The Interview


As I sat in the foyer, I patted my hair to make sure it still was in a perfectly kempt French twist. I smoothed my skirt over my knees and checked that my blouse was perfectly tucked neatly in the waistband. I had been so eager to get this job since I saw the ad posted. It would perfectly supplement my current income and the hours were only on the weekend so they would not interfere with anything.

I sat up immediately when I heard a deep, masculine bellow, “Come into my office, April.”

My eyes grew wide instantly, and I replied, “Yes, sir.”

I took a breath and stood as tall as my 5-foot frame would allow me to in heels and squared my shoulders to make a wonderful, confident first impression. I pushed my glasses up on the bridge of my nose and took the few steps needed to enter the room that would change my life.

The first thing I noticed was how tidy everything was. In the center of the room was a large cherry wood desk with a computer to the side. There were a few matching filing cabinets in the corner of the room. Facing the desk, were a pair of matching chairs with black leather upholstery.

What caught my attention most of all was the man sitting at the desk with his back to me. I could tell that his fingers were forming a steeple at his nose as he was looking out the window. He didn’t turn to me but must have heard me approaching because he began to speak.

“I’m glad to see you could make it for the interview. Are you properly prepared?

I suddenly felt my mouth go dry and I stammered out, “Yes, sir… Mister… ummm…” I grew instantly frustrated with myself and my brows furrowed as I continued my response. “I brought your application… I was not too clear on what the position entails. I brought my resume too.” I extended my hand to present the paperwork even though his back remained to me.

He turned his chair around to face me and, instantly, I had to bite my lip to keep from sighing. Before me sat the most handsome man I had ever come face to face with. His brown hair was neatly combed and his blue eyes held a hint of danger as they met mine. I did not want to stare but I just could not force myself to look away.

He extended his hand to take my papers and spoke while he glanced over them. “You can call me Alex. We’ll have a rather casual but rigorous interview today. I see your name is Aprilete. I’m going to call you April.” He continued to peruse the documents then dismissively tossed them on his desk. His eyes moved from my face to my shoulders and seemed to travel down my entire body before he gestured for me to sit.

I did so immediately and looked up at him over my glasses while I smoothed my skirt over my knees. I crossed my legs at the ankle and sat forward to tuck my feet slightly under my seat. “April is fine… all my best friends call me that. I mean… not that you and I will be friends.” I could feel myself growing more nervous by the second but took a deep breath before continuing, “So… did you find my application suitable?”

He kept his eyes on mine as he stood and I saw his full body. His dress shirt covered his strong shoulders and muscular chest perfectly. The tails were tucked neatly into an expensive looking pair of tailored pants.

He walked toward the window and glanced out before turning back toward me, “Someone suggested that I needed a weekend secretary recently, and I thought, why not? I could use some help with some things.” I could not help but notice the way his mouth was set while he paused before continuing, “I see that you have the basic qualifications but this is a very small enterprise. It’s just me; so, I need to make sure that whomever I hire can deliver the personal services I need as well as the professional services.”

As he finished, I noticed the way his eyes seemed to travel up and down my body. I could feel a nervousness growing in the pit of my stomach but his attention made me sit up straighter. “Can you draw a distinct description of what each of those responsibilities will entail? I want to be sure that I can offer you the kind of services you require.”

My eyes grew wider as his met mine and he answered as he stepped forward to rest his somewhat large albeit smooth hands on his desk and lean slightly across it towards me. “Yes, of course. Well first, there is the appearance aspect of the position. Even though it is the weekend, I like to keep up a well-dressed environment. You will be expected to be dressed appropriately when you arrive. I will require you to always wear skirts or dresses, never pants. You must wear nice shoes.” He paused briefly to gauge my reaction before adding, “They don’t have to be conservative clothes though.” I could see a knowing smile spread across his lips.

I returned his smile with one of my own while smoothing a lose tendril behind my ear. “I can handle those expectations. Personally, I do feel more comfortable dressing as such, especially in a professional environment,” I replied with a hint of sex hikayeleri confidence in my voice that surprised me. I thought momentarily then added, “And the other expectations?”

