The Lucky Bastard – Vasu Ch. 02

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Vasu lying in his bed trying to get sleep; but, the sleep is miles away from him. He is remembering his cousin Uma. Uma who was two years younger to Vasu has given him full satisfaction. They both enjoyed their fuck sessions for almost two years. Every night Uma used sneak into his bed and throughout the night they had done a lot of things unknown to other members sleeping there.

Two months back Uma got married and gone to her in-law’s house, from then onwards Vasu is missing her tight, warm sheath for his dagger. While he was rolling on his bed; his eyes fell on Rama, his other cousin. Rama is the younger sister of Uma now 18 and studying Inter II year.

Two days back accidentally he saw Rama naked. At that time he was sitting in the hall and watching news. Opposite to him is his pinni’s (Mother’s Younger sister) bedroom which is slightly ajar and Rama, after bath came into that room, only a towel wrapped around her waist. She didn’t notice that the door is ajar and very casually pulled the towel also and searching her dress from the cupboards.

Through the gap of the door Vasu saw Rama searching her dress. She was totally naked. He could see her wide back, narrow waist and below it her fine fleshy buttocks with a thin crack in between. Rama being fairer than Uma and also fleshier than her sister is a charm to be seen.

Vasu has seen her for only two seconds or so; then turned his head. But the naked back, fleshy buttocks were printed in his mind. That day for the first time he masturbated in the name of Rama. Today while sleeping his eyes fell on Rama. She slept a feet away from him.

Sujatha, his pinni’s house is a small house with only two rooms and a small kitchen. One room is used as their bedroom where Sujata and her husband sleep; whereas all children used to sleep in the other room. Previously along with Vasu, Uma, Rama and their two brothers used to sleep. Now after Uma’s marriage; four persons are sleeping. Vasu (22), Rama (18) and her twin brothers (15).

Vasu observed that Rama’s face is turned towards other side and folded her legs. He could see the fleshy buttocks pushed backwards. Slowly he crawled to her and lay at her side. For a while he lay flat on his back and then slowly turned towards her, sneaked further. Now his front is touching with Rama’s bum cheeks.

His member in his pajama is in full zenith. Slowly he pressed his waist and his throbbing dick touched Rama’s buttocks. “sssss..hhhhaaaa…” he moaned without sound and pressed further. Rama didn’t move nor stir. With courage he put his hand on her waist. She is in nighty. He further pushed his hand. Over the nighty he found her navel; poked his forefinger in her navel. When he poked, there is some stir “mmmm…” she mumbled in her sleep.

Vasu quickly pulled his hand and lay still. After 5 minutes when he found there is no movement in Rama; this time he directly put his palm on her boob and pressed. It pressed down. Vasu was in heaven. He pressed his member hard to Rama’s ass and discharged in his pajama.

-x- -x- -x- -x- -x- -x-

Next night when Vasu was confirmed that everyone was in deep sleep; he sneaked to Rama’s side and lay there. He controlled his breath. He slowly put his palm on Rama’s waist and crawled. Like yesterday today also his forefinger poked her small navel. Vasu was excited and with courage he raised his palm upwards towards her B+ cup breast.

The moment he touched her tit he was excited and pressed her boob pinching her nipple hard. Suddenly Rama’s eyes opened. She felt something heavy on her breast. She opened her eyes; adjusted her eyes for the semi darkness and realized that some one’s hand is on her boob. She turned her head to find Vasu sleeping at her side touching her body and his hand on her boobs.

Quickly she got up and sat. Vasu could not get an opportunity to pull his hand. He was caught red handed by his cousin. With fear he too got up and sat. Rama is looking at him angrily. “Dirty brute …” she hissed and showed her forefinger to a distance where he was supposed to sleep. Rama was fuming with anger. Her breasts were heaving under her nighty.

Silently he moved to his place and lie down. Whole night he could not sleep.


Next morning Rama came to him. Her eyes were still flaring with anger.

“Rama….” Vasu wanted to say something to her.

She stopped him showing her palm and said… “it is better for you to leave the house. Where you go or what you do is your own botheration but you must leave the house in a week.. If you don’t leave I am going to police” she said sternly; and don’t this matter to Mom.

Vasu’s whole body shuddered with fear. He is not worried about his Pinni (Mousi) but, was afraid of police. He also understood how serious his cousin Rama is. He sincerely started searching for a rented portion.

