The Naked Night


Some years before, I began to discover how much I enjoyed not having any clothes on. By the way, my name is Amy. I’m a 20 year old girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. I’m tall and have figure 34C-25-34. Anyway it began by just sleeping in the nude. I’d close my door and turned on my bedside light. I’d pull my night dress top over my head and threw my bottoms on the floor. Sometimes I’d stand in front of the mirror and looked at my bare body. I’d put my fingers between my legs and made squish, squish sounds as they dabbled in my juices. When I needed to pee in the middle of night, I’d slowly open the door and checked if anybody around there. I’d risk running down the corridor to the bathroom. After finishing I’d open the toilet door and ran naked to my room again. The thought of getting caught by any family member would make me excited and I fingered myself until I released my juices on the floor.

But there was always a fear that someone might see me. When my parents went out on occasions, I’d strip off and walk around naked and I’m ashamed to admit that I got aroused by this. It was much more healthy and relaxing of not having any clothes on.

It happened on a summer day. It was very warm and being naked was more pleasurable. I opened the window but I couldn’t sleep due to the warm weather. It was 11pm and moonlight everywhere. The warmth of the summer made me feel naughty. Standing there naked I wondered what it would be like to go outside like this. But Bostancı Escort I was not sure if anybody caught me like this. If I went outside naked, my body would be clearly visible because of the moonlight. But I was unable to control my mind. I opened my bedroom door and peeped around. It was clear around there. I went towards the main door and opened it. When my right foot touched the grass, I felt a current flowing through my bare body. That was my first time of being naked outdoors. I was standing completely naked in our garden. I felt the warm air on my bare skin. My skin looked pale in the moonlight.

It was not completely dark outside. If anybody is at his/her window, he/she could clearly see a young girl standing naked.

“What if anybody sees me or I’ve already given the person an eyeful?” I thought.

I looked at the windows of the other houses but luckily couldn’t find any windows opened. My skin was looking pale and the areolas were dark. I touched my boobs and caressed them with my soft hands. And my nipples got hard instantly. I started walking and suddenly felt wetness down between my legs. The thought of getting caught made me wet. The warm air also helped my body to become wetter. I became very horny. I leaned against the wall and put my hand between my legs. I rubbed slowly downwards finding the tight folds of my labia, themselves protecting the moist pink flesh inside.

Parting my legs, I put a finger inside. I had Anadolu Yakası Escort not realised how wet I was. My pussy was so wet that I could easily enter another right into it. I curved my fingers up and pressed them against with my soft spot. I was breathing sharply as I felt myself shiver delightfully. Looking down over the mounds of my breasts, I could only see my fingers sliding in and out. The gentle schlup, schlup sound made me hornier that I started pressing my left breast with my left hand. I twirled my hard nipples that helped me to reach orgasm faster. My fingers began to move quicker to quickest. I reached the point of no return and BANG…!! I shot my juices like a water cannon. I was panting heavily that I needed to fill my lungs with oxygen again. I felt a second, smaller orgasm bubble through me. I put my wet fingers in my mouth and tasted it. Wow, so tasty! I always loved my own taste, lol.

I got myself under control again but I was still not fully satisfied. I didn’t want to miss this chance. I stood up and went near the main gate. The street was empty except the cars passing by now and then. I thought to make this memorable but I was a bit afraid of getting caught naked by others and their indecent intentions. But as I said before I couldn’t control my mind. Instead of opening the gate, I jumped over the small wall. I felt the street under my feet. I looked around but nothing saw unnatural. I didn’t wait because it could Pendik Escort change my mind. I started walking letting my boobs and pussy free. It was my first time on the streets. My pussy was already wet with my juices and now it became wetter. My juices were coming down through my legs. I couldn’t help but walking. After some minutes or so, I reached a play ground. It was a big ground with short grasses. Kids played there in the afternoon but now it was totally empty.

I was thinking to masturbate again. As I sat on the grasses, the blades began to tingle in my pussy. Those were sticking with my pussy due to the juices. It made me horny again. And again I put my fingers right into my pussy. The schlup, schlup sound began again. I closed my eyes and lay on the grasses as taking my fingers in and out. Within a short period of time, I squirted a lot of cum. The grasses became wet like me. I wished they were thanking me to make them wet with my juices. I was fully satisfied that I wanted to return home. Now, I was scared of being caught. When I was horny, I thought about it but, that time I was under control of my horniness and neglected it. I ran through the street until I reached my house. I didn’t go so far, so I reached home within a short time.

I jumped over the wall again stood before opening the main door. I was panting heavily. Then I opened the main door slowly, stepped in and locked it. I went to my room and jumped into the bed. Probably I masturbated that night again. Next day, when I was having my breakfast, I received a message on my phone from an unknown number.

Someone wrote, “Hey girl, you run so fast! Thanking for the show by the way x.”

I was shocked! Someone had seen me already and that person had my number!

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