Without missing a beat, he spoke, “Yes, there are many expectations. I require a lot of personal attention and I expect things to be done with flair and enthusiasm.” I nodded in understanding until he added, “For example, if I get stressed out, I may ask you to massage me.”

Immediately, my mouth dropped slightly, “But I thought…” My voice trailed off and I worked to regain my composure and sat up straighter before continuing, “Yes, Mister… I mean Alex. That is rather unconventional given the position, but I think can handle that.” My mind drifted but I knew that I needed further clarification, “Just your shoulders? Is there a particular level of pressure you prefer?”

He sat down across from me and turned his attention to his computer while he answered me, “No, not just my shoulders. Often it’s more of a personal massage. You can handle anything like that, can’t you? In addition, sometimes I will take a little power nap on my couch and, instead of setting an alarm, I’ll ask you to come in and wake me up after 20 minutes. This way I’ll be refreshed and ready to go again.”

The idea of waking him up from a nap was not anything alarming but I knew I that raised an eyebrow at the phrase “personal massage” but I refrained from asking for a further explanation. “Oh yes… that is understandable. I can definitely wake you up when you prefer. I can tell you work hard and will need to rest occasionally.”

A slow and slightly wicked grinned curved over his lips. “Well, there is one really good way to wake me up after a short nap. Come around to my side of the desk and I’ll show you the best way.”

I stood up and straightened my skirt before walking around to his side of the desk. As I slipped behind him, I inhaled sharply and rather audibly at the image on his computer screen. I blinked to ensure my eyes were not betraying me. When my vision refocused, I knew it hadn’t as I was still looking at a woman staring at me while giving a man a blow job. Nervously, I choked out, “Is… I mean… would I have to…” I took a deep breath and then asked, “Is that part of the job requirements?”

He caught my eyes and firmly stated, “Yes, of course. It’s one of the more important things you will be asked to do. In fact, it is part of the interview today. I’d like you to do your best at it… right now… to test your weekend secretary qualifications.” As he finished, he swiveled his chair toward me.

My eyes grew even wider as faced me and I met his eyes. Without a second thought, my eyes traveled down his body to his pants and then back up. “You mean… right now… Mister… uh… Alex?”

He smiled and took my hand to guide me towards him. With a downward pressure on my hand, he guided me to my knees. “Yes, April. A good weekend secretary would need to know how to quickly unzip my pants, extract my cock and apply an oral massage deftly and with enthusiasm. Are you developing any enthusiasm for this job?”

I should have been repulsed and stood immediately. I should have balked at his request or, as it seemed, demand. I always considered myself to be a level-headed woman who never did anything on impulse; however, for some reason, I had an urge to do as he asked.

I could feel my hands growing warm in his. My body betrayed my thoughts and I nodded and exhaled as I sank to my knees. My hands slid up to his thighs. My head continued to nod as my tongue started to glide across my lower lip before biting it softly. My mouth wanted nothing more than to feel him inside of it.

My fingers quickly slipped the zipper of his pants down and reached in to run my knuckle over the front of his boxers. I could feel its firmness and feel my stomach react as I began to extract his slightly hard penis. I ran my fingers up and down his shaft as I looked up at him over the frames of my glasses, “Actually yes… Sir… whatever you want, I’m sure I can live up to.”

I continued to watch his eyes as I slipped my tongue out to swipe it over his tip. Rather quickly, I lowered my head and wrapped my lips around his head and then slid my eager mouth down his shaft. Wrapping my index finger and thumb around his thickening cock, I stretched his skin as I slid down to his base. My lips moved right behind my hand lathering him with saliva.

I could feel his body react and suddenly wanted affirmation that he was enjoying this as much as I was. He finally spoke, “Ah, yes. Now that’s the kind of do-whatever-it-takes attitude I’m looking for in my weekend secretary.” I could feel his eyes staring as I continued, “Yes, lick it nice and slowly and see my reaction. You look so very pretty in those glasses…” He started to run his fingers over my cheek and I felt the confidence growing in me. He chuckled slightly, “They sometimes come in handy sikiş hikayeleri to keep your eyes covered in the event of a very pleased boss.”

