.”

Maggie couldn’t believe how quickly she could feel a climax building. Taisha’s words seemed to overcharge her body as Taisha took control with just a whisper and a touch.

She swirled her finger on Maggie’s clit, then back between her labia and this time curled it inside her causing Maggie to squeeze her tighter.

“You always cause such a dilemma Principal Turner. Do I rub that little clit, let my finger float in the heavenly softness between your lips, or slide into the smooth tightness of your pussy? Oh yeah, let’s not forget, you did promise me desert.”

Maggie let out a cry of pleasure at the thought of Taisha’s Tongue. For emphasis, she kissed Taisha again, letting their tongues dance together.

Taisha relished the feeling of control. She broke the kiss, “I do like my desert good and juicy Principal Turner, and your cum tastes so sweet, I think we can get things just a little juicier don’t you? Stand up so I can get these panties off please.”

Maggie complied and Taisha also stood, sliding the chair quickly away with her thighs. Then she dropped and pulled Maggie’s panties down. “Step out Principal Turner.” She commanded.

Maggie panted and stepped out of the panties as Taisha’s hot breath washed over her pussy. But much to her disappointment, Taisha stood back up. Then she tossed the panties aside, “Much better,” she said as her finger returned to Maggie’s muff. “Spread your legs please.” She whispered with her lips gently brushing Maggie’s ear. When Maggie complied and the finger slid back inside her. She squealed and wrapped her arms around Taisha.

“I’m so sorry Principal Turner, this is your weekend, I shouldn’t be telling you what to do. Should I stop?”

“Please don’t stop!” She gasped.

“Oh you feel so good, I so want cunt cum for desert Principal Turner.”

“Oh yes,” Grunted Maggie as she leaned against the table for support.

“It’s your weekend, Principal Turner, tell your teacher what you want.” Said Taisha as her finger worked Maggie’s clit.

Maggie trembled and whimpered, “I wanna be your pet Ms. Taisha.”

“Does, that mean you’re giving yourself to me for the rest of the weekend Principal Turner?”

“Yes Please Ms. Taisha. You’re gonna make me come!”

Taisha moved off her clit and slid her finger back inside her. “So this pussy is mine?”

“Yes Ms. Taisha!”

“I can do whatever I want?”

“Oh! Yes Please!”

“Take off your bra I want those tits. Principal Turner.”

Maggie was in a frenzy she could barely comprehend. She reached behind and unhooked the strap, as her hips rocked trying fuck Taisha’s finger faster. When Taisha’s lips hit her left nipple, she moaned her approval, pushing it against her soft lips.

After a moment Taisha released her breast “Stand up, turn around and spread your legs principal turner.”

Each command only seemed to excite Maggie more. When she complied, she was rewarded with two fingers siding inside her and she braced herself with her palms on the table.

Taisha groped Maggie’s left ass cheek. “And this sweet ass is mine principal turner?”

“Yes Ms. Taisha!”

Taisha’s middle two fingers penetrated her as she brought the other two up to tease her clit. Then her left-hand cupped Maggie’s breast with surprising gentleness.

“And these are mine?” She said softly.

“Yes, Ms. Taisha” Maggie complied willingly.

“Thank you, Principal Turner. You’ve made me very happy. Now I need you to come for me so I can eat your come soaked cunt for gebze escort desert right here on the breakfast table.”

Taisha began to finger her more frantically as her thumb began to rub her asshole. “Oh my God Ms. Taisha!” She squealed. “You make me feel so good!”

“Make room on the table my pet, I’m ready for my desert.” She commanded as she sped up her fingers again.

Maggie shoved the dishes and glasses down the table bending down as she pushed them farther.

“Oh that’s good Principal turner, better access.” Sighed Taisha as her left hand pushed Maggie’s upper body toward the table.

As she did, Taisha dropped to her knees and began to nibble Maggie’s ass. Her fingers kept busy fucking her with her pointer and ring finger while her thumb continued to tickle her asshole.

“Oh God Ms. Taisha!” Shouted Maggie with her chin on the table.

