The Moonlit Cellar

Big Tits

My breath caught in my throat, hearing the moans. I had been walking through the forest to clear my thoughts–I had been so horney all week!–yet it seemed I had just passed from horney to delirium. My shaft strained against my jeans.I was so sex-starved that I was hearing the soft whimpers of a woman making love, out here in the middle of a forest. By myself.My extended family came to visit and were staying in my house. I hadn’t been able to jerk off at all, with all of them buzzing around.This seemed as good of a place as any. No one was around. I unzipped my pants and pulled my semi-boner through the slit of my boxers. Precum wet the tip.I slid my thumb over the sensitive head. Then, I heard it again. Someone getting fucked. It was clearer this time–more distinct. A woman sighing “oh god, oh god” over and over again.I stroked my hard cock. Delusion or not, I was going to get off on this.I strode closer to the sound. Hidden among the overgrowth, was a cellar. The doors were half open, like someone had closed them in a hurry. The sun-faded wood was dull in the moonlight.  If there hadn’t been sounds emitting from its gapped doors, I wouldn’t have noticed the cellar at all.Maybe … I wasn’t experiencing orgasm deprivation hallucinations?I slowed my hand as I considered whether or not to peak. Before I could reach a decision, I was already standing right in front of it. I knelt, trying to see inside.Oh my god. There was a woman down there. She was naked, and chained to a table. The chains were almost comical. I snorted at their size. They looked more like stage props than anything. The locks holding the chains to the table, and the cuffs around her wrists and ankles, made the scene all the more absurd to me.She smiled at someone I couldn’t see. Her eyes crinkled like she was having the time of her life, but her mouth was gagged. She bit into a rubber ball that was strapped around her head.I had never considered myself a kinky guy, but … I was more aroused than I’d ever been. My breathing sped up and I felt I could cum right then. I let go of my cock. I needed to see this, and memorize every excruciating detail. My spank bank needed this memory.The woman was chained so that her arms were above her head and her legs were spread. She could hardly move, the fetters were so heavy and bound tight. Her hair cascaded across her shoulders and the table. It was messy and tangled.Her breasts fell to the side. One of them pointed directly at me. The nipple was Esenyurt escort bayan so erect, so accusingly pointing at me. Chills ran down my spine. I imagined sucking it. I wanted to leave hickies all over the tender flesh. I wanted to lick her areola, then roll her erect bud between my teeth. Enough to hurt, but gentle enough to make her cry another one of those sweet moans.I bit the back of my hand, trying to keep myself quiet. If they heard me, the show was over. I grabbed my cock again. I rubbed the shaft, slowly. She squirmed her hips and whined. She stared at the person I couldn’t see, begging with wide eyes.I inhaled sharply. Fuck. This was so hot.Maybe I wasn’t so vanilla after all. A silhouette approached the woman. Once they entered the dim light, I could see that the other character in my personal porno was a man. He had a cock slightly larger than my own.I bit my lip as my thumb traveled over my tip. The slit of my cock oozed enough precum to almost fully lube me up. I spat into my hand. Once added to my throbbing organ, I shuddered. I could almost imagine sliding into her equally wet pussy.The man said something to hear I couldn’t hear. He was whispering. The woman nodded, eager.He kissed her on the forehead. Then he picked up something off the table. It looked like a big stick for a moment, then I realized it was a vibrator. It was the kind that they try to pass off as a back massager.He placed the bulbous end of it over her clit. When he turned it on, her moans were immediate. I felt my face flush red.I had to let go of my cock. I would have cum in just a few strokes. She began to shake. Her moans were so loud that they echoed off the cellar walls. I probably would have heard her from my backyard.She screamed in ecstasy, her voice higher pitched than when I had discovered her. The other man’s cock went from hard to even harder as he watched his woman cum. The smirk on his face sent my heart pounding. He looked like he was proud, and for a moment I wondered if he knew I was here enjoying the show. I moaned despite myself, involuntarily grabbing my cock.Her back arched. She strained against the chains and tried to squirm away from the vibrator. Her man grinded it into her clit, refusing to let her escape the pleasure. She quieted, panting hard. He didn’t move the vibrator from pussy.She sighed, pushing her hips back into it, instead of away. She shook. She moaned deep in her throat. She screamed Escort Etiler again. Her head threw itself backwards like a demon was being exorcised from her. She began crying–I could see the tears streaking from her eyes. She orgasmed harder than the first time, voice somehow getting even higher pitched.I stroked myself faster. I couldn’t last much longer. But suddenly, the vibrator turned off.I hadn’t realized how loud it had been with both the woman moaning and the vibrator buzzing.In the immediate silence, I came. I couldn’t stop myself.I moaned. My hand slapped against my thighs, sounding like the clapping of ass cheeks against my thighs. My cum landed on the ground. It splattered the cellar door frame.The silence was deafening.The man and woman stared at me, equally bewildered.I chuckled, nervous. I stood slowly, tucking my cock away. I wiped my hands on my jeans.