The New Family


Rob and Beck were in their mid-40s, and having lost their partners, were about to get married for the second time. Rob’s wife had left him for another man and he was living with his son Eddie who was 19. Beck’s husband had died years ago in a car accident and her daughter Marion, who was 18, was living with her. Marion was about to start college and lived in a romanticised dream-world. She was very musical and played the piano well. The limit of her sexual experience was very recent, when her then boyfriend had put his hand on her breast.

Eddie was not much more worldly and had only groped two girls previously, but was ever on the lookout for the possibility of sex. Neither of them had any expectation of a sexual relationship when they set out on the trip.

Rob and Beck had decided that they should introduce their children by going on a trip to a beach resort for a week and this would give them time to get used to each other before they actually moved in together. They rented a beach house, which was an hour away from where they lived, for a week in midsummer .They had just arrived and were settling in for lunch, when the phone call came that Beck’s eldest daughter had fallen over at work, and was in hospital and that she needed to go back to see her. It was decided that Rob and Beck would go back and leave Marion and Eddie to fend for themselves. They would come back as soon as they could.

Straight after lunch Marion and Eddie headed down to the water and splashed around in their costumes and sun-baked and came back and talked. They decided to explore the rest of the beach and walked around a rocky headland to the next beach, which turned out to be a nudist beach. They were both very surprised and tried to locate themselves inconspicuously out of sight. Their surprise was quickly overcome by the sight of so many naked male and female bodies in close proximity. To say that their eyes were out on stalks would be an understatement.

In clear view were a lot of suntanned bodies, all nonchalantly displaying their genitalia without any concern as to what onlookers might think. Some were lying down and some walking. It didn’t matter who was looking, they were happy to display whatever they had. It was an act of defiance to signify that they were strong enough to defy the inhibitions that had enslaved all those who could not free themselves from their bonds. The age range was from 18 up to people in their 70s. The youngest women had nice firm breasts, ranging from small to medium and large which drooped, in general, the older the woman got. Many of them had pussies covered in hair and others were clean-shaven. e

The men displayed a similar range of genital attributes from small cocks, with and without foreskins, to large cocks with and without foreskins, which flopped onto their thighs, and when they were walking, swung from side to side. Some were semi-erect and some were fully erect. From time to time in various places, you could see women stroking and sucking cocks and men fingering their partners and occasionally going down on them.

Marion and Eddie were both familiar with watching porn, which had an aura of unreality about it at the best of times. There was no doubt in their minds that what they were looking at was reality. For some time they just gawked. There was no conversation. They were in shock. They were speechless.

Marion said, “I think it’s time we went back.”

After dinner they started to discuss in great detail what they had just seen. These were not things that you discussed freely with a member of the opposite sex whom you had just met. Marion was quite guarded in her words, not wishing to reveal anything about herself. Eddie was patient and did not wish to frighten her. They agreed that they wanted to go back the next morning for another look. Their curiosity had been aroused.

The next morning they clambered over the rocks again and sat down in the same position that they had been in the previous day. They were minding their own business and were very surprised when a voice came from behind them.

“How old are you?”



Behind them were a middle-aged man and a youngish woman, both naked.

“We are the rangers on the beach. We saw you here yesterday. Didn’t you see the sign when you came in?”

“No, what sign?”

“How did you get in?”

“We came around the headland.”

“Well, if you came in the normal way you would have seen the sign that said that you can be here only one day with clothes on but after that you have to be naked. You can leave now or you can take your clothes off – your choice. üsküdar escort By the way, there’s a shop at the entrance.”

“Oh! OK.”

“I’ll be back in a short while. You make up your mind.”

Marion looked at Eddie and Eddie looked at Marion and they looked at each other quizzically and finally Eddie said,” I’m game.”

He stood up and took his swim shorts off.

Marion was not sure what to do but Eddie’s daring convinced her to do the same. They both looked at each other. There was no visible or verbal sign to the other that they were interested in each other sexually. Marion had noted that Eddie had a long dick and large balls sitting in a hairy bird’s nest and her gaze returned there constantly. She was more concerned about how she looked in comparison to the other women around her. Were here breasts bigger, smaller? How did her figure compare?

Marion made the observation to herself that she had never seen such small dicks on porn – they were all long and hard. She had felt her own clitoris grow hard but nothing to the same extent. How interesting! She was just not turned on by what she was looking at – just fascinated.

Eddie’s eyes were fixed on Marion’s nicely shaped breasts and the light covering of hair on her pubic mound. If only he could see her crack and her clitoris. He was scarcely aware of the scent emanating from her pussy but the invisible magic was working on his brain. The signals that would arouse his penis to become erect were rudely shocked from their slumber. Somehow he had to hide his intentions from her until he was ready to pounce.

“I’ll go to the shop. Would you like a drink or an ice cream or both?”

“An ice cream sounds great.”