My head bobbed up and down and I moaned while I guided him in and out. I pulled him in deeper with each downward movement. My fingers slipped inside his pants to tease his scrotum with only my index finger at first. After rubbing a few gentle circles with my fingers, I slid him out of my mouth. Looking up at him seeking approval, I wiped the saliva off of my lower lip with my index finger.

I slipped my finger to the bridge of my glasses to push them up my nose, “Oh really? But sometimes, I’m sure they can get in the way.”

My fingers moved to the top button of my blouse to unfasten it so that the fabric didn’t pull so tightly at my throat. While I moved forward to dive in and finish what I had started, he slipped a finger under my chin to tilt my head up at him. “Oh that was very nicely done April. I feel like you are really acing this interview!”

He moved his hand to the computer and cleared that image to have it replaced with a video. “Just watch this,” he said in a firm tone. I did watch that and stared at a woman unbuttoning her shirt in a provocative manner. “Do this for me,” he added.

I chewed my bottom lip while my stomach twitched nervously. I had never considered myself desirous. I knew I was not unattractive but I didn’t exactly find myself beautiful and had never tried to turn a man on. I took in a deep breath and moved my fingers clumsily to the second button on my blouse and fumbled with it. “April, stop!” He demanded.

I did so and looked up at him quizzically. “Slowly, April. I want to watch you undress for me so that I can see you reveal your body a mere inch at a time.”

I knew I could never be sexy but I was willing to try. I moved my fingers to the third button and, with painstaking patience, I slid the button through the hole. My fingers began to caress the newly exposed skin. I watched his eyes transfixed on my actions. I carefully repeated the action with the next button and I could see his chest rise with a deep breath.

“Do you want me to undo the rest or is this sufficient?”

His voice became stern. “If I wanted you to stop and tease me… I would have requested that. I’ll need you to follow instructions directly from now on if you want this position.” I blinked at how he bit out his response. He smiled slightly and added in a firm tone, “Now continue… I’m pleased so far…”

I interrupted him quickly, “Well I wasn’t trying to tease… I just didn’t…” I shook my head and closed my mouth not trying to appear obstinate.

I gently tugged the hem of my blouse from the waistband of my skirt and finished unfastening each button in the same manner as I had started. Then I slipped my fingers to the top of my blouse to touch the fabric. I pulled the sides apart to reveal the round tops of my breasts held perfectly in place under the satin and lace cups of a push-up bra. Turning my head, I pulled my eyes from his and slid the fabric off my shoulders and down my arms letting it fall to the floor to expose my upper body to him. Embarrassed, I quickly I slipped my hands to cover my breasts shyly.

“Yes, that’s much better but don’t cover yourself. You have nice breasts and you need to show me more… take off your bra,” he demanded.

I felt a sense of defeat but let my fingers drop from covering the royal blue material. I wound my hands behind my back to unfasten the clasp and brought my fingers to my shoulders. I slid the straps down and let my bra fall to the floor. I stood before him nervously and rested my sweaty palms on my waist.

His eyes gazed at my breasts and he licked his lips before bringing another request. “Now let your hair down. It is nicely done up and it’s great that you arrived like that; however, if you get the job, I’ll require that it be left down during work.”

I simply nodded and let out a sigh but I noticed a glint of approval in his eyes. I could feel my confidence growing as my arms rose to remove the three pins that were keeping my hair in place. Then I untwisted my hair to let it fall to my shoulders before shaking my heads just enough to allow it to fluff into soft curls.

“Oh yes, I can see how that changes your look. You are much sexier now… more intense… more… willing to do whatever it takes.” His eyes grew slightly darker as he scratched his chin.

“Your bra was nice but did you wear something interesting under that skirt that would look good while I used your services like that?” he inquired.

My eyes blinked as I met his eyes. I suddenly began to grow more confident as the realization that he wanted to use me to give him satisfaction. I opened my mouth to speak and my voice came out a little sultry, “You mean now? But don’t you want to fin…” My voice trailed off and I gulped slightly, “Ummmm… well if I would have known that you… I mean… I would sex hikaye have dressed a little more appropriately.”

I heaved a sigh and slid my skirt up my thigh a bit to have him notice the lace top of my black stockings, “Is this to your liking?”