On fifth day his search had given him positive result. He found a house, very nearer to his workplace. It is an old type house Etimesgut Escort with big compound some fruit trees and some flower bushes were there. He saw a ‘to let’ board to the gate and called from outside. A lady peeped out of the door and asked the reason. He showed her the ‘to let’ board. She waved her hand to come in.

Vasu went in and asked about the rented portion. She looked at him scrutinizing and said “this portion is for family only; that too only husband and wife”.

He saw two girls standing behind her and listening to their conversation.

“Madam” Vasu started telling “Please have mercy on me. I am an orphan. I was brought up by my Pinni; there house is small. My Pinni’s daughter is facing problems for changing dress or for coming out of the Bathroom. So I want to change the house… please be pity on me. I don’t want to be burden to my pinni; so continuing my studies while working in a school”.

The lady thought for a while and decided to give him the portion “Come I’ll show you the portion” and led him to the terrace opened the door and sad it is the portion. Vasu went in and seen the portion. It is a big room of 16×12 feet. Attached is a small kitchen 7×12 with small kitchen stand. There is also a big old type wooden bench of 6×4 and a wooden table and chair are lying there. “If you want the room you have to put them outside and use the room” she said.

“Let them be in the room only instead lying idle out side; if you don’t mind I’ll use them for sleeping and as my study table” he said. She thought it is better to be in use instead of lying idle and accepted for that also. So Vasu has got the room with a wooden bench, table and chair.

Same evening he came with his Pinni and introduced her to the house owner lady. She was happier; that actually the boy is from a good family and didn’t tell her any lies.


15 days passed after Vasu shifted the house. In these fifteen days he earned good name with the lady of the house. He used to see her now and then while she is doing something or the other job.

One day younger of the girls whom he had seen on the first day came to him. That was a Sunday.

“Hello…” the girl said coming in. At that time he was in Lungi. He turning his face seen her, and quickly changed himself into a trouser. Turning towards the girl said “Hello.. sorry.. please come in..”

The girl came in smiling at him. Looking around the room she said “Nice… neat and clean…” and sat on the chair.

Vasu looked at her. She is around 13 – 14 years of age. Beautiful; fair in color with smiling face . She is in lehanga (Ankle length Skirt) and long blouse which came below her waist giving the slimness and shape of her waist. She made her long hair into two braids tied them like a school going girl.

He sat on the cot (the wooden bench which he is using as cot.)

“What is your name…?” she enquired.


“I an Raji… I mean Rejeshwari. For friends and at home I am Raji” she introduced herself.

“You were there when I came on that day enquiring about the rented portion. Isn’t it?” And she nodded her head in ‘yes’.

“Oh… Who is the other girl?”

“She is my elder sister…”

“What….! He was in shock; actually he thought the other girl may be land lady’s sister. There ends their conversation.

-x- -x- -x- -x- -x- x-

One more week passed. One evening Raji came to him with a notebook and mathematics book. “Vasu.. will you teach me some Maths problems; tomorrow I have monthly test. He taught her for one hour. She saying thanks left the room.

When the results came Raii was elated. She scored 92% marks. Her mother was more than happy that her girl who used to score 55 or 60 % marks scored 92%. That evening she brought sweets to Vasu and giving him she asked, “Vasu thanks for teaching Raji, she scored 92% narks; will you regularly teach her”

Vasu accepted and started teaching Raji regularly.

One evening when Raji came for coaching she was looking so cute and innocent and Vasu said “Wow…Rajee you are looking so cute today… can I kiss your cheek?”

“Ammo… mom will kill me…” she said keeping her hand on her chest.

Without any further talk; he started coaching. This continued and also their acquaintance. Another ten days passed. One evening Raji came and said “Vasu; didi asked me whether will you write some notes for her.”

“Of course, I’ll but, why are you asking.. She can ask me isn’t it?”

“She is afraid…”

“Why am I a demon or what…?” there ends their conversation and Vasu took the note books, For two days he was busy in copying the notes from one note book to the other. Third day he returned the books through Raji. Within five minutes she came back and said “Didi said thanks to you”. He smiled himself.

-x- -x- -x- -x- -x- -x-

That day is Sunday. Jagadamba; house owner lady, came on to the terrace to hang the washed cloths. After hanging; she casually looked Etlik Escort down over the parapet wall. The moment she looked her heart beat increased. Quickly she moved back and kept her right hand on her chest. Controlling her heart beat again she looked down.