Then Taisha reached her left hand around Maggie’s hip and under her pelvis. Taisha’s flattened fingers pressed against Maggie’s clit and began to rub in small rapid circles. While her right machine gunned her pussy.

“Aren’t you glad you’ve given this all to me Principal Turner. Are you ready for a breakfast happy ending?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Aaaahhhhh!” Maggie wailed as an orgasm took her hard.

“Come for me my pet, I need to taste that sweet pussy.” Taisha grunted.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuuuucck!” Maggie screamed as her body spasmed, and her mouth hung open. Her legs trembled uncontrollably as her pussy gushed, and for the second time in her life, Taisha made her squirt, shooting a jet of cunt juice onto the floor.

Taisha jumped aside. “Whoa, Principal Turner, coming like a faucet!”

Her pace slowed and she nibbled Maggie’s ass again.

“Good girl, now put your ass on the table and let me taste that hot pussy.” Commanded Taisha with an ass slap.

Maggie, stood up slightly dazed, turned and sat on the edge of the table, while Taisha remained on her knees. Then she grabbed Maggie behind the knees and pushed her back onto the table. She rolled her onto her back, knees held up and out, spread eagle before Taisha.

Taisha smiled and looked at her soaked pussy. “There’s what I been waitin’ for.”

Maggie lay propped on her elbows looking down at Taisha’s smiling face. As Taisha’s extended tongue moved closer, Maggie moaned in anticipation. Her tongue looked almost giant as she zeroed in on the target. Maggie, panted in disbelief, still reeling from the incredible climax.

She pressed her tongue against Maggie’s stretched taint and licked slowly and firmly up Maggie’s length. Taisha’s eyes widened as she saw Maggie’s puckered lips and almost frantic eyes.

“Oh yeah so delicious.” She sighed as she moved back down to repeat the lick.

“Hoah!” gasped Maggie.

Then she moved to either side and licked the creases between her thighs and mons lapping up all her sweet nectar, before opening wide and engulfing her entire pussy. Taisha wiggled her tongue flat against her labia and then pushed it in tip first as far as she could.

“Yeah, lots of flavor,” she teased and plunged back in.

“Oh Yes, Ms. Taisha!” she whined as her head fell back. “I’ve never… Hah!”

Taisha grinned into her hot pussy. “You like having your cunt munched Principal Turner?”

“Oh my God yes! Ms. Taisha Please.”

Taisha’s head popped up. “I will definitely need seconds later.” She plunged back in.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Maggie screamed.

“Are you gonna come for me again, Principal Turner?” She asked before diving in with her tongue stiff and rolled for maximum penetration.

Maggie rocked her hips in hurried little thrusts, fucking Taisha’s tongue. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

When Taisha began to wiggle her head shoving herself into Principal Turners pussy, Maggie, was once again pushed over the edge. Her head rolled back, and she let out a series of grunting hums of pleasure while she bounced her hips to another oozing climax.

Taisha nodded as Maggie’s creamy cum flooded her face “Um Huh, um huh,” she moaned.

When the climax passed Taisha licked her clean, slowing bringing her legs down until they rested on her shoulders. When she finished Taisha stood up and brought Maggie to her feet. Maggie eagerly kissed her, tasting her own juices, just as Taisha had promised

Taisha held her close letting her hands wonder. “I like you naked my pet. I wish I could take you shopping like this. Wait, I have an idea…”

She stepped back and remove her oversized Tee, revealing a royal blue spandex strapless top that cut straight across her chest, just above her cleavage. She clearly had no bra.

“Try this on my pet,” she said holding it over Maggie.

Maggie slipped her arms through let it fall into place. She caught a whiff of Taisha’s Reb’l perfume mixed with her own cum as the shirt went on. Taisha adjusted the T, so Maggie’s left shoulder was exposed. It hung loosely on her and reached about 2/3 of the way down her thigh. With nothing else on and so much air under it, she felt naked, and a bit uncomfortable.

Taisha began to circle Maggie looking her up and down. She stepped in behind her and whispered, “this is perfect my pet, covers you ever so nicely and gives me access. A couple of cum spots showing, but we’re not shy, are we Principal Turner?”

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