The late showing


I have to be honest. I don’t remember what movie it was. We did notreally watch it. I had been dating him for a few months at the time. We had been having sex for a few weeks then. I still can’t believe we did it in the movie theatre. The sex with my boyfriend had been great. It was fun and everything but when it happened that time, I had never been so excited. I did not even know we were going to do anything. My boyfriend’s name is David. He is about 6 feet tall, which is great because I am pretty short and I like a tall guy. We walked into the theatre and nothing was out of the ordinary. The lights were low and there were only a few other people in seats. I think the movie we saw had been out for a while, so most people had already seen it. Maybe a few other people came in later. I followed David to our seats. He chose the very back row. We sat and talked for a little bit while the previews played. He made a few Acıbadem escort remarks about what he thought of the movies. After a while the movie started playing. The chairs had the armrests that retract up, so I cuddled up close to David and put my arms around him. He had his hand resting on my thigh. When my head was resting against his shoulder I could smell his cologne. I loved it so much and it made me want to squeeze him tight. After a little bit into the movie David was rubbing the inside of my thigh with his hand. At first I did not think much of it. Then I started to notice his hand was moving upward. I did not make any movements. I sat there and pretended to watch the movie. However it was becoming harder to focus on what was happening. David squeezed the inside of my upper thigh. What is he doing? I thought. We hadn’t actually seen each other in a few days. I let out Kaynarca escort bayan the slightest breathe when he kept rubbing my leg. I think that let him know that he was getting me a little excited. But I truly did not expect him to keep going. David slid his hand up and undid the button of my pants. Pulling down the zipper he slid his hand down over my panties. His fingers slid over my pussy and I almost moaned out loud. I bit my lip, looking around to see if anybody was close to us. We were the only people in the back half of the theatre. David rubbed his fingers around my pussy on the other side of my panties. I could feel my pussy getting wet from him touching me. I put my hands around his arm as he kept rubbing me. Something about it was exciting me more than usual. Being in a public place where anybody could just look back. But would they really notice this? I thought. Escort Aydınlı I wanted to tell David to put his fingers inside me, but I was afraid to in case somebody heard me and looked at us. But I didn’t have to say anything. He pulled my panties to the side, just enough to expose my pussy. He slid his fingers over my soaking wet lips. I looked down at David’s pants and I could see the bulge in his pants. He had such a big cock and it was already hard. I reached my hand over and put it on his cock. At the same time he slid his finger inside my pussy. I could feel it sliding in a little more each time. Eventually he was putting his finger all the way in me. I squeezed his cock through his jeans. It took me a second to think about doing anything. Something about the way he touched me was always amazing. I started rubbing my hand over his cock. I don’t know what it is but I love his dick so much. He kept fingering me for a few minutes and I got really excited. I couldn’t take it. I had to have that dick out of its pants. I got down to the floor behind the seats and started undoing his pants. He helped my pull down the jeans while he was sitting in his seat. He pulled them down just far enough to get his cock out.

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