She saw, just below her; Vasu is having bath in a makeshift bathroom made with bamboo mats. What shocked her was not his bathing but, he standing in the bathroom applying soap to his member. Once Vasu removed his hand over his dick she noticed that his is fully erected and stood parallel to the earth. Its size astonished her,

‘My God.. What is this.. his is so big’ she thought. And thinking about his lengthy tool she climbed down the steps.

-x- -x- -x- -x- -x- -x-

It is almost one week that the above incident had happened. Just like every day, that day too; after having bath, Vasu wrapping a thin towel around his waist returning to his room. Suddenly he had a feeling that someone is looking at him. From last four days he has a feeling that someone is looking at him. He carefully looked around. No one is there.

When he turned to his right, he felt that a small gap in the window which is in front of him has been shut. ‘Is there really anyone there or is it his imagination, I have to observe tomorrow’ he thought and moved to his room.

Next day also when he felt the same feeling; he from the corner of his eye looked at the window. He noticed that someone is looking at him through the small gap of the window pane. He had a naughty thought, as if looking somewhere else; he turned his face towards the window opened his towel and looked at it as if something is there and then wrapped it around his waist and moved away.

Jagadamba who is looking at him thought… ‘What is this..? Is his always erect like that?’ she thought. From the day when she saw him from the terrace she is observing him every day when he is returning from the bathroom; and always found his semi erected thing is hanging between his thighs beneath towel. Whenever she sees it there is a tingle in her thigh junction.

Jagadamba is a woman of 37 years. Still fit with every part having perfect shape and size. Actually she is the second wife of her husband. He is her maternal uncle (mother’s younger brother) Jagadamba’s mother didn’t want her brother’s property in the village (20 acres of fertile land and some houses) to go the others. So she married her elder daughter to her brother.

But next year while giving birth to a child; due to some complications, both mother and child have died. After three months of his wife’s death; he being young; asked his sister to look for matches. Again the same thing happened. His sister didn’t want his property to go to outsiders she gave her second daughter (Jgadamba) to her brother for marriage.

That is how Jagadamba at a young age of 15 married to her maternal uncle. When she was married; she was only fifteen; where as her husband, i.e Raji’s father is 30.

At the age of sixteen she gave birth to a baby child. After that within a span of 5 years she gave birth to two more children both girls. At present she is 37 years of age where as her daughters are 20, 18 and 15. The eldest is married two years back.

There is a gap of 15 years between Jagadamba and her husband. Apart from that in recent he developed a pot belly. Hence from last 4-5 years Jgadamba is not getting full satisfaction in the bed; and she is craving for a good and satisfying sex.

After all what her age is? 37 years, which is generally considered as age for good sex . Whenever she is hornier she used her fingers or a lengthy carrot to satisfy herself. in such circumstances whenever she thinks of Vasu’s sausage, which she had seen a week before and later observing his lump under his loin cloth; there used to be dampness in her vertical lips.

-x- -x- -x- -x- -x-

“Vasoo will you accompany me to the market?” one evening she asked.

He was astonished as she never called him before. He thought for a while and said “OK” and walked along with her. Though he is walking with her but his thoughts were about her only. From the time he knew that she is watching him from the kitchen window, he always thinking about her only. Not only that, he started masturbating thinking about her figure. Now walking behind her enjoying the sight of rhythmic movement of her fleshy buttocks The thought that how she will be under him; his member stood erect.

“Hey what is the matter.. why have you fallen back…?” she asked him smilingly. By seeing her smile he got courage and said “The sight is maddening…”

When he said that she understood about which he is commenting. “Really.. are they so cute…?” she had a mischievous smile on her lips.

As she asked that with a mischievous smile “Yes.. really how beautiful you are… it is unbelievable that you are a mother of two girls…” he said.

She smiled alluringly at him and said “Vasoo… not two girls; three…”

“Three….” Eve Gelen Escort he said in shock; then where is the other one…?”

“The eldest of the three got married two years back.”

“What you have a married daughter also…?” his shock increased.

“Hun….” she exhaled a long sigh and said “When I was married I was 15 and he was 30” said and told her story. Talking like this they completed market work and returned back. She is more than happy because of Vasu’s praised her beauty and figure.