It was his turn to sigh and I could tell he was getting a little taken aback but snapped but quickly back to the interview. He cleared his throat and began to speak with incredible authority, “I should have mentioned that I do require nylons and not pantyhose. You should also always come to work with interesting undergarments on. Of course, there is a stipend added to your pay for such purchases… should you be offered the position.”

“Well… I’m not sure exactly what you prefer, Alex. Would you care if I show you so you may let me know if my undergarments meet your approval? Or would you like to show me from your computer? I would really like to meet your demands… um… requirements… when… I mean IF I get the position.” My voice trailed off as I awaited his response.

“No, I want to see what you wore today for this important interview. So far, I like what is see. Your skirt is nice and the nylons are quite sexy. So, as the next part of the interview, let me see what you wore to impress your prospective boss… so take it off slowly”

My mind began to swirl as I tried to gather a response. “Well I didn’t expect that I would have to impress you with more than my mind… but…” Instead of continuing to speak I slowly met his eyes.

I slid my fingers back around my waist to glide the zipper down. Then I hooked my thumbs into to the waistband and slid my skirt down over my hips as slowly as I could. I held it about four inches below my waist so he could see the low waistband and just a bit of my matching panties. When it hit the fullest part of my hips, I released and it floated to the floor.

I could hear his voice catch in his throat while his eyes flicked over the view of my panties. “While you slide those panties off, I’ll explain some of the fringe benefits.”

My eyes went wide again but I was fully entranced by his words and could continue to feel my confidence growing. My body was growing weak with want so I repeated my painstakingly slow actions with my panties. My knees trembled and parted as they floated to my calves. When they were bunched up on the floor with my skirt, I stood there momentarily while he gazed at my hips. I could sense the minute his eyes zeroed in on the landing strip leading to my pussy because I could hear him inhale sharply.

He spoke softly, “That was perfect, April. You must know the effect that had on me.” Without warning, he wiped a hand across his desk to send all of the papers sailing onto the floor.” He turned my head toward his computer, and closed that screen.

“Other times, you may find yourself in this position to do the job best.”

My eyes were transfixed on the screen. A woman with her torso only donning a bra was splayed on a desk. Her legs were covered in thigh-high black stockings and her skirt was hiked up. A man stood between her thighs and, by her wanton expression, he appeared to be intensely kissing her neck. I couldn’t speak while I pondered the idea of being on a desk with this incredibly sexy man pressed between my legs, touching and kissing me. My thighs pressed together at the thought.

“I would need you on my desk, like this,” he said interrupting my thoughts.

I wanted to appease him but he continued to speak, “Sometimes I get hungry and need to eat. You may be a required to serve me a quick lunch.”

“I’m not very good in the kitchen… Mister… I mean Alex,” I began to stammer but he cut me off quickly.

“Do not interrupt me April,” he growled. “Look at the computer.”

I obeyed and looked over at yet another video of a man lightly stroking his tongue between a woman’s pussy lips. I blinked and instantly began yearning for him to do just that. Of course, I would never ask for such a thing.

“April, perch yourself on my desk and let me see if you look as appetizing from there as you do here.”

I took a step back and boosted myself on the edge of his desk.

“You can do better than that. Scoot back and spread your thighs apart now.” As soon as I did that, he further commanded, “Now spread your lips apart with your fingers.” I slowly parted my outer labia with my index and middle fingers and I heard his him groan. “Fuck, you look wonderful… a nice, tidy package you have, April. I can tell by how it glistens that you are enjoying this interview immensely. Now lay down.”

I felt him scoot closer to me and felt his breath gently caress my skin as he lowered his head. I felt his tongue barely swipe from the lower part of my slit up to my clitoris… then back down. He did this a few times just teasing and torturing me. Once in a while, he would swirl his tongue around my sensitive nub then flick it quickly. When he heard me murmur, he stopped abruptly.

When I looked up, he was pointing at the screen again. I man with his mouth hovering over a cunt was on display. When hit hit play, the man’s mouth dipped and he his tongue disappeared inside of her. My stomach churned when he spoke, “Sometimes, I just need a little snack.” He hit pause.

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