Eddie walked to the shop and noticed the condoms on the counter and bought several in anticipation of what he hoped might happen. While Marion ate her ice cream, he hid them in his clothes and then they walked into the light surf and frolicked around. Marion kept her body under water trying to hide the fact that she was naked, while he leapt around trying to attract her attention to his swinging dick. Perhaps if it had been somebody else, not Eddie, she might have been aware that he was becoming sexually interested in her, but she had categorised him in her mind as her future relative in a blended family and excluded him from her range of future lovers.

She was not relatively wrong to do this, but absolutely wrong. The experience on the beach had liberated her mind to the possibilities of the sex act and she had stored the visions away for some time in the future when she met the right man.

They both went into the water again and their gaze focused on a 40 year old woman close by, who was obviously being fingered underwater. Her largish breasts were revealed and then disappeared as the waves rolled past her body. Her eyes were closed and she had not noticed that others had begun watching her until her face contorted and she opened her eyes to become aware that many people were watching her. They clapped and she smiled back. She and her partner did a high-five. Who knows exactly what was going through Marion’s mind as she watched another woman have an orgasm for the first time, but her finger was unconsciously rubbing her own clitoris underwater.

It is a wonderful thing to understand the evolution of an idea, and what had happened to Marion was a watershed moment or perhaps an underwatershed moment. Up until this point in time, Marion had compartmentalised various ideas about sex. To her, they did not seem related. She had been brought up with the idea that sex was for having babies and somehow she did not connect this with the idea that when she gave herself an orgasm, that this was in any way connected with sex. It was a solo activity just for her pleasure. Seeing another woman being brought to an orgasm by her male partner suddenly alerted her to the fact that this was in fact part of a sexual relationship with another person.

They lay on their towels and dried themselves in the warmth of the sun. Eddie was quite happy to look at Marion’s naked body, but he really wanted to see between her legs – he wanted to see her crack, but Marion, with years of natural training, was very adept at keeping her legs together. No matter how he manoeuvred himself, Marion proved herself more skilful at playing pussy and mouse than he was at playing cat and mouse.

“Let’s go back and have some lunch.”

They clambered over the rocks with Marion in front. It was only then that he realised how sexy the cheeks of her bum were as şerifali escort she clambered from rock to rock. Once she slipped over and revealed her crack for just a split second. He wanted to see more but that was all he was going to get. As they moved on they saw a couple in front of them – a youngish woman and an older man. One minute they were there and the next minute they had disappeared from sight. As they moved on Marion signalled Eddie to stop and motioned him to look over at a flat rock below them.

The woman was lying on a towel with her legs akimbo and the man was about to plunge his dick into her. They were both oblivious to the fact that they were being watched. The long slow strokes went on for a long time until the woman gave a small cry and soon after the man’s limp dick slipped out. The woman got up and wiped herself with the towel and then wiped the man’s dick. Marion and Eddie slipped away hoping not to be seen. It was another watershed moment for Marion.

It reaffirmed in Marion’s mind that sex was enjoyable. How to get it? Eddie did not appear to be in her sights. How could she get someone to put the fire out between her legs?

They went into the house and Marion took a towel and went into the shower. The warm water splashed over her body and her finger moved to her clitoris and was bringing her close to an orgasm when she felt Eddie’s breath blowing gently on her back and both his hands around her breasts. She had not noticed the plastic shower curtain being parted and his entry into the shower. In the split second while she was recovering from the horrific thought that she had been caught masturbating, she spun around to face Eddie and his finger replaced hers.

“Don’t worry. We all do it. Let me help you.”

Eddie pulled her towards him and he kissed her. Her surprise at the turn of events morphed into a realisation that Eddie really liked her and she kissed him back. She looked him in the eyes and liked what she saw. She suddenly saw him in a different light. He was no longer going to be the step-brother when her mother got married but somebody she was attracted to. Eddie’s finger didn’t stop and kept moving until her body shuddered and she hugged him even tighter. Marion’s platonic relationship with Eddie changed in a flash to a romantic, sexual one.

The self-imposed interpretation of the world which had repressed her natural sexual urges had been washed away in the past few hours. The urge to mate suddenly became dominant in her life. The memory of the woman having an orgasm in the water and the couple screwing on the rock had been imprinted on her psyche. The idea that she should keep her panties on to cover up her sex, and be a barrier to stopping a penis penetrating her vagina, had been replaced by an urge to display her pussy and use it in the way that nature had designed it. There was no point in delaying the inevitable. Relief was at hand. Do it. Do it now.

“Oh God.”

She felt down for his cock which was now fully erect and her hand moved back and forth. It was Eddie’s first experience of anything but his own hand doing this and he really enjoyed it. For years he had been training his cock to move in and out of a vagina and hopefully now, it was about to happen very soon.

“You should stop soon. I’m about to come.”

Marion took no notice and she was soon able to watch white stuff spurt out of his dick and float down the plug hole. They shampooed each other for a long time keeping each other in a heightened sense of excitement. They got out of the shower and she dried herself and he dried himself. Love was in the air. Sex was in the air.

“I’m going to ring Mum and see what’s happening. I don’t want them to come back and find us like this.”

The thought that Rob could walk in on them and see her naked was horrific. She was happy to reserve the sight of her naked body to Eddie and no other man.

“Mum says my sister is still in hospital and they won’t be coming back for at least three days. You can come to my bed or we can go to the main bedroom which has a double bed.”

“I think the double bed’s better.”

They lay next to each other with their hands roaming over each other’s bodies while kissing each other passionately. It did not take long for Eddie’s erection to rise again. Marion could feel it and lifted herself up and said,” I’ve never seen one of these close-up in real life before.”

She rolled Eddie on his back and placed her head near his dick while placing her feet near Eddie’s head. Her fingers gently played with his balls and jiggled them in their sack. Her finger felt under them and could feel that Eddie’s erection was coming from deep within his body. She pulled his foreskin down and then back up again beyond the tip of his penis and opened it with her fingers and looked inside to see his peehole staring back at her.

Meanwhile Eddie was busy playing with her pussy. His fingers riffled through her curly bush and descended into her crack. He rolled her on her side and separated her thighs so that he could get a really good look. They played with each other for some minutes and finally Marion’s mouth engulfed his cock and began sucking. Eddie twisted a bit and his head was between her legs and licking her clitoris.

It did not take long and, at almost the same time as her orgasm started, she felt the taste of semen in her mouth for the first time. When her spasms had finished and her mind cleared, she lifted herself off Eddie and ran into the bathroom. When she came back they resumed their cuddling until Eddie said, “I bought a condom at the shop. I want you to be my first.”

“I want to check something on my phone. I’m pretty sure I’m safe. My period starts in four days and if my calculations are right, this is my safe period.”

“According to what it says on the Internet, we can have sex and I am almost certainly safe for the next four days.”

“It’s your call.”

“I’m game and I’d like to try it. I don’t want to do it for the first time with a rubber on your dick. I want it as natural as possible. I’ve really got the hots for you.”

“Do you have any idea how sexy you look? You’ve got a beautiful smile and beautiful boobs and a nice hairy pussy.”

“I never thought about it, but if you like me, that’s great. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like your body too.”

They lay on the bed and cuddled and kissed and licked and fondled for some time.

Marion said, “I’m going to get a towel and put it under me just in case I bleed and make a mess. It would be so embarrassing if Mum found out that we had made out.”

She lay down on her back and lifted her knees so that they were near her ears. The idea that Eddie’s long, hard penis was going to penetrate her seemed so natural.

She handed her phone to Eddie. “I want you to take a photo of my bottom.”

“Do you want a photo or a video?”

“A video. Start with my smile and move slowly down. I want to have a souvenir of this moment forever.”

Eddie started with her eyes and her lips and moved down to her slit. Marion opened her lips so that he could take a shot of her clitoris and the entrance to her vagina. She pulled back her clitoral hood so that he her clitoris could be clearly seen. Marion would replay this video for many years, complimenting herself on how good she looked. The covering of hair was just right and framed the delicious pink colour of her vulva. When she opened the entrance to her vagina, you could just see her hymen. In a few moments it would be gone and she would be a woman. If it hurt, it hurt. This was her destiny. It was every woman’s destiny.

“Now I want you to take a shot of your dick until the tip rests in the vestibule of my vagina.”

Her pussy was exposed to Eddie’s gaze and he positioned his cock so that it was right at the entrance to her vagina.

Marion played with her phone until Ravel’s Bolero was playing.

“Have you heard this before? It’s my favourite.”

“Yes, I know it.”

“I like to play it when I am trying to have an orgasm. When it gets to the crescendo, I always have an orgasm. When you hear the crescendo reach its climax, go fast and hard. It would be wonderful if I could have an orgasm at the same time as I lose my virginity. It would be a dream come true. Be gentle. It’s my first time. I think you know that.”

“Trust me. I will be gentle.”

Eddie dipped his tip into the moist juices of her vagina and pushed gently. It was in a fraction; out a fraction; in little bit more; out a fraction; in a little bit more until finally he was deep inside her and the music played on.

“How does that feel?”

“Great. I feel so full and I can feel I’m so tight around you.”

“So can I.”

They continued in slow motion for quite a while, slowly speeding up with the music until the climax came and so did Eddie. Like the bell with Pavlov’s dogs, the crescendo and its climax was permanently associated in Marion’s mind with having an orgasm.

Marion’s dream had come true. She had an orgasm. Forever more they had an orgastrated accompaniment every time they made love. Nobody ever understood why Eddie called Marion,’ My Little Bolerina.’

They loved and screwed happily ever after.

Two days later they got a phone call to say that Rob and Beck would be back in a few hours. Eddie fucked Marion another two times making it eight in all since their first. They were now a fully blended family.’

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