On the other side the desire for her doubled in Vasu. He decided however he must FUCK her. Must shove his FUCK POLE in her LUCIOUS CUNT. Both were in their thoughts.

At home she asked “You are cooking for dinner then where are you having your lunch…?”

There is a mess near our school, there only” he said seeing her heavy breasts. “Do one thing from today onwards you have your dinner in my house” she said.

“No.. why trouble yourself…”

“No trouble at all… any how I have to cook for us. Isn’t it…?”

He hesitated for a minute or so and then said “as you wish..”

“Ok… then from today only you can have…” she said and moved in.

-x- -x- -x- -x- -x- -x-

That evening onwards he started having his dinner at Jagadamba’s house. Vasu and Jagadamba’s daughters used to sit on the floor while she served. During serving whenever she used to bend forward to serve he used to feast his eyes, seeing her beautiful cleavage and heavy hanging breasts.

“My God how heavy and firm they are…” he thought many times and always controlled himself. A fortnight completed; Vasu having his dinner at her house. But he could not understand whether her saree is casually falling from her shoulder or intentional. Day by Day his desire for her is multiplying. “I never felt such an inconvenience even when I had Uma’ he thought.

‘Why not I try…’ he thought. If he can have mom; her two daughters are also available, her two daughters also in future…

Next day evening after completing his meals; Vasu came out to wash his hand at a flower bush. Jagadamba came along with him having water mug in her hand. As Vasu slightly bent to wash his hand, Jagadamba too bent to pour water on his hand; and her saree slipped from her shoulder and her twin peaks jiggled, struggling hard to get rid of their confinement.

Today Vasu could not control himself; as if in trance looking at her twin hillocks said “Nice….”

“What…?” she asked.

“Vasu came out of his trance and stammered “.. no.. noth…nothing..”

“But you said… nice…” she looking at him asked.

“Oh! that .. that is about the vegetables…”

“Achha.. what more are nice…?” she is smiling at him.

Seeing her smile; Vasu got courage and said “the things that are in front of my eyes are also nice….”

“Really….” she teased him. She didn’t adjust her saree. Left it for him to see

“Yes.. they are so… sssooooooo good… can I touch them once please…” he extended his hand to touch them.

“Sshh…Ssshhhh… naughty boy …What are you doing.. girls are there. Any time they may come out…”

“Please let me kiss once… I’ll do it quick …” he pleaded.

‘Poor fellow…’ she thought, looked around and said…”Do it quick.. before girls could come out… quick..”

She thought, Vasu will kiss her cheeks, but, he came on his knees and circling his both hands round her fleshy buttocks, dug his face to her stomach and glued his mouth on her flesh.

“ssssshhhhsss..hhaaaa…” a sweet moan escaped her mouth.

By the time she tried to push him away he poked her deep navel with his tongue. “Mmmmmaaaammmm…” she moaned and mumbled “No…Vasu.. no.. you are tickling me…” she forcefully pushed his head away and whispered… “Tomorrow is Sunday; the girls are going to picnic. After their departure at 10.00 I’ll come to your room. Do whatever you like then…”

“Really….” his face gleamed.

“Yes… now-a-days Raji’s dad also here. As soon as he goes out, I will come…” as she is saying; they heard “Mummy…” Raji’s voice.

“See girls are calling… I’ll go…” she turned.

“Wait…” Vasu said; she turned towards hm.

“Till that time… a sample please….” saying this he stretched his neck to kiss her.

“Wait… wait…” she stopped him and looked around. They both were in semi darkness. With satisfaction she said “Vooon…” said making her lips a “O”

He don’t want to miss this chance, Vasu held her breast and squeezing it hardly put his mouth on hers. Her whole body tingled with his kiss and squeeze. While her saliva flowing into his mouth her well fucked pussy is inundating with her juices.

The situation is that she don’t want to get rid of him; but thinking about her daughters “Chi…naughty fellow.. wait for me tomorrow at 10.30” she whispered and kissing him on his cheek she ran into the house.

That night Vasu could not sleep thinking about the big and tightness of her tits.

-x- -x- -x- -x- -x- -x-

Next day it is around 10.30 AM. Vasu is eagerly waiting for Jgadamba. He is strolling in his room this end to that end and back; now and then looking out of the window towards the gate. At last he saw Jagadamba’s husband going out of the gate. She locked the gate, looking at his room she is directly coming towards him only.                            

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