The Morning Run


I always try to keep myself in shape and running is so much good fun. I got up and pulled my spandex shorts over my bright white cotton panties and had to wiggle to seat them against my already warm crotch. I massage my ample tits and pulled a sports bra over them and then my jogging sweatshirt, it’s my fav, Detroit Lions.

I put on my running shoes and head for the car, my nipples expand as I hit the cold air and I go back in and grab a jacket and put it on. My nipples never relax the whole way to the state park. It’s a beautiful place, pristine and untouched and has many long running trails. I look at the clock on the car radio, 7:15 am, shouldn’t be many people here this time of the morning. I feel so alive as the cold once again swells my nipples as I get out of the car. I think about buttoning my jacket, but decide against it as I will soon warm up with the exercise.

I pick a secluded trail, one I’ve run many times before and set off with a little speed walking and build up to a jog. Soon, I can hear fast steps behind me and know that someone is about to overtake me, so I move to the right so they can pass. After about 10 minutes, I’m deep into the park and the person behind me has still not passed, so I stop and jerk around and am run over by a guy who knocks me flat and then stands there apologizing and offers me a hand up. “Why the hell didn’t you just pass me?” I asked him as he pulled me up, noting that he was quite handsome.

“Excuse me for saying so sweetie, but I just couldn’t pass up the view of those globes of yours bouncing in front of me,” and smiles at me.

“How would you like to see more honey?” and I take him by the Anadolu Yakası Escort hand and lead him off the jogging path and over a small rise where we would be unseen by passing eyes.

We reach a nice flat spot amongst the saplings and I take my jacket off and lay it on the ground, “Have a seat honey, it’s your lucky day! You have a front row seat to this show!” and I start a little dance, letting him see my fully clothed body wiggle in front of him. Since he was so taken with my buns, I shake them and wiggle them a little and then pull my sweatshirt over my head as my auburn hair clings to the neck of it. I smile at him seductively and run my hands over my tits encased in their sports bra and accentuate the hard nipples.

I can see that he is becoming uncomfortable as he fidgets to move his hard on, and I turn my back to him and slowly work my spandex shorts down over my hips and slink them down my thighs and calves and step out of them. His mouth is almost watering now as I move closer and stick these buns in his face and rotate them within inches of his face.

“This the view you wanted?” I asked him provocatively and spin around to see his eyes marvel at my auburn pubic curls pressed against the white cotton panties. He sighs deeply and I can see that his hard cock is giving him difficulty sitting still, and I pull my sports bra over my head and his eyes delight at the sight of my ample, firm tits and his breathing quickens. I offer my nipples seductively, knowing that he is too far away to reach them and I push the hard nipples out at him as he takes in my softly colored aureoles as I continue to squeeze my nipples knowing he will soon be too weak to move. Even though it was cool outside, the warmth burning inside us could warm a hundred homes. I turned once again with my back to him and slowly peeled my panties down my waist and off my hips and over my thighs and calves and offered them to him and he sniffed in my arousal.

I inched closer to him and pushed my now naked ass globes to within inches of his now wide eyes, “Is this the view that captivated you?” and he sighed out loud. I gently pushed him on his back and straddled his body and held my luscious flower close to his mouth and his tongue came out and flicked at my budding beauty. There felt like electricity between his tongue and my bud as they connected and I became even hotter, not thinking that was even possible. He tongued my spreading flower eagerly and engulfed my clitoris with his mouth and wave after wave of pleasure rocked through me as he did.

I rode his tongue for what seemed like only an instant when my orgasm overtook me and I screamed out at it’s pleasure, “Oh God, yes, suck me!!! Suck me!!” My legs went weak as my orgasm consumed me and I had to withdraw to keep from falling over. As I recovered from my basting his tongue had given me, I saw him from the corner of my eye talking his clothes off and he lay back down. Once again I lowered my bud over his waiting lips and he drenched my wet pussy with his tongue. As he slowed down, I dragged my sweet bud across his chin, down his chest and across his stomach, leaving a trail of my passion as I went.

I slowed when I reached his very erect cock and teased the head with his much wanted prize, popping it through my wet lips as I moved back and forth. I stood up and drew him up and locked my lips to his and kissed him ever so softly and pulled his tongue into my mouth and caressed it with mine. His wonderful cock was jabbing into my thigh as we kissed and I reached out and stroked it, marveling at it’s smoothness and withdrew my lips and looked him in the eyes, “Fuck me with your wonderful tool. Make me a raving maniac as you drive it into me.”

He gently pushed me onto my back and spread my legs as he moved between them. He took hold of his staff and gently glided it up and down the length of my hungry, sopping bud and when it was lubricated, eased it into my waiting fire box. As he pushed it to it’s length, I feel like he has entered my stomach and with each successive thrust, my passion grows. His balls strike against my ass as he picks up speed, his thrusts take on a mind of their own as he pushes me to the edge of ecstasy.

As he feels my impending orgasm, I feel his thick tool enlarging and I sense that we are headed toward an ecstasy together. My hips rise up to meet his and he and I both explode in an earth shaking orgasm. My mind sees only white as the heat of my loins takes over and I can feel his hot stickiness filling my budding flower and spilling out around him.

As the ecstasy ebbs, we lie there entranced as our minds once again return. He withdraws and stands, shakily and draws me to my feet, my legs feel like Jell-O as he passionately kisses me. We get dressed, but he insisted on keeping my panties as a memento. I gave him my number and he promised to call me later that day and we walked back to the path and towards our cars. As I walked, I could feel his warmness escaping my love bud and when we reached our cars, we swore that this was only the beginning.

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