“What the fuck?” the man demanded. He moved suddenly, trying to cover himself in a robe before he came after me.I took off sprinting for my house. His footsteps pounded behind me. “Get back here, you fucking pervert.” He shouted at me, loud enough for my parents to have heard, had they been on the patio.I entered my yard. I had made it, thank God!He crashed into me from behind. “Where do you think you’re going?” he growled in my ear. “Bad boys get punished.”“W-what?” I stuttered out.“You heard me.” he grinned, “Get up.” He yanked me to my feet, then slung me over his back like a sack of rice.I swallowed the lump in my throat. I felt frozen, like a rabbit making eye contact with a dog before it barked and ran at them. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move.What was he going to do to me? Clearly, they were both perverts. Did … that mean that his inflicted “punishments” would be perverted, too?He descended the cellar steps, then dropped me on the floor. My heart sank as I turned in time to see him lock the cellar doors from the inside.I stood, hesitant. It was dark down here. Only a handful of candles illuminated the room. The woman went around lighting more. She looked pissed. She glared at me.Though she seemed pissed, she hadn’t fully dressed. I could tell she was naked beneath her trench coat. Her nipples were still visibly hard through the fabric. She also kept one hand firmly on the belt holding it closed.The man pushed me. I crashed into the table. My head hit the flat surface. My arms spread across the surface instinctively.He pressed into me from behind. Eyüp escort I pushed myself up.“Please, please don’t.” My voice was husky, despite my panic. I had a raging boner. But … I wasn’t gay. I had never thought about another man sexually in my whole life. What was going on?I shuddered, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock against my ass. My breath caught.“Don’t?” he chuckled. It was almost a snarl. “You watch me make my girl cum, without our consent, and then you want me to spare you?”I shook again, terrified. “I-I didn’t mean too.”“Oh, just happened to be on your knees, jerking off in the moonlight, ten feet from us?”I lowered my head. Shame burned my cheeks.My cock was already throbbing hard.The woman stood in front of me. Her icy blue eyes were narrowed. Her ginger hair was pulled up into a high ponytail. She grabbed one of my wrists and chained it to the table.  The man lifted me by the hips and flipped me over. He was stronger than expected.My heart fluttered. I didn’t know terror could be so … exhilarating.The man chained my ankles. The couple made some adjustments to the chains so that I had more room to squirm around. “Welcome to my personal sex dungeon,” the woman said. She traced my jawbone with a finger. “You may call me ‘Mistress.’”I smacked my lips. My mouth was completely dry.“And to you, I’m ‘master.’” The man said.“My name is Simon,” I said. My voice wavered. I sounded meek.“Not anymore,” the woman giggled. “We’re going to call you ‘Slave.’” She turned to the man, “Oh, honey I’m so happy we don’t have to go hunting anymore.” She giggled and pushed his shoulder playfully.“W-what do you hunt?”She eyed me. Her eyes traveled from the tent in my pants to my face, and back again. The amusement in her eyes made me feel nauseated. “We hunt toys.”“You don’t have to do this. My family has money–they can pay you.” I spoke quickly. “Really, I can call them.”“Liar, you literally live next door to us,” the woman rolled her eyes. “Besides,” she stroked my inner thigh, “Don’t you want us to play with you?” Her hand passed over my cock. She squeezed it.I moaned and bucked my hips into her hand. “F-fuck,” I gasped.“See?” she whispered, “You like us. You want us, don’t you? Tell us what you want.” Her voice was silk across my skin.“I want you to make me your sex slave,” I panted. I wasn’t thinking clearly, I know. I was scared, but I was also so fucking turned on. This woman was a goddess that deserved to be worshipped. And the man. His cock was the first cock that made his own feel hard. I imagined fucking the woman while the man fucked me. I dripped precum like a fucking virgin.“Yeah?” the man growled into my ear. His hand rested on my throat, “You want to be our sex slave, you bitch? You already got off before we said you